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Parx-e Web Zine Hitlist

You know I don’t do this every often but I figured why not. These are just a few people & bands and so on to watch out for in 2011.

Chaos Divine

A Perth metal band who I reckon have released one of the best metal albums of the year The Human Connection.

Sons Of Rico

Indie Rock Perth band who have had Triple J play and tour when ever they can and their debut album is incredible.

Catherine Traicos

New album of Her’s is incredible. Gloriosa is a must have. she is a world class artist worth your time listening to.

Shannon Hurley

New album California is a great album, one of my favs of the year and one of new favorite singer songwriters.

Katie Costello

Delightful American singer songwriters, who writes such lovely catchy alt pop tunes as well as haunting ballads.  Lamplight is a great album.

Plane Jane Automobile

Great American rock band who new album sounds amazing. songs are really good. They have been doing it for a while and I think this album Your Tomorrow should do it for them. It’s good modern alt rock music.

Michelle Page

I’m a friend of Michelle and support her in all she does. Love her work and with some new movies on the way like Rogue River which you’ll get to see very soon and with new projects in the work. This girl does no wrong and will be a superstar very soon and one of the best up and coming actors at the moment but I’m bias  and I think she awesome and super talented. You seen all the stuff I’ve done for her on here, if you come across my site in the past.

Melissa Johnston

I’ve just come across her recently and interviewed her today but I think she has got talent and the drive to be one of actors to watch out. I was impressed with what she can do and what she wants to do. So worth watching out for.


This talented Melbourne band have recorded some new songs and I’ve heard good things and Can’t wait to hear them. Love the last EP. They will be huge.

House Of Honeys

Just a great Melbourne Rock and Roll Band with a hint of alt influences. These boys have got the talent and energy to go very far and I believe they will.

Further Earth

Another Perth band who have put out a killer EP Kingdom that is so radio friendly catchy but so well written and energetic, it’s worth your time.

Firestarter Music & Distribution
Firestarter is a Perth distributor, focusing on distributing Perth music and they pick great artists to be distributed such Sons Of Rico, Further Earth, Chaos Divine & Blazing Entrails for examples. They do no wrong by me.

Julie Dickson

Businesswomen & Actor who is doing well with both. I like what she does and supports her work.

Sophie Serafino

Fan of this talented muso, she an incredible violinist, singer songwriter and has put out a new EP called Gold Violin.

Natalie Reiss

Great pop singer songwriter, love her Stuff

Black Hayet

Rock & Roll done right.

One Kind

Great modern rock band who music I totally love

Melissa Johnston

Photo by Pamela Matew


Melissa Johnston is an up and coming actor with a lot of talent. I discovered her thru imdb and liked what she was doing and thought she needed some publicity. So listen to the interview about what she been up doing, what she doing next, how she prepares for a role and so on. She a talent to watch out for.

Please note: The interview is only available for listening to here.

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Catherine Traicos & The Starry Night – Gloriosa (An Ocean Awaits/Fuse)

I’ve been a fan of Catherine music for ages, I first saw her play early 2010 and well I’ve been going to shows ever since. She is a singer songwriter with something to say, her voice and lyrics draw you in very easily and with her band The Starry Night she sound even better. The album is to me a lot different to the last album, their is a lot more melodies and popness with some of the tracks. You can feel a bit of a country influence with some of the tracks. The opening track Australian Sun is a beautiful laid back tune that draws you in like fine wine. Beg For Love is a winner of a track, it’s catchy beautifully written and performed. She has a way with lyrics and melodies that I haven’t seen from an Aussie singer songwriter in ages. The band gets to show off here and it really works for the track. Walk Into The Stars has a little bit of a country influence in the track, love the use of Slide Guitar. It’s a nice breezy tune that captures her songwriter and her way of writing lyrics. Don’t Leave Me would be one of my favourite tunes off the album. It’s got a real Aussie feel to the track, it highlights the band talents, her way of writing a tune, that is meaningful and moving at the same time. Sing Like A Bird also does that as well, it’s a little catchy, a joy to the ears and one of my fav tunes live. Baby Don’t Cry is like the first track in terms of way the song is structured and how the the is written and performed. Love’s Window is another pick off the album for me. Well written, well played, lyrics are good, Catherine voice is fine form, just a really good tune and great use of synthesizer thru the track. Let You Go is another lovely track, and this track I get hints of Cat Power, with the way the backing vocals are performed and I love the use of Electric Guitar on this track, it really works well here. A Stranger is a song that open ups nicely with great piano playing turns into another winning Catherine track that has passion seeping thru out the track. You can feel melodies going thru the song and winning you over the way only that Catherine can do it. It finishes off beautifully with Magic Water a lovely track that has great use of electric guitar, well played and well sung. This is a fantastic album, I loved it from start to finish. The production is great, the band is perfect for her music. This should easily see her get new fans and people getting into her music like I did. There is something about Catherine, that Australia hasn’t seen in years, She writes such beautiful songs that are a pleasure to listen to. I loved this album and will be in my top 10 albums of the year. Do yourself a favor go and support this fine Aussie talent and purchase this album, you won’t be disappointed. Yeah go see her play live on the album tour, it will be worth it.

