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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Jessika Alaura

Jessica is a model and a nursing student, I liked what she has been doing and what she is doing, so I thought ae  little chat was in order. So listen, about why she became a model, why she studying nursing and more. This girl is going places.

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Emma Barlow

Emma Barlow is a talented country singer songwriter who can play the fiddle as well as the guitar.  Her latest single Jaded shows off why she is so good. So read and find out why she worth checking out.

1. How did did you get into music?

I started playing classical violin at the age of 8 when I lived on the Gold Coast- My parents eventually ended up in Gympie where I started learning country music at school, I then turned into
a fiddle player and learnt to sing. I had such a great start to country

2. What has been the highlight so far?

Releasing my own music is definitely the biggest highlight. I’ve played for amazing artists in the past too but showing the world who I really am through my songs has been wonderful.

3. What inspires you when writing music?

Many things really, It’s hard to pinpoint one but a lot of times it’s just personal experiences, some naughty old boyfriends (hehe), going out to festivals, road trips and being on tour,
the environment and more!

4. What was the inspiration for the latest release?

Jaded really came about when I thought about what would happen if you met a boy who was travelling in aus, fell in love with him, waited a while and then moved over and he
became something you didn’t expect!

5. Who have you enjoyed playing with recently?

Recently I’ve enjoyed playing with Amber Laurence down at Mildura Country Music Fest, Luke O’Shea, Markus Meier, Tracy Killeen and more!

6. What it is the scene like where you are from?

Country Music in Gympie is wonderful, it has two country music schools – the AICM and CMSOE – which offer certificates and diplomas in Country music- and on top of that, it’s the home of the Country Music Muster. I think we are the luckiest city, along with Tamworth and Mildura, in the
Country Music Scene.

7. How has social networking helped your music?

Social networking has been a great tool to share my music around to people who might not otherwise see or hear about  it! It’s been great to become friends with so many wonderful people and then meet them out and about around the country and share our love of country
music together.

8. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in music a shot?


Just go for it and WRITE WRITE WRITE songs! Most important I’d say!

9. How has touring helped your music?

Touring is one of the main things that makes you grow as a performer, playing to different crowds, different nights and getting all sorts of different responses is what helps make you who you
are as an artist.

10. Who would the band most like to work with or play with?

Who would I most like to play with? Hmmm okay it would have to be, Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift
and Keith Urban! How cool would that be!

11. How has radio and the media received the latest ep?

It’s been overwhelming in such a lovely way, I didn’t know what to expect, bad or good
but it’s been great which has been so lovely- Jaded has hit over 12 charts
now and the video clip has only been up 4 days and received 1500 views which
is just crazy to me! In a good way of course! 🙂

12. What is next for yourself?

I want to get some shows up and running around Aus and go for a good tour as well as start an EP and hopefully get Jaded up and running on the Country Music Channel Foxtel.

Tori Tate

Photo by Jeffrey Haas

Tori Tate is Broadcasting Journalism Student at University of Tenessee. She been involved such university tv shows such as Fashion Forward which she was involved in everything in the production of show.  She would like to be a Fashion Journalist in 5 years time. She is a model as well, been in such publiciations as PB. So read on and find out why this talented gorgeous lady is going places.

1. How did you decide to study broadcasting/journalism at University/College?

I use to collect fashion magazine in middle school and high school. I was in love with the idea of constantly learning something new, as well as, finding a career in something I love like fashion. I entered the University of Tennessee expecting to go into magazine journalism; however, I had to join a media club for a class and picked the campus TV station. Ever since then, I have been in love with television production and reporting.

2. What have you learn so far from doing it?

Wow, I have learned so much about myself and the industry. The most important thing I have learned while working in television is to always expect the unexpected. Everything is constantly changing from stories to the technology used and by expecting the unexpected it is easier to be prepared.

3. What have you learned from being involved in the show fashion forward?

Well, that was the first show that I was able to fully take charge of, so it taught me how much I loved this job. I learned how to put together a show, write scripts, edit videos, and even host.

4. How do you think the internet/social media/bloggers have changed journalism?

They have made journalism more instant. Instead of waiting for the daily paper or nightly news cast, people can now access the stories they want to know about instantly online. It has also allowed for more citizen journalists to become involved in the stories that media companies report on, like the plane landing in the Hudson for example.

5. What do you think if Sopa was passed, how would it affect journalism?

If SOPA were passed the amount of information that journalists could research online would become significantly lower.

