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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Georgia Mae is an artist who I adore a lot. To me she is a fantastic singer songwriter. Her electro pop music is just divine. This is her new video clip for her new amazing tune. I love what she doing and I will continue to support this amazing Brisbane talent artist.

Single Launch – July 9th @ The Toff In Town, Melbourne

Melbourne electronic project SAATSUMA reveal their latest single, Floating.A collaboration between Memphis Kelly, Cesar Rodrigues and Joel Ma, SAATSUMA have produced a soulful electronic track that explores themes of insomnia and solitude. Floating was mixed by collaborator Dream Kit (Declan Kelly) and mastered by Lachlan Carrick.The accompanying video, conceptualised by Ajay Jennings, Caitlin Shannon, Anna Downie, Memphis Kelly and Tom Chapman, further explores the theme of insomnia through movement and dance, demonstrating the interplay between falling asleep and freeing oneself from grief and anxiety. Floating follows the debut single, Storm, which was premiered on triple j Home & Hosed and saw support from Double J, 3RRR, PBS and FBi Radio. On stage, SAATSUMA are a five-piece live act, fronted by Memphis Kelly and joined by Cesar Rodrigues, Maddy Kelly, Lachlan Stuckey and Andrew Congues. Following a sold out performance at Shebeen and securing support slots for Olympia, Dorsal Fins and Milwuakee Banks, the band will launch Floating at The Toff in Town, Melbourne on July 9th.

Imogen Brough – Into The Moonlight EP


OK Imogen Brough released her latest release late last year Into The Moonlight and it highlights how she is the complete package. She is a very beautiful woman, She can really sing, I have seen her live twice and her voice is unbelievable, her song writing just shines. Her music can just draw you in. Musicianship is first rate, the production of this EP is solid. Her music has a Celtic influence which is evident in the opening title track Into The Moonlight which has good use of the harp and acoustic guitar. Heart is the big anthem track off the EP shows of her song writing, musicianship and incredible voice. It’s my pick off the EP. Love the use of the keys. Your Kind Eyes is another winner of a track to me, I love how the way the song is structured, the way the vocals blend in with the music. How the song slowly comes into the big anthem chorus parts. Production shines here. Love Is Like A Match is where you really hear how amazing her voice and how piano/keyboard playing is world class. Her song writing really shines here and you can see how this Australian artist is world class. One has Celtic influences through out the song and her voice is on fire here. Parallel let’s her voice shine and her piano/keyboard playing is incredible. You get an acoustic version of Into The Moonlight and a remix of Love Is Like A Match. This is amazing stuff right here, here is an Aussie artist with the goods that is worthy enough of the international stage here right now. She proves it with her song writing, vocals and the production of the music. To me she is the complete package, a talent that will keep on shining and will keep delivering the goods release after release. This is a first class EP worthy of the international stage and worthy of your time, this is a must have and you need it now.

Ok when I first came across Youngblood I was blown away, hearing something fresh and exciting as she is. Youngblood is the creative, dream-pop brainchild of Alexis Young. This Canadian artist I reckon is gonna take the world by storm. After hearing the song Easy Nothing, I knew I was hearing something that gonna go big and I really mean big.

Chelsea Wilson


Photos by by Helen Melville

Ok I’ve decided to have two beauty of the week on the site. So I am starting with the smoking hot Chelsea Wilson is a fantastic soul singer songwriter from here in Aussie who has released one of the best local releases in the last few years which is I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me. To me it’s incredible. She has played at Glastonbury and she is the artistic director for the Stonnington Jazz Festival. This gorgeous woman is a total sweetheart and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am a fan and will continue to keep supporting her.

Chelsea-Wilson-Cher-inspired Chelsea-Wilson-Priscilla-Inspired

Anything the gorgeous Shannon Hurley is involved in. Im happy to share on my site. This is a video clip for Perfect Plan by Lovers & Poets which she does with her partner. Its a cool track and her voice is on fire.

Its worth giving a crank

New Music For You To Get Around

All these acts come from Australia

Georgia Fields is back with a new tune with singer songwriter Phia. It’s a cool track and nice to see Georgia is still making music it’s been a while.

Cool track by Sunday which I am sure all the taste makers will go nuts over.

Electro Pop is where it’s at and Dot does deliver with this cool song

Cool rock tune to get you head around

Chris Flaskas


Chris Flaskas is a local  Aussie singer songwriter who I heard some stuff dug and knew I had to get him on the site

1.What was the inspiration behind the ep?
The people whom surround me and this beautiful Earth that we live on. The relationships that we form with each other and all walks of creation. Im fascinated by the fine balance that is within and all around of us and inspired by the power that we hold being free will the choice to create or destroy.

2. How did the songs come together for the ep?
They just all fell into place from the making of the first and star track of the EP “When The Gold Is Gone” After writing that song it really gave me direction for the intent of what I wished to portray with this Ep. The intension being uplifting, motivational and informative.

3.Had the songwriting had changed from when you were starting out?
The structure of my song writing has definitely changed over years of writing and observing other works I have created more direction in my creations but the intent of my writings haven’t budged from the very first day I held the pen till now.

4.Was the recording process different to earlier material?
The recording process for this Ep was really eclectic it was very free flowing and I acted off a feeling rather than the supposed conventional way of choosing a studio and producer to complete the whole project. There are 4 songs and 3 of them were produced at different studios with different producers. Risky but Im happy with the outcome.