Natalie Gauci


Natalie’s back and doing some cool new stuff and thought she was worth interviewing. Find out what she been up to recently.

1. Are you happy how things have gone so far?

yup so far so good! Things haven’t taken the road people expected but that’s ok. It definitely went down a different road to what i expected too. i’m enjoying being out there again and sharing my music with people.

2. What was the inspiration for your new single?

a relationship i was in a few years back. I wrote it when after Idol. I was seeing this amazing guy who only wanted to a no attachment kind of relationship but at the same time wanted a relationship of sorts, it was very strange to me at the time because i wanted full commitment and to be able to call him my boyfriend but that never happened. i was heart broken and moved on.

3. How did it feel to be part of the new aussie film Big Momma’s Boy?

I feel very lucky and honoured that Frank approached me to be a part of this movie. I get to make a cameo appearance and have 2 songs featured in the movie, Do What You Gotta Do and Best of Me. It is a very funny movie and i can totally relate to it having a younger brother!

4. What inspires you now when writing music?

Now.. life experience, relationships, food, culture, people, travel and heart ache.
5. What has been your favourite place so far play to music? The forum supporting Bachelor Girl was AMAZING. The Regent Theatre. Malta Song Festival.

6. Do you think you learned a lot from being on aussie idol?

yes i learnt sooo much. I learnt about the music industry, i learnt about how it works in Australia and what kind of artist i am. I learnt about what’s real and what’s not real. I learnt that you need to be true to who you are and not let people knock you down and don’t take shit from nobody!

7. What do you hope the new song Best Of Me will do for your career?

i hope people can hear Best of Me and enjoy it. I just want it it out there to share with the world, that’s it.

8. When will expect to hear the new album?

I have just finished recording the new Album and i am working on the artwork and a video clip for HA Ha HA so i’m not sure yet..

9. What have you been listening recently that you have really enjoyed?

Jamie Woon, James Blake, Adele.

10. How is the dance project you are involved different to your solo stuff?

it’s completely different. Tune In Tokyo is completely electronic dance pop and my solo music is soul, jazz and pretty indie.

11. How do you think the internet and social media have helped with your music?

Without the internet i wouldn’t have had success with Without You, my single that was released in Germany and US. I was able to write and record in my bedroom and send the song directly via internet, its just amazing. the only problem with the internet is the fact that everything is free.. it’s not good for business.. but great for exposure and getting work all over the world, it makes the world so much smaller in that aspect.

12. Who would you most like to work with, if you haven’t worked with them already?

I would like to work with Imogen Heap, Jim Abyss and David Guetta.

Shannon Hurley – California (Self Released)

