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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Furyon – Gravitas (Frontier Records)

Furyon are a British metal band who have released their debut album Gravitas, their style of metal is melodic and seriously rocking. From the opening track Disappear Again which won me over with its awesome hooks, riffs and licks, alongside some first classic singing, lyrics and musicianship. This band has got it. Stand like Stone leads the album on after Disappear Again with a rocking, dark melodic edge to it, with some solid musicianship, vocal and lyrics. The drumming on this track is excellent. I like the guitar solo in the bridge of this song. These first two songs would do really well on rock & metal radio stations. One thing about this band and the album is, they maybe British, but it doesn’t sound like, remind me a lot of America modern metal bands doing this style of  music and Furyon do it like the best of them. Rick Beato who produced the album has done an amazing job of making this album sound like it does, fresh, original and makes you want to hear it over again. Souvenirs has some seriously good vocals from Matt Mitchell. The song is more a slower paced a little, but lets the band shows off it’s musicianship and songwriting and lyrics. Don’t Follow has some awesome riffs, hooks and licks. The vocals are solid. The band is on fire here.  New Wave of Living has an awesome intro, the use of guitar in the song is perfect. It starts off slow and melodic then comes into what Furyon are good at doing, writing a rocking tune that will get you fists pumping and head banging. It’s almost a ballad a little bit. Voodoo Me would be one of my favorite tracks off the album alongside Disappear Again and Stands like Stone. The musicianship is excellent. It’s just a rocking tune with some excellent guitar playing. Fear Me has a long melodic slow intro then gets the band back to familiar but rocking territory.  Doing what they do best writing a killer rocking tune.  Wasted on You has some serious sold guitar work, great musicianship, solid drumming and some excellent vocals that truly shine, like they do on the rest of the album. It’s a rocking tune. Our Peace Someday is the ballad of the album. It mixes the use of acoustic and full band for the chorus and some parts of the song. Then use of drums and bass alongside acoustic guitar is a nice touch. It’s a great song which highlights the bands talents and songwriters and that they can write a song that shows off all they can do nicely. Desert Suicide has a really cool intro which then comes into the vocals then the full band and it finishes off the album well. It’s the longest song off the album and shows off all the band can do nicely. The bonus acoustic versions of Voodoo Me, Souvenirs are a nice touch and really do show off that their songs can translate really well as acoustic versions. This is a first class modern metal album that will have the staunchest of metal fans stand up and take notice. I can’t wait to see these guys live; I know it will be a killer show. Love it.

Haley Bowery & the Manimals

Haley Bowery is an amazing singer songwriter writing amazing rock tunes, that deliver the goods and with her band the Manimals, they sound amazing. Her up coming debut album Born Strange is one of the must have’s of the year so far. Read and discover why I think this girl rocks.

1. How did you get into music?
started playing guitar and writing my own songs when I was thirteen. I
never became a very good guitarist though, because my teacher was so
supportive of my writing that he’d forget that he gave me homework. All
we did was play stuff I wrote- I think he smoked too much pot. I started
singing even earlier… in fact, as early as I can remember, I’ve
always sung. It started with an unhealthy obsession with The Wizard of Oz,
and then I discovered the rest of my dad’s amazing record collection.
I’ve been classically trained and studied musical theatre, but my
favorite thing to perform has always been rock & roll.

2. How did the band come about?

I had been playing open
mics and a few tiny shows, but I was still just strumming my acoustic
guitar by myself and sounding very folky. My boyfriend produced an EP
for me, and he was the first person to really arrange my music and make
it sound like rock, which was my goal all along. It was so exciting to
get to be loud, finally! I met the Manimals- Pat, Joe and Attis- through
placing ads on
Craigslist for musicians. (Is there Craigslist in Australia? It’s like
an online classified ad page.)  I got really lucky, because they’re not
only super talented, they’re also awesome guys that have become good
friends. The band took it to the next level. Now I get to jump around
onstage in sparkly panties and say "fuck" a lot- every mother’s dream.

