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Jayme Knightly

Photo by Matthew Thomas Photography

 Jayme Knightly is a model and a student. She has been in PB as a Coed Of The Week and wants to be a playmate. I was blown away by her natural beauty and the way she carries herself. I like what she does and can’t wait to see what else she does next.  So read on and find out why I had interview her for the site.

1. Why did you become an model?
I started, and continue, to model as a hobby. I enjoy the creativity
of styling, setting up a scene, and taking on a new persona.

2. What has been the highlight of being a model so far?

The highlight has definitely been working with Playboy and appearing
in their publications.

3. How did you get involved with Playboy?

My first Playboy audition was for the 2007 Girls of the SEC edition.
The audition was on my 20th birthday, which also happens to be Hef’s
birthday too, so I hoped fate would step in. Just doing test shots was
wicked fun and getting a phone call a day later that I’d been chosen to
shoot was a total thrill.

4. How did it feel to be a coed of the week?

Being a coed of the week for the Playboy Cyber Club was unreal. It
never occurred to me I might be chosen, but I was really excited and
flattered. The amount of positive feedback I got from friends, family and
strangers online was tremendous.

5. How would it feel if you were chosen as a playmate and why should
you be one ?

If I were chosen as a Playmate, I’m sure I’d react as I have for every other Playboy appearance – jumping up and down and calling my mom yelling about it. As far as why I think I should be one, I have already appeared in three Playboy magazines and was coed of the week, so I’d say I look ok. But beyond being pretty in pictures, a Playmate is a representative of the Playboy company which is an aspect I’ve taken seriously all along the way. I believe Playboy is a great institution and I continue to audition and speak highly of my experiences because of that. I’d be a great Playmate because I can take good pictures AND I truly love the company I’d be representing.

6. Who would you most like to work with in Modeling?

That’s an excellent question…I would really like to shoot with Pam Anderson. She is gorgeous and has experience I’d love to learn from.

7. If you could be on the cover of any magazine would it be?

Playboy or Elle. If I were on the cover of Playboy, that’s pretty ultimate given how much the company has contributed to my modeling experience. Elle would be a totally different avenue which I’d love the chance to explore.

8. What do you to keep yourself fit?

If I have a free time I love to play tennis, snowboard and go to the driving range, but my typical week includes trips to the gym to do cardio and lift, maybe take a yoga class, and I walk my dog every day.

9. What is on your stereo at the moment?

In the car I mainly listen to Rock 93.5, they play Shinedown, Papa Roach, Mumford and Sons- good stuff. At the gym I usually listen to Nicki Minaj on Pandora, it has a great mix to keep you going through a workout.

10. What are some of your favorite musical artists/bands?

My musical taste is a complete mix of country, rock, hip hop, a little pop, and whatever else. Huge Papa Roach fan, they do amazing shows. Shinedown and Theory of a Deadman do great stuff. I like Nickelback (judge me if you must), they do great shows too. Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert are some of my favorite country artists. And I’d say Nicki Minaj, Ludacris and Jay-Z are my top hip hop/rap choices.

11. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

The last movie I saw in the theatre was Bad Teacher and it was quite good. I am a big fan of Cameron Diaz, she did a great job.

12. What are your favorite movies?

Classic Disney cartoons like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

13. What is next for you?

I’ll probably head back to school next fall to get my nursing degree. In the meantime I hope to develop my own fitness company. I really want to positively impact people’s health and wellness.

14. Who would you most like to work with?

I guess that would depend on what type of project we are working on…

15. If you could be in any video clip who’s would it be?

Lady Gaga, I can only imagine the set and costumes she would choose!

16. Would you ever like to get into acting or hosting work?

Yeah, that would be a fun new adventure to try.

17. What kind of shoot wouldn’t you do?

I wouldn’t do anything I thought was tasteless. My mom sees all of my photos, she is always really supportive, so if I don’t think they would impress her I’m not going to waste anyone’s time.


From me Chris P, the owner/editor of Parx-e Web Zine, Just wanna wish you all a very happy nye and excellent 2012.

Thanks to all the labels, pr companies, independent band/artists, everybody who was interviewed, Pinnacle Films for the screener of Rogue River and you for visiting.

Parx-e Volume 3 is gonna be out very soon and will be better than ever.


