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Melbourne based songstress Tanya Batt has just released her latest single ‘Fools’, and is preparing to captivate audiences along the East Coast.

Employing a hauntingly beautiful voice and an extremely powerful delivery, Tanya Batt coveys a unique sense of earnestness in her brand of soulful music, which is captivated flawlessly in her latest release. The stunning film clip to ‘Fools’ has premiered exclusively on ToneDeaf.

Since her beginnings, Tanya Batt has developed a powerful presence in a small window of time, playing many sold out shows, as well as enjoying radio play from Triple J for single ‘Atlas’, which received rotation on over 35 stations Australia wide.

Tanya Batt will be touring her intimate live show with a limited run of dates to celebrate the release of ‘Fools’, which is the first single from upcoming sophomore EP ‘A Fool Once Wept’.

“Better than Florence & The Machine”
Oli Winiberg – BBC Radio 1

“Batt executes Fools stunningly, draping instrumentals in an ethereal fog as her powerful voice resounds clear and effortlessly.”
Grace Easton – Hessian Magazine

‘Fools’ Tour
**Tickets on-sale now**

Friday April 25th  – Baha’s, Rye, VIC
Tickets available at door 18+ only

Saturday April 26th – Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets available at door 18+ only

Friday May 2nd – The Beresford, Sydney, NSW
Free Entry 18+ only

Saturday May 3rd  – Tattersals Hotel, Penrith, NSW
Free Entry 18+ only

Dominique Pruitt


Dominique Pruitt is a talented singer songwriter from America doing things. I liked what I heard and thought an interview was a must. So read on.

1. Are you happy how things have gone for you so far?
Yes, definitely! But I’m always shooting higher, and can’t wait to release a full album.

2. What inspires you when writing music?
Depends on the day, and my mood really. In general, just life. The open road and traveling, relationships, heartbreak, joy, misery, love. All of it!

3. What is your latest song about?
I just wrote a semi apocalyptic love song, haha. I’m actually quite in love with it!

4. What do you like about touring?
I love the aspect of getting to perform constantly, so that’s probably the number one! It’s just honing your skills and music night after night, so you feel super solid after even a small tour. But I also love being around my bandmates because they’re all creatives too, and you’re all constantly inspiring one another. Lots of good writing inspiration comes from being on the road, for me.

5. Do you have any rituals before playing live?

Yes! I watched a TED talk once on the power of body language and confidence, and they talk about a “power pose”. If you do this power pose for 2 minutes right before something important it immediately boosts your confidence level. It sounds really silly, but the band and I do it and at least we all get a good laugh out of it (while hopefully also boosting our confidence, haha).

6. What has been your favorite show to date?
That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say a show I did in New York last summer at the Standard in the East Village was a really high energy super fun crowd. The band and I just loved it!

7. How does social media help you as an artist?
It totally lets you connect directly with fans and other artists, which you were never really able to do so easily before. Literally one tweet or the right comment at the right time on Instagram can lead to new things. I’ve had some killer opportunities come from social media, so I love it! I’ve also met a LOT of rad people through it.

8. How important is connecting with your fans?
Very important! I feel like when fans can connect with you and engage, it lets them know you’re an actual human, haha. Like, I can tweet about having a hard day or a great day or that I want a donut, and they get a little peek inside my daily life.

9. If you could have any body in a video clip who would it be?
Hmmmmm. Anybody? Maybe Dolly Parton. She’s so damn fabulous.

10. What’s your favorite venue to play at?
Thus far, The Culture Center theater in West Virginia. I played there for NPR’s Mountain Stage in Charleston WV- and the sound and stage setup was pretty awesome.

11. What does 2014 have in store for you?
Writing a TON of new material, getting back into the studio to record, lots of shows, a tour and the start of world domination, haha. 😉

Bam Bam


Bam Bam has released his debut EP today The Good Life and its a cracker of a hip hop release. A week ago I chat to the man himself about it all. He says it’s been a quick ride about his career so far and how it’s gone. He is happy how is EP has come out and he hopes people will dig it. But this interview knows that people will get into it. He wanted to make a EP that represented himself being his first official release and say who he is as an artist and translate that via his music. What inspires him nothing really. But really channel what he is feeling at the time creates what he wants as an artist like life inspirations.

He gets a good buzz from touring and playing shows, it’s one of his favorite things to do as a musicianship. He says it’s great as he can see the crowds responses to the music and how it’s been recieved. He says regional touring is important. Social media is a big thing for him as an artist as people can connect to him directly and keeps his followers up to date on what he is doing. Videos are also important, the visual aspect of his music.

