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Grand Atlantic


Grand Atlantic are a great Brisbane pop band who are putting out their new album Constellation on 2nd of September and it’s a cracker of a release. Good songs which I really dug heaps. so I needed to know more. Expect a review of the album in the coming weeks.


1.  Are you happy how things have gone with your music
so far?

It’s been an interesting ride so far.  We’ve done a lot of things as a
band in the past few years and really appreciate the opportunities we’ve had. 
In some ways it has been a slow process building up to where we are now in 2011, but it has been a necessary path as well.  The past 2 years  have
been amazing.  We’ve done so much touring, met so many people and played some incredible  shows.  The overseas tours to the States and Japan were particular highlights as well as having the chance to record our new album in New Zealand. 
I definitely think the best is yet to come.  We’re just getting started.  I think the fact that we are all so proud of the music
are making is really our main point of focus.  Playing live and making
music together are the biggest highs.

2. How has Intenet helped the band?

I think the fact that you can be based anywhere in the world in 2011 and have a global audience is fantastic.  Of course, it is hard for people to find you in some ways because there is an overwhelming amount of music out here
in the ether, of varying quality.  We’ve had some great success on the net
off the back of some of the TV placements/syncing we’ve had and used hat to
bring people across to other things we have done.  I think with youtube and itunes, it is incredible to think of the resources people have at their fingertips and how much music can be accessed in the comfort of your home.  It’s also an awesome way for people to share more in the actual
creative process and the inner-workings of being in a band.

3. What was the inspiration for the new album?

The album is full of stories garnered from life experience and draws from a wide palette of inspiration.  Most of the songs are about the everyday things that we all experience.  There are moments that deal with loss and regret, relationships gone bad, mourning for relatives that have passed on, the ongoing search to find oneself and the list goes on.  I think it is
the most personal record we have released.  The song lyrics are always a mish mash of experience combined with story telling.  Most of the songs don’t just cover one particular story or topic and often merge several ideas.

4. What inspires you now when writing music as a band?

Inspiration is a gift that presents itself in many different ways.  Often with Grand Atlantic I will come up with the ideas on my own and then bring them into the rehearsal room, but we do often just play during band practice as
well and see what comes out.  I think it is important for us to try
different avenues to keep things fresh.  Usually, I come up with the best ideas for songs when waking up in the morning or falling asleep at night. For me, I think my brain is in an altered state during these times and it seems to stimulate creativity.  Having said that, inspiration comes when
you least expect it… When you’re driving in the car, strumming a few chords on a beat up acoustic guitar, walking down the street, buying groceries etc. 
I have somewhere to write down lyrics or record a little riff with me at all times just in case. There are the times when I have an idea as I’m falling asleep and succumb to my heavy eyelids.  Usually the idea is gone when you
wake up, so I try to avoid that.

5. What was the recording process like compared to last releases?

This time round, the recording process was quite different.  This is the first time we had an outside producer come in and work with the band.  The
first two album is were made in a similar fashion at the same studio.  The main difference was traveling to New Zealand and living together
while we made the record in a block of time.  It is an amazing thing to be able to cut yourself off from the world and distractions in order to concentrate on your music.  It puts you in a certain frame of mind which I think is very different to doing little bits over a long period.  This is also the first album we have made with Mat on drums, so that was another major difference. The
other thing was having Dale mix the album after we came back home.  We
were making comments on the mixes via email rather than being in the studio
while it was happening.

6. Why did you record the album in New Zealand?

We sent our demos out to a few producers that we wanted to work with when we
were getting ready to make the record.  There were a few that we were
talking to for a bit but we just really liked Dale’s comments about the songs
and it just felt like the right direction to go in.  He came out for a weekend to do some preproduction a few months earlier and we enjoyed working
with him and also the results we were getting.  It was his suggestion to
come over to Dunedin
and he found the old Asylum building where we made the record.  As you can
imagine, it was an amazing adventure.

7. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a career out of


Make music because you love it.  Forget about it being a career and focus
on  being the best you can be.  There are many storms and
difficulties that you will face as an artist/human.  If you aren’t
creating out of a sense of passion, you probably won’t last the distance.  Perseverance is the key. You never know what’s round the next corner.

