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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Eliza Rickman
Eliza Rickman is one of the most talent singer songwriters I’ve had heard this year so far. Her beautiful tunes and amazing voice won me over instanly and knew she is a talented artist going places and worthy of exposure on Parx-e. Read on and find out why I think she is amazing and why O, You Sinners is of the best albums of the year so far.
1. How did you get into music?

used to sing songs to myself as a small child. I watched so many old
Disney movies and musicals that I thought you were supposed to burst
into song the moment you stepped onto the playground at school. I later
went through a painfully shy phase, but my parents enrolled me in piano
lessons when they observed I had a natural ability to play. I didn’t
think I would do it full-time though. I actually thought I would be a
journalist or a fashion designer or something. But I had to make a
decision in college about what to study the most, and I have always been
most passionate about music, so I figured I should learn as much as I
could about it.

2. What has been the inspiration for the new album O, You Sinners?

of the songs on the album are songs I have been- let’s say- incubating
for a really long time. Several of the songs are very old. I considered
them to be my finest from the first few years I was writing and finding
my voice, and I wanted to wait until I felt like it was time to release
them into the world. I wanted everyone to be ready for them. There are a
couple of songs I wrote when it got closer to time to record the album
last winter. All of the songs are about love- I’m a hopeless romantic.

3. How was the recording process different to the EP?

Recording this album was very different from recording my EP, Gild the Lily. For one, I recorded Gild the Lily
with my friend and frequent collaborator Robert DeLong on his laptop in
a haunted chapel. And it was done with almost no money. I made the EP
intentionally stark and simple- I wanted it to be all about my voice and
a sharply contrasting accompaniment, which the toy piano is perfect
for. My approach with the album was 180 degrees in the opposite
direction- I wanted everything to be bigger, more lush- I was an
arranging major at the university, and wanted to record the songs I’ve
written with string arrangements. Oh- and lots of "big girl" piano for
this one. And I pretty much spared no expense- fortunately, the album’s
Kickstarter campaign allowed for that to work out. I read Mark
Greenberg’s name in the liner notes of some of Andrew Bird’s work, and
approached him to record my full-length album, partially because I knew
he could handle strings. He happens to live in Chicago- one of my
favorite places- and I fell in the love with the idea of uprooting
myself and going to a freezing cold place to record devastatingly sad
songs. I talked to my band in Los Angeles about it, and I was able to
take them with me.

4. What inspires you when writing music?

Love, especially when something about it is broken.

5. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Rufus Wainwright! Or Siouxsie Sioux.

6. What have you learned from being self managed?

I love this
question! I have told a few friends about a recent shift in my thinking.
For years, I thought I would be happier if I had this or that- mostly,
people working for me, helping me out with my career. Like, a good
manager or a booking agent. Or to have this or that radio station
playing my songs. Part of my reason for wanting this was because I would
be able to focus better on what I’m supposed to be doing- just writing
and performing music. But I mostly wanted these things, because I
thought it would make my journey easier for me. But none of that stuff
matters- at all. I learned that if you make your goal creating work that
resonates with people, and you can establish a connection with those
people, you are set. Your fans will take care of you. I guess I mostly
learned this from doing two national tours last year and rarely needing
to get a hotel or buy my own meals, and it really hit home how blessed I
am when the Kickstarter campaign was so wildly successful.

7. What advice could you give to some who wants to give a career in music a shot?

shows everywhere you can- even on the street. And don’t buy into the
idea that you have to live in one of the major "music cities" to have
success (Los Angeles, New York or Nashville). I suffered in L.A. for a
long time, because everyone told me to stay here. The internet changed
everything years ago- you’re probably better off not living in an
over-saturated market. Also- everything happens on a timeline when it is
supposed to happen. You might really want to make a great music video right now, but you don’t know anyone to make it. Or you might want to quit your day job right now and tour all the time, but you don’t have fans anywhere outside of your home town. It will all happen in its time.