6. What do you hope your degree will do for you?

Not one-hundred percent sure yet, but I would love to work for ENews. If I could produce and report for E! Network I would be so thrilled. I want to be able to be creative with my work. I have currently been producing local news through my production class and I like it; however, I want a job where I can really be creative with video editing.

7. How has your life changed since doing Playboy?

Honestly, it really has not changed too much because of posing for playboy. I did not broadcast it because of where I live. The south is not quite as open to the idea of posing for Playboy since it is known as the bible belt of the U.S. I have gotten more recognition as a model though. I am currently doing modeling work for a local rock station as well as a new lounge that will be opening soon.

8. Why pose for in Playboy?

It started out actually as a joke.  I was producing Fashion Forward at the time and my co-producer wanted to cover a Playboy casting call that was happening in Knoxville. She signed me up for an audition without my knowledge.  After some convincing, I decided it would at least make a cool story for the show and I’ve always had an interest in modeling. So, we went to the audition and I actually landed the job.  It was so exciting and unexpected.

9 How did your parents respond to you being in Playboy?

They were not too happy about it. I was brought up in a Christian home and posing for Playboy went against some of the beliefs my parents had instilled in me.

10. Were you Nervous doing the shoot?

Yes and no. I felt nervous because I didn’t want to do a bad job, but I was more excited about the shoot than nervous.

11 How did it feel being the center of attention when doing the shoot?

Honestly, I really don’t enjoy being the center of attention. That is what makes me nervous most of all, but there was only a stylist, photographer, and assistant at the shoot so I felt really comfortable.

12 how have people responded when you tell them your in Playboy?

Everyone has responded fairly well. Of course there are people who do not agree with posing nude for a magazine, but I feel like most of the people that do know about it think it was a great opportunity for me.

13. Will do you do more modeling and Playboy stuff if it comes up?

I definitely will do some more modeling stuff. I want to continue to pursue my modeling career as along as I can. I don’t know if I’d pose for Playboy again. I had a wonderful experience, but that will be a decision I will have to make if the opportunity presents itself.

14. Where do eventually see yourself in five years time?

Hopefully living in California working as fashion journalist.

15. What’s your view on realty tv?

Reality tv can be very entertaining and at times even educational. However, I feel as though it has been taken too far. It puts people in celebrity situations that they may not be prepared for and can actually harm their life, such as balloon boy’s parents from a few years ago.

16. what would we find on your stereo at the moment?

You would find our local college rock station, two top forty stations, a modern rock station, a contemporary Christian station, and an oldies station.

17. would you ever like to travel overseas?

Yes. I have traveled to the Bahamas a few times but I would love to see the world. It has always been a lifelong goal to see as much of the world as I possibly can.

18. what your favourite thing to do when your not studying?

I love to go out with friends. Knoxville has a great nightlife scene, so I tend to go out with friends quite a bit. I also love the outdoors, so when I’m not studying I love to go to the park and play Frisbee golf.

19. Would you ever consider doing some acting?

Yes, I was involved in drama club in high school and have taken a theater class in college. I hope to eventually broaden my career to possibly acting as well, but for now it’s just one thing at a time.

20. What next for yourself?

I plan on finishing my journalism degree by May of 2013 and after that adventure into the unknown.

Edge Of Red

Edge Of Red are a cool Brisbane rock band doing some good things, with their excellent debut EP Queen of Hearts winning them audiences all over the place. These guys are a band worth checking out.


1. How did the band form?

1. Edge of Red evolved from former Brisbane rock band ‘Blind Chase’ with the addition of singer/songwriter Ally Marks (vocals and sax). After the frustration of several tedious auditions, Ally Marks strolled into our jam room, leather and all, and blew us away with her range, and attitude toward writing and performing great rock songs….

2. What has been the highlight so far?

2. After a successful release of our debut EP ‘Queen of Hearts’ to a packed Zoo crowd in October, single ‘Hard To Breathe’ got straight into the Triple J Unearthed charts, peaking at number 19, and hovering in the 20’s over 4 weeks, now receiving great radio support around Australia.