Katie Cole Interview

I’ve been a fan of Katie’s music for 5 years, so enjoy interviewing her and love what she does as a musician. So I’ll be always supporting her. She got loads of talent and will go far so read on. 

How did recording the album come about?

after the unexpected success of the “Lost Inside A Moment EP”, I
knew I had to deliver a great follow up. Recording, unfortunately
costs a lot of money. Who knew! The website “Kickstarter” started
circling back and forth around those I knew and other artists I
follow the careers of so I looked into it. It’s essentially a
fundraising/pledge based website where people with a great idea
(whether it be music, art, invention or craft) state their case of
what their idea is. They then in exchange for donations, give out
rewards. I was really successful with my campaign with Kickstarter
and raised 120% of the funds I was aiming for. It was amazing.

Do you think sites like kickstarter are huge help for musicians like
yourself in this day age of the music industry which you have used?

I launched my Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make a new EP
once again, with my Producer Howard Willing. No matter what you can
get “on the cheap” or at “mates rates” there are still hard
costs like studios, session musicians, mastering, manufacturing and
that sort of thing. I raised a really great chunk of change, but
knowing my 8k was trying to compete with artists that are on major
record labels with MUCH larger budgets, I knew I would have to work a
lot smarter this time around. This meant scheduling recording tracks
when the musicians are already in a session, and book-ending my
sessions on the back of others at studios. All sort of “creative”
stuff like that. Then what began as a 5 song EP soon looked like it
would become a full album of songs.

are always hurdles, but hey, I’m getting to do something I love, so
I’m not complaining.

What is the inspiration for this recording?

took a lot of insight from the songs that people have reacted most to
from all my recordings and live shows before deciding what I was
going to focus on writing for this record. I am always song-writing
whether it’s for me or not, so I’m fortunate to be able to express a
variety of different emotions, genres and stories on a regular basis.
If I’m in a co-writing situation, there is a usually a common goal
for the song, but on my own, I try not to filter what is ready to
come out. Out of all the songs I’ve written whether on my own or not,
I then listen after the fact and decide if the pieces are a good fit
for me or not. During the writing process I try not to fit myself
into a song as it is being created. It’s too hard to focus on making
the song the best song it can be, if I am limiting it to my style.

being said, this record is definitely infused with a strong sense of
Americana mixed with Pop. For many of the songs, I was thinking about
bands like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and Counting Crows as
inspiration, but with my story telling and vocal sensibility. In a
simple sense, great stories and songs that I want to sound timeless.

How was the recording the process different to the last ep?

I was recording “Lost Inside a Moment” and “Melodiem” which
were both done at roughly the same time, there was a lot space and I
felt a little separated from much of the process. I travelled back
and forth to LA recording a few songs the first trip, then hearing
mixes while I was back in Australia, then flying back repeating the
process. This new record, has still been a little disjointed, but a
lot less time has passed since I wrote the songs, and my Producer
Howard and I have taken the time to choose the right songs and choose
the right musicians to perform on the record. We have Victor Indrizzo
and Aaron Sterling on Drums, Chris Chaney and Sean Hurley on bass,
Zac Rae and Roger Manning Jr on Keys/Piano, Tim Pierce on guitar and
lost more musicians to come. My Producer has a real gift for choosing
the right musicians for the right songs. I have definitely had the
space and reflection to choose songs wisely and chip away at
recording them until we are all happy about the outcome. It will be
finished roughly Jan/Feb 2012.

What inspires you now as a musician?

and eating large quantities of it. Haha. No. My inspiration is still
pretty much the same. As ridiculous as it sounds, if I’m full of
humour, I can write great songs. My imagination and humour are
definitely the bridge to my songwriting.

a musician/performer, I am always really excited to see what new
bands are doing. My influences vary a lot from month to month, from
Indie to folk to rock… but I still am very grounded with what I do
and who I am stylistically.