8. Any plans to go back overseas and tour?

We’re currently planning another US tour for October this
year.  We’ve been invited to perform at CMJ in New York
and will also do a run of West Coast shows as well.  We’re also hoping to get back to Japan sometime

9. If you could have any one in a music video clip who would it be?

There’s so many people for so many reasons.  Off the top of my head, I
think it would be fantastic to film an actual boxing match between two disliked
politicians/world leaders.  I think that would be a great use of film and
would also be something that a multitude of people could enjoy.  If you
want to take the concept further, you could come up with an amazing short list
of tyrants and scoundrels from throughout history to compete.  Rather than
showing just one match, it could be snippets of a whole lot of different
bouts?  Perhaps this concept might be wrong for the music of Grand
Atlantic though?  Back to the drawing board…

10. What is next for the band?

We’re going to release album number 3 and play as many shows as we can to as
many people as we can.  We’d like to get back to the US as much as
possible to tour.  We love it there and some doors are opening for the
band as well. We’ll also start writing for our next record very soon. We’re in talks with merchandise companies about a range of Grand Atlantic
action figures, a board game, Mat is designing his own line of underwear and
Morgan a range of hair-care products for the elderly.  Sean has started
constructing a new bass amp with match sticks and gaffa tape and I’m currently
doing my best to keep my name off the electoral roll.  Things are busy in
the Grand Atlantic camp. 


Charlotte Sometimes – The Weight EP (Independent)

I first interview Charlotte Sometimes in 2004 then this year, so I’m a fan of her music and I like what she does. I liked to her music alt modern pop music just really done well. Her music is fresh and exciting and also catchy in places. The Weight is her latest release and it is really something special. The songs are catchy like the songs Done, Just Enough and she also can write the perfect ballad which on this ep is Stay In My Heart is a beautiful written song that is a hit in a making and my pick off the EP. Headache has a rock edge to it with a good solid use of the electric guitar. For You is a simple tune that just her and the Glockenspiel and is used nicely. It finishes off the ep perfectly. Charlotte’s voice is in fine form here, her lyrics are good, so is the production and the musicianship of this ep. This is a fantastic ep, the songs are good well written, catchy and her voice sours. This would be one of my favorite ep’s of the year, I love good music and if it’s done well like it is here it deserves to be heard. Check it out.

Nikki Thorburn – To The Place (Self Released)

Nikki Thorburn is  the most exciting Australian singer songwriter who I have heard this year and also quite possibly in a long time, her songs is well written and her powerful unique voice makes her stand out of the crowd.  She is a unique blend of jazz and folk that stands and grabs you from the first go. The opening track Walking In Circles grabs you with the use of the keyboard, drums and of course her voice, the lyrics and musicianship are first class. The track has a little bit of a country edge to it. But it is an extremely catchy tune that kept me humming from when I first heard.  To The Place makes you feel like you’re in a Smokey filled bar hearing her win you over. It just has that tone and feel, with the vocals, melodies and the use of slide guitar, reminds me a lot of Dawn Landers & Cat Power. Sunshine Freeway is a beautiful tune and one of my favorites of the EP, Just a well written and crafted tune. Vocals shine as so do the lyrics and the band really responded to her songwriting and knows how to make the song that little bit extra special.  Something Strange is a great way to finish off the EP. Love the drum filled piano chant at the start of the tune and the ever so slight use of the guitar is perfect.  I was moved; I felt excited about music again, I just could not stop playing this. Music is supposed to be exciting, something that grabs you, makes feel warm inside. I loved this release, Nikki is a real talent, an artist who is something really special that we as Australian’s should cherish. She is a fine artist somebody who going to have a very bright future ahead of her. This is one of my favorite ep’s of the year. I for one can’t wait to hear what she has next and she will be on my top 10 list this year. Get it. 




Lybecker a great band from America I discovered on Alternative Addiction really dug their tunes and like what they were doing and thought an interview on here with them was a must. So read on.


1.  Are you happy how things have gone with your music so far?

-Yes, We feel very blessed to have been given the opportunities that we have had.

2. How has Intenet helped the band?

internet kind of brings our fans and us together, it’s where we can
talk with them when we’re away from them. Also where they can get music
from us, or updates about what we’re doing, like what kind of coffee
we’re drinking.. ha ha just joking…

3. What show would you guys most like to play on?

-we always talk about our dream show would be with Switchfoot, Boys Like Girls, Anberlin, Jimmy Eat World, and U2

4. What has been your favorite gig to play so far?

all have different favorites, each show has a different charm to it.
The first show that comes to mind would be when we opened for Sanctus
Real in and old theater in Oregon. It had always been a dream of mine to
play in an old theater.

5. How has social networking sites helped the band?

networking sites are an independent bands lifeline. it’s helped us stay
connected with fans to constantly keep them informed on what we’re up

6. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a career out of music?

Don’t give up, work smater not harder, and play as much as you can.. play anywhere and everywhere.