3. How did the video clip come about?

Our live show incorporates a lot of production including a video projection. Our current clip uses some footage from that production as well as live video from the performance. We are currently in pre-production for the release of the video for our new single which will be released soon! The film clip was kinda put together on the run, to coincide with the song ‘Hard To Breathe’ moving up the charts, and no time to film a film clip. With 3 members of the band on holidays, we decided to use some footage taken from the EP Launch at the Zoo, along with some appropriate stock footage we’d compiled for another project we’ve been working on, our bass player Gareth assembled the footage into a film clip to help out with the promo of the track.

4. What inspires the band when writing music?

4. Life experience and cool stories people tell us, as well as delving into the deep stuff we believe in…or we just play and see what happens!

5. What was the inspiration for the EP?

5. It’s titled ‘Queen of Hearts’…the Queen bit was significant of the addition of chick singer…and it was a cool pic!  There is a lot of influence from life, love and loss on the debut record and we felt that image of the girl with the title Queen of hearts rang true with the overall image and mood of the EP

6. Who have you guys enjoyed playing with recently?

6.  We’ve already shared the stage with a number of amazing artists in our short time as Edge Of Red – Krash (Kram – Spiderbait, and Ash Grunwald), Australian Idol star Haley Warner,  Thousand Needles In Red (Clint Boge), Cast Iron Pinata from Geelong, The Trip, local boys The Smart and a bunch of great local acts including Shanon Watkins, Sounds of Colour, Prefontaine, Black Side Down and Nuclear Buddha just to name a few. We are supporting a UK touring act ‘Will and The People" in March and will be featuring at the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival.

7. How has social networking helped the band?

7. Great for news about gigs and tickets and generally being able to include fans in our work; being able to network with bands not only around Australia but the whole world! We have a great show with European band "Will and The People" coming up. They have a massive social networking presence. We utilise all forms of social networking to spread the word including facebook, twitter, soundcloud, and many more. We also run and maintain our own website which you can visit at

8. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in a music a shot?

8. Never, ever give up! Keep having a crack! As long as you are loving it, it is worth it! And absolutely talk about your music to everyone, all the time, show people you love what you’re doing! Network, network and network! Meet as many people as you can, and never, ever speak negatively of anyone. Everyone in the music business knows everyone.  Show people you love what you’re doing! Focus on the music, never lose sight of that, if the music is good, people will engage with you!

9. Who would the band most like to work with or play with?

9. It’s awesome meeting new bands, locally, nationally, internationally…U2, Suzi Quatro, Powderfinger, playing with Melissa Etheridge on her Aussie tour would be pretty cool!

10. How has radio and the media received the EP?

10. Ever-increasing radio play across the country, some great interviews and pieces in local print media and all over the web…going well…lovin it!

11. What is next for the band?

11. We have a single bubbling away in the studio at the moment, and when the time’s right, we’ll put it out there. We’re going to focus on writing great songs as our first priority, leading to an album release later this year.  For the rest of the year, we’ll be playing a steady bunch of shows, with a festival or 2 and in the not too distance future, we’d like to do an east coast tour…

June Divided

June Divided is an amazing American band who have been doing really good things and will no doubt be winning auidences along the way. I talk to Melissa from the band and find out why these guys rock.


1. How did the band form?

Melissa: Chris and I met in college and wrote music together.  After graduation, we started a band for fun during the job hunt. We never expected the band to get serious, so we put out an ad for a drummer on Craigslist. After we found Keith, the band kinda took off and so we rolled with it. It’s been quite the happy surprise.

2. What has been the highlight so far?

We’ve been lucky and have had a lot of cool stuff going on! Recording this upcoming record was amazing- probably the most intense, but amazing 3 weeks of our lives. It’ll be out in June 2012. We were also selected as a finalists for the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands (Vans Warped Tour), so we got to play in hollywood, and got to keep some amazing music man guitars. Since we were finalists, we get to be on a week of Warped Tour this summer, so we’ve got that to look forward to as well!

3. How does it feel to be able to play SXSW and the Florida Music Festival?

Awesome. We can’t believe how busy our spring is! The festivals themselves are amazing to experience just in themselves. It’s cool to play it, but to actually be there is also incredible. Texas and Florida are beautiful this time of year, so we’re also looking forward to the nice weather!

4. What inspires the band when writing music?

Life, personal experiences, and what we feel other people can relate to. We’re into bands like Thrice, Jimmy Eat World, Explosions in the Sky, Ivoryline.

5. What was the inspiration for the EP The Other Side Of You?

We were just starting out as a band- so we were just writing for fun (but we still write to have fun). We were listening to a lot of Jimmy Eat World and Ivoryline at the time. We’ve grown as a band- and you’ll hear that on the full-length, but we’ll always be proud of that EP. It was fun to make.