Are you happy how English radio has supported your music?

is amazing. Amazing! I don’t think I can express into words how
grateful I am for the BBC radio 2 airplay I receive. Amazing! It
widened my audience to a whole new group of fans and listeners. I am
working with a great radio promoter Mike Mills from Matrix Promotions
who helped to get my music playlisted twice on BBC Radio 2. In the UK
BBC Radio 1 is the pop/dance/Rnb network. BBC Radio 2 is the more
adult contemporary music network. Usually said for listeners over 25,
but what it really means is new and older music from artists from the
last few decades. They will mix in music from Rolling Stones; The
Carpenters and David Bowie with newer artists like Alison Krauss:
Sara Bareilles and Adele. Its kinda amazing.

playlisted means that the from the dozen or so Programs on the Radio2
, their show producers all vote bi-weekly on which songs get to be on
the playlist. That list is a taste-maker for what other radio
stations want to add to their stations too. Major record labels from
around the world strive to get their artists playlisted the way I
was. Again, I don’t have a record label, so it’s all a very big deal.

Have you had much luck with getting your music synch to tv and film?

I have. I have been really lucky to get a number of placements with
my music. I have had synchs with American and Canadian TV shows that
include “Men In Trees”, “Jersey Shore”, “Tough Love”,
“Young and Restless”, “The Real World”, “Degrassi” and
“Debra”. I have also synched a song to a horror flick “Vacancy

big accomplishment was winning Movado Watches “Future Legend 2010”
where my song “Gravity” was synched to a USA national ad campaign
through 2010 and 2011. I had major television exposure which brought
me a lot of new fans.

8. What
do you hope the album will do for your career?

really believe this new record is my best yet. I have had a lot of
time to record things the way I want and the time to assess each song
and what it needs musically. I’m sort of at a point in my career
where I just want to make great music that I believe in. I’m really
honest, so my music has to reflect that too. As an artist, I hope to
continue to tour and share my music with fans from around the world.
I think they will really like this record as it’s really fluid, but
sonically interesting. Unfortunately, a successful career is the
outcome of great music and a lot of positive media and marketing. I
spend a lot of time marketing as many indie artists do. Much more
time on that than actual creativity. The level of success is the
result of a lot of work. The more work put in, the more chance of

9. What
have you been listening to recently you’ve really enjoyed?

the moment I am very interested in Foster the People, Lenka and The
Script. Again, what I listen to varies a lot. I follow great songs
and interesting sounds. I like it when I hear something and think “I
never would have thought of that”. They are good moments.

What has been the greatest complement you’ve ever received for your

I get a lot of good ones. A common misconception/compliment I get is
that a lot of people assume I’m on a major record label. I guess
people see the photos, the website and hear the quality of the music
and assume that. That’s amazing to me.

have performed at a number of elementary schools and at one of them,
the kids painted “Katie Cole” on their faces and had banners that
said “Katie Cole rocks”. That was also a great moment.

people have said they thought I was really famous. I try to remember
all the great moments. They mean a lot to me.

Any plans to come tour Australia, anytime soon?

am heading to Australia in January for a couple of weeks. It’s a
personal visit, but I am trying to lock in a few shows in Melbourne
if possible. All my touring info is up to date on
that is the best way to keep track of my many travels.

really am looking forward to stepping foot back in Australia again.
It’s been a long time. Heat up a meat pie and crack open a Bundaberg
Ginger beer for me. I’ll see you soon.

Northcote Independent Fashion Festival Show @ The Northcote Social Club – Friday 18 November 2011

Ah the Northcote Social Club, one of the best venues in
Melbourne and great place to host a fashion gig showcasing local Northcote
Fashion Designers and some of the best local musicians such as Gossling,
Georgia Fields,  The Barebones and so on.
Plus having the amazing rockwiz band as the backing band is a real nice touch.
Clem Bastow was the host for the night, each musician would play a short set,
what they were wearing would be told and it was a great night of entertainment
and the price was just right for how many good acts you were getting from the
sweet starting band Duke Batavia who did an acapella version of their tunes
which was a nice touch, Sweet Jean were great their songs were a nice touch as
is Jen Cloher who I’ve seen play once before and in this kind of setting she
was great. I think The Bare Bones were excellent, they have written some great
tunes and they came out nicely with backing band. Tracey McNeil is an amazing
solo artist and is excellent with Jordie
Lane in Fireside Bellows and she delivered tonight.
Angie Hart who been doing music for a long time, showed why is that good, she
sung well with the band as well as The Wolfgramm Sisters who both sing
excellent. Jessica Says were also good.  Andrew
Cox from The Fauves was something special, I liked his songs and his little
touches he gave, he like Angie Hart has been doing it for a long time and you
can see why he is good at what he does, and if you were a Fauves fan, you would
of loved it. Georgia Fields was to be good as expected; I haven’t seen her give
a bad performance anywhere. I’m a huge fan of Gossling and her tunes and she
was on fire tonite, sound excellent as always and the dress she was wearing
really suited her. She is a first class performer, check her out if you can,
she going to go very far.  All the
dresses and outfits looked incredible and I’m not a fashion person, and they
should be supported. The backing band were excellent, they did their homework
and knew the songs and gave real nice touches to the musicians music and helped
the night make something special. Even better was I got home on public
transport, I didn’t know what to expect, It was raining and I’m glad I came
down as I got to see a really unique show with some amazing dresses and some
unique first class performances that delivered a great show and why Melbourne
is the king of music.