7. What was the inspiration for the EP?

new EP is really about this past year as a band.. My grandpa died,
Chris got diagnosed with cancer, it’s been kind of a rough year with
personal stuff like that..  It’s had it’s ups and downs and different
adventures. Life Love & The Inbetween really sums up it all.. the
good times, the bad times and all the times in between those.. 

8. What inspires you when writing music?

honesty… when people tell you what they’re really thinking… whether you want to hear it or not.. pure brutal honesty…

9. Who would you most like to play with?

Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, Anberlin, Boys Like Girls, U2

10. What is next for the band?

We’re touring out to The LifeLight Festival in South Dakota, looking for cool places to go swimming along the way…

Tim Reid – Only One EP (Popboomerang Records)

I have been a fan of Tim’s music for years and I love what he does, he writes and plays such beautiful music that is really just a joy to the ears. Yes the reviewer in me must disclose that he has done a show with me at the Northcote Social Club which I organized but this is his latest release after 7 years he has put out one of the beautiful releases of the year. It starts off with the song Only One which is a catchy upbeat lively folk tune that starts off the ep well and is sweeteed with Emma Heeney lovely backing vocals and Dave Kleynjans on drums. Best Thing gives me hints of Neil Finn style of songwriting and tone of the melodies and a little bit of the lyrics, Dave drumming fits the tone and mood of the track. About The House is another cracking track good songwriting and melodies, Tim’s voice is in fine form and shines thru out all the songs here. It finishes off with a track called 18 Floors which was featured on the album Sunshine Ponies and it is a lovely track and a good way to finish off the EP. All these songs are incredible, yes I’ve been a fan for ages and love his music but he one of those songwriters who knows just how to write a really good song with ease. Yes it’s been a long time coming for Tim Reid but I for one can’t wait to hear the album, if this is what in store.

Nikki Thorburn


Nikki Thorburn is a powerful and unique Australian singer songwriter with an amazing unique voice that writes such beautiful music that is a breathe of fresh air when you hear it. I loved what I had heard when I first discovered her and her ep To The Place is one of the best of year, so read and find out why this talent is one of rising stars on the Australian Music Scene.

1. How did you get into music?

My Dad has always been my greatest musical influence
and I guess why I got into music from a very early age. When you are surrounded
by someone so musically creative always playing guitar and writing songs,
everything seems to come naturally and so music is just what I always did. While
other kids were reading books or playing sport I was tucked away in our little
home studio putting down tracks with Dad
and working on my music.

2. How did you get involved with Ollie McGill of The
Cat Empire?

His partner was my good friend’s sister and had always thought that Ollie and I should collaborate together. Anyway, he heard some demos of mine through her and the next thing I knew I was flying down to Melbourne to produce a record with him and a bunch of incredible musicians. I was so young so the whole thing was pretty overwhelming!! 

3. What inspires you when writing music?

Being on the road travelling – I spent a lot of time
travelling around London and Europe last year, playing shows but mostly
focusing on my writing. It was probably my most creative time. There were
always so many fascinating and bizarre stories to be told and strange and
wonderful people to meet. I think I’m a bit like a child in some ways – I
wander around with these wide eyes hoping to see and feel and take in as much
as I possibly can!

4. What was like it playing with Diesel?

You know it didn’t really hit me until afterwards when
I was sitting at home thinking my god did I really just play with Diesel…and
one of my own songs too! It was an awesome feeling.

5. How has AirIT helped you get your music out there?

AirIT has been great in getting my music out to
community radio stations which is extremely important in generating interest particular
for my single ‘Walking In Circles’.

6. How has the internet helped you as an artist?

The internet is such an important tool for artists to
really put their music out there. There are so many sites now helping unsigned
music get heard which is great, and of course blogs and social networking sites
like facebook do wonders in attracting new fans too.

7. What has been the highlight so far?

Something that will always stand out for me I think was
shooting a music video for ‘To The Place’ in Paris with an amazing film
producer there. It was an incredibly creative time and the footage we captured
is beautiful and really captures something quite special. When I write my
music, there is always a visual I create with it – the footage we captured in
Paris was the vision I created in my head the night I wrote the song.

8. What was the inspiration for the new video clip?

(by this I’m assuming ‘Brave Like A Lion’)

I wanted to do something different… something really
raw and spontaneous that really captured what I think my music is about. So I
got my band together with a few friends and recorded ‘Brave Like A Lion’ in my
favourite little café in Manly. No one had actually played the song before but
I think that was part of the charm. I was so happy with how it turned out!

9. What advice can you give to some one who wants a
career in music?

Don’t wait around for anyone else to make something
happen for you because in this industry no one is going to do that. Put
yourself out there and just keep plugging away!  

