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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Tupelo Honey

Alternative Addiction is one of my favorites sites to discover new rocking bands and that how I came across Tupelo Honey. An amazing rock band from Canada.

Their album Caught Up In The Excess is one of my favorite albums of the year so far.  I talk to the front man Dan Davidson about the band, the music and plenty more. They are a band worth discovering and checking out.

Listen to the interview here and remember it can’t be used any where else with out my permission.







Dawn Landes – Sweetheart Rodeo (Cooking Vinyl)

Dawn Landes is an american singer songwriter who writes and plays what I think as folk rock with a dash of country in the mix and she has made an album that is catchy, enjoyable and an album that lingers in your mind after you’ve finished listening to it. It starts off with the rocking opener Young Girl that shows off her lyrics, melodies, vocals and the kick ass band behind her putting their touches to her fantastic songwriting. Romeo is a simple but very catchy track that has a catchy drumbeat with very effect use of the keyboard, and her voice stands out here. Money In The Bank gives me hints of Cat Power and it is a good solid song that highlights the songwriting, vocals and her lyrics, it’s slow paced track that let’s the vocals and melodies take you away into the music. Love is one of the two tracks that aren’t written by Dawn the other being Dance Area. This is a catchy rock ditty, that short very catchy and let’s the vocals and rhythms take you away. Good use of backing vocals. Sweetheart Of The Rodeo well is very a much roots country rock track that shows off the band, great use of Harmonica and mandolin. Makes you feel like you’re in some bar in Texas with the band in the background, your tappping away. Clown is very much like a lot of the songs, nicely written, catchy and let the lyrics and vocals do the work and have effect use of the band and not over power the song that the music is not lost. Wandering Eye is very much a country track and you’re in that bar again and you’re tapping away, letting the music takes you over and you’re having a good time. Love the use of Harmonica and piano. Little Miss Holiday is a sweet little track that let’s the lyrics and vocals shine and shows off her songwriting and how she can write both the upbeat and the sweet laid-back ballades track. Dance Area is not written by Dawn but she makes the song her own and let’s the band her voice do the magic and make it something very special. Brighton a beautiful track that let’s her songwriting and vocals shine and you cannot help but moved by it. Finishes off with All Dressed In White is a good instrumental track and of the few albums I’ve come across which have done this and it’s a good way to finish off. I really loved this album there is something about Dawn’s songwriting and the way she writes such the perfect tune. I also loved it for the mixture of good upbeat and laid-back songs. Her music is so easy to get lost into which I was here. She is a fine singer songwriter with a successful career ahead of her. This is only her second album and a fine one at that. If you like a singer songwriter who writes good catchy tunes and beautiful laid back tunes then Dawn Landes is for you. Loved it.

Aleyce Simmonds – Pieces Of Me (Self Released)

Australia is the home of top quality country music, there are so many good artists doing in this great land of ours. Aleyce Simmonds is one of them. This is her latest release Pieces Of Me. A first class top quality country album beautifully sung and brilliantly performed. Their are 12 tracks in total and they each offer something special to the table. Rob McCormack adds his touches as the producer and co writer on 80% percent of the tracks. Starts of the beautiful track When I Say Too Much. Nicely performed and sung and good lyrics. The Healing Hands Of Time is one of my picks off the album. It’s a lovely song and really liked the intro to the album. Songs like The Keeper, Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, A Little Too Late, Where Are They Now, Beautiful Distraction show her knack of performing and singing an upbeat country song that is full of life and energy and a joy to the ears. Then you’ve got the songs like I Need To Hold You, Sweet Surrender, Just Because Of Me, Bondwood Boat which show of the beautiful melodies, amazing vocals and the lyrics in a beautiful relaxing almost haunting ballad. It finishes off with a good upbeat track Take Me To The Edge that highlights her way of doing both the upbeat energy and beautiful ballad. This is a fine album, beautiful sung and performed. The band behind her are amazing know how to make Aleyce tunes something very special. I really enjoyed what I heard and think she has got a huge career ahead of her. If you love country music that is really well done you need this.

