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Kaitlin Doubleday

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I am a fan of a good actor and Kaitlin Doubleday is one of them. First saw her in the teen comedy Freshman Orientation where she gave a great performance, to now kicking butt in Hung and lot’s of other cool stuff she doing.  She got talent she will go far and yes I do think she is incredibly gorgeous. I hope one day we can Interview her on the site here but for now we will keep watching her for her amazing performances always. Look out for her she is going places.


My boys in The House Of Honeys kicking butt with their new song Lady Frankenstein which rocks and so does the clip. Check it out.

Jaclyn Friedlander

seeing her performance in the independent film The River Within, I knew
she was some body to watch out for, so I wanted to find out more and
let you all know about this talented actor

1. What has been your favorite role to date?

in The River Within was a great character and while she has many
similarities to who I am as a person, we are also very different.

2. What do you do to prepare for a role?

depends on the role.  Sometimes research is required to learn about
hobbies or sports the character plays but other times I get cast as
someone who has a lot of my own character traits so it’s more just
learning their back story and knowing what their relationship is with
other characters in the script.

3. Any techniques to remember lines?

lines for me is the "easy part".  I was Meisner trained and was taught
to know your lines so well that you could say them backwards in your
sleep that way when you get to set and there are lots of distractions
you can focus on acting and never be unprepared.

4. How did you get involved with the film The River Within?

director of the River Within, Zac Heath, and I had worked together on a
film for the Hallmark Channel when we were both new to LA.  He then
started a production company and told me he had a script that he thought
I would be great in and once I read it I knew I wanted to be a part of
the project.

5. Did you enjoy working on the film?

River Within was a wonderful experience.  It was a small cast/crew and
everyone was like family by the end.  We shot for 3 weeks in Arkansas
and I learned so much not only about film making and acting but also
about life.  I have lived in cities most of my life and had never even
seen a tick before.  We shot a lot in the woods so that was a new
experience for me.   We shot long hours most days, but when we had a day
off everyone would go to a movie together or we would sit around the
pool and play Catch Phrase.

6. How has the internet helped with your career?

internet has provided a new avenue for content so a lot more projects
are being made.  A writer friend of mine, Stephen Leonard, started
making an animated series for the web and I started doing a lot of
animation voice over work for him which has opened several doors for me.

7. Do you think it’s a useful tool?

I think it can
be a very useful tool for marketing and making yourself know.  It is
also a great way for independent film makers to showcase content which
can sometimes lead to the right people seeing it.

8. What don’t you like about Hollywood?

driving/parking.  It would be nice to have a chauffeur because in Los
Angeles you spend so much time the car.  Depending where you are going,
there is always traffic and it would be nice to use that time  to learn
lines or make phone calls or do something career productive.

9. How is theater different to you compared to screen work?

grew up doing theater from the time I was four years old and I love
it.  It is a totally different process because you rehearse so much that
you become really close with all of your cast mates and you know your
character and the story so well.  When you do the show, you get one or
two shots at it per day (depending if there are one or to shows that
day) and you live with the character’s journey from start to finish. 
When you are shooting commercials or film and television, you do the
same scene over and over from different angles and to get different
pieces of it.  Often it is not shot in order and sometimes you meet the
people you are working with the morning of the shoot.

10. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

a really hard question because I’ve had the opportunity to work with
some amazing people, a lot of whom I’m great friends with to this day. 
One of my favorite experiences if I have to pick only one was when I was
working on a commercial, that never ended up airing.  I worked with
Bryan Fenkart , a wonderful actor/musician who was on Broadway and is
now touring as the lead in ‘Memphis’.  He was playing a guy in a mascot
suit and I was a playing drive through attendant girl.  The director of
the commercial, Geordie Stephens, was really funny and every time we did
a take, he would come over and change things a little bit but we always
got some witty comment or funny note along with the direction.  It was
one of those days I wished the commercial shoot was more than a single
day because there were a lot of people on that set I would have liked to
work with longer.

11. What is on your stereo at the moment?

I’m always listening to musical theater or Billy Joel.  The CD of the week is Book of Mormon.

12. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

thought the new Sherlock Holmes was great.  I also go see indies my
friends are in and I recently saw a documentary called The Big Fix,
which I really hope gets a wide release because it was amazing!