3. What has been your favorite gig to date?

This is going
to sound funny, but it was a show at a really crappy venue in a really
lame neighborhood, and only a few friends came. But exactly the right
friends came, it was the perfect little group of people. By the end of
our set, the whole bar had moved towards the stage and everyone had a
great time. We hung out after and drank lots of whiskey with the old
Irish bartender. We’ve had much better shows since then- better attended
ones, too- but that night was a great memory from the beginning of us
being a band.

4. What inspires the band when writing music?

I write
alone, then bring it to the guys, who always come up with great ideas.
Musically and lyrically, I take a lot of inspiration from ’90s rock
girls (No Doubt, Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair), and ’70s-era CBGBs
(Blondie, Patti Smith, New York Dolls). I’m in a relationship right now;
when I was younger, that meant the death of songwriting, I had to be
miserable to write. But now I’ve gotten better at channeling past
experiences and digging deep for other emotions. Love songs can be good
sometimes too, though!

5. What was the inspiration for the upcoming debut album?

This album is a collection of songs I wrote between Spring 2010 and this past Fall. Born Strange
is sort of a story about the tumultuous time in my life that happened
after I graduated from college- I drank a lot (and not in the fun way), I
dumped all of my friends for shitty guys, I had no idea what I wanted
to do with my life. But I think the ultimate message is that the
mistakes we make, particularly when we’re somewhere in between being a
child and an adult, are kind of necessary and also kind of beautiful. So
I’m singing about being reckless, doing stupid things with your heart,
and getting into all kinds of good and bad trouble. Even the music
reflects our youth- it’s very ’90s.

6. What do you hope for the album to do?

I hope people
relate to it. Whether your teenage and young adulthood years were awful
or awesome, looking back at yourself is always a little nostalgic and
magical. So hopefully those universal feelings I’m singing about
translate into people buying the record (or stealing it, I don’t care)!
I’d like to tour and play bigger venues, have more people know our
music. I’d love for people on the other side of the globe to hear this
album- talking to you is a good start!

Cover of up coming album Born Strange

7. How has social networking helped the band?

I’m a social
media junkie- I’m always on facebook and twitter. By having a presence
on every website (really, every website) I think we’ve gained some
interest from people who wouldn’t have heard of us otherwise. I did an
acoustic tour last year, and met so many cool people that I’ve gotten to
stay in touch with. I think it’s always a good idea to plant seeds all
over the place, for different audiences to discover.

8. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in a music a shot?

a long time, I had no confidence, and you really need to be brave to go
into music. You have to be brave enough to realize that money comes and
goes, but you’ll always be able to look back at a time in your life
when you rocked out and you put your whole heart in. I’ve found it’s a
waste of time to be tentative- I just try to imagine what I imagined a
rockstar was when I was a kid, and then do that.

9. How has touring helped the band?

I’m dying to tour with
the Manimals. Hopefully we will in the fall. It’s more expensive and
complicated with a band. For one, I don’t drive. So I’ll be the jerk
napping in the backseat while the guys drive all night. That acoustic
tour I did last year, I went with my boyfriend Matthew Pop, who’s also a
singer-songwriter. We played in cities all over the Eastern United
States and Canada, and we did it all on buses and trains. It was crazy.
But that’s really how I gained my confidence, just doing it every night.

10. How has kickstarter help you as an artist?

We raised
over $5000 to make our album this winter! That was 150% of our original
goal. It was cool to see everyone come out in support. Even one of my
exes donated a dollar. I love Kickstarter.

11. What is next for you and the band?

We’re going to be promoting Born Strange!
We don’t release until June, but we may do a few shows before then.
We’re releasing a split 7" vinyl with our friends, Hannah vs. The Many,
in September. Ideally we’ll go on a small US tour together.

12. What is it like being an independent artist?

indie right now means way more work than you ever thought music could
entail. You have to be your own manager, booker, promoter, publicist…
and still find time to be, you know, artistic. But it’s also incredibly
freeing- we got to make the album exactly like we wanted to. Plus, it’s
extra satisfying when you get good feedback, because you worked your
butt off for it.


Bean is a international recording pop artist from Dallas, Texas and take it from me this girl is going places. Her sound is exciting and fresh and read on why I think she is awesome and why I had to chat to her about it all.