Haydn Porter

Haydn Porter is the ultimate girl next door. She an
actress/model/psychology/mensa member. She extremely gorgeous, extremely
down to earth, She the perfect girl next door.She got loads of talent,
she extremely smart and she got a black belt in Karata. We think she
awesome. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her. She honest,real and

Find out more about Haydn here  or her twitter


Twentysixmiles Interview with series creator Rob Miller

What I love about the Internet is discovering cool new things you don’t hear or see on mainstream tv. One day I discovered this cool interesting tv show called Twentysixmiles set in Catalina and features of the one things I love Music. It’s about a guy who wants to get his old band back together and his mate who comes to Catalina to be nearer his kids after he and his wife split up. It’s a wonderful series worth watching. It stars John Schneider,Eric Lange & Daniel Quinn.  So I asked Rob Miller the creator of the series about it all. so read on and go get the DVD and the soundtrack highly recommended.

1. What was the inspiration for the series?

1.  Back in 1978, there was a terrible blizzard in my hometown of
Cincinnati, OH.  And while I was trying to endure the ten straight days
of sub-zero temperatures, I became a big fan of the
"escape-to-an-island" musical style of Jimmy Buffett.  Those island
songs allowed me to escape the freezing temps and go on a holiday.  Ever
since then, I’ve had a real affinity for the music genre now called
Trop-Rock.  When you combine my love for Trop-Rock with my memories of
the Monkee’s TV show, which I enjoyed as a junior high student, and you
have the inspiration for twentysixmiles.  The show’s concepts started in
my mind as a psuedo-Monkees in Margaritaville concept and evolved to
the show that it is today.

2. Why set the series in Catalina?

2. Seems like escaping weather is a theme with me.  I’ve spent the last
25 years living in the desert in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The summer
temperatures can reach 120 degrees, and most summers there are 70 to 100
consecutive days over 100 degrees.  To escape the summer heat, my
family and I started vacationing on Catalina Island.  We fell in love
with it.  Cool island breezes, small town life, and friendly people…
oh, yes, and ice cold beer and great cocktails.  We had big groups of
friends and family go to Catalina with us. It became a home away from
home.  It immediately became the island of escape for twentysixmiles.

3. How was the cast chosen for the series?

3.  Casting was a long evolution.  We started with the character of
Jack, and started out thinking very small… looking for singers who
might want to act.  After discussing this with a few directors, they
highly recommended getting an actor who could, instead of a singer who
thought he could act.  As we developed the project and began to get some
industry interest, we became convinced that we needed a big name as the
lead role.  As our team bantered around potential names of actors who
could sing, and who might be willing to work on an independent
production, the name John Schneider came up.  The more we talked, the
more we liked the idea.  Of course, John’s management team highly
recommended that he not take the part because we were a small
independent production.  But once John read the script for the pilot, he
was hooked.  Eric Lange, was a friend of the writers, and they
suggested him for Murph.  I took one look and I new he was the guy. Eric
has won an Accolade Award of Honor for his depiction of Murph in

4. What did you learn from making the series as a first time creator and producer?

4.  I could talk for days about what I learned. At first, I got push
around by everyone, and everyone had a different opinion of the best way
to do everything.  Probably the biggest lesson was to learn to trust my
gut and make my TV show the way that I thought it should be.  I
listened to my directors, but as the production I became a much stronger
visionary and decision-maker.  

5. Do you think the Internet has played huge part in the promotion of the series?

5.  The internet has be an incredible asset to marketing the series.  We
have many thousands of fans from all over the world who love the show;
and they’ve found it via the web.  Facebook has been our first line of
promotion, and then when the series hit HULU, our fan-base exploded.  We
set HULU viewership records for original programming.  We had hundreds
of thousands views and very high percentages of complete view-thrus.  We
continue to get DVD requests from all over the US and the world.  Our
music has recently been picked-up by BeachFront radio, a web based radio
station, and now our music is exploding too.  The web has been very
good to us. 

6. Has it been hard trying to get the series to a network?

6.  It has been a huge challenge getting the series on a network.
 Hollywood network executives are not big risk takers.  That’s why
American TV has so many shows that are similar… cops procedural shows,
and lawyer shows.  And the economy over the last few years hasn’t
fostered great risk taking by anyone.  So we are taking a grassroots
approach at proving this is an audience for this type of fresh and
interesting content.  

7. How did George Segal, Jeffery Tambor & Billy Dee Williams get involved in the show?

7.  John Schneider loves this project and from the beginning was willing
to do anything he could to help.  George Segal and Jeffery Tambor are
poker buddies of John’s, so they played John’s bosses in twentysixmiles.
 Billy Dee Williams is close and long time friend of Daniel Quinn.
 Daniel plays Dirk, the drummer in the Renegade Band.  Daniel recruited
Billy and he became a very good friend of the show and of mine.  Billy’s
a wonderful, warm person, and plays an interesting role as the
mysterious messenger.