He hopes that people come to his shows and have a good time. His sets a high energy for people to rock out and have a good time. Have fun and have a good night. His warm up before a show is a couple of swigs of vodka before a show. Bam Bam is a talent that is going far. His debut EP screams good times and you will feel it when listening to it. He was a pleasure to chat with and urge to pick up his debut release.

Bam Bam – The Good Life EP (Ten To Two Records)

Bam Bam is here with his debut EP, This Melbourne hip hop artist has delivered the good with an extremely catchy well written EP. Feel Like I’m Alive (ft. Tigerilla) starts off the EP with a catchy energentic note that delivers one hell of an upbeat tune that groovy and funky at the same time.Bags Packed (ft. Allday) has a cool intro with the guitar is another winner of tune, good lyrics mixed with good production and having Allday on the track only adds to it. She Wanna Get Down has a kind of a rock’n’roll vibe to the song, It’s got a raw vibe to it, which gives it flavour and vibe. Vocals are good and so are the lyrics. Find Your Feet is an energetic number that has good lyrics and production. It has a good message as well. Day By Day (ft. 360) has the two of them on the track. They both work well alongside one another. Production is solid as is the lyrics and vocals. Better Man is another winner of a track, solid production, vocals and lyrics. It’s such a catchy energetic track. This is a first rate Hip Hop EP, it’s catchy, energetic and gives off a real party vibe. Bam Bam is a talent to watch out for in the Hip Hop scene. Crank this loud and get the party started.

Cool and funny video clip for new band Melbourne Big Smoke who deserve to checked out and listened to.

Formed in 2009 out of the ashes of much-loved Melbournian garage
outfit Major Major by front man Adrian Slattery, Big Smoke made its
start as a regular fixture at Fitzroy’s Birmingham Hotel alongside local
favourites The Smith Street Band, The Greasers and Grizzly Jim Lawrie.

‘Weekend’ is the first single taken from Big Smoke’s debut EP ‘River
Queen’, produced by fellow artist Yeo Choong (aka Yeo) which the
band is set to launch at The Grace Darling Hotel, Saturday April 5.

The single is accompanied by a music video documenting the late-
night adventures of Slattery and a morally repugnant puppet, directed
by ARIA-nominated comedian Sean Lynch (The Shambles, Any
Questions For Ben?) and featuring cameo acting performances by Yeo
and Lester The Fierce.

Listen/Stream ‘Weekend’ On Soundcloud: HERE
Watch/Stream ‘Weekend’ Video on Youtube: HERE
‘River Queen’ is available for purchase via Bandcamp: HERE

w/ support from Grizzly Jim Lawrie & Lester The Fierce
Tickets On-Sale Now

This is a fantastic clip by Melbourne’s Hopium. I am very much in awe with the clip. This mysterious duo I know will have a successful career who seems to have  the right team behind them. Who will make them go very far.

You need to check this clip out. It’s amazing.


The Owls


The Owls are a great Aussie band doing good things. I liked what I heard and their new song which is just down below. If you dig it, go see them them live when on tour.

Catch The Owls live:

Thursday, 27th of March – Forresters, Surry Hills, NSW
Sunday, 6th of April – Frankies Pizza, Sydney, NSW
Friday, 11th of April – Captain Cook Hotel, Paddington, NSW
Thursday, 17th of April – Howler, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday, 19th of April – The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle, NSW
Friday, 23rd of May – Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Saturday, 24th of May – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, QLD

1. Are you happy how things have gone for you so far?
I don’t think we are ever truly “happy”. I think it is all a bit of a roller coaster ride really. I think always striving to be better whether that be with writing or live performance should be the main emphasis rather than being “Happy”…..

2. What inspires you when writing music?
I don’t really have a set thing that makes me wanna write. I go through phases. Sometimes I can go months where I don’t want to write anything and then there are times when I can’t stop. Its all about what is going on in my life at the time I guess..

3. What is your latest song about?
Krakow was a song written when I was over in Europe. It was my first overseas trip and thought I would write about how rad it was.

4.What do you like about touring?
I guess I like playing at different venues. Its always good being on different stages in front of different people. A good way to meet new people and new bands.

5. How important to you is touring regional alongside touring the cities?
Being from a regional area I’d have to say we don’t tour regionally that much… I think it is important but I can’t really comment much on this cause we don’t do it….