Photos by Steven Wallace – Optiks Studio

Imagine this you upload your first youtube clip up, you enter a singer songwriter competition, you then start getting interest with music industry heavyweights and you then start working with two producers who have written hits for some known artists. This is the story of international recording pop artist Bean who I discovered online and loved what I had heard. So I had a little chat with her about how she got into music and much more. This will also be why you should be checking out Bean who will be one of the biggest artists in music very soon.

She had always been into music, started out singing in the church choir when she was younger and this last year is when she took her music seriously and this when things started taking off. She entered a singer songwriter competition which a collage was doing, when an A&R from a major label contacted her and from that things are happening for her.

She comes from Dallas, Texas but is in Nashville, Tennessee, finishing up her upcoming release which I am sure will have labels wanting to sign her and fans begging for more and will give people who haven’t heard of her a reason to keep listening to what she is doing. Her music is pop but it’s pop done good, songs that are well written and in a mixture of catchy upbeat tunes and ballads.

Her latest song Cops & Robbers is about a relationship that went bad, and the video clip shows that. She writes a mixture of styles of songs, like Sunshine that dealt with the death of her father and songs like Cops & Robbers which is about a relationship gone bad. The  song Cops & Robbers took 4 hours to write and when she went to the producers with the title they loved it and the song was born. The song was recorded the next day. The song is a fun song but it is about something that happened in her life.  She was so happy how the experience went with Cops & Robbers, she told her manager, I wants do more with these guys and so she went back to Nashville to finish up her upcoming release.

Video Clip for Cops & Robbers

One of the reasons she writes she says is to be able to speak for others that can’t thru her music and get what their trying to say. Kind of like me speaking for them and getting their feeling across for them through the lyrics and the melodies. Bring some relavilty to them and not all about the poppy commercial sound and is really about the deeper meaning behind the lyrics and how music can affect you with the words that you hear.

What inspires her writing is every day, her writing comes so randomly, she could be awake at 3am in the morning and hear the sound of a train at 3am in the morning and she will write these ideas down. But really it’s a mater of life experiences for example her song Sunshine discussed early about the death of her father. The whole idea of being able to write about life situations, she does not say it’s easy but for her, it is due to being through a few difficult situations and have people so eager to listen to what she has to say.

The release will be about introducing the world to Bean. People keeping, asking her why Bean and she says it’s her nickname which is now her stage name. The album will really be get to know her. It will be about the fun side of her and the more serious side of her where the song Sunshine comes in. She say her social networking followers are amazing and will respond to what she puts and up and will generally share what she puts up. It’s such a blessing to her to have those people in her life who believe in what she is doing.

She has been listening to a lot of music that does not sound like her for example The Beatles, Bon Iver, Adele. Bon Jovi. If she could have any one in a video clip she says it would be Jack Black, her reasons are His Humor is incredible and would add a little bit of spice to my videos and my music. She says people would be so surprised by that and the shock factor would make her day,

Take it from me folks Bean is going places, she got good songs and a great sound. This girl is destined for stardom and I believe it will happen. So go on and check out why you need to know and hear Bean.

Gossling reveals
EP tracks to fans live on a weekly basis in the lead up to the release of new

In the lead up to the release
of her new EP ‘Intentional Living,’ Gossling
will introduce a new track, in live mode on a weekly basis. A song a week
will be filmed live from a custom styled venue space in the Bake House Studios,
Melbourne until the EP drops on April 20.


(aka Helen Croome) said of the project "We
wanted to create something special for the release of ‘Intentional Living’. So
we decided to create our own space at Bake house Studios where we could film
each track from the new EP live, giving fans a taste of what they can expect
from not only the new release but also from the ‘Intentional Living’ tour
which will start days after the EP is released.’


The purpose-decorated space
in the Bake House Studio, Melbourne’s ‘Scrap Museum’ was created with Melbourne
yarn bombing group Yarn Corner.
With styling provided by NIFFTY’s
(Northcote Independent Fashion Festival) Solange Mardones, with Helen
showcasing wears from designers Olga de Polga, Kings of Carnaby
, Kuwaii and Obus.