Katie Thompson Interview

Katie Thompson is a great kiwi country singer songwriter who song Immpossible I really dug on the latest Kiwi Hit Disc, who has supported Elton John and recorded her latest album was recorded in England. This girl is going places. So read on it. She got talent and loads of it.

1. How did it feel to be able to support Elton John?

It was an amazing opportunity and I felt very fortunate to have won the right to open for Elton John. It was a great experience and getting to meet Elton and then watch his show was unbelievable. A definite highlight!!!

2. How do you think that will help with your music career?

For a start it has really boosted my on-line presence – it’s also great to be able to say when people ask "what are your musical achievements." I’ve been receiving some great emails for future gigs so it’s definitely been a massive boost. Everyone seemed to really enjoy my performance so hopefully it will have a flow on effect.

3. What inspiration for your album Impossible?

Life in general. Sometimes someone will say something and it will stay with me for the day so I write it down. Other times its situations people have gotten themselves into so I write about it.

4. What was it like to be able to work with Greg Haver (producer) & Clint Murphy (engineer)?

They are both extremely good at what they do. When Greg said he would produce Impossible I was stoked! To watch them both in action is pretty impressive. I was very lucky to get the chance to work with them.

5. How did it feel to be on the latest Kiwi Hit Disc?

Getting selected for the Kiwi Hit Disc in my mind is kind of like a seal of approval. You work really hard on each song when you’re recording so it’s nice to know it gets the tick! It’s also great to see my name on the same disc as some of my favourite artists.

6. What do you hope that will do for in terms of getting radio play?

Well hopefully stations will take a listen. At the very least it will get my music out there. It also means that if people want to request Impossible the stations already have a copy of it – no excuses not to give it a spin.

7. How has social networking helped your music career?

When I first raised the $50,000 on Sellaband for my album Impossible I didn’t even really know about Facebook. It’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve finally got my head around it all. It has definitely helped my music career. I doubt I would have ever been able to raise enough money to record an album in the UK with a world class team or make two music videos which have been funded by fans. It’s also great to get the feedback and encouragement from people from all over the world.

8. What advice could you give to somebody who wants to make a music career ago?

Figure out what you want to do. If your goal is to make an EP or an album start sorting out songs now, figure out how much it will cost, what style you want to do and generally talk to anyone you can that is doing what you want to do. It’s amazing how much you can learn by simply asking someone that’s been there.

9. Do you think on-line fund raising websites are good tool?

I think they are an amazing tool however you have to be prepared to make and effort and put alot of time into it. It helps to have a team of people behind you so you’re not doing all the work – remember to be a musician sometimes too!!

10. What inspires you when writing music?

Every day life and situations people find themselves in. Sometimes the mood to write strikes me – usually at 11pm when I should be heading to bed. I’ve learnt to write as much as I can and then leave it for another day. Something that I couldn’t finish last week can be simple as when I’ve had time to think on it. I’m really looking forward to writing some new material.

11. How was the recording process different to the first album?

The first album was self funded and I had no idea what I was doing – but you’ve gotta start somewhere right. So I just got in there and done it. For Impossible I was a little more knowledgeable on what was going on. I learnt so much from watching people like Greg Haver & Clint Murphy do their thing. It makes you wanna get in there and do it again when you have such a great experience. Modern World Studios in the UK (where we recorded) was a great environment.

12. What is next for yourself?

Well I just received my very first grant from NZ on Air for my next music video for Cruel to be Kind. I’m also looking at getting my act together (literally) and doing a little tour around New Zealand. Just a nice intimate acoustic setting performing original material and also my favourite covers. Other than that – write some new material!!!


