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Michelle Page is an incredible actor with so much good work coming up. Stingy Jack, Golden & Size Of Society she will be filming this year. Sensored will be out on dvd this year. It has been delayed sadly.

She works really hard and it shows in the work she does. She an awesome lady with loads of talent.

So put her in your movies. She rocks. She considerate, caring, kind, friendly, easy going person. She is a lot of fun to be around.




NIGEL WEARNE New album Black Crow out Nov 2nd…

Wearne is a country/folk singer-songwriter whose music has an intimate
and poignant narrative. Equipped with personally handcrafted guitars,
his music melds finger-style guitar, country twang, honky tonk and
honest storytelling. With a hint of Hank Williams and
influences including Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Bob Dylan and the
spirit of Woody Guthrie, Nigel Wearne delivers dynamic and
inspired performances that will rattle your emotions.
In 2009,
Nigel recorded ‘Sweetest Delusion’ beginning a new chapter of
explorative song-writing. Recorded the old fashioned way to 2” tape, the
album tackles broad song themes ranging from the Aboriginal tracker,
to finding truth and selling flowers at the old folk’s home. With frayed
poetic edges and honest grit ‘Sweetest Delusion’ is an entirely
acoustic affair ‘the kind of music that really speaks’ (Forte Magazine).
a successful East Coast Tour in 2011 with performances in Melbourne,
Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and the Blue Mountains,
Wearne is ‘capturing audiences across the country’
(Beat Magazine). Nigel has performed at various music festivals
throughout Australia, most recently including the 2012 Port Fairy Folk
Festival, 2012 Gulgong Folk Festival and the 2011 Tablelands
Folk Festival.
In early 2012, he fine-tuned his sound by forming
country/folk band Nigel Wearne & The Cast Iron Promises, with Dan
Watkins (mandolin), Kat Mear (fiddle/viola) and Andy Scott
(double-bass). After performing solo for 3 years, The Cast Iron Promises
bring rich harmonies, distinctive arrangements and new life to
Wearne’s music.
Nigel’s highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Black
Crow’ will be released on November 2 and was recorded by Adelaide’s
Mick Wordley (Jeff Lang, Chris Whitley, Jordie Lane). The 12-song
collection showcases Nigel’s diversity, from the rollicking debut single
‘Stealth’, to the gypsy tones of ‘Beautiful Blue’ and the brooding
biographical tale ‘Pemulwuy’. ‘Black Crow’ exhibits Nigel Wearne as one
of Australia’s emerging songwriters, and tells stories of mischievous
bank robbers, wandering poets and his love of eggs.

the November album release and appearances at the upcoming JamGrass
Festival, Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival and Harrietville
Bluegrass Convention, Nigel’s 2012/2013 summer season is off to a flying


3rd – 5th Oct Crave Sydney International Food Festival – Brown Brothers Music Stage, Night Noodle Markets, NSW 

Sat 6th Oct The Shack Folk Club – Tramshed Arts & Community Centre, Narrabeen, NSW

Sat 20th Oct JamGrass Festival, Thornbury Theatre, VIC

26th – 28th Oct Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival, NSW

Fri 9th Nov The Front Gallery & Cafe, Canberra ACT (Supported by The Wedded Bliss)

Sun 11th Nov Thornbury Theatre, Thornbury, VIC (Supported by Luke Watt)

15th – 18th Nov Harrietville Bluegrass Convention, Harrietville, VIC

Sun 25th Nov The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton, SA (Supported by The Hushes)

Fri 30th Nov The Piping Hot Chicken Shop, Ocean Grove, VIC

For more details check out:  

Chris Lawhorn Announces Charity Album
Based Around Fugazi Samples

Fort Wayne, IN – September 12, 2012 – Chris Lawhorn will release
his fifth album Fugazi Edits on October 30th on
Case/Martingale Records. Fugazi Edits features 22 tracks,
which were pieced together using excerpts from every song in the
band Fugazi’s discography.

The album’s been in the works for
almost two years. It’s entirely instrumental and combines 100
Fugazi samples with a variety of effects. Ian Mackaye (from the
band and their label Dischord) has authorized the album’s release.
And, the profit from will be donated to a pair of charities—one
that works with senior citizens in Washington, D.C. and another
that provides aid globally to folks impacted by disaster and civil

Lawhorn started the Case/Martingale
label in 1996, while playing drums for the (admittedly
Fugazi-influenced) band Cataract Falls. A decade of disastrous
tours and middling solo albums followed. Along the way, he became
the staff DJ at a spring break company—playing for drunk, college
students on South Padre Island each March—and recorded the rap
album Pole Position.