8. How has social networking helped you as an artist?

It has
helped tremendously. I held out on getting a Facebook page for a long
time- I was clinging to the old way of life when I didn’t have one! But
people weren’t staying in touch with me because I wasn’t on there. Now,
it’s a hell of a lot easier to get people to come out to a show, because
they’re more aware of when I’m in town. My Kickstarter campaign surely
wouldn’t have been as successful if not for social networking.

9. Who have you enjoyed working with recently?

I haven’t written a
song in a while- that’s another matter entirely. Hmm- recently… I
rehearsed with a string quartet comprised of four of my favorite friends
in Los Angeles tonight. That was wonderful. 🙂

10. Where has been your favorite place to play?

I have a lot of
great venues on my route, but I have to say that every single time I
play at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles is nothing short of magic.

11, Who would you most like to go on tour with?

I’ve had an
ongoing fantasy for about twelve years that Rufus Wainwright would take
me on tour with him and I would sing backup on every single song. Andrew
Bird would also be a sweet person to open for.

12. What is in on your stereo at the moment?

St Vincent’s Strange Mercy

13. What is next for yourself?

I start a mammoth 3 1/2 month
national tour in just a couple of days. Then I’m going to sleep all
summer, hopefully in a cabin in the forest somewhere. But you probably
mean musically- I’m going to the American South to work on new material
for a second album this fall, mostly in New Orleans.

14. If you could have any one in a video clip who would it be?

Definitely the guy from the Sassy Gay Friend videos.

The Nearly Deads

One of the coolest bands I’ve heard this year, I dug their sound when I heard it and knew I had to interview these guys for the site. Their songs are well written, very catchy and just a good time had by listening to their tunes. So read on as I chat to Steven from the band.

1. How did the band form?

Cory (drummer) and myself (Steven – guitar) had a band when we lived in
Tampa, FL. The Band decided to move to Nashville in pursuit of better
opportunities. We met TJ (singer) at our last show in Tampa before we
moved. She also had a band in Tampa and joined us in Nashville shortly
after we moved to pursue her music career as well. Our current singer
didn’t work out, so TJ offered to try out for the band. She sounded
amazing, but obviously different than our former male singer, so we
decided to change the name and start from scratch and thats basically
how it went. 

2. What has been the highlight so far?

Reaching over 100,000
views on our newest video (Never Look Back – Official Zombie Music
Video)has definitely been an incredible moment for us. It was a fun
video to make that we thought fans of zombie movies would enjoy, but we
never thought it would take off like it did. Also, having Mike Shea from
AP Magazine tell us "You sound great and you don’t sound like Paramore"
was a refreshing moment. 

3. How did the video clip come about for the song Never Look Back?

since we recorded that song with our producer Jon King, he wanted to do
a zombie music video for it. Then one day he shows up with all the gear
ready and tells us to start planning. We have always been fans of
zombie movies and thought the theme would fit our band well; plus
zombies are pretty popular right now so we figured it would be good for

4. What inspires the band when writing music? 

We are inspired by
all sorts of things. When writing music, I like to think we are inspired
by the feelings and events happening around us at that moment. There
are different formulas for writing music, but we try not to be too
calculated and instead just create whatever gives us the most
satisfaction to play. 

5. What was the inspiration for the self Titled EP? 

We wrote most
of that music not long after we moved to Nashville. The move was a big
step in our lives and we made a lot of changes to do it. We left family,
friends, jobs and connections behind; some we missed, others we were
relieved to let go. A common theme in that album is moving forward with
your life, pursuing new opportunities and letting go of the destructive
elements in your life. 

6. Who have you guys enjoyed playing with recently? 

We have
friends here in Nashville in a band called Darling Parade, who our
producer also works with, and we always enjoy playing with them. They
are a great band and good people. We also got the opportunity of playing
with Warner Drive from California and The Notion here in Nashville.
Both bands are very talented and again are made up of great people. 