I like Chloe Barlett music, and think this song Hitman and the clip are excellent. Check It Out.

To make way for the new best of list, have moved the old ones here.

Parx-e Web Zine – Best Of 2011 List

This is what I have enjoyed and liked this year, I hope you enjoy and if you wanna know why I liked the album’s and ep’s leave me a comment and I will responded back. Wasn’t enough room to list why.



Best Overseas Albums for 2011

1. Devin Townsend Project – Deconstruct/Ghost
2. Tupelo Honey – Caught Up In The Excess
3. Black Country Communion – 2
4. The Poodles – Performancy
5. The Feelers – Hope Nature Forgives
6. Mr Big – What If
7. Noel Gallagher – High Flying Birds
8. Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl
9. Plain Jane Automobile – Your Tomorrow
10. Shannon Hurley – California
11. Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa – Don’t Explain
12. Brooke Annabelle – Under Streetlights
13. Jenna Bryson – Make/Believe
14. Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

Best Local Albums for 2011

1. Chaos Divine – The Human Connection
2. Catherine Traicos – The Love Inside
3. The Bon Scotts – We Will All Die At The Hands Of C.G.I.
4. Go Go Sapien – This Body Is Wrong For Us
5. Emma Hamilton – La Musique
6. Rosaline Yuen – Tiny Goddess
7. Susan Lily – Butterfly

Best Ep’s

1. Steph Hannah – Mouthful Of Water
2. Celadore – The Bright And Blue
3. Ten Thousand – Tales From The Wasteland
4. Seasons – A Moment of Clarity
5. If I Were A Gladiator – Hallowed Antiquity
6. Jenny Dalton – Blood Folk
7. Charlotte Sometimes – The Wait
8. Jesse Lee – Come After Me
9. Tim Reid – Only One
10. Iluka – Eyes Closed/Nikki Thornburn – To The Place
11. 180 Proof – The Gutter Sessions – Part 1
12. Bec Plath – Nightfall
13. The Bloodpoets – Wings
14. Sophhie Serafino – Gold Violin
15. Katie Weston – Say The Word
16. Emily Kinney – Blue Toothbrush
17. Blazin’ Entrails – Los Barstos
18. Chinook – We Could Be Friends For a While
19. Bill Knight – The Yarn Spinner


1. Rogue River – This is an amazing horror picture that horror fans will enjoy with a stand out performance by Michelle Page
1. Some Guy Who Kills People – Unique film worth seeing, horror,comedy & drama all rolled into one.
2. Barely Legal – The Asylum Teen Sex Comedy with an amazing performance by Melissa Johnston.
3. Red State – Kevin Smith latest masterpiece.

TV Shows

Hawaii 5-0
Swift & Shift Couriers

Best Gigs

Soundwave 2011
Any show that I have organized

Best Bands Of 2011

(These two lists are all local acts in Australia and are in no order so they being listed here means I think they are worthy)

Black Hayet
Ten Thousand
King Of The North
Andrew Higgs Band
The House Of Honeys
180 Proof
The Bloodpoets
The Murderballs
Dirty Canary
Nine Sons Of Dan
The Bon Scotts
Go-Go Saipen
The Superguns
The Jail Bird Jokers

Best Solo Artists

Steph Hannah
Catherine Traicos
Bec Plath
Rosaline Yuen
Susan Lilly
Tim Reid
Mark Gardner
Bill Knight

My Person To Watch Out For In 2012

Michelle Page

She is one of the most professional hard working, kind, respectful acting talents in Hollywood. She always gives 100% to every role she does and you can see it when you see the work she does. I Always give it her because I believe in the work she does, I have known her for a while now, she is an amazing talent she has done some good work this year, her performance in Rogue River which she was also involved in as an associate producer, was award worthy. She working her way to become a producer alongside doing amazing work as an actor. You will see her winning excellent roles soon, the people will soon know why I think she is an amazing talent and I say it every year that she is going places and I always believe it. She will be one of the biggest things in Hollywood, I know she will.


People To Watch Out For In 2012

Melissa Johnston – Incredible acting talent, who is multi talented at doing screen and stage, hard working, honest talent with the drive to make a successful career in acting. She also now getting into producing which is awesome. I can see her being one of the next big acting talents in Hollywood and winning awesome roles and awards too. Her performance in the film Barely Legal was excellent.