Video one is your new favorite song ‘Wild Love’ – check
it out here:


In addition to Gossling’s own ‘Intentional Living’
headline tour (presented by SPA) and special guest performance on 360’s June
‘The Flying’ tour to sing her part on the double (nearly triple) platinum
single ‘Boys Like You’, Gossling is
also joining Josh Pyke’s ‘Love Lies Theatre’ tour as the main support from May


Gossling tour dates…


Thursday 26 April

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with Winter People &
Hayden Calnin

Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD

1300 762 545 /


Friday 27 April

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with Winter People

Clarendon Guest House, Katoomba, NSW

(02) 4782 1322 /


Saturday 28 April

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with Winter People &
Hayden Calnin

The Basement, Sydney, NSW

1300 438 849 /


Sunday 29 April

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with Winter People &
Hayden Calnin

The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW

(02) 9544 3844 /; OZTIX: 1300
762 545 /


Wednesday 2 May

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with Bears & Dolls

Little Creatures Loft, Fremantle, WA

545 /


Thursday 3 May

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with Bears & Dolls

The Bird, Northbridge, WA

545 /


Friday 4 May

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with special guests

Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, SA

TIX:  1300 762 545 /


Saturday 5 May

HEADLINE SHOW – BAND with Winter People &
Hayden Calnin

Thornbury Theatre, Thornbury, VIC

TIX: 1300 762 545 /


Friday 11 May

Josh Pyke support – ‘Love Lies Theatre Tour’

The Forum Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC

136 100 / All Ticketmaster outlets, 18+


Saturday 12 May

Josh Pyke support – ‘Love Lies Theatre Tour’

Elder Hall (University of Adelaide)

1300 762 545 / All Oztix outlets, All ages


Friday 18 May

Josh Pyke support – ‘Love Lies Theatre Tour’

The Tivoli Brisbane (

TIX: / 132 849 / All
Ticketek outlets, 18+*


Saturday 19 May

Josh Pyke support – ‘Love Lies Theatre Tour’

The York Theatre (Seymour Centre Sydney)

TIX: / 02 9351 7940 / Available
from the venue box office, All ages


 EP’s “If You Cant Whistle” and
“Until Then”
and new single “Wild
OUT NOW through MGM;

EP “Intentional Living” released
April 20.

Allison Gray

Allison Gray is one of the most exciting singer songwriters I have heard in a long time, every song I’ve heard of her is so good, The songs are well written, catchy and beautiful at the same time. She got the talent and the drive to go far. See why and hear why I think she is so good.

1. How did did you get into music?

I started playing piano when I was 3. I come from a musical family, so the arts were always encouraged. I trained as an opera singer for many years and then began songwriting after high school. Songwriting gave me an outlet like nothing else, so at that point I decided to pursue a career in mainstream music.

2. What has been the highlight so far?

Releasing Off My Mind was definitely a highlight. It was the first time I was so involved in a project and really made it my own. That is one of the greatest joys of being an independent artist. > 3. How does it feel to have your music being used on shows? It feels great. There is always a rush of excitement when you all of a sudden hear your voice come on in the background. It can be a little weird, but in a good way. That feeling never gets old.

4. What inspires you when writing music?

I am inspired by life and love. Many times I will have dreams or conversations with friends that will spark an idea. I will play around with it for a while and see if it develops into anything. I am a story teller, so everything is very real and comes from a deep place within.

5. What was the inspiration for the latest release?

Off My Mind was inspired by a big break up and the bad relationships that followed. I was young and clueless about love, but I was hurt and I had a lot to say.

6. Who have you enjoyed playing with recently?

I played a show a few months ago and the band that went on after me was amazing!! The are called The Working Hour. They are very great guys, and very talented.

7. What it is the scene like where you are from?

LA can be a tough city to establish yourself in. There is a very "every man for themselves" mentality. I believe that as artists we should support each other and cross promote. That positive energy and helpful mentality will help everyone’s careers grow. LA is so saturated that many of the decision makers are very jaded, so you have to be very persistent and have great materials in order to get noticed and taken seriously.

8. How has social networking helped your music?

For me social networking is everything. I know that I trust the recommendations of friends and I am always talking to them about what books they are reading, movies they like, TV shows, and music they are into. Social media does that on a world wide scale.

9. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in music a shot?