7. What it’s like coming from a music scene known for country music?

have to admit, sometimes its tough. Many times we are the heaviest band
at the show and the crowd doesn’t seem to know how to respond. But on
the other hand it has given us the ability to stand out more as apposed
to being in a city saturated by rock bands. 

8. How has social networking helped the band? 

It is an incredible
avenue for us to reach out to our fans. It definitely creates more
competition in the industry, but without it we could not connect with
people all over the world. We have extremely dedicated fans all over
including the UK, australia, south america, canada, mexico, basically
everywhere. We like to be personable with our fans and respond whenever
they reach out to us, because we know that in the end they are the ones
who hold our career in their hands and we value their praise and

9. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in a music a shot?

is a large and difficult industry to tackle, but if you have a passion
for it you should give it everything you’ve got. Take advantage of every
opportunity to get your music out there, most success is about who you
meet and the connections you make along with great music

10. How has touring helped the band?

Being on the road has made
us tighter as a group. You never really know someone until you are
sitting next to them in a car for 10 hours. It also helps us to further
connect ourselves with our fans. People love being a part of something
and what better way than to be at a live show where the music and
atmosphere is personal and being able to talk face to face with the
talent; that was always a big reason most of us went to shows when we
were younger and even now. 

11. Who would the band most like to work with or play with? 

have so many influences and inspirations it would be hard to pick. We
would do most anything to record an album with Butch Vig, the man behind
some of the greatest and most influential rock albums of all time. It
would also be fantastic to write a song with Dave Grohl or Gerard Way.

12. How has radio and the media received the EP?

Very well so
far, at least to our face lol. People seem to have their own favorite
song which is cool. We are played regularly on 102.9 the local Buzz
where it has received a great response. We also have been contacted to
be interviewed or have our music featured on several radio/magazine
websites and blogs which leads us to believe a few people out their are
on board with what we are doing.

13. What is next for the band?

Touring and more touring. We have a
tour coming up at the end of March and we will be booking more until
the end of the year. We also look forward to getting back in the studio
at the end of the year and recording some new tracks. Also with the
success of the Never Look Back video, you can bet we will do another in
the near future.

Via The Sun – Theatrics (Self Released)

This album arrived in my mail box last week ands was quite
surprised about what I was hearing, they pretty much play modern rock/post
grunge/hard rock and they do it pretty well. The album is energetic as is
evident in the opening track Cliff Driver which is upbeat, well written, sung
and performed, Reminds of Greenwheel with their opening track Shelter. Same can
be said about Recycle Day. They can also do songs like Alone, Grateful which
are anthems waiting to happen, the use of guitar is refined; they mix up the
melodies and rhythms quite nicely. Songs like Bad Roots are the catchy upbeat
rocking tracks that would get the crowd going at shows quite nicely, gives me
hints of Juke Kartel.  Songs like Livin’
Fast gives me hints of 80’s glam rock mixed with bands like Juke Kartel and a
little bit of the Foo Fighters.  Songs
like Stacks are like the hard alternative rock tunes like bands like Seether,
Shinedown and also Stone Sour would do, and have the heavy energetic chorus in
the middle where the rest of the track is more melodic and not as heavy. It
finishes off nicely with Present Prize which is an anthem which works into it
slowly and delivers the goods. The album production is a nice mix of a little
polish and a little rawness which works in their favor and makes the album work
and sound nicely.  The songwriting down
to the musicianship and lyrics are good, they say they have written 5 albums
worth of material and I believe it.  This
is their first release, I can see this picking them up fans along the way and I’m
sure these guys will only go higher and higher. If they get the right tour
support and the right booking agent behind them they will be on their way.  This is worth checking out.

Samantha Darnell
Samantha Darnell is a singer songwriter who we have interviewed once before. Her music we really dig. Great songs and a great voice so please read on and find out what she has been up to recently.
1. What have you been working on since the release of your last ep?