Ten Thousand – Awesome rock band who out-shined the headliner at the hi-fi bar and had the crowed buzzing at their ep launch at the palace as part of the house of rock.

Steph Hannah – amazing singer songwriter with a solid voice, who writes and plays such beautiful and catchy music. Her ep Mouthful Of Water is a must have.

King Of The North – A two piece band who have so much energy and passion in their music, their shows at the retreat have seen them gain new fans and even a solid review in beat magazine.

Voodoocain – If you were ready to start gigging a year ago, and you give one of the best performances for a debut live act, you know you are going places.

Black Hayet – What can I say about these guys, they always give a great performance and the energy comes off stage into the crowd. They describe themselves as Metalbilly and they are band that very much worth your time seeing live.

onekind – These guys are good, good musicians with solid sounding songs. Their album mono/stereo is a catchy slice of modern rock just well done.

Emily Kinney – actor/singer songwriter who put a really enjoyable EP called Blue Toothbrush and doing good things on the successful TV series Waking Dead,

Tupelo Honey – Canadian hard rock/modern rock band who has put out an album worthy of radio plays your ears and destined for stadiums, these guys are good.

The Blood Poets – Brisbane alternative rock band and play some catchy tunes which has got them radio play, media buzz and fans all over the country including me.

Chaos Divine – One of the best metal bands coming out of Australia at the moment, their album The Human Connection is a masterpiece. Solid production and the opening track One Door is the best way to open an album.

Gillian Emmett – Great Australian actor, doing things and making a name for herself, she an one to watch.

Alexandra Van Zeelandt – Model, Actor, Musician with a bright future ahead of her.

Katie Cole – Great singer songwriter now living in LA, comes from Melbourne. She is going from strength to strength. She will go far.

Julie Dickson – Hard working Aussie talent who acts, hosts and runs a couple of business. Expect to see more of her

Iluka – Amazing singer songwriter with a great voice and a bright future.

Allira Cohrs – My Favorite Australian model. She been doing it for a while, with a great personality and have just released, a great Calendar which looks amazing. She got a bright future ahead of her. She will go far.

Elise Jackson – great american actor/writer with an extremely bright future ahead of her. Watch this space she will be going far.
Best Record Label

Popboomerang Records

Scott Thurling who runs Popboomerang is a real top bloke and has put out some cracker releases this year from, Celadore, Go-Go Saipan, The Bon Scotts, The Deserters, Skipping Girl Vinegar and heaps more. Scott loves music and you can see it with the quality of releases he put’s out, only the best. Go on and support this fine Aussie record label.


Parx-e Web Zine Best Of 2010 List

  1. Far – At Night We Live – Far
    are back with their latest album in over 10 years and it’s amazing.
    If you never heard Far this is something to get.

  2. Juke Kartel – Levolution
    Juke Kartel have put out a solid rock album full of great songs and
    loads of energy.

  3. Minus The Bear – Omni – It’s a
    great album melodic, energetic, vibrant, full of emotion. If you
    know their music you’ll have this already.

  4. One Kind – Mono/Stereo – This
    is solid modern rock music with an 80’s twist. An amazing album just
    good music.

  5. Saraha Smith – Myth of The Heart
    – Solid voice, song blues, roots, country, rock tunes and she
    writes them all herself. Incredible talent.

  6. Sunshine Ponies – Mixtapes &
    – Call this an aussie super album full of some of the
    best aussie pop talent writing songs to Scott & Sarah Poems.
    It’s really well done.

  7. Ennis Tola – Seed – Fantastic
    middle eastern prog rock. They are solid live and the album is
    really good.

  8. Direct Influence – War In My
    – Think a little hip hop, a little funk, a little reggae
    and it’s really well done.

  9. Sons Of Rico – Reactions
    This is a solid alt rock album, think Birds Of Tokyo meats Temper
    Trap and good honest tunes

  10. Joshua James – Build Me This
    This actually came out in 2009 but thanks to my friend Michelle Page
    she sent to me this year and think it’s incredible. He doing
    alt-country/folk music that just really well done. Solid tunes with
    such honesty and passion.

  11. The Pleasants – Forests And
    – Amanda Rogers is my favorite singer songwriter, love her
    music. This is her new project duo with Mike Mata. It’s lovely and
    sweet and really well written and done.