6. Who have you guys enjoyed playing with recently?

We played with Falling In Reverse, and that was pretty cool. We love playing with fellow PA-based bands, Kingsfoil, and Music From Another Room. We’re looking forward to sharing the stage with Every Avenue at SXSW.

7. How did it feel to Best New Artist, Best Rock Song (Bullet), and Best Music Video (Bullet) at the 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes Homey Awards?

Almost like winning a Grammy, minus the dress clothes and the cameras. (hah)

8. How has social networking helped the band?

Social networking is key to being an artist these days! It’s amazing- we’re on facebook, twitter, youtube, myspace, tumblr. It’s really cool to be able to keep in touch with fans from around the world. That’s my favorite part of social networking- seeing that someone all the way in India is listening to our music.

9. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in a music a shot?

Put yourself out there any way you can, and always be true to who you are. It may sound corny, but seriously, the key is to know what your good at and create what makes you, you. I think our band has been pretty lucky with the opportunities given to us, but it’s still always an uphill battle. Patience and persistence helps you get there.

10. How has touring helped the band?

Like I said- you have to put yourself out there any way you can, and that’s what helps you get your name around. Whether you play a show to 10 people or 1000 people (we’ve done both)- someone heard your music. That’s kinda the way touring is- at the end of the run- you have new fans and new cities who know your name.

11. Who would the band most like to work with or play with?

Foo Fighters, Thrice, or Jimmy Eat World would be cool. But honestly, we meet amazing bands all the time when we play shows. We love playing a show with another local or unsigned band that just blows us away. We like making friends.

12. How has radio and the media received the EP?

I think it’s safe to say we’ve gotten really awesome reviews and critiques! We’ve been lucky to have people out there who enjoy our music so much! We really can’t wait to get our new album out to everyone.

13. What is next for the band?

We’re planning our album release for June 2012- and then we’ll be touring to promote the record (including a run on Warped Tour).

14. What will the new recording be about?

Lyrically, there’s a lot of different subject matter on the album- but the musical concept can kind of be explained by the album title. But I can’t tell you that yet 😉 looks like you’ll have to find us on any of our social networking sites to keep up with us when we release it!

Haley Bowery & the Manimals. – Born Strange (Self Released)

Born Strange is the debut album for Haley Bowery and her band the Manimals and it is a first class debut album that is well produced, performed and seriously rocking. The music is rock mixed with good old punk/glam and a dash pop and all together it sounds amazing. The first track which is the title track Born Strange kicks it off nicely,  a nice rocking number that shows off her vocals, songwriting, lyrics and the bands musicianship. Blitzed is one of my picks off the album, it’s just a good rock song, and a song I could see on the radio, it’s almost a ballad. It’s well written, performed and sung. 29 is a cracker of a track and another pick off the album, Haley voice is on fire, it’s a perfect choice to be the song to be the first single off the album, It’s kind a like an anthem, the song is solid, well written and performed. The lyrics are good and the song gels together nicely. Undertow reminds me a little bit of a Cat Power song mixed a bit of riot girl action and has something to say. Lobotomy is another pick off the album, love the bass intro at the start off the album which then Haley joins singing and gives it a jazz vibe to the start off the song, then launches into a rocking rock song that delivers with good lyrics, great chorus and great musicianship. Jukebox Dive is another pick, it’s a just a good song, with some fine vocals by Haley and great lyrics,, Haley lyrics are excellent as is the guitar playing on the song. Twelve Secrets is a straight up rock song, good guitar playing, good lyrics, and great musicianship from the rest of the band. Halloween is an upbeat rock song that hints of punk and it’s a good catchy tune that has great musicianship, good use of backing vocals and everything works together nicely. Dream of the Chelsea Hotel is a good song with great lyrics, solid vocals and the chorus is excellent. The drumming is really good here. All Lies finishes off the album nicely is another pick off the album, remind me a little bit of one my favorite bands Green Pyramids, the song is well written, the arrangement of the song is excellent, the use of guitar through out the song is nicely done, the bass and drum work well together in harmony. This is a fine first class debut album for a talented artist and her band who are seriously going places, this could be my album of the year. I loved it from start to finish, everything about this album is amazing. I hope they make it to Australia one day.

Haley Bowery & the Manimals