Decide why you are doing it. It is a long road no matter what it looks like on TV. People have mortgaged their houses, sold everything, and given up successful careers to pursue their dreams in music. You will not get rich quick. There is a lot of hard work, being tired, spending your own money, balancing many responsibilities, rejection, and did I say sacrifice? If you are going to try this crazy business you have to live, love, and breathe music like nothing else.

10. How has touring helped your music?

Touring gives you a chance to get closer to your fans. I love to see their faces and connect with them on a personal level. Many of these people have only seen your webpage, so to see them in person is amazing.

11. Who would the band most like to work with or play with?

The Script. I love everything about them, the lyrics, instrumentation, the melodies. I could go on and on.

12. How has radio and the media received the latest ep?

The general response has been great! The media seems to have a hard time deciding what genre my music is. I have been called folk, pop, soul, adult contemporary, r&b. For me it doesn’t matter what the music is called, as long as people are connecting. I have had a lot of generous support and it has been very humbling.

13. What is next for yourself?

Right now I am recording my next album Barricades. I plan to release it in Summer 2012. I am also involved with Artist Signal, which helps fund indie artists. All it takes is your vote.

Allison Gray – Off My Mind EP (Self Released)

When Allison found me on twitter I decided to check out her music and was blown away by what I heard. Good solid pop soul with hint of adult contemporary tunes that deliver both catchy and beautiful ballads that are so well written and sung and produced. It was unbelievable.   The EP could be very much of the most perfect EP I’ve heard in a long time where every song is just so good and they all sit alongside each other nicely.  It’s starts off with the funky Be Bad with its upbeat vibe with great use of horns and keyboard to give a good lively funky song to start off the EP and the songwriting and musicianship is solid here. Best Love is a little more laidback but still very catchy the use of keyboard and the horns just work so well together. Her vocals are on fire here as her songwriting and lyrics. Break Me with it’s use of synth/keyboard and drums alongside is a real nice touch, this song is less soul and more pop and like all of these songs, they deserve to be on radio. The beat is very catchy and gels alongside the synth/keyboard very nicely. The use of acoustic guitar in segment s of the song is a real nice touch. Her vocals and the lyrics are solid here. Change is more laid back and more of a ballad and has use of drum machine for a beat and some segments in the song use a drummer and alongside acoustic guitar. Off My Mind is a little laid back and a little funky. The song is well structured and written, like the rest of the EP has great musicianship.  Ours finishes of the EP nicely. Song has use of a drum beat alongside drums and keyboard. It’s a little bit of ballad but her playing on the keyboard like the rest of EP is amazing. This girl is incredible, one of the most exciting artists I have heard in a long time. She can sing and write such amazing tunes, she should be on top of the world and I reckon she will. This release blew me away and I can feel she going to be a star. You need this now.

Eliza Rickman – O, You Sinners (Self Released)


Eliza Rickman is an amazing singer songwriter who has released the best album of the year. Her music is alt folk but she does something special with it. Her music is hauntingly beautiful, the songs are well produced and written. Her voice and lyrics are incredible. This is an artist who is self managed  She does songs such as Black Rose which uses toy piano to make a catchy tune that starts album off with the right note. Devil’s Flesh & Bones has almost a jazz feel to the song the pay the piano is played and the way she is singing, It kind of makes you feel like you’re in some jazz club, just tapping away to the beautiful music. Over Cold Shoulders which use the piano as the main focal point of the track.Through An Aquarium is a beautifully performed and written song, I love the use of percussion on the track and the backing vocals work really well. Cinnamon Bone is just Eliza and toy piano and it’s highlight her talents in her amazing voice and her vocals. Then songs like the title track O’ You Sinners that show off her voice, her lyrics and her way of crafting such a hauntingly beautiful tune, the piano is used really nicely here . Pretty Little Head is a song that is well written performed, shows off song writing and vocals. Start With Goodbye, Stop With Hello is the toy piano, her singing and a bit of hand clapping and it all gels together nicely. White Words also highlights how she just sing and do backing vocals and make a really good song which works. Coming Up Roses, like O’ You Sinners is one of my favorites off the album, well written, beautifully sung and performed and the use of the organ adds to song as does the backing vocals. Now the cover of Into My Arms by Nick Cave is so beautifully performed and sung, it was moving as is this whole album. this is a fine album, so hauntingly beautiful and so passionately performed. It reaches deep inside of the listener even if they resist.. Eliza Rickman has got talent and this album shows it. She the real deal and this will land her onto years of musical riches.