8. How did Sean Kelly involved in the music for the show as it is a important part of the show?

8.  Early in the development of the series, we realized music was one of
the most critical elements.  In fact, we recorded most of the music
before any scripts were written.  We wanted the music to set the tone
for the series.  So I shopped around Nashville and Los Angeles looking
for the right song writers and producers.  It turns out that I found
Sean right in my back yard.  Sean’s mother-in-law Connie is the pastor’s
wife at my parents church in Cincinnati, OH, and she is my mom’s best
friend; and since she was a long time resident of Nashville, I was using
her to help me find song writers to interview.  After I’d met with
several other song writers, Sean said to Connie "me, mom, what about
me?"  So Connie introduced us, and I loved it music.  He totally got
what we were trying to do. So he recruited some band mates, and they
became the back-bone of our music.

9. Did Eric Lange & Daniel Quinn know how to play music before the show or did they learn for the show?

9.  Eric and Daniel can both play their instruments.  Eric has played
piano for many years; and as a teenager,Daniel was in a competitive Drum
and Bugle team.  Both of them had to practice and adapt to playing in a
Trop-Rock band, but they both had the basic skills to pull it off.
 Daniel still practices and wants to get the band back together.  John
Schneider is an excellent guitar player.

10. Have you had much response from overseas networks?

10.  We have a few international sales pending.  One is in Italia and is
a fairly large network.  The other is in Australia, on a faith-based

11. What is next for yourself and your company?

11.  My team produced a romantic comedy called "Karaoke Man" which is
very cute, quirky and funny.  It’s coming out in a few film festivals
this fall.  I’m working on a couple reality shows.  And I’m opening a
few medical clinics in the western US.

Bec Plath – Nightfall EP (Self Released)

Bec Plath is a Brisbane singer songwriter who has released her latest EP Nightfall which is a beautifully haunting EP with four tracks that really show off her songwriting and vocals. The EP is very nicely produced and lyrics and vocals really do stand out. It starts off with the piano laced track Obession with drums,guitar & bass and it shows off her songwriting and vocals in a nicely catchy tune that shows off what she can do. What I Was Looking For is another beautiful written tune. What I like about her music is that guitars and drums and of course the bass are activily used and gives her tunes that special edge. Absent Mind is another track that is good, with good vocals and some great piano playing and good some good lyrics as well. She is a talent behind the piano. At The End Of The Night is a corker of a track, just some great melodies and vocals, great piano playing. Just screams radio play like all the songs do. This is a fine ep worthy of your time, a talent to watch out for. One of the best local releases I have heard this year. Great Stuff.

Charlotte Sometimes
Before she was known as Charlotte Sometimes and known by her real name, I first discovered her in 2004 and loved what she was doing and doing now. So you can call me a long time fan who loves her music. I think she is one of best alt pop artists going around in america at the moment. She can write and sing such fantastic tunes that are catchy and meaningful at the same time. She incredible. So I asked her a few questions so read on.
1. Have you learnt a lot from being on a major label?
I learned how to be a better business woman
How have things changed with the last ep and the upcoming one?
I think
that my music has grown a lot. I am getting older and my musical tastes
are a little mellower now. It’s definitely less angsty.
3. What has been the inspiration for the EP?
Taking a real look at
my life and my relationships with others. I also just really hit it off
with my producer, Sloan Alexander, so he really inspired me musically. 
4. Were you happy with the response to the album?
It hasn’t come out yet… it’s coming out August 30th
5. What inspires you when writing your songs?
Just my reactions to life.
How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music
out there?
It’s kept my career alive, thank goodness! My fans are the
best and are always tweeting and being awesome.
7. How did you get involved with writing songs for other people?
love to write songs, so I just went through my Publishing company at
first and then started networking on my own.
8. Do you think
interaction with your fans helps getting your music out there?
Yes, I
love interacting with my fans… I feel like they are family at this
9. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career?
Don’t …. ha
10. Any Chance to come play Australia?
I hope so! Put in a good word for me!
11. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?
My father! He is so supportive and has a natural musicality.
12. What us next for Charlotte Sometimes?
Getting this EP out and touring the states!