This gradual switch from rocking to
beat-making isn’t exceptionally unique. But, it led to an 18 month
stint as the resident DJ for Marie Claire magazine. When
that wrapped up, Lawhorn began work on Fugazi Edits—in an attempt to make something that
touched on both the musical influences of his youth and his
current love of cutting up tracks and reassembling them.

Interested folks can visit
to check out samples from the album, the artwork, and so on.

16 & 17 November, 2012 – the Arts Centre, Melbourne
Featuring Key Guest Speakers Martin Atkins (USA) and Almudena Heredero (SPAIN)


music industry will come together for one of the most important events
on the Victorian music calendar, when the annual non-profit music
summit Face the Music returns to the Arts Centre for its fifth year on
Friday 16th and Saturday 17th November, 2012. 
The two day event
plays host to a smorgasbord of local and international industry
professionals, and in partnership with Melbourne Music Week once more,
will see this year’s key speakers including renowned US label
owner, entrepreneur, artist and educator Martin Atkins and Primavera
Sound Festival’s Almudena Heredero.
A member of Public Image
Ltd, working with artists like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, Martin
Atkins has drawn on his three decades of music business experience to
help artists striving to succeed on their own terms in a
challenging music industry. Author of the influential 2007
book Tour:Smart And Break the Band – consequently
named “the ultimate touring manual” by Mojo Magazine, Martin has been
the highlight at recent conferences SXSW, Warped Tour, CMJ and New Music
Seminar, sharing his unique perspective not only on where the music
industry is currently, but where it is going in the future.
of international arts consultancy Followspot, Almudena
Heredero represents Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, one of the
largest and most important festivals in Europe with an attendance of
over 100,000 people in recent years. Also as one of the creators of the
highly successful Barcelona music conference PrimaveraPro and organiser
of the Sounds of Spain roadshow, Almudena will share what’s currently
trending in Europe, reveal music business opportunities for Australian
artists and music businesses and the best way to approach
the European market.
Delivering it’s finest year yet of
networking, panel sessions and exclusive one-on-one business
opportunities, Face The Music 2012 will cover topics including tour
management, music release strategies, making inroads in the USA, crowd
funding and music in film and TV. Offering an insight into the ideas and
minds behind some of Australia’s most inspiring music industry
heavyweights, don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Australian
industry experts Fergus Linehan (Vivid, Sydney), Jerome Borazio (Laneway
Festival, 1000 Pound Bend), Leigh Treweek (Street
Press Australia), Jaddan Comerford (The Staple Group), Johann Ponniah (I
OH YOU), Hannah Fox (Supplefox), Patrick Donovan (Music Victoria),
Helen Marcou (SLAM), Henry Wagons and more than 100 other music industry
leaders yet to be announced.
Promising even more
unique networking opportunities, this years event also introduces the
official Mentor Lounge, a co-ordinated platform where you can rub
shoulders with industry leaders keen to hear your ideas, provide advice
and discuss relevant issues facing music industry development today.
presentations, discussions, networking, live music, practical workshops
and the hottest tips and tools to give your music career the edge,
Face The Music 2012 provides a not to be missed platform for
professional and creative career development, whether you are looking to
start up your music career or you are a seasoned music pro.
With tickets on sale now from, be
sure to get in early to avoid missing out. At just $45 ($30 concession)
for one day or $70 ($50 concession) for two days, Face The Music is the
best value for money conference in the country.
Face The Music 2012 INFORMATION AND REGISTRATIONS available via or phone (03) 9380 1277

Rival Sons

Rival Sons are like one of my favorite bands this year, since discovering them earlier in the year, I’m a fan and I talk to Robin Everhart the bass player from the band about it all.  New album Head Down out later this month.

1. Are you happy how things have gone for the band so far?

Absolutely, yet not entirely. But, I mean, come on, that’s kind of the artist/perfectionist thing… The band has come a LONG way and done A LOT of really amazing things in what most would consider a short amount of time. 4 years is really nothing to have the kind of success we’ve had. Also, our successes really did start from gig one, and the rise has been steady, not some overnight youtube sensation story – so it has been something to really be proud of for sure.

2. What was the inspiration for the new album?

Wanting to release another album. None of us want to rest on our laurels. The whole concept of ‘album cycle’ is something I’ve NEVER EVER even thought of. Bands should make music. Honestly, I’m ready to make another record right now. I love the studio, so the sooner I can get in one the better!