10. What is next for yourself?

I have a lot of shows lined up for the rest of the
year and will also be releasing another EP in November which will be exciting!!

11. Who would u most like to play with?

Joni Mitchell. For me, she wasn’t just a prolific
songwriter and incredibly talented musician but she was such a fiercely independent
woman. She held her own in a male dominated industry and always did her own
thing. She was definitely one of a kind.

Sounds of Sirus @ The Evelyn 20th Of August 2011

Saturday Night I head down to the legendary Evelyn Hotel on the strip known as Brunswick St to check out some fine up and coming Aussie talent and boy I was not disappointed. Sam Clark starts the night of with him playing guitar and singing and a second guitarist. They start the night off in style with his blend of acoustic tunes which I have no doubt are written for a band as he can sing and his songs light up the room, they grab your attention and they sounded great, an artist to watch out for. Skylion apparently it was the first show and their blend of alternative rock music with keyboards was amazing. They had obviously had practice a lot and sounded like a band who had been playing for years. They have a bright future ahead of them. Then Sounds Of Sirus who were head-ling tonight well they stole the show. I’ve had heard the EP and it sounded great but you’ve got to see them live to appreciate what they are all about. Their sound is big and energetic. It’s alternative rock a bit of punk and a whole lot of energy. The lead singer can sing and the energy of his voice and the band behind him know how to capture and grab your attention.The songs are very catchy with solid infectious grooves that make you wanna get up and dance and mosh. They are a band who you can tell in their set and the way they perform know their craft. Their songs have freshness about them. The influences are their but their sound is incredibly tight and the way the sound engineer has solidly made the room sound alongside the solid musicianship the band has won me over. The guitar playing is excellent.Drummer and bass player are tight. They are a band that the kids will dig a lot and will come to all their shows. Their future is bright. Their sound is big and very catchy, they know how to perform on stage and work well as a band and that what you want as punter. A band who knows how to deliver it all and they have, The first track in the set is a highlight for me. Just grabbed me from the word go. If you were wanting a good night of music and a solid head-liner with a bright future. Then this was a gig to have been at. Will I see Sounds Of Sirus again, you bet, am I fan now. Yes I am.

Nitetimemusic – The Yarn Spinner (Self Released)

This would be Melbourne
based artist Bill Knight latest release and it is a 7 track EP that is very
much worth your time. It is a country influenced release and starts off with
the song Kiss which to me a ballad type track with the good use of the fiddle
and captures Bill lyrics and solid vocals.
 Circles starts with a voice over intro and
turns into a track that is very much to me influenced by Paul Kelly and can
easily see it being played on radio. Nice use of the keyboard and the band
behind him know their stuff and help make his tunes stand out. The Lady Who Turned
Into a Book is a little bit of dark ballad guitar and violin work well on the
track. Vocals fit perfectly together.
a Candle Up for Love is a song that reminds me a lot of fellow Melbourne Singer
Songwriter Mark Gardner and of course Paul Kelly. It’s a nice country track
that shows off lyrics, vocals, musicianship and production of the ep. It’s
another track that is very much ready for radio. Bush Campfire is a song that
has great use of the Tin Fiddle and another song that radio could easily play
and community radio could have a field day with it.
 The same is said for Leprechauns that has a
real Irish influence and u can see it in the writing and a good solid toe tap
  When It’s Sunny finishes off the
ep well and has use of programming for drums that works nicely for the track.
Good solid vocals and lyrics stand out. You can tell Bill has been playing
music for a while and it shows in his songwriting and has the craft and
musicianship to back it up. There is a lot to like about this EP. I enjoyed it
and if you love discovering good Aussie music you can not miss this, worth your

Buchanan are a great Australian band with some excellent tunes and getting plenty of solid buzz and with Triple J play these guys are ones to watch out for. I talk to Josh about it all. Their ep No Photo is a must have.
1.  Are you happy how things have gone with your music so far?
absolutely stoked – to be able to make the music you love making and to
see it get the response that it has is extremely rewarding. And it also
kind of justifies all the late nights, scrounging for coffee money and
the hard work that goes into it!

2. How has Triple J helped the band?
funny, you know, we didn’t even think Triple J would like our music
when we first started recording and yet here we are with the full
support of the station and with a hell of a lot more fans because of it.
We definitely wouldn’t be where we are without them. We will probably
forever be in debt to that station!

3. How did Inertia get involved with distributing the latest EP?
heard our music very early on and really liked it, so we opened a
dialogue with them and it just kind of made
sense to put it out through them once we finished. They’re a wonderful
label and a brilliant team to work with. And obviously their roster
speaks for itself!