13. What are your favorite movies?

like a lot of older films.  His Girl Friday and the original Manchurian
Candidate are my top 2 movies.  I’m also a fan of kids movies and would
have to put Newsies and Bedtime Stories on the list.

14. What is next for you?

a year ago I created a project called ‘Friends with Fins’ which is
about ocean conservation for kids.  I’m currently working on turning
that into a children’s show and it’s also running at an Aquarium in Los
Angeles.  Check out the website,
I’ve already shot a commercial this year, and I am in a short film
called ‘Prelude to Bedlam’ that is about to hit the festival circuit.  I
will most likely be with the director, Ty Vasquez promoting it at
Comic-Con.   I’m hoping 2012 brings a series regular role on a sit-com
my way, so we shall see!  I post updates to my website as well.

15. Who would you most like to work with?

are so many talented people I would love to work with.  I’m a really
big fan of both Nathan Fillion and the show Castle so I would like to
work with him on that show.  I also would like to work with Amy Poehler
on Parks and Recreation.  And I would really like to work on a film with
Joan Allen.


Furyon are an awesome British band who I found and quickly dug their blend of metal and classic rock. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so an interview was a must and read on and find out why this band freaking rocks.

1. How did the band form?

Formed in Brighton UK 2006 by myself (Matt Mitchell) & guitarist Chris Green
from the dregs of our prevoius band.
A few quick line up changes and Furyon was formed.

2. What was the inspiration for the album?
Inspiration for the album was to reflect on life, memories and hope for the

future. Ofcourse we just wanted to record a bloody good sounding album that
had killer tunes on it too. No fillers! This is our first album so we wanted to make a big impression.

3. How did Frontier Records get involved with the band?
Through our manager Axel at RocknGrowl.

4. What was the recording process for the album like?
Amazing! It was in Atlanta USA that the recording,mixing and mastering took

place. (Also some writing) Rick Beato studio in Stone Mountain Georgia is a quality studio to say the least and himself as a Producer is second to none. Very relaxed … But a 10 to 12 hour day workload. We did also have a month in Chicago previous to the studio for pre production work. This was fun .. we utilised the chicago nightlife pretty well.

5. What inspires the band when writing music?
Real life mainly I would say.

6. What does band do for warming up before a gig?
Well … I for one will make sure my vocals are in check. I will warm up

with some crazy excerises to get myself ready. The guitarists will sit and
play for a while backstage too
to get there shredding fingers working.

7. How has social networking helped the band?
It’s a great tool .. from myspace to facebook to twitter … all these have

helped move the band forward. It’s a good way of keeping track with contacts
and keeping fans aware of what’s going on.

8. What do you hope the album will do for the band?
We hope the album will do well enough to help carry album 2 … I mean

really we would love to see ‘Gravitas’ do REALLY well. With good promotion
an album like this should do. Lets face it,
great promo is what it needs!

9. What is the scene like where you guys come from?
The scene is up and down to be honest. At the moment I would say it’s

getting good. Here in our hometown of Brighton UK there are many shows you
can go and see from small venues to larger. The Rock/Metal scene is strong here I would
say. Seems like it’s been injected with something good recently.

10. What has been your favorite show to date?
High Voltage Festival or the last home town show at Brightons Concorde 2.

That was a killer headline show.

11. If you could play any where in the world where would it be?

12. What is next for the band?
We are writing album 2 .. We want to get out and play to the fans too.

That’s what it’s about.

Nikki Griffin

We at Parx-e Web Zine, being me Chris the owner/editor of this zine is a huge fan of Nikki Griffin and her acting talents, yes she is incredibly gorgeous, but not only that she has done some kick ass work and we want her to get some more.

So come on people of Hollywood, cast her in one of your movies/tv shows. We think she is totally worth it.

Ali Brustofski

Ali Brustofski is an up coming singer songwriter with a bright future ahead of her and read on find out why she gotten the success she has so far.

1. How did you get into music?

I’ve always loved music! I grew up doing musical theater, but as I got older I decided I wanted to give pop music a try.

2. How has the internet helped with your career?

The internet has been soo helpful with my career. I’ve been able to get my music heard all over the world and win contests because of the amazing support online!

3. How did it feel to be 2011 Z100 Jingle Ball Hometown Hero?

Performing as Z100’s 2011 Hometown Hero was the most incredible experience of my life! I got to perform in front of my biggest crowd yet, meet world-famous artists, and even got my performance played on the big screen at Madison Square Garden during the actual Jingle Ball! I’ll never forget it.

