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Monthly Archives: November 2011

This is a great video clip by Jenna Bryson, the song Clear is amazing.

Kathryn Gallagher Interview


Kathryn Gallagher is an american singer songwriter who music I discovered online and liked what I heard with her amazing tunes. Thought she was worth giving some promo for. She kindly agreed to an interview and you listen to it as a podcast download. Find out why I think this talented singer songwriter is going places.

Please note, if you wanna use the interview else where, get in touch to get my permission.

Rogue River DVD Review R4 (Pinnacle Films)

From the opening sequence, you know this film is gonna be intense and something that will deliver.  Call it Torture Porn, brutal horror thriller or whatever you like but this film does leave a mark and leaves it well making you not forget what you have seen long after the film has finished. It’s a film that delivers in shocks, and on your end  of your seat story-line with solid acting and directing. Rogue River is about a girl named Mara(Michelle Page) who goes Rogue River in Oregon to scatter her farther’s ashes and find herself  stranded.  Now without transport and communication, a stranger appears and takes her to his place for the night and well what happens next is not what she had in mind.  

Michelle Page delivers an amazing performance that shows off how talented she is an actor and why she will be one of the next big things in Hollywood. You feel for her and what she is going for and you want her to escape to safety. She plays being in peril real well and adds that’s special touch to the movie.  Real life couple Bill Moseley and Lucinda Jenney who play Jon and Lea in the film are totally believable who take Mara in and give her pretty much hell. They can switch from kind to evil effortly and Bill character to me has the best line in the movie.

All the minor players from Michael Cudlitz to the legendary Michael Rooker who has a great little role as the Gas Attendant add to the solid performances all ready in the film. Who would of thought that Art Alexakis from Everclear could act, but he does and he does it well  Chris Coy is great as Mara brother Andrew and you see why he is getting some good work at the moment.  

The film is well thought out, the pacing of the film is perfect as give’s the right balance of shocks and tension to keep the viewer engaged. The score by Jermaine Stegall is just right. It fits the movie perfectly.  Now the cinematography by Brian Hamm is amazing, he makes this movie look so good, that it looks like a movie with a higher budget. The direction by Jourdan McClure is excellent, he hands it like a pro. The film is not a gory film but uses other ways of conveying what is happening to Mara and to me I think it only adds to the film. The Oregon landscape is a perfect location for this kind of film. It’s landscape, and beauty adds to the film as you think its a great place to be but not knowing their could be evil people like Jon & Lea living here.    

The ending is well played out The screener looks fantastic, knowing Pinnacle Films they will make sure the film and sound are first class which is evident in their release of the film The Perfect Host. This is my favorite horror movie of the year, it delivers horror fans with the goods and with Michelle Page giving the best performance of the year. Comes out on the 10th of February 2012 on DVD via Pinnacle Films.  It’s worth checking out.

Emily Kinney – Blue Toothbrush EP (Scrumptious

Emily Kinney is a singer songwriter
and also an actor this is her debut release, a delightful 5 track EP that shows
off her solid songwriting and also her beautiful voice which truly does shine
here. The opening track In starts off the EP well. I like how the song is
structured and performed. Emily lyrics are just perfect here. Blue Toothbrush is
my pick off the EP, its well written and performed. Emily voice is solid here
as so is the lyrics. Its screams radio hit to me. Morning Sex Is For Lovers has
almost a jazzy feel and vibe to the song and the use of Glockenspiel is a real
nice touch. The use of acoustic guitar is just perfect here. Just Pretend gives me hints of Ingrid
Michaelson and Kate Nash and a real foky/jazz vibe the way the song is written
and structured. The musicianship is perfect here. Over Anticipate is a sweet little
song that is beautifully written and performed, Emily Vocals and Lyrics are
excellent here. This is a great debut release, it’s something special, and it’s
delightful, a little quirky and a joy to the ears. Emily got a bright future in
music, she will do well and I can see this getting her a lot of fans along the

Allira Cohrs

Allira Cohrs is my favorite Aussie Model who has been doing good things here in Australia and Overseas. She has just put a calendar which is pretty cool. She is one hard working model and a gorgeous one at that. I’ve interviewed her twice before and I wanted to see what she had been up to recently. Find out why is my fav Aussie model and always will be.