You know, I love a good singer songwriter as much as I love a good band. Enter Shannon Hurley, I had heard about her for years and I finally heard some stuff recently and enjoyed it. This new album of her is something really special, something that should be cherished. She is an amazing singer songwriter who can write such lovely pop songs both in the catchy upbeat world as well as the beautiful ballad. Slow Down starts off the album well with a nice beautifully written ballad tune that shows off her songwriting, vocals and musicianship with her and her band. California the title track, is another winning track, it’s well written, performed, lyrics are good and you can feel her passion for her songs coming thruout the music. Signs Of Life is the catchy upbeat energetic pop tune that well written with some excellent piano playing. Looking For Sunshine has excellent piano playing as well. The band behind her work well with her and help bring her amazing tunes to life. The songs are very well produced and are a joy to the ears. Beg Steal Borrow would be my pick off the album, it also should be the radio single off the album, that’s my pick. It’s just a beautifully written song, with good lyrics, solid vocals and everything just feels right. Stay is another pick as well, just another catchy upbeat pop tune that full of life and energy. It’s a great tune. Hollywood + Vine is a track that a little bit different to the rest, lyrics and how it is constructed. It’s a good tune, use of electric guitar really stands out as does the drum machine. Another pick for me is In Your Shoes, just a well written song that is really sung well. How Long is like Hollywood + Vine, the use of guitar and drum machine are used in a good way and make the song a little bit different.  If I Could also fits in the same category and her vocals really do stand out, has almost rocky soul feel to it. The last song You With Me is a winner of track another song that she should make a song for radio play. Her voice really stands out and ls a beautifully sweet song that full of life and harmonies. I loved this album, Shannon is an amazing songwriter, she knows how to write beautifully sweet tunes that a such a joy to the ears. Would be one of my favourite albums of the year so far. You need this.

Emma Hamilton Interview


Emma Hamilton is one of the most exciting singer songwriters I’ve come across this year. I discovered her album La Musique and fell in love with it. Such beautifuly written jazz pop songs that are sung in French & English.  She is an extremely talented artist who is going places. So read on and find out why La Musique is one of the best albums of the year so far.

1. Are you happy with the response to the album so far?

I am very happy with the response to my album so far. It’s so exciting to hear people tell me that they love my music and that they saw the CD in the store and decided to buy it. I am also thrilled about the fact that the album reached #9 on the Aria Jazz charts just 3 weeks after it’s release!!!

2. How did the recording process go for the album?

The recording of the album was one of the most intense periods of my life. My younger brother Thomas was the producer and arranger, and because between us we play a lot of the instruments ourselves, there was a huge amount of preparation involved. We were also really lucky to have our pick of some of Australia’s leading musicians contribute to the album. Everyday was like Christmas – getting to hear these incredible musicians shape our music in such a beautiful way!

3. What has been the inspiration for album?

My album "La Musique" was inspired by so many aspects of my musical life so far. I sing mainly in French (and some songs in English) because of my dual citizenship. The album in my interpretation and experience of a romanticised France. It is meant to transport you somewhere else, and it includes a wide spectrum of musical styles that all reflect my own personal tastes and influences.

4. How did ABC Jazz get involved with releasing the album?

I signed with the label ABC Jazz last year, after they spotted me performing in a jazz club in Sydney. They approached me to make an album, and "La Musique" is the result of that collaboration.

5. What inspires you when writing your songs?

I am inspired by so many styles of music : Jazz and swing, gypsy music, orchestral pop, French standards, folk music, waltzes… And I really look up to songwriters such as Paul Simon who is so diverse with his musical styles, and also has such catchy and beautiful melodies.

6. How has the French sound inspired your music?

I have always been attracted to singing in French because my family is French, and I think that I can be so much more theatrical and dramatic when I sing in French. The actual language can also allow me to me to be emotive and more playful with the actual sounds of the words.

7. How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music out there?

I am constantly so surprised about how people find me on youtube, or facebook and decide to engage with my music. I think that social networking is also a great way for people to find out more about me, and me about them. I must admit I am a complete addict!! Not only do I have an iphone, a couple of laptops and now an ipad2! I am always on social networking sites!

8. How is playing Jazz Music different to when you were playing Pop Music in a band?

In my band we used to play what we called "jazz-pop" and I guess what I do today is not that different, probably just no electric guitars! Since my band was also with my brother, the dynamic is quite similar. But the main difference to what I used to do is the instrumentation, and now we have a lot more strings on our music.

9. So are you excited about playing live in Paris?

I am soooo excited to be performing live in Paris!!! Paris is my favourite city in the world, and I would say that France is definitely my second home. It’s so cool to be going back to France this time with my album under my belt, and to be performing to a French-speaking audience!

10. Where has been your favourite place to play so far?

So far the coolest gig I did was performing at the Enmore Theatre supporting Ryan Adams! This is such an iconic venue in Sydney, and the audience was huge and it was overall such a great performance!

11. What do you do to prepare for playing a live show?

To prepare for a live show, I always think carefully about the line-up, which instruments and musicians. The setlist also requires a lot of consideration, to organise the order of the songs, to get a good balance between up-tempo songs and gentler songs. I also warm up my voice with scales, drink heaps of water and really focus on getting "into the zone".

12. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?

My dad is really my biggest fan! He comes to all our gigs, lugs gear, films us… Ever since I was a kid he has been supporting my brother and I by taking us to recording studios and letting us play loudly in the family home growing up!

13. What is next for Emma Hamilton?

Well, I would really like to make another album , I have so many new songs that I am excited about, and I would like to be doing more concerts overseas!! I am very excited about the future!

Chaos Divine – The Human Connection (Firestarter Distribution)
Ok I have had this album for a while and finally got around to reviewing it and yeah leave it to a Perth band to release of the best must have metal albums of the year. It’s music with balls,energy, melodies and a singer who can sing as well as growl and do it amazingly. The first song off the album One Door, which hits the album off on the right note, which is an amazing song that highlight the ban talent for writing these amazing long epic anthems that show off the bands talent for songwriting, vocals, lyrics and musicianship. Songs like At The Ringing Of The Siren, The Beaten Path show off the bands knack of killer riffs, energy and musicianship in the music. Chasing Shadows, Beautiful Abyss would be two of my picks off the album alongside One Door amazing guitar playing, vocals, melodies and the quality production shows off here perfectly.  Invert Evolution would be one of the shorter songs off the album most songs are over 6 minutes but it doesn’t hold back on the energy, intensity that the band delivers with it’s music. It finishes off with the song No Road Home(Solastalgia) which is an epic track and finishes off the album well. This is an amazing album, melodic metal done so well, production is first class, songs are are all written well and David Anderson is the perfect front man for this band, he a solid singer who can sing real well and has the lyrics to back it up. Firestarter have done it again, You Need This Album, it is one of the best albums of the year.

Sons Of Rico


Sons Of Rico are one of my favourite bands of last year after recieving the amazing album Reactions in the mail to review which blew me away.They are currently touring around Australia this month and are worth seeing live. So was stoked to be able to interview them. So read the interview and go check them out live. I’ll see you at The East Brunswick Club this Thursday.


1. Are you happy how people have received the album?

Absolutely! As far as I can tell, it has been very well received. The best compliments I get are people telling me they have it in their car or listen to it while they’re studying.

2. How has triple j support helped the band?

Initially triple j gave us a leg up onto the One Movement stage and a triple j Unearthed feature. From then on they’ve been spinning a couple of our singles which has boosted triple j listener’s awareness of Sons of Rico tenfold!

3. What was the inspiration for the album?

Actually making the thing was the inspiration. It’s been a personal goal of mine to write and record a full length album that I would be proud of – and I definitely succeeded there!

4. Is hard having the drummer in another band as well as yours?

There are times when we can’t rehearse or we have to turn down gigs but it’s very important to view any situation in a positive light. We’re always asking ourselves “if we’re unable to do something for whatever reason, what can we do to remain productive and maintain our momentum?”

5. What inspires you when writing your songs?

Melody and instrumentation.  I know that I enjoy listening to music with a strong melody, so it makes sense that I attempt to write strong melodies too! Instrumentation is an interesting thing too. I recently bought an upright piano and I’ve penned a couple of songs that I know I would never have written if I was strumming away at a guitar. Then in terms of the lyrical content of songs, inspiration normally comes from personal experience or bizarre stories that I’ve read and can somehow relate to.

6. How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music out there?

We’re living in pretty interesting times with this internet thingy majiggy! Audiences have always needed a reason to engage with your band and music. It’s always been difficult for emerging bands to encourage people to “give ‘em a go”, but the internet has definitely made this a lot easier. No longer is it an absolute necessity for bands to be on the radio or to even perform live! In the case of Sons of Rico, social media has been invaluable when it comes to notifying fans of our movements and plans.

7. How has the WA Music Community helped the band?

We’ve had a lot of help along the way in our musical careers – from other local band’s album launch support slots to community radio love at stations such as RTRfm.

8. How did it feel to have band members win WAMI awards?

I feel like a proud mother.. or father. Actually yes, let’s go with father. Definitely father.

9. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career?

You’ve got to love and be proud of the music that you make. As you would a mother to your children. Ah! FATHER! I meant father!

10. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?

My best friends: John, Paul, George and Ringo.