4. What do you hope that will do for your career?

It was definitely great exposure for me, and I got the experience of performing in front of such a big crowd.

5. What do you hope that will do for in terms of getting radio playand industry notice?

All exposure is a good thing, so I’m always hoping for the best!

6. How has social networking helped your music career?

Social networking, like the internet, has really helped my career. Through Youtube especially I’ve met and worked with so many talented people I would have never have known otherwise!

7. What advice could you give to somebody who wants to make a music career ago?

Follow your dreams! If you have a passion for music, work at it and don’t get discouraged! I really do believe that if you try your hardest your dreams will come true!

8. What inspires you when writing music?

Everything really! I write from my life and the things I’m seeing or feeling.

9. When will expect an release from you?

Hopefully soon!  Definitely in the New Year 🙂

10. What is next for yourself?

I’m planning to keep doing what I’m doing! I’ll definitely be making more covers, doing more shows, and writing more originals in the year to come! I’m also waiting to hear back from colleges where I’d be studying music 🙂

11. How did you become the voice of Piper O’Possum, host of Nick Jr.on Nickelodeon?

I auditioned for the part and they cast me!  I loved being Piper, it was a really fun job and I worked with such sweet people!

Morgan Elizabeth

Morgan Elizabeth is an incredible up and coming Australian singer songwriter who will be going far. Her songs are real and have something to say and I Like what I heard, So I thought an interview was a must so read on.

1.  How did you get into music?

That’s a really difficult question to answer without giving you the clichéd response of ‘I’ve always been into music’. My house when I was growing up – and even now – has always been filled with music. Not necessarily the playing-on-the-stereo kind. My earliest memories are of my mother singing me to sleep. I demanded it. My favourite was when she’d sing what was fondly known in our family as “The Choccie Song” (Wouldn’t It Be Loverly), from My Fair Lady. On our long distance car trips our sing-a-longs were epic. You could guarantee a rendition, in three part harmony, of Lean On Me for at least half the journey. It took us about that long to get it right.

My brother and sister and I had piano lessons as kids and then I moved onto guitar at about 12 years old. I was always scribbling poetry at first into books and on scraps of paper. I tried my hand at my first song when I was about eight… it was a classic!

In high school I really began to concentrate on guitar and song-writing. I never really “got into music”. It was just always there. I remember the first time I ever sang one of my original songs. I was thirteen and it was in front of my year at school. My music teacher bribed me into it and I was terrified of what people would say or think. The positive response I got from everyone was unbelievable. I’d gone from being the invisible kid to suddenly being seen. It changed how saw myself. I’ve never thought of doing anything else since.   

2.  How has the internet helped with your career?

Like everybody in the industry today, the internet is critical. For people just starting out like I am, it’s an invaluable asset. Social media is how a large portion of the world interacts these days and the globe is such a small place now. For instance, being able to produce an EP independently and get it onto iTunes as I did just recently from a home base, wouldn’t have been possible all that long ago. Marketing myself via Facebook, YouTube and Tuncore as examples, have been essential to kick-starting my long term goals. Before the internet and how it’s set up today, the only way to distribute an independent release was to do it at gigs or only reach a really small market. These days it doesn’t matter if someone lives next door or on the other side of the world, they can still download your music within a few minutes.

People also like to at least think they know who you are, and social media lets you connect with a potential audience. They like to see into your life, so you can give them that to a certain degree.  

3.  How was the recording of the new ep different to earlier recordings?

My first recordings were me in the school music room with a four-track. I’ve mainly done demos since then. The difference with this EP was having the chance to work with other people in the recording of my songs. Working with highly experienced people was fantastic. It turned the recording process into a learning environment and you should never stop learning.

4. What do you hope that will do for your career?

This is my first release. In the same way that vineyards hold wine tastings, this is a ‘taste’ of the artist I am. But it’s just a taste. It was so hard picking the tracks. I’d like to think that people will listen to it and become really engaged, and then want more. As far as my career goes, that’s a difficult question. In this business you have to work hard and be constantly producing quality product, so as my ‘entry’ release I hope it is a decent kickstarter that returns some solid and positive feedback.  