1. Are you happy how things have gone for you with your modeling career?

I am so happy with how the past few years have been, so much has happened and changed. When i sit back and i look at how far I have come since the FHM Girl Next Door Comp, its quite surreal, as it feels like yesterday but so much has happened, its amazing.

I am so grateful to had been given the opportunities to travel overseas with the Australian Defence Force to visit the deployed troops. I remember sitting there one day saying to myself, I would love to do go away and visit the soldiers, and a few months later, I get an email asking me to go in for a meeting. So many exciting things have happening, and I am really blessed with everything that has been given to me.

2. Did you ever think you would be on a cover of a major publication?

Honestly yes, as this was a dream of mine. I remember sitting there looking at a FHM with Imogen Bailey on the front, saying to myself that WILL be me one day. It wasn’t that long after making that crazy idea to myself, that I was in the FHM Girl Next Door Comp, shooting my piece in Sydney, and then being asked to work for ZOO as their first ever advisor.

3. Why did you decide to make your own calendar?

Making a calendar has been something I have always been keen to do. Not for the show pony aspect of it, but to make an idea, then put the wheels in motion and produce a creative side project. Its really rewarding when you see the end product, after everything you have dreamt of, coming together. I still look at the calendar and smile, knowing I did something I wanted to do. I am so happy to do singing’s and appearance at places with the calendar, as its a nice feeling knowing you have set and goal and achieved it.

4. Are you happy with the feedback so far?

Feedback is great so far, Sales are exactly where we aimed for them to be. Obviously everyone wants it to go bigger and better then they set out, but I am happy with it. The feedback I am getting is great, I have had a lot of emails, telling me the Allira Calendar has set the benchmark for glamour model calendars, and the quality and detail in the calendar is amazing, so I can not really complain.

5. How is modeling overseas different to modeling in Australia?

Modeling in different countries is hard, but in saying that, I think where ever you go in the world, something your passionate about should never be easy, otherwise it isn’t as rewarding. The language barrier can make things difficult, but i try and embrace it, and I have had a lot of fun working around the world, I am very lucky to have been given opportunities to travel overseas with work.

6. What has been your favorite shoot so far?

Oh this is a tough one. I have so many shoots I love, they are all fun and amazing, but Ive found now, after being a glamour model for so long, I really enjoying stepping outside that mould of what everyone shoots, and shoot something else. I really enjoy Black & White shoots, and showing different aspects of me, but in saying that I still love my sexy swimwear and lingerie shoots. It just depends on how I am feeling i guess.

7. What’s your ultimate goal in modeling?

Initially it was to become a well known model within the Men’s Magazine world, but since I have felt like I achieved that with appearing here in Australia and Overseas, I now focus more so on TV presenting and other media related jobs. I will always love my modeling and shooting for Men’s Magazines is always amazing and fun, but I would ideally like to secure a presenting job.

8. Do you plan to do some more hosting work?

Yes of course. This is where I am channeling all my energy at the moment. I think getting older, if you do the same thing over and over, you loose the fun aspect out of it, and I don’t ever want to lose that with modeling, so I have shifted my direction and decided to pursue TV work, as I really enjoy this and its challenging which i love a good challenge.

9. Where do you see yourself in years time with your modeling work?
I hope to still be shooting for Men’s Magazines, gracing the covers and insides, but talking about my TV career and other fun things happening in my world. I do like to shoot other things besides Men’s Magazine’s, so anything Fitness wear, or clothing, is something I would love to do also.

10. What it is next for yourself?

I have got so many crazy idea’s going on at the moment, inside the modeling world, I really want to get creative and release my own Underwear label but with a unique twist to it. Outside of being in front of a still camera, I am always pursuing new TV work, so this will be a part of my daily grind. I am currently studying to be a Personal Trainer, so big things on the horizon’s, as I will incorporate this knowledge into my modeling and TV work.

11. How has the internet and social media helped you get work?

Social media is FANTASTIC. Its the easiest way to share news, shoots and anything else going on, I love Facebook and Twitter.

