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Monthly Archives: November 2013

This is a cool cover by an artist called Lips who a kiwi just like me and has even won a silver scroll award New Zealand highest songwriting award.

Here is another amazing tune by her

She has got some talent and I can see her doing amazing things.



22-year-old Adelaide Folk artist Timberwolf has recently released his brand new single ‘Grace’ and is gearing up to take Australia by force on his national tour, which kicks off on Friday November 15th.

A tale of the love that wont’ work, ‘Grace’ encapsulates Timberwolf’s earnest, heartfelt spirit, which has quickly captured the hearts of audiences Nation wide.

2 of the tracks from his debut EP ‘Man & Moon’ have enjoyed rotation on many radio stations all around Australia including Triple J where they were played on various programs such as 2013, Home & Hosed and Roots N All.

Not shy of packing up the van to play wherever he can, Chris as Timberwolf has spent the best part of 2013 touring the country and working hard to establish his name, having created the musical alias less than a year ago, and it’s finally starting to pay off with a solid loyal underground following. This shows in already having played alongside the likes of Jordie Lane, Tigertown, Tanya Batt & Jack Carty, as well as sold out shows of his own.

Timberwolf will be bringing his renowned live show, known to outdo his recordings, to stages all around Australia to celebrate the release of ‘Grace’, coupled with the release of the new film clip on Sunday 10thNovember.

‘Such a gorgeous folky tune from a great young songwriter.’

Sarah Howells – Triple J

‘Get amongst this if Boy & Bear and Mumford & Sons are on your playlist. You won’t be disappointed.’

Dom Alessio – Triple J

‘These are some really great tracks.’

Andrew Edgson – Mastering Engineer, Studios 301


Grace Tour

**Tickets on-sale now**

Friday November 15th  – Jive Bar, Adelaide, SA

Tickets on-sale 18+ only

Saturday November 16th – Acoustic Shed, Melbourne, VIC

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Sunday November 17th – The Evelyn, Melbourne, VIC

Tickets on-sale 18+ only

Friday November 22nd  – The Beresford, Sydney, NSW

Free Entry 18+ only

Saturday November 23rd – Hibernian House, Sydney, NSW

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Sunday November 24th – Sofar Sounds, Sydney, NSW

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Thursday November 28th – The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Friday November 29th  – The Junkyard, Forster, NSW

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Sunday December 1st – The Brewery (Buddha Bar), Byron Bay, NSW

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Saturday December 7th – The Treehouse, Byron Bay, NSW

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Sunday December 8th – The Rails, Byron Bay, NSW

Tickets available at door 18+ only

Thursday December 12th – Beetle Bar, Brisbane, QLD

Tickets available at door 18+ only



Originally conceived as a solo recording project by Troy Henderson called ‘Trojan Horse’, the Brisbane rock band now includes long time producer and collaborator Dan Sugars on drums, dropping the old moniker to become ‘Go Van Go’.

After playing a series of successful warm up shows in their home state, they have already garnered some positive attention thanks to their single ‘Superminx’ being added to rotation on triple j’s digital station and various community and college radio stations Australia wide as well.

Their new EP ‘Taking Hostages’due for release on November 1st, will feature a collection of tight and punchy, attention-grabbing rock songs with cherry picked inspiration from elements of classic 70s rock, garage rock and 90s alternative.

The band sounds energized and inspired with a clear focus, which translates into an exciting high-energy live show. They are touring the east coast in November to support their release, with shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

” The brainchild of Aussie Troy Henderson… conjures up images of early Brit punk rock bands filled with basic skills and much angst and energy.”

“They’ve consummately combined veteran artistry with modernistic flare….and BY GOD, It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!”

From My Bedroom Project

“Hefty Tune!”

Dave Ruby Howe – Triple J


Taking Hostages East Coast Tour

Thursday November 14th – Frankie’s Pizza Bar, Sydney, NSW (18+)

Free Entry

Friday November 15th – The Espy Basement, St. Kilda, VIC (18+)

w/ A Gazillion Angry Mexicans + The Velvets + Lieutenant Jam

Free Entry

Saturday November 16th – The Barley Corn, Melbourne, VIC (18+)

w/ My Piranha + Aircrafte

Tickets $10 on door

Friday November 22nd – RAW Showcase @ The Arena, Brisbane, QLD (18+)

Tickets $15 – BUY TICKETS

Saturday November 23rd – Tempo, Brisbane, QLD (18+)

w/ Waax + The Frail Mary’s

Free Entry

Sunday November 24th – Eumundi Live, Sunshine Coast, QLD (AA)

w/ The Hello Morning + Floating Bridges + Strangest Dreamers

General Admission – $25.90 pre-buy / $30 on door

Corrina Steel

CS 02 - web

Corrina Steel is a fantastic Aussie singer songwriter who released her latest album Borrowed Tunes. I like what she is doing and naturally thought an interview was a must. So read on and find out why she is a great singer songwriter.