Aversions Crown – Servitude (Summerland Records)

Aversions Crown are a Brisbane death metal band and have
released an album that sits alongside the best of the genre with an album that
is well produced, performed and leaves a mark that makes you want to hear more,
Its starts off with a bang with the song No Salvation which has some awesome
guitar work and riffs. Excoriate is pure death metal, awesome guitar riffs,
fantastic musicianship, solid vocal work for this kind of music and the
songwriting is excellent. Imperfect Design has some excellent dual vocal work
which works perfectly together. The band has two vocalists the main vocalist
screams in a deeper growl and other he more or less sort of screams and they
work well together for this kind of music. Hive Mind has a nice intro which is
kind of symphony keyboard use thru out the track and makes a nice change and
good blend to the music and the drumming in the song is amazing. Songs like
Repurposed: Reprogrammed, just highlight the band songwriting, musicianship and
lyrics. I love the song Solace has a nice guitar intro that is melodic and
shows off the musicianship of the guitar playing and is a really nice
instrumental.  Songs like Partisan
Deconstruction, We’re Not Safe, Defiler are loud fast and energetic and the
break downs are killer as is the guitar riffs. Praetorian has good use of dual
vocals and the musicianship is excellent. Advocator Of Mans Genocide finishes
off the album and does it style. This is a first class Death Metal album from a
Brisbane band
and they do it really well. The songs and musicianship are first class as is
the quality production of the album. If this album is any indication, I can see
these guys going real far., Worth checking out.

Lisa Salvo – Love And Entropy (Self Released)

This is the long awaited EP for Melbourne singer songwriter Lisa Salvo who has been playing around Melbourne for a few years now with her beautiful haunting storytelling  and beautifully crafted tunes. This ep is amazing, it’ is something really special and to be treasured. It starts of with Seven Weeks which has a great use of clarinet and Timothy drumming works nicely alongside Lisa guitar playing. Her voice really shines here. It moves at a nice pace to show off her songwriting and the musicianship of the players on the EP.  Time And Chance is a nice track that has amazing vocals by Lisa, the use of sampling and processing is nicely used here is as Timothy drumming. It’s a slow hauntingly moving track that delivers in riches.Crumbling To Pieces basically Lisa singing and her doing the backing vocals and really does show off her amazing voice and what else she can do as a songwriter. Blind Man’s Bluff is a nice moving track that shows off the musicianship of the players and Lisa great voice and lyrics. Electric guitar is a good touch to the song. Downhill From Here which is Lisa and her guitar and shows her songwriting and lyrics. This is a first class EP from a Melbourne talent who should be a Australian treasure, she a fantastic songwriter, great lyricist and got an amazing voice. The production of this EP is first class, the use of trumpet and trombone used on a couple tracks are a nice touch. I think this is an amazing debut release for a solo artist who gonna have a very successful career, I believe, she got the talent to go far, you need to hear this now.

miTchel & Lydia Phillips – Made In Barcelona EP (Self Released)

I’ve been a fan of Lydia music for years, she was the first solo act I went and saw play when I started going to shows and have loved her music ever since. This is a duo EP with a Spanish singer songwriter called miTchel. The ep is called Made In Barcelona and it really a delight to the ears, such beautiful well written music which both vocalist complement one another.. The first song Francisco has some beautiful piano playing and singing by Lydia who voice is amazing here, it’s such a lovely tune that captures both their songwriting perfectly. Orenetes Song nicely starts up with a nice combo of the piano and guitar the singing by miTchel is nicely done here and the chorus where both of them sing is good. A Lover with the Bottle on his Mind has Lydia shining on the vocals and piano, the use of guitar is just beautifully handled here and the part where both of them sing is also nicely done. The Moment is Now is a good way to finish a beautiful nicely done ep where miTchel handles the singing here and where Lydia comes in the chorus and it’s piano & guitars nicely working together in harmony. This is a really sweet beautiful EP, Lydia always had a good voice to me and her piano playing has always been excellent and miTchel has certainly got some talent. This ep is very much worth you’re while and deserves to be heard. So go get it.