12. What are you listening to these days?

Music choice depends on my mood. I love Drake, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Lil wayne, that’s my training music, when I am not at the gym anything relaxed is the way to go

Old School Interview with Haydn Porter


Interview With Haydn Porter By Chris 27/6/07

Haydn Porter is a model,student and mensa member.
She is also been in Playboy and also been a Coed Of The Week and a special edition issue.
She is one of the most beautiful women ever and deserves to be in Playboy as she has beauty and brains.

1. Why did you decide to become a model?

I wouldn’t really consider myself a model, but a girl who’s done some
modeling. I had done some small stuff in the past, but never anything
too exciting. I always thought I could be good at it, but never really
applied enough energy into pursuing it.

2. How did you get involved with Playboy?

It wasn’t so much of a decision, but more of chance! Playboy placed an
ad in the school newspaper, and the auditions happened to fall on my
18th birthday. I figured I may as well give it a shot, and amazingly
enough, I made it!

3. Has that opened doors for your modeling career?

Yes and no. I’m really too short to get into high-fashion modeling (and
definitely runway), so there aren’t too many places I can go from here.
I’d love to work with Playboy in the future, but we’ll just have to wait
and see what happens. I’m currently in a modeling contest, so should I
be lucky enough to win that, I would get a contract with a good agency
in LA, become the face of the new Smashbox Cosmetics campaign, and win
some prizes. Ironically, the prizes include a bunch of makeup, but I
really don’t know how to use it!!

4. What has been the highlight so far?

Definitely the highlight has been meeting Howard Stern! I’d wanted to
meet him since I was a little girl, but I never dreamed it would
actually come true! He was incredibly nice, and I’ll never forget it.

5. Why Start The Website Up?

I use it as a networking tool, as well as a fan site. Photographers and
casting agents can contact me on there, so it’s been pretty useful.

6. How have your parents responded to you being in Playboy?

Haha, they weren’t exactly thrilled, but they’ve grown to accept it.

7. What has been feedback been like?

People really seem to like my work, so if they’re happy, I’m happy.

8. Have you had any bad feedback so from it?

But of course!! I live in the Bible Belt, so I’ve had a few negative
reactions, but I don’t let them get me down. Everyone is entitled to
their opinion, however misinformed…

9. How did you become Mensa member?

I actually only joined as a sort of preemptive defense. I knew that I
would get a lot of criticism for posing for Playboy, and I figured that
it’s hard for someone to stereotype me as an air-headed bimbo if I’m in

10. Has that been a great challenge to be part of their organization?

Not really, the main difficulty was waking up early enough to take the
entrance exam! The test was challenging, but a lot of fun. Beyond that, I
really haven’t participated very much, but if I find the time, I might
head to a local meeting, or maybe the Annual Gathering.

11. What was it like going on the howard stern show?

It was absolutely amazing! I have been a fan for a long time, and have
always dreamed of meeting Howard Stern. Everyone (with the exception of
Baba Booey, who I think was thrown off by my age) was incredibly nice.

12. Was it better than you expected,What is he like?

Yes, it was so much more than I could have hoped for! I was a bit
worried that he would be critical of my appearance, but he really was
very friendly. He’s a very sweet, and genuine person, and I would go
back in a heartbeat.

13. You like horror movies what are some of your favorite(horror fan here)?

Hmmm… I like so many different ones! Dario Argento is extremely
talented, and I’m always amazed by his work. I’d say one of his movies
would have to be my favorite.

14. Why do you like Brain Dead (Dead Alive for americans) what are your fav scenes?

Haha, because it is simply hilarious!! There are so many funny, yet
gruesome aspects to that movie, how could it not be on my list of
favorites? "Lionel, I’ve been savaged!"

15. Why also I Spit On Your Grave (Only Girl I have noticed who likes it)?

Interestingly enough, I never intended to watch this movie. From the
back of the box, I’d thought it was some sort of sexy revenge story, but
I was in for a surprise! Ultimately, despite some of the disturbing
rape scenes, it really is an empowering movie. It shows a women
reclaiming control of her life, and the perpetrators getting what they

16. What are some of your favorite musical artists/bands?

Hmm… I guess right now I’m really enjoying Goblin, Smashing Pumpkins,
and the Pixies. I have a wide range of favorites, so this list really
isn’t indicative of everything I listen to.

17. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

I really loved Grindhouse, and Hostel Part II was pretty enjoyable. One
of the best things about seeing these movies is the crowd’s reaction. If
someone walks out in disgust, that’s usually a sign of a good movie.

18. What is next for yourself?

You know, I really don’t have a clue! I’m just sort of going with the flow right now, waiting to see what happens next!

19. Would you ever like to host a show?

I think that it would be pretty interesting, but it really depends upon
the type of show. I’d never really considered that before, but I’m sure
it would be a lot of fun.

20. Would you like to get into acting?

Absolutely! I’ve always been extremely interesting in a career in
acting, mainly because it is so much fun! I think assuming the role of
different characters is really exhilarating, and is a welcome break from
the banality of normal living!

As a Kiwi, I love every thing New Zealand and especially New Zealand Music & Movies. So I wanted to share with you some of the songs I think are the hottest coming out of NZ right now.

Gemma Copas with her song Invisible is a catchy upbeat pop track that makes you move and groove and sing along. It’s upbeat and energetic.

Kingston are a rocking kiwi power pop band. Their song Lotto is a winner of a track. It’s catchy rocking with good lyrics and musicianship well written, a real treat to the ears.

Annah Mac song Girl In Stilettos is a catchy rocking pop number. She is a solid singer songwriter and the song is in the charts in NZ and I think she will have a huge career in NZ and overseas.

Josh Leys song Start Looking Round is perfect just in time for summer. It’s a catchy breezy upbeat soul pop track, that’s funky and groove that will have you singing and dancing singing away in no time. I reckon this singer songwriter will be a hit at the summer festivals if he’s playing but if isn’t I reckon he will be next year.

The critically acclaimed band Opshop with their song Sunday’s Best Clothes is nothing short of amazing. It’s a good ballad best way to describe it. Well written, an anthem in the making.
Savage track Promise featuring Ria, a funky slice of hip hop, it’s catchy and well written and well performed. The female vocals by Ria are a real nice touch.

I Am Giant’s song Let It Go is a really well written modern rock song that is well performed sung and I can see it being a big on the radio. It’s got everything going for it. It’s catchy as being well written.  I’ve been listening to it on repeat. It’s that good.

Victoria Girling-Butcher from one of my fav kiwi bands Lucid 3 has written a rocking energetic song called The Taxidermist. It’s a little soulful, a bit alt country, a little dark and haunting. It’s what I expect from her, a really well written performed song. Listen to the track and see why I think she one of New Zealand’s best songwriters.

Gölä and The Deed

When I received an email saying would I like to interview Gölä one of Switzerland’s biggest artists, I was very much interested in doing so. I went and met Gölä and the film crew that is touring around with his team on his eight week tour of Australia to promote his new band The Deed at Maton Guitars Warehouse and we talked . If you love good classic rock, you will love what Gölä and The Deed is doing, it’s old school at its best and it rocks, I really dug the sampler cd.  He came from a small town and got into music real young and decided he would play it as well.We talked about what he grew up listening to stuff like Elvis Presley but he got older he got into soul, blues and classic rock music which he still is into this day. Where the name The Deed came from and what he has been listening to recently John Fogarty, Bob Seger. How he got involved with Jimmy Barnes which was the involvement of their record label and involvement with a producer in LA. and what the tour hopes to do, getting his name out in Australia which he hopes to be next year. His inspiration for writing his songs are his love of music, and you can tell it in his music, in the way he and the band performs the music. He is very likeable bloke and it comes out in the bands music and in the video clip for the song  Love Machine is a sight to be seen. The sampler gives you a taste of good e old fashion classic rock of the British feel and he great singing and playing the anthems like his songs Long Night and Love Machine as well as singing the slower ballad type tracks such as The Hour Of The Thief and Humble Foot And Me.  I honestly love what he is doing and think Australian fans of good old fashioned classic rock will take to Gölä and The Deed. I for one will be in the pit grooving to his kick ass tunes.