3. How was the recording process different to the last album?

Not very. Other than we all moved into a house in Nashville, because our producer, Dave Cobb, moved his studio there. So that was kinda tough when in the past if you have a
tough day at the studio, you can separate yourself, and regroup, and come back tomorrow with some perspective – but this time it was a little hard to gain that space.
Also, this time we got to work with Vance Powell as our engineer and mixer – Vance does all Jack White’s stuff, along with a slew of other baddass shiz – so that was cool!

4. What inspires the band when writing music?

Desperation breeds inspiration. We only had a short amount of time booked in between tours to make the album, so we really had no choice other than to be inspired.

5. What was the inspiration for the album artwork?

Scott found Jason Holley’s work online while searching forums for "best album art" or something- found him, and everyone instantly fell in love with his style. We loved one particular one that seemed to be a good representation of the different sides of the songs, had him do a variation, and voila!

6. What inspires the band when writing lyrics?

That is all Jay Buchanan – I’d probably write about heartbreak or high-school girlfriends or other lame bullshit. Therefore, I’m glad we got Jay. His inspiration clearly comes from outer space!

6. How has social networking helped the band?

By networking us socially with our fans 😉 It’s no secret, nor is it going away: Social media is nearly everything nowadays. The days of the guitar player with mystique are dead. Everyone is playing now, which is cool. Always accessable. It’s all about inclusion.

7. If you could have any body in a video clip who would it be?

Do you want me to name hot chicks? or, like, actor/musician cameos? It’d be pretty cool to get all the models from George Michael’s, "Freedom," video to reunite in one of ours. Or it’d be fun to have Kate Upton doing the Dougie.  In terms of actors/musicians: It’d be the best if Miles Davis would rise from the dead and be in one. Or Alfred Hitchcock.

8. Who would the band most like to work with on an album?

Danger Mouse. Dr. John. David Sardy. Dan Auerbach – anyone with a first name that starts with "D."

9. How does the band worm up before playing a show?

A vodka soda, and a cigarette.
I’m trying to incorporate some stretching on this tour… but historically, it’s been the former

10. What’s the band’s drink of choice?

Fresh Vegetable Juice!

11. Any chance of playing Australia some time soon?

There’s always a chance – all I can tell you is that we’d LOVE to!!!

Tyla Bertolli

I first came across Tyla when she put out her debut ep A Brilliant Tragedy and have been following what she had done ever since. Since being on X-Factor things have changed for her. Read on find out why this artist is doing good things.

1. How has being on X-Factor change things for you?

wow where to begin, it has changed me in alot of ways, doing something like that makes you realise what and who is important but i think the biggest thing X factor gave me was a taste on my dream and of what my life can be like, it gave me something to fight hard for both career wise and personally.

2. How it different to what you were doing earlier?

Ive always been a big dreamer and a hard worker so my life was very similar before x factor i don’t see success in the entertainment industry as being an unrealistic goal so i was always chiseling away auditioning for what i could pursuing excellence within my self and my "talents" doing things bit by bit to keep progressing, i guess X Factor just gave that a big old boost.

3. What did you get the most out of the show?

the relationships with people, Mel B all the contestants, meeting people that want to share your journey with you, that believe in you, fans!!!! incredible people. also  like i said before got a taste of whats to come and that’s exciting!!!

4. How has the support from the fans been like for you?

it has been overwhelming at times!! I’m so grateful to have the support and love of people all over the world!!!! i cant wait to expand on that!! They mean the world to me!

5. Do you plan to start playing shows again or will you be going in a different direction?

i am very excited to start playing shows in the next month. I have put together an incredible band with some of the most talented musicians i could find and we are just rehearsing at the moment so we have a perfect entertaining show to put on. I’m also about to do a 60’s stage show tour around Australia, but that’s all very top secret at the moment.

6. Do you think social networking sites will play a huge part in your career?

absolutely i love social media i love connecting with fans and people, other musicians and finding new inspirations every day. I’m currently doing an App design course which i have big plans for to help connect my fans with my music, radio, shows everything social media connected. Super excited!

7. Who has been your greatest supporter?

oh without doubt my family. What i have put them through in the last year has been extremely challenging, they have felt every disappointment, every health scare, every achievement and every tear. They still tell me every day just keep pushing to show the world how extraordinary you can be. I cant wait till i can emotionally and materialistically pay them back for there support.

