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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Steph Hannah

Photography by Louisa de Kievit

Steph Hannah is an amazing Melbourne singer songwiter who does jazzy pop soul tunes who can write and sing some amazing tunes. Her ep Mouthful Of Water is my favorite ep of last. She is an incredible artist, check her out

Catherine Traicos

Catherine Traicos is a Sydney based singer songwriter doing alt country/folk tunes that are really something special. I loved her last album Gloriosa and I love what she does an artist, she has had some great support slots, Beth Orton and The Mountain Goats for example. She is worthy of your time and something really special.

Rogue River out now on DVD in Australia

My good friend Michelle Page who gives an amazing performance in Rogue River. The movie is now out in Australia, so please go buy or rent it. She is incredible in the film. The film is worthy of your time and she rocks in it.

Emily Kinney

Image paid for by me.

Emily Kinney is a singer songwriter and also a very talented actor. Her ep Blue Toothbrush is a delightful beautiful release with such delightful tunes. She is currently in the new series of The Walking Dead. This girl is going places she is is extremely talented, incredibly beautiful and also adorable. She is doing good things and she will keep doing them. Check her out.


Ella Scott Lynch


Ella would have to be one of my fav aussie actors, to me she is the stand out in Crownies the show on ABC. She has got loads of talent, she was excellent in All Saints and no doubt she will win over Hollywood with her amazing talent. I also think she is incredibly beautiful and know she will go extremely far. Cannot wait to see another season of Crownies for her amazing talent.

The House Of Honeys – Pretty & The Radical (Self Released)

Could this be album of the year well it’s very much a contender for it. The House Of Honeys are a Melbourne band playing rock’n’roll and they do it very well. This is their debut album and its killer it’s nicely produced but not over produced and it has a nice rawness edge to it which suits it well. It kicks things off with Little Miss Too Good a nice rocking number where Pizzey voice is fine form and so is the band. Let The Bullets Fly has hints of early 70’s/early 80’s Aussie rock, the vocals, lyrics and musicianship stand out. Blow Up The Top has the same vibe and the bass playing by Beau stands out . The Waiting has some excellent guitar playing from Clint on lead and Pizzey shines on vocals as he does on all the tracks. Baby Ain’t No Daisy is a song I could u see playing in your car driving the highway cranking really loud, it’s rock’n’roll at its best. All the live fav well which have been mine as I’ve been to quite a few shows of there’s Tick Tock,  Black Jeans & Demon which should be the next single off the album as I reckon its a killer song, excellent live, solid drumming by Spazzy and great all round musicianship and I could see people going nuts for it, like I did. Control has hints of the song The House Of The Rising Sun with the use of the acoustic guitar. But still has that sound the honeys do best and has a rockabilly edge to it just like Demon has. Lady Frankenstein is a good song is a slow paced song with a rocking edge to it, where the vocals and lyrics stand out and the band gets to show off how to play and write song that will gets the crowd going nuts. Just Drive has an awesome bass line to start off the song, its another killer tune with a rockabilly edge, gives me hints of motorhead, love the use of guitar when pizzey is singing, sound awesome, No Tomorrow is another killer song, band works well here, lyrics, musicianship and vocals are excellent, as is Don’t Wear Red another rocking tune with some excellent lead work by Clinton, has that motorhead vibe going for it. Seriously folks this is a killer album, rock’n’roll at its best. One of the best rock’n’roll albums coming out of Australia this year so far.

Great Song, Great Band