1. I’ve been promoting the last EP, ‘The Art Of Breaking Hearts’ (available on iTunes at and working on a new one.  I’m very excited about my new tunes.
2. Have you had much interest from Industry People regarding your music?
2. I’ve had some really awesome people in the industry take notice and
I’m hoping it’s finally my time to shine.  I won’t stop until I’ve
busted down the right doors.

3. What inspires you now when writing music now?
3. Life.  Whatever I’m feeling, I put in a song.  It’s always been my way of dealing with my emotions.  It’s my outlet.
4. Do you think social networking has helped you gain a new audience?
4. Definitely.  Without it, I wouldn’t have the international fanbase
that I have.  We are blessed to have access to the whole world by simply
sitting from home on our computers and phones.  It’s crazy when I find
out I have fans from the UK, Australia, India, Mexico, etc.  Blows my
5. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

5. Conor Oberst.  He’s my hero.

6. If you could have anybody in a video clip who would it be?
6. I think it would be rad to have Jenna Marbles in a video with me.  She’s hilarious.
7. What have you been listening to recently that has inspired you as an artist?
7. I’ve been listening to a lot of Grace Potter.  She’s such a badass hunk of talent.  Makes me want to get better at what I do.


8. What is next for yourself?
8. I’m going to keep writing and try to find a good label that
understands who I am and believes in me to help take my career to the
next level.
9. Will we see an album in the
9. Of course!  I’ve got a bunch of songs just waiting to be released and I can’t wait.
10. Who have you enjoyed working with recently?
10. I always enjoy working with my producers, Dan Book and Alexei Misoul
(who recently went platinum with their song, ‘I Like It Like That’ by
Hot Chelle Rae!  So exciting!!).  They are some of my best friends and
we have a blast making music together.  

Serial Killer Smile – The Elephant In The Room (Firestarter Distribution)

This is an interesting release, These guys have got some talent, This is a good start for a band who I’m sure are making a name for themselves in their city of Perth and probably won’t take long for everybody else to catch on too. These guys are a progressive rock band and a good one at that. It starts off with The Baker which shows off the vocals, the musicianship and songwriting of the band. Version [3.0] is an energetic well constructed written song that shows off the lyrics and songwriting and the vocals which work nicely. Let You Go is a nicely constructed song like the guitar intro, the use of the bass and drums sit perfectly together. Vocals and lyrics are good too. The Irrepressible is good,, good lyrics melodies that work well together. Finishes off with We’ll Never Know finishes off the ep nicely good track with everything work together well. This is a good start for the band, this band has the talent and I can see them going places with it.

Erin Shay – This Heart EP (Self Released)

This Heart by Erin Shay, a local Melbourne singer songwriter is a good example
of fine EP from a singer songwriter who is doing good things and putting out
good solid tunes and this has seven of them. From songs like One More Last Kiss
which shows off her vocals, lyrics, her way of writing a good pop song that
shows off her talents. Songs like the opening track Crashing Waves shows of her
vocals, lyrics and the excellent musicianship of her and her band which
compliment each other nicely. Songs like Falling In Love, Temporary Love have a
bit of jazz edge to them; Erin vocals and her
songwriting are excellent here as is the rest of the EP. I Don’t Love You, I
love the use of electric guitar, and it sits in perfectly with the tune and
really does add a nice touch to the song.  Sweet Revenge is a nice upbeat song and it’s
well written, sung and performed. The bonus track A Day Too Long is also
excellent and fits perfectly with the rest of the EP. The production is first
class, sounds good and adds what already Erin
and her band bring to the table.  I
thought this was an excellent release for an up and coming singer songwriter
with a bright future ahead of her. This is something you need for your CD

Gabrielle Rushing
 Photo Credit: Felipe Jimenez
Gabrielle Rushing is studying two bachelor’s degrees right now: one in pre-professional
biology and the other in spanish. plus she posed for PB. So read on and find out about this smart and extremely beautiful lady.
1. How has your life changed since doing Playboy?
Nothing really has
changed. I can say that my picture is been in a professional magazine
and can cross that off my bucket list!