1. Are you happy with the responses to the new album?


We’ve been getting some great reviews and airplay for the record. It’s great that people from both the country and independent music scenes have taken a liking to it and really seem to get it. We were a little worried that a ‘covers’ record wouldn’t be taken as seriously. There’s a lot to be said for a good interpretation of a great song though.


2. What inspires you now when writing music?


The merging of influences to create something new always excites us. This is the approach we take not only when writing but also when interpreting cover versions.  We would ask ‘ What would it sound like if Tammy Wynette was sitting with Willie Nelson at his kitchen table around 1975 singing ‘I Don’t Want To Play House’ ? and then we’d record that and see what happened. We’re looking forward to starting work on a new album of original material in the new year. We have a feeling the next one will be a little more raucous.. in the end we’ll go where the music leads us.


3. How was the recording process different to earlier releases?


We kept this album simple. With minimal instrumentation and recorded as live as possible. We were trying to capture an intimate late night feeling on many of the tracks. And it was recorded so quickly! The whole thing was done over three weekends


4. Who have you enjoyed working with recently?

Ourselves! Ha! This is our first album together. It’s been a great experience


5. What do you like about touring?


I love being on the move – and with nothing to do but play every night. With a little catching up with friends, finding great local restaurants and shopping thrown in.


6.  What has been touring highlight of your career so far?


A village we played in the South Of France, in the Black Mountains. After the gig the whole town put on the most amazing spread to show us their appreciation. Men, woman and children. The local ladies choir even sang for us ! The most charming after party Ive ever been to.


7.  Who would u most like to tour with?

Kanye West, S.mouse and us would be a triple threat. No seriously a country music legend like Dolly Parton would make my day.


8. What do you hope people will get out of the album?


I hope they hear some old songs with fresh ears and maybe discover a few they hadn’t heard before too.


9. What does 2013 mean to you?


It’s been a great year – full of change and surprise. With an album out and so well received, it’s all been worth it. We’re looking forward to playing live again!


10. What does 2014 have in store for you?


More music!

Catherine Traicos


Catherine Traicos and her band The Starry Night have her new album coming out The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky. I dug the album heaps and naturally an interview was a must. Read the interview and then get to a show in December and buy the album when it comes out. She is a fine Aussie singer songwriter worthy of your time.

1. Are you happy with the responses to the new album?

I am, yes. They have been favourable and as well as that, the reviewers all also seem to “get” the album and that’s great.


2. What inspires you now when writing music?

I am inspired, as always, primarily by my emotions and the way they flow and shape my life as well as being molded by it.


3. How was the recording process different to earlier releases?

It involved a lot more input from the band which was fantastic; everyone brought unique elements and ideas to the process. It was also recorded pretty much exactly to the timeline we had set out for it which is rather remarkable with creative work and I’ve never had that happen before. I think we were all just very focused and wanted to do our best work.


4. Who have you enjoyed working with recently?

Paul McKercher. He produced the album and I love what he brings to a project; a very classic aesthetic, integrity, creativity and such dedication. He is a true inspiration. Also Chris Ross (Wolfmother) played organ on some tracks and he was fantastic. Good and inspired musicians are always such a blessing.


5. What do you like about touring?

I like visiting places I would not normally go to and discovering new favourite places. I find touring hard and often unrewarding but that side of it is made up for by the travel that comes with it.


6. What has been touring highlight of your career so far?

I played in a greenhouse full of geraniums in Orebro in Sweden. It was magical.


7. Who would u most like to tour with?

Tom Waits.


8. What do you hope people will get out of the album?

I hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it – and that’s a lot! So, primarily, enjoyment and then if there’s any room for it, a sense of wellbeing brought about by a communal sense of existential suffering. All the positive emotions by way of some negative ones.


9. What does 2013 mean to you?

It has been the most difficult year of my life, and arguably, the most rewarding.


10. What does 2014 have in store for you?

I am aiming for ice cream, sunsets, rainbows, good whiskey and lots of music listening, composing and playing, with old and new friends. Also, painting.