8. Do you plan to put out some music sometime soon?

absolutely!! Ive been writing heaps, been trying lots of new styles but i hope to have some new tracks out by December.

9. What inspires you now when writing music?

Ive always been a bit of a story teller when it comes to writing music, i always take from personal examples (or my friends secrets) I Just finished writing a song about being stronger pushing on, i just love writing the soundtrack to my own life, what i need to hear at the time.

10. What do you hope will happen for you in the next year?

above all else, i hope to be healthy enough to continue to do what i love. People take health for granted so much!!!! but nothing ..i mean nothing can happen if you are not well, you mentally and physically cant support your self or your dreams. But other then that my goals are to release my first fashion line which I’ve been designing, get my band on tour and doing support acts for some international artists, Get a Job in radio, and work on TV again ether presenting or acting and next year i just HAVE to get back to LA!!!

1. How has being diagnosed  Cronh’s Disease affect what you do as a musician now?

as a musician, as a person being diagnosed with Crohns has been quite devastating to be honest, I Knew something was wrong while i was on the X Factor but put it off because i wanted the dream so bad. Unfortunately i have had whats called a "flare up" for the last 6 months which is unusually long and am not out of the woods yet i still have to go into remission. It has been challenging because i had so much planned for this year and have spent so much of it in hospital sick. I hate sitting still, i hate not performing, i hate loosing motivation or not being Strong enough to walk from on side of the room to the other but I’m going t take away from this some serious life lessons, like being patient , and healthy and to stay focused. Musically i just cant wait to be well enough to get out there again.

12. Will we hear some new music from you soon?

Absolutely, i start my YouTube channel this week so expect some awesome covers in the next 2 weeks then some originals in the next month.

Melissa Johnston


Melissa Johnston is our babe of the week for her acting talents, beauty and just being one of the nicest people we have ever dealt with on our site. I first discovered her acting talents in the film Barely Legal,where she was the stand out in the movie for me. We think she is one of the most beatuiful girls in Hollywood right now.  With a future looking bright in films and tv. This talented beautiful lady is going very far. She is one of our favorite people at the moment. We will keep supporting her in all her future endevours. She rocks.  I would to see in a film with my good friend Michelle Page. That would be an amazing film.

I Can’t Wait is the new song by Katie Cole which is to be released later this year in October, it’s a catchy well written tune with good vocals by Katie and musicianship, the backing vocals are a really nice touch. Lyrics are good too. It’s got an Americana feel to it. It’s a good song, I can see radio picking it up and going big with it. It’s a well written and produced song that radio will seriously go for it. It is co written with Sam Brooker.

I Can’t Wait is the new song by Katie Cole which is to be released later this year in October, it’s a catchy well written tune with good vocals by Katie and musicianship, the backing vocals are a really nice touch. Lyrics are good too. It’s got an Americana feel to it. It’s a good song, I can see radio picking it up and going big with it. It’s a well written and produced song that radio will seriously go for it. It is co written with Sam Brooker.

Edita Brychta

Edita Brychta is an actor who work, I think is good and I wanted to know more from this extremely talented actor. So read on and find out why she doing good things

1. What have you learned from all your years of acting so far?

Resilience and perseverance. No matter how disappointed you can be in the process, you never know what’s around the corner.

2. What has been your favorite role you have done?

Dana in “Flying In the Branches” for the BBC. It was the story of a Czech girl who tries to get out of communist Czechoslovakia by coming to London, to find a husband in the two weeks she has permission to travel. The film is a poignant, desperate tale of one individual’s plight for freedom.

3. Who has been your favorite person to work with?

James Garner in “Rockford Files”. A very classy man!

4. How do you prepare for a role?

I look to understand the character from my own experiences, as well as using my imagination where it may seem too far from my own perceptions.

5. Do you have any tips for learning lines?

Know what the scene is about and what the character wants.

6. What has been your favorite role recently?

Voicing the Hyrax in “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift”.

7. What inspired you to swim from Alcatraz and also swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge?

I’ve always had a fascination with cold, dark, rough waters and that together with interesting spooky landmarks and a personal challenge of endurance, combined with my favorite sport…how could I resist!

8. Who would you most like to work with?

Besides Meryl Streep? Bill Nighy.

9. What is next for yourself?

Time will tell!

10. What advice could u give to some one who wanted to be an actor?

Be sure there is nothing else in the world that you want to do!