2. Why pose for in Playboy?
It is a very well known magazine that portrays women in a positive light. 

3. How did your parents respond to you being in
They were a little surprised at first, but both of them support me 100%.
4. Was it fun doing the photo shot?
Very fun! I got to hold a live 130 pound gator!
5. How have people responded when you tell them your in Playboy?
Some would never guess that I would ever pose due to my personality but most congratulate me upon hearing it.
Have you learn’t a lot doing your degree?

I have learned quite a bit as
I am pursuing two bachelor’s degrees right now: one in pre-professional
biology and the other in spanish.
7.What do you want to get out of your degree?
As far as spanish goes, I
would like to be bilingual. As far as science goes, I would like to
attend graduate school and
conduct research in hopes of obtaining a

8. What would you most like to do after finishing your degree?
Graduate school and hopefully a little more modeling!
9. What are some your favourite tv shows going up?
Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and True Blood
10. What’s your view on realty tv?
It is over-exaggerated to me. I used to like watching it until I realized that the shows would show the same types of things over and over again.
11. What are some of your favourite movies?
Pirates of the Caribbean,
Disney movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Moulin Rouge, Troy, 300,
12. What movies that you have seen recently you have really enjoyed?
The Vow. It was sad but very cute.
13. What are some of your favourite musical artists?

Blink 182, Drake, Britney Spears, Prince Royce,
Brown, Usher, Rihanna, Sam Tsui, Copeland,
Jason Derulo…There are quite a few!
14. What would we find on your stereo at the
Honestly…my ipod has such a variety of music as you can see
from my list of favorite artists- from punk rock to country
to pop to
hip hop to latin music to rap etc. 

15. Would you ever like to travel overseas?
YES! I really want to spend some time in Spain to help me solidify the Spanish language into my brain.
16. What your favourite thing to do when your not studying?
I love to sing and dance. I haven’t been singing much lately but I
dance on a dance team at UF called Sabor Latino.
I spend quite a bit of
time with them, practicing and performing.
Dance is a passion I’ve had
since age 3. I also conduct research in a lab on campus working
plant molecular and cellular biology which is quite fun!

The Secret Whisper

The Secret Whisper are Brisbane band who are one of the hottest upcoming bands on the music scene in Australia. They have recieved airplay by Radar Radio and now has gotten radio play on over 42 commercial stations including B105, Southern Cross Today network 2DAY/FOX/MMM. All I can say is that these guys are real good, their music is something special and I talk to Jessica from the band all about it. This is a band I reckon you need to go get their music now.


1. How did the band form?

We’re from a small country town in Gympie where everyone know’s everyone! The guys started a new project and asked if I was interested in singing and it went from there!

2. What has been the highlight so far?

On our arrival into Sydney for our show at Oxford Art Factory, we were told our single had been added to 42 commercial stations (B105, Southern Cross Today network 2DAY/FOX/MMM) around Australia and that our film clip was being played on Channel 10 that weekend!!

3. How did the video clip come about for the song Remember When?

I knew a guy from Gympie that was doing really well with short films, Cody Richardson – we actually went to uni together as well. I asked if he was interested in shooting our film clip and from there he got an incredible team together. The story line was about being tested on where my heart belongs which was set in a huge haunted mansion. I was followed by memories which were symbolised by the projector in the clip.

4. What inspires the band when writing music?

Lyrically personal situations are always inspiring me, usually those about being caught up in a love tragedy haha melodically I guess I draw from my favourite artists, Coldplay is a huge influence of mine.

5. What was the inspiration for the EP Le Jeune Amour?

Le Jeune Amour translates to Young Love – so it’s a literal journey of this I suppose. The Love of a passion, a person and just being alive!