4. What has been your favorite gig to play so far?
possibly our last Sydney show, or maybe Laneway Festival… I’m not
sure really! They’ve mostly all been great and for all different
reasons. The best shows for me are definitely the ones where the crowd
are obviously into it and you can really feed off that energy. It helps
elevate the band’s performance to another level – at least I hope it

5. How has social
networking sites helped the band?

helped us reach fans in places we couldn’t dream of, like South America
or South East Asia. And when you see sales from those regions as a
result, it’s really quite exciting and it makes all the hard work that
goes into maintaining those pages worthwhile. We’d probably still be
looking for an audience without it!

6. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a career out of music?
perseverance and patience. The three P’s – which I just made up! If you
can tick all those boxes and you have the talent to back it up, things
will fall into place and you’ll make it work. This will sound very lame,
if your priority is happiness rather than success, then you will be
successful regardless of what another person might deem as success. Does
that make sense?!

7. What was the inspiration for the EP?
and sex! No, to be honest I’m not really sure. We had recorded a couple
of songs which we were proud of but we knew we could do better, so we
got straight back into recording and didn’t stop until we had a cohesive
group of songs that we knew could live happily next to each other on a
formal release – and that became our No Photo EP.

8. What inspires you when writing

I love staying on top of global affairs and what’s going on in the
world around us, so more often than not I am inspired by global affairs
or big picture stuff. But really you can’t force inspiration and you
kind of just have to wait until something comes along and then you go,
"Ok, there’s probably a decent song in that."

9. Who would you most like to play with?
love to do a big international support next – I love hip hop so I’d
love to play with someone respected in that world like a Mos Def or Nas.
It might look like a weird pairing on paper but it’s hardly
unprecedented and it opens both artists up to fans from other genres. I
can dream,

10. What is next for the band?
already recording our next batch of songs. We’re taking a break from
touring for a bit while we get some demos down and then we’ll see what
happens. Hopefully we’ll be able to announce a couple of surprises by
the end of the year!

Katy Lozano


Katy Lozano is an american model who has been in The OC, A Travis Tritt video clip. Plus doing plenty of modeling shoots. Liked what she is doing and thought she was worth giving PR to. She some one to watch out for.

1. How did you get into modeling?

I first got into modeling at
age 15. A friend of mine, who happened to be a model, introduced me to the
Modeling Industry. Ever since then, I have been modeling and appearing in local
magazines in Florida.

2. What has been the highlight so far?

I would say the highlight
of my modeling career would have to be the opportunities I have shared with all
of the photographers I have had the chance to work with and the friends I have
met along the way.

3. What you worked on recently you enjoyed the most?

The most
recent opportunity that I enjoyed the most was my last cover on City Link
Magazine for the Sex Issue. I was featured on a two-page spread and appeared on
the cover.

4. Who would you most like to work with?

I have always had a
fantasy about working with a model like Kate Moss or Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I
love their individuality and the uniqueness of their looks.

5. How did you get involved in the music video clips for Travis
Tritt & Combichrist?

All the appearances I have made in music videos have
been arranged through my agencies. Most of the time, I get called about being
shot in the music video and I usually jump on that pretty quickly.

8. What was it like being on the OC?

Unfortunately, my appearance
as an extra on the OC didn’t have the turn out that I quite expected. I thought
I would be seen in a series of shots, but I ended up with shots of the back of
my head. I realized that it was just the way the modeling industry can be. You
win some and you lose some.

9. What wouldn’t you shoot as a model?

I would have to say that I
am pretty lenient with the photo shoots that I do. I have shot nudes before,
but I like to have my photos look tasteful. I would never shoot anything
demeaning or erotic. It isn’t my thing.

10. What are you listening to lately that you have enjoyed heaps?

I listen to a lot of Lady Gaga. She is kind of like a God to me. I feel like
her music speaks to me. She gives me strength and makes me want to work even
harder for what I want.

11. Any plans to do more acting?

I don’t have many plans to do
anymore acting. I have appeared as an extra in some movies, but I would enjoy
an acting role if an opportunity would arise.

12. How has sites like your website and model mayhem help you get

My website is where I get most of my work, Model Mayhem has been a great
website for networking and meeting new people in the industry. I think both websites
have given me plenty of recognition.

13. What would be your ultimate goal as a model?

My ultimate goal
would to appear in at least one major fashion magazine before my modeling
career is over.

14. What is next for Katy?

I never know what to expect next. I
expect the unexpected and just hope for the best.