5. What inspires you when writing music?

I’m a people-watcher, so inspiration is always on tap. Everyone has a story and you have to listen. I just like to tell the stories that other people haven’t told yet. Sometimes it takes me a long time to find something that I really want to write about, but when I get excited by an idea for a song then I just expect that other people will get excited by it as well!

6.  What advice could you give to somebody who wants to make a music career a go?

It’s bloody hard work and you need a thick skin. You constantly hear “no”. In the beginning it might be from well meaning family and friends who think it’s just a phase and you’ll get a ‘real job’ one day, or later at auditions and competitions and from agents. The list goes on. People really don’t give you a career or a record deal on a platter. I hear a lot of people talk about how they’re going to write songs and do this, that and the other and actually do nothing. Back yourself and just do it. When you start to hear the “yeses” it’s all worth it.

7.  What has been your favorite gig to date?

That’s easy. It was last year while I was still at uni. It was a gig at on-campus student accommodation for Semester 2 O-Week. One of my uni friends had used “Under My Skin” for a music video clip for an assessment task in his film production course. It featured some very poor acting by me. Anyway, it went viral on campus via his Facebook page, so by the time the gig came up, everyone knew the words to “Under My Skin” and were belting out my little soft ballad right back at me at the top ends of their drunken registers! I just lost it. Girls were singing to their friends – acting it out, changing the words. Boys were singing it into their beers. After that both the crowd and I was completely relaxed and it was just great fun. Definitely my favourite gig to date because of the comedy factor.

8.  Any plans to do a video clip?

You mean apart from my poor performance already mentioned? Of course! I had a great time dabbling with student filmmakers, but I really want to do something where I have artistic control. It was just my song and I let them use it. They interpreted it for their project so it didn’t reflect me at all. Ideally I want to get a few great clips together in the next 12 months. I’ve got a head full of ideas that I want to unleash with a professional.

9.  What is next for yourself?

I’ll be in Sydney in 2012 for the year at Brent Street Studios doing their professional performing arts course. I’m very excited about it. The whole year will be centred on individuals as performers. It’s the opportunity to refine skills I’ve already got and develop others that I don’t yet have. For me as a performer it’s seems so indulgent – to be just doing more of what I love five days a week, every week, all year. It’s better than chocolate. Moving to Sydney will be new for me too. I’m looking forward to it and the opportunity to gig while I’m there. New city, new audiences, new experiences.

Iluka – Eyes Closed (Self Released)

Iluka latest EP is a cracker of a release, she is a fine singer songwriter with an amazing voice and some killer tunes and this EP shows why she is a person to watch out for. The opening track is a nice bluesy jazzy tune that has a really old school sound and vibes to it which is great and her voice is on fire. It’s a great upbeat way to start off the EP  It follows on with Day Too Soon which is a lovely tune laid-back and cruzzy, the guitar works really well here. Family Tree is a beautiful almost haunting tune with excellent use of the piano and her voice and lyrics are just outstanding here, my pick off the EP. Chase The Sun has a really nice use of the double bass and has old school jazz sound feel right to the tea and her lyrics are good and her vocals really stand out here. How Heartbeats Go is the anthem off the EP, its another pick off the EP for me as well. I like how the song is structured and written. Her vocals and the musicianship is excellent as is the lyrics. Iluka is a first class singer songwriter in Australia her voice, lyrics and songs are something special. She delivers something unique and fresh and I loved it. You will fall in love with her tunes and will want more. I certainly do.

Broken Romeo – Desperation Daze (Self Released)

Broken Romeo is a America rock band who is the real deal, just a band doing it their way and their new album is a testament to that. There is album is different to their earlier album, this one is more about songwriting, structure, mixed with the melodies and grooves and it makes for a rocking listen. You’ve got songs like Believe, Hallelujah(Not a cover but an amazing well written song that sung amazingly fits the album perfectly), Raging Sea, which are like these brilliant balladry type anthems that show off  the bands songwriting and musicianship, as well as the lyrics and vocal which truly shines. Then songs like Mark of Cain, 1 In a Million, A Shame, Revelation, Is This Freedom shows off the band heavy rocking side which they can do with ease and the songwriting, musicianship, vocal are all first classic. This is a well produced album, the band is on fire here, the music is excellent, It is really just a good honest rock album, no BS, just bloody good songs that have something to say and you can feel it in every note and every lyric. This album is very much worth your time, I was hooked the moment I heard it.