6. Who have you guys enjoyed playing with recently?

Melbourne band Thnkr absolutely blew me away – those guys are amazing! I hope to see them go far.

7. What is the music scene like in Brisbane?

There is some good music coming out of Brisbane and venues like The Zoo are always my favourite!

8. How did it feel to get on Radar Radio?

I’m so humbled by it! It feels amazing.

9. What advice could you give to some one wanting to give a career in a music a shot?

Be prepared to have you heart broken and crushed trying to get where you want to go. Persistence and hard work go hand in hand.

10. How has touring helped the band?

Absolutely – new people got to hear our music and we got to meet a lot of new people. It’s great to just get up in front of an audience who have probably never heard your music and see how they react.

11. How did David Holdredge get involved with the EP?

Our engineer for the EP Sonny Truelove asked if he was interested and he was, amazingly! We are very happy with the work Dave did on our EP.

12. Who would the band most like to work with or play with?


13. How has radio and the media received the EP?

We’ve had a few reviews of our EP so far, none of them have been bad yet! haha

14. What is next for the band?

I’m am off to Africa for a month after our final show of the tour, as soon as I get back we’ve got some dates supporting our childhood muses The Getaway Plan and after that we are heading to the studio to record a new single!


Gossling is one of the most talked about singer songwriters at the moment in Australia, she has also been involved in one of the hottest tune’s to come out of Australia last year, Boys Like You with 360. With a new EP and tour on the way, this talented singer songwriter is gonna be one of the biggest singer songwriters to come out of Australia in a long time. It will not be very long until everybody knows her name.

1. Are you happy how things have gone for you since signing up with Harbour Agency?

Very happy. Michael Harrison has been a huge supporter of my music since we first met over 2 years ago. And he has given me numerous amazing opportunities to share my music in a live sense.

2. How did you get involved with 360?

He was recording his album ‘Falling and Flying’ and they were looking for a female vocalist for the track ‘Boys Like You’. I think his label had heard of me and they approached me to see if I’d be interesting in collaborating on the track. After we recorded ‘Boys Like You’, we collaborated on a second song that’s on the album called ‘Miracle In A Costume’.

3. Are you surprised how well the collaboration has done for you and your career?

It’s been a blast to be involved in making music for a different genre. I feel very blessed to be involved on a track that has been so well received.
4. What do you hope the new ep and tour will do for you?

I’m very happy to be getting new music out into the world. It’s been over a year since my last EP came out, so I’m glad to have some new material to share with people live.
The tour will be a lot of fun. I’ll have a 4 piece band coming along with me.

5. What was the inspiration for the clip ‘I Was Young?

My character had a Brigitte Bardot thing going on. We had been watching old cowboy movies for inspiration and we wanted to make sure there was a fun aspect present as well.
6. How did Native Tongue Music Publishing come to sign you for a publishing deal?

We met and I really liked the smaller, team feeling that Native Tongue have. I felt like my music would be in great hands. They are also able to offer me opportunities in film/advertising scoring. Which I really enjoy doing.
7. Would you be open to more collaborations in the future?

Yes, definitely.

8. What has been your favorite gig to date so far?

My own headline show at The Northcote Social Club last year was pretty amazing. It was a goal of mine to sell out the NSC and the crowd were an amazing crowd.

9. What will the album be about?

The new EP doesn’t have an overall meaning. A few of the tracks have a theme of love. One is about the challenge as an artist to have people write negative things about you online. And another track is about a ‘player’.  

10. If you could have any one in your video clip who would it be?

Haven’t really ever thought about this before. I’d love to have a big group party scene with all of my friends. That would be a fun day of filming.
11. Who would you most like to work with?

It would be incredible to met french artist Camille. I think she has incredible melody ideas and incredible beat boxing skills!

12. What inspires you when writing songs?

Friends, news articles, fragile relationships, other songs.

My good friends in Celadore have released this new clip it’s worth checking out