Katie Cole

IMG_0144 crop and beauty

Katie Cole is a singer songwriter who I have known for years. I love what she does an artist, she has released a new song which I have put up on the site. She is a hard worker and is always writing and getting her self out there as a musician.  I for one will always be a fan to what she is doing and I know she will go far. She plans to release her album next year and to find out more about her and what she does. Listen down below

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Olivia May



Photo by Onny Carr

Olivia May is my beauty of the week, she is an actor, a singer songwriter and plays in a duo called David & Olivia. As you can see she is very talented and I also think she is incredibly attractive.  She is a hard worker working away to make a career for herself.  Love what she does and will continue to support what she does. She has a role in tonight episode of Masters of Sex in America.  I think she is going to go very far for herself and this is why she is my beauty of the week.




Graham Alexander – Self Titled (Self Released)


Graham Alexander debut album is catchy well written slice of power pop. The opening track Don’t Give in Tonight reminds me of the 90’s the way song is structured, written and performed. It’s an energetic rocking number that show off what he all about. Biggest Fan shows off its influences but it’s another winning number well written, catchy, sung and performed. Only Fools Rush In has a 60’s vibe going for it. The way the piano is used to the use of trumpet and trombone. It’s another solid track. Paralyzed is another song that has a 90’s vibe going for it. It’s not as energetic as the opening track but still shows off the song writing, lyrics and vocals.  The Light That Guides You Home is another song that has a 60’s vibe going for it, well written performed and sung. I love the use of the acoustic guitar here. Replace Me has a heavier tone mixed with a 90s vibe going for it. The way the guitar is performed and how the song is structured. Solid song.  World Without You is one of the picks off the album for me, such a solid tune I love the way the guitar is played, the vocals and how the song is structured. Hang Around is another good tune, I love the vocals on the song, I love the use of the backing vocals and the way the piano is played at the intro of the song. Have A Good Life is my pick off the album for me, it’s the power pop piano ballad on the album, I love the way the song is structured, the way the piano is played, the musicianship, vocals and melodies. The last song On The Outside (Looking In) is a catchy tune that will make you want to get up and dance. I love the use of the piano, the way the guitar is performed. This is a solid debut for an artist, even tho it’s 2 years old, this is very much worth a listen if you want to hear a fantastic singer songwriter is doing some good stuff and Graham is it and get it now.

I adore Katie Cole, I’ve known her for years, think she is an incredible talent, she is also incredibly stunning. a really gorgeous women. This is her new song (WE STARTED A) FIRE, incredible song, catchy well written and just a buzz to the ears.  I really do think she is one of the most stunning people in music right now. She can do no wrong by me.




Having recently announced his signing with Cooking Vinyl Australia, Nebraska-born, Utah-based rock’n’folk singer JOSHUA JAMES is coming to Australia for the very first time, playing support on all eight shows of NEIL FINN’s Dizzying Heights Album Tour in March 2014.

There has been a lot said about Joshua James, many accolades have been placed upon his head but never before have Australian music fans been privy to a direct release or an appearance in our territory. His latest album – From The Top of Willamette Mountain – is released this Friday, November 15 and is a precursor for what will undobutedly be a serious exercise in momentum here in Australia. The album will be released as an introductory deluxe package before a brand new album next year and is preceded by the remarkable first single ‘Queen of the City’.

Strangely familiar while refreshingly innovative, James’ songs reflect a distinct American ache, while his sweetly hoarse vocal appears tremulously fragile one moment, soulfully-fuelled by a grunge rock drive the next. From The Top of Willamette Mountain has already been met with widespread critical acclaim largely due to James’ arsenal of relentlessly impressive songs, songs that don’t necessarily labour over the flawless take, but rather focusses on the honesty while escaping the traditional confines of the folk genre.

The album’s first single – ‘Queen of the City’ – came out of a late night, whisky-induced haze, depicting the internal paradox of good and evil, the id and the ego, faith and doubt.

From The Top of Willamette Mountain
released on Friday, November 15
via Cooking Vinyl Australia


Thursday, 6th March | Civic Centre, Nambour

Friday. 7th March | QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane

Tuesday, 11 March | GPAC Playhouse, Geelong

Wednesday, 12th March | Hamer Hall, Melbourne

Saturday, 15th March | Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Sunday, 16th March | Concert Hall, Perth

Thursday, 20th March | Civic Theatre, Newcastle

Saturday, 22nd March | Opera House, Sydney