5. What do you hope people get out of the EP when it’s released?
I wish that the listener feels up and for most empowered to make the changes they wish to craft there reality in a positive manner and that within self realisation they can see a much more diverse and colourful world that they live in and are a part of.

6.Do you have plans to go overseas once the EP is released and have toured the EP?
Over seas would be a dream to tour with this EP but the short answer for now is No there are no current plans for overseas travels with this EP but I am currently touring down the East Coast of Australia performing the new EP and all is going splendid.

7. What do you hope people will get out of your live shows?
My Live shows are a lot of fun and very interactive with lots of moving energy. I would only hope that the listener would leave my shows once again feeling, stress free, empowered, motivated, uplifted and ready to flow through there life in the way that they wish it to be.

8. Do you have any rituals before playing live?
Im a big ritual man. When I travel to every show or within an hour or two before I perform I begin with setting my intensions and visualising how I wish the show to turn out. I take a few breaths letting go of my day any business, stress or tensions then I focus on the present and my performance to be. I then do all my vocal exercises.

9.What is next for the band?
Im currently just a solo multi instrumentalist. I will expand to a band in the near future but for now Im wishing to do more travelling with my act expanding the intent of my music overseas and all around our country. Currently Im focusing on larger events/ festivals and coordinating the next recordings for my latest content I wish to share.

10. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?
A collaboration with Xavier Rudd he is such an incredible soul who’s music has assisted my path ten fold. That would be beyond cool !!!!

Danielle Deckard


Photo Copyright Sarah Stedeford 2015

Danielle Deckard is an American singer songwriter living in Australia. She plays Indie Pop music and I was intrigue to find out more and this is what she had to say.

1. What was the inspiration behind the ep?
I wrote the EP right after I had moved to Australia, which was the literally the other end of the world for me. At the same time, it was this huge transition period in my life. I was fresh out of college, in a new place, and questioning what I was doing with my life. I was really feeling the weight of every decision I had to make, and experiencing a new type of anxiety. The EP really explores different ideas of what the figurative end of the world would be for me. It’s about fear and uncertainty.

2. What was the songwriting process for the ep like?
For about a year leading up to recording the EP I has a great routine where I would write for 1 hour every morning during the week. I wrote so many songs, most of which didn’t end up as contenders. The ones that did end up on the EP felt like they belonged, and they were songs that forced me to push myself a bit.

3. Did you have the recording process for the ep prepared before going into the studio or was it a case of see what happens in the studio?
I like to be prepared and it saves a ton of money. A lot of people in the music industry have this tendency to spend absurd amounts of money on a recording. Labels send artists into recording studios just to write or overseas to record an entire album which is completely insane! To me, it seems really wasteful. Most of my EP was recorded in my apartment. We only went into the studio in Sydney for a few days to track drums, bass and piano together.

4. Was the recording process different to releases you have done in the past?
Massively. We really wanted to do something different with this EP. As an acoustic guitar/piano playing singer/songwriter it’s easy to fall into a boring rhythm section recording. So we tried approaching everything differently, bringing in a mixture of electronic and acoustic elements. We bought Ableton and used that in the early stages of production. And if something didn’t turn out the way we liked it, we would start all over again with a different arrangement. The most interesting thing is that we used remote session players on the record. Our guitar player recorded his parts from LA, and horns and strings were recorded by groups in the UK.

5. Are you happy how the ep has been received so far?
Completely, I’ve had some really genuine love from people for the EP which feels amazing. It’s the first thing I released where I started getting people I’ve never met sending me messages and telling me about how a particular song really resonated with them.

6.What what was the inspiration behind the video clip?
It’s a live performance style clip. The song is a really emotional ballad, and I just wanted the clip to really reflect that so there aren’t too many frills. It was filmed Hibernian House, which is this gorgeous old converted warehouse.

7. What do you hope the ep will do for you?
It’s really the start of something, a stepping stone to get my career going. I have other projects in the works, bigger and smaller, and the awareness created from this EP will hopefully bring even more awareness to the next project.

8. Are you happy how things have gone so far for you?
I tend to get a little bit ahead of myself and caught up in the next project or the next goal to really appreciate everything that’s happened so far. But yeah, I am.

9. What does the rest of 2016 have in store for you?
The video for I Lied is the first of 3 that I’m releasing, which are all coming out 1 month apart. In June a deluxe version of the End Of The World EP will be coming out with acoustic versions of the songs, as well as a bonus track. Then in July I’ll be going on tour and playing Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra and Melbourne. And then in October I have a brand new single coming out that I am crazy excited for!

10. Why move to Australia from the usa?
My partner is from Adelaide and he was in my band when I was studying at Berklee in Boston. While I was there, I was flip-flopping between the big 3 music cities: New York, LA, and Nashville. None of them were really speaking to me. And really, you can live anywhere and make music, especially now. I had never been to Australia, so it was kind of this impulsive quick decision to move over here!

On another note, I get this question a lot. And the tone of voice usually implies “What the hell is wrong with you!? You could live in New York! Why would you want to live here!?” It’s so strange, because Sydney’s a pretty great city. Everyone back home always talks about me living in Sydney as if it’s this paradise they might never get to see. Grass is always greener, I guess.

Patra Kay who is a Synth Pop, Trip Hop, Soul artist from Melbourne Australia who kindly chattered me is this episode guest of The Parx-e Show