Honorable Mentions

Jimmy Gnecco – The Heart, Laura
Stevenson And The Cans – A Record, The Olive Grove – Here’s A
Letter, The New Pornographers – Together, The Holy Sea – Ghosts
Of The Horizon, Georgia Fields – Self Titled, Laneous & The
Family Yah – Found Things, Ella Freestone – Self Titled.

Favorite Ep’s Singles

Andrew Higgs Band – Stomp – Good
Blues Rock Music and boy are they solid live.

Chelsea Wilson – Bitterness – Great
Jazz Singer Songwriter with an amazing voice.

Mark Gardner – The Great Divide
Good aussie singer songwriter with good honest tunes about the land,
love and the environment.

The Reefs – The Ghost E.P. – Great
band with some solid tunes and they play their instruments really

Celadore – Distance Is A Gun – One
Of my favorite Melbourne bands, just good honest melodic pop
rock/power pop music and the songs are good.

The House Of Honeys – Self Titled
Just good old Rock’n’Roll done well and they are a hoot live. Love
watching those guys play.

Coby Grant – Fanfare For Love
just good pop rock folk tunes and Coby is an amazing songwriter,
loads of talent and she got a great voice. The live CD/DVD @ The Toff
is a must also.

Francesca De Valence – Oh It’s Simple
Some times it’s all it can take is having songs that are good honest
well written and performed and are consistent. Francesca latest
relase has all of that and a solid voice. She got the talent and the
material to go far. I can see radio picking up on her very soon.

The Fabled Ink – The Myph’s Alive &
– Something special this is, a little atmospheric, a little
pop and a little folk and you have something worth listening to.
Really took me by surprise.


Favorite Bands Seen in 2010


Devin Townsend Project – He was my
best show of 2010. He and his band just performed for two hours Non
stop doing all of Devin Non syl work and he knows how to perform and
have the audience hang off your every word.

Celadore – Good band with solid tunes
and energy on stage. They got the talent and songs to go far.

One Kind = Ok I’m bias here they did a
show for me which was a huge and yeah they have put out a kick ass
rock album. I think they are amazing live and you all should have
been there to seen them.

Brothers Crossing – Bias again also
they did a show for me too and they are just a good modern rock band.
Dig these guys heaps.

The House Of Honeys = Just a good solid
rock’n’roll band. The songs are good and the sound is tight.

Nacional – It’s dirty electro pop and
the kids are gonna love it. Female lead singer, catchy well written
songs, good vocals and the band is solid live.

Ennis Tola – Good middle eastern prog
rock band and a really fun to watch live.

The Murderballs – Punkabilly that’s a
lot of fun. These guys have some great tunes that are fun to watch
and sing a long to and yeah the bass player a genius.

Tim McMillian Band – Tim McMillian is
a genius, amazing front man and a legend on the guitar and anybody
who likes Devin Townsend is alright by me.

Black’n’Blue – Just good blues music
and they have a great front man with a great voice suited for the

Favorite Singer Songwriters Seen Live
in 2010.

Coby Grant – Good solid singer
songwriter full of energy and live. She knows how to grab an audience
and keep them hanging off her every word.

Catherine Traicos – First saw
Catherine in early 2010 and have been going to her shows ever since.
Amazing singer songwriter such honesty.

Lydia Phillips – I’ve done shows with
Lydia and think she great, she got a great voice and some sweet
touching songs. I always dig what she does.

Kate Lucas – I booked Kate for a show
based off her songs on myspace and boy she was so good live. Hints of
Blues & Jazz and some rock in the mix.

Courtney Barnett – Courtney a lot of
fun. She writes nice little pop ditties that are fun and sweet to
listen to.

Mark Gardner – Mark an artist who
writes with such honesty and passion, he sings about the land, love &
environment. He also an extremely multi-talented musician.

Victor Stranges – I love this guy and
his music, he does power pop tunes sings with so much energy and
passion. His album Hello Me To You is an instant power pop classic
and he digs The Kinks what not to like.

Chelsea Wilson – Now this is a girl
who know how to write a tune. Chelsea does Jazz music and it’s so
good and she can really really sing well.

Georgia Fields – She a good artist with a good album and good songs, She been winning fans all over Melbourne and I expect to see soon everybody else to feel the same way. She a first class artist in this town of Melbourne.