6. What has been your favorite show to date?
There has been a few but I think recently playing before a Queens Of The Stone Age DJ set definitely was up there.
Playing in front of a charged up capacity crowd was pretty sweet.

7.How does social media help you as an artist?
A moderate amount. I think it helps letting people know where we are playing next..
We probably don’t saturate as much as we probably should. I think we care more of doing band shit rather than being “online”.

8. How important is connecting with your fans?
“Fans” is a word that I am not sure we’d use….
At shows if a person comes up and lets me know that they liked the show I will always take the time to say thank you and have a quick chat. They obviously have taken 5 mins out of their time to say something to you so I think it’s important to return the courtesy.
That applies to the same thing online.

9. If you could have any body in a video clip who would it be?
Don’t know, maybe Brad Pitt to replace our drummer (Wez) and see if anyone can spot the difference. He gets that a lot every time we tour somewhere. Lol.

10. What’s your favorite venue to play at?
At the moment, probably The Great Northern, Byron Bay. Best sound, great crowd

11.What does 2014 have in store for the band?
I don’t know… The same as 2013, The Owls keep writing tunes and
Performing rad live shows and more people realize that we are a good Rock and Roll band

Maximum Wolf

Maximum Wolf is a talented artist in Aussie doing good things. I liked what I heard and interview was a must.

1. Are you happy how things have gone for you so far?

Really been enjoying playing live shows and I just released my self titled EP which has had a great response so I’m looking forward to whats to come.

2. What inspires you when writing music?

Usually I watch something to do with science/space to get inspired which often sets the mood for the songs, other times I hang out with friends and jam to mix up the inspiration a bit.

3. What is your latest song about?

Orbit is about a new beginning and the epicness of leaving the earth.

4. What do you like about touring?

meeting new people and friends, seeing whats happening amongst the music community in that area is really cool to, its Just like traveling but you also get to play music when you land, I love it.

5. How important to you is touring regional alongside touring the cities?

I have played some awesome regional shows in the past which may not be as big but when the party starts they are always rememberable.

6. What has been your favorite show to date?

One of my favourite shows was as I was traveling through laos I got asked to play the only club they had in vang vieng, this town with tubing, river bars, buckets of vodka and who knows what. The whole place was alive with people from all over the world just to party.

7. How does social media help you as an artist?

Its a great way to let fans know about what your up to and its also a good way to find new artists and their music.

8. How important is connecting with your fans?
I love being able to connect with my fans over social media but the real connection is at the live shows.

9. If you could have any body in a video clip who would it be?
Rick James.

10. What’s your favorite venue to play at?
The mercat in melbourne, its down a huge set of stairs in a dark basement and has a killer sound system.

11. What does 2014 have in store for you?
Writing some new material at the moment, some of it is part of my live show but is yet to be rereleased, So 2014 – New songs, more live shows and more pizza.

Jen Nikolaisen



The Gorgeous Jen Nikolaisen is my beauty of the week again as I am a huge fan. Think she is incredibly talented as she is incredibly beautiful. With a spot in a successful commercial at the superbowl plus some solid guest work. She keeps delivering as an actor. So this talented lady keeps doing good and this is why I keep giving her love on this site.



DSC_0390 - small

Fait is a talented Aussie artist  doing things. I like what I heard, so read on.

1. Are you happy how things have gone for you so far?
Definitely. I’m really excited about the forthcoming release of my debut EP Atmosphere, which was produced by the very talented Darren Lawson (MBV, Editors). So far I’ve released a couple of teaser tracks via soundcloud and have been blown away by the response.

2. What inspires you when writing music?
As my music is instrumental, an idea is usually sparked by experimenting with different instruments and sounds. I use the software Logic to record which has a heap of library instruments to play around with. Once I have a riff or hook that I am happy with, I then start layering and build from there.

3. What is your latest song about?
Lucid dreaming.

4. What has been your favorite show to date?
My approach to fait has been slightly different to my previous projects as I recorded the EP prior to forming a live band. I’m currently rehearsing with some amazing Perth musicians and we’ll be taking fait live very soon!

5. How does social media help you as an artist?
Well first and foremost, it has allowed me to be heard.

6. How important is connecting with your fans?
Very. These are the people who support you and encourage you to do what you do.

7. If you could have any body in a video clip who would it be?
Right now I’d just be happy with a clip!

8. What’s your favorite venue to play at?
In Perth, you can’t get much better than The Bakery.

9. What does 2014 have in store for the band?
The release of my debut EP Atmosphere, lots of shows and hopefully some touring!