Favorite Live Shows

Devin Townsend Project @ Billboards
March 2010
– He was my best show of 2010. He and his band just
performed for two hours Non stop doing all of Devin Non syl work and
he knows how to perform and have the audience hang off your every

Juke Kartel @ The Sandbelt September
– Now this threw me by surprise. I got offered tickets to
show, so why not. It was full band show but instead of loud electric
guitars, acoustic and boy was I blown away. Seriously was an epic
show and now I’m hooked onto the band.

One Kind Album Launch @ The Spanish
Club September 2010
– Yeah I worked on the show, I booked and yeah
I’m bias but stuff it, It was a killer show and one that really
worked for me. All the bands were solid, Sound was tight and
everybody had a lot of fun

Celadore @ The Evelyn May 2010 – I
love these guys and they did an epic set at The Evelyn, solid crowd
there too. All the supports were really good as well.

Laneous & The Family Yah @
Northcote Social Club October 2010
– These guys are a fun a band,
It’s different and something unique and boy was crowd up and rocking.
Oh special mention about the support act Clairy Brown & The
Banging Rackets they were excellent.

Chelsea Wilson Bitterness Ep Launch @
The Toff In Town October 2010
– This was show where everything was
done right. Chelsea sings and plays Jazz music. She has a solid voice
and is a solid performer. Love what she does and doing something that
is just good.

Catherine Traicos – Notes From Hell
Fringe Festival @ Spensers Live October 2010
– I love Catherine
music, she just a good honest singer songwriter and this show was
about an album that never was to happen. It was a really great show,
she a great performer and is world class.

Popboomerang Label Gig @ The Birmy June 2010 – This was a fun gig all quality acts and they all peformed well. Good way to showcase a fine record label that is Popboomerang.

People to Watch out for in 2011.

Michelle Page – She been a friend of
mine for a few years now and I always support her no matter what. We
are good friends and she done some awesome work this year, Rogue
River which will surely put her on the map far as getting some
amazing work. Sensored was great. Plus a few shot films and her role
in the comedy Smash which looks like a lot of fun. She an incredibly
talented lady and she always get my one to watch out for always
because I believe in her work no mater what. She always been
supported of what I’ve been doing, so kind and gracious. I think she
is an amazing lady.She the real deal.


Emily Sandifer – Multi Talented
Actor, Photographer & Director, she got a bright future ahead of

Coby Grant – She one of the best
singer songwriters this country got, she toured over europe, america
by her own and just did it. Expect great things from her.

Gilliant Emmett – Amazing Australian
actor who has stared in a movie Malcolm McDowell called Suing The
Devil which will ensure her place as an actor on the rise.

Celadore – Good local Melbourne band
doing just good music with a solid EP in Distance Is A Gun. expect
the kids to go nuts soon.

Ella Freestone – This girl is only 17
and has put out an album that puts a lot of people to shame. It’s
really well done and songs are suited for radio. Expect the labels to
chase her soon.

Julie Dickson – Julie is an actor who
busy plugging away at it all. Not letting things pass her by. She
got the talent and the drive to go far and seriously make a name for
her self. She got a real future ahead of her

Francesca De Valence – A superstar
singer songwriter in the making, good solid tunes that are both
powerful and catchy and honest at the same time.

Sarah McMongale – Sarah I reckon is
the best country singer songwriter that Australia has got right now.
She has put out a country album worthy of your time. She write all
her own music. She’s a fine singer and tell stories and truth in her

Georgia Fields – The album is good
and the future is looking bright for her. You’ll know her name sooner
or later. If you’ve haven’t fallen in love with her yet, you will.

Nacional – This band is incredible, they have played some solid gigs this year, supported some top Australian talent, known & up and coming. They do dirty electro pop and it’s fantastic. Good sound and a great lead singer.

Record Label Of The Year –
Popboomerang Records

Scott Thurling who runs Popboomerang
Records is a man who plugs away and always puts something out that is
always worth a listen and this year has been no different for the
label. His releases have always been consistent from The Solomons To
The Bon Scotts to Georgia Fields. But he moving forward with the band
Celadore, it’s a lot different to anything else as it’s got a pretty
radio friendly sound and the kids love them. His label has always
something to offer and he been doing it for a while. If you love good
music Popboomerang has something to offer.