11. Have you had much feedback from people overseas about the album?

Not really at this stage since we focus all our efforts on gaining national exposure, but we have had a few emails come in and some web reviews abroad!


Thu 9 June – The East
Brunswick Club, Melbourne

w/ Boys Boys
, Radio Star

Tickets through the East Brunswick Club

Fri  10 June – Spectrum, Sydney

w/ Boys Boys
, Made in Japan

through Moshtix

Sat 11 June – The Great
Northern Hotel, Newcastle

w/ The Owls, Boys Boys
, The Moderns

through Oztix

Sat 18 June – Amplifier,

w/ Carl Fox, Seams, Mezzanine

Tickets through Moshtix

Fri  24 June – Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury

w/ Antonio Paul

Free entry

Sat 25 June – Settlers
Tavern, Margaret River

w/ Antonio Paul

Free entry


 Emerald Sun is a up and coming aussie hip hop artist who has been making waves in the scene, supporting Chingy & Bone Thugs & Harmony and will be working with 2pac’s Outlawz member  Stormey Coleman. This guy is extremely talented and is going places. I liked what he was doing, so read on and find out more.

1. Are you happy with how people have received the new release?

yeah…I’ve got nothing but love from the fans, general public and also
alot of respect from the hip hop scene, which is good cause everyone
knows the scene is filled with a lot of big egos.

2. What was the inspiration for the release?

inspiration comes from the most drama filled part of my life, the wild
teenage years you know and just representing how I grew up and the whole
darwin suburban street life and our attitudes, as well as how I got
into hip hop to begin with.

3. What inspires you when writing your songs?

first an foremost….Also Every beat has a story waiting to be told, it
also helps if that beat relates to how I’m feeling at the time and the
knowledge my mind is consuming also plays a part!

4. How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music out there?

internet is the best tool for financially broke independents to get out
there. What me and my producers and label partners ThaBrotherz did, was
keep feeding the public  with music videos, I pretty much developed
most of my fan base from it. I mean The Return Of The King Hit Video hit
20, 000 hits on youtube, which is pretty good considering their was no
promotion except via Facebook and handing out CDs on a Street level.

5. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career?

of all enjoy the journey and keep your ego in check, as far as getting
out there goes,    If your not getting anywhere doing what your doing,
try something else and never neglect the reason you got into it in the
first place, your love for music, Stay with the art!

6. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?

friends ThaBrotherz offered to produce an album for me if I left darwin
and moved in with them in Melbourne, that was four years ago, we’ve
been through a lot of shit since then.  Also we have a new member to the
clan Paul Le who’s been helping behind the scenes, other than that my
family and my fans continue to support me through my musical

7. Any plans to go overseas with the music?

want to stop over in the U.S. sometime next year and possibly New
Zealand I think they’d love my shit, also certain parts of Asia, just to
do an overall  analysis and see what my next big move is! 

8. What was it like to support Chingy & Bone Thugs & Harmony?

was just a good opportunity to perform to thousands of people, Chingy
was a good dude and Bone Thugz VIP room was clouded with weed smoke and
drunk groupies. You could say it was a typical stereotype  rap star
 party, I try to keep my partying to a minimum though, it usually just
acts as a distraction from my goals.

9. What do you do to prepare for when playing live?

like to go over my set lightly a couple hrs beforehand then I usually
scope the crowd out early on the night and see what’s up! Then have  a
little sippy sippy then it’s Showtime! 

10. Whats next for Emerald Sun?

I finish promoting my EP Climbing Hills, your gonna see a collaboration
with no other than 2pac’s Outlawz member Stormey Coleman, expect some
killer music videos and the release of my album late in the year which
I’m tipping to title  "Mind State Of  A Dreamer" because that probably
best describes the mind state I’m in right now! Also an Australian tour
is on the cards.

Belinda Chapple Interview
I’ve interviewed Belinda before, and a fan of what she does and wanted to know what she been up to recently and this what she had to say. Read on.



1. What are you doing in Singapore?

I came to Singapore beginning of 2010 to work for Universal Studios as company manager for the talent. 

2. How did you get into singing Jazz Tunes?

I have always loved singing Jazz, it seems to come a lot more naturally to me compared with other styles of

3. How did oz erotica come about?

was working with an act in Singapore and realized that Vegas was
missing a new age, class act – female revue show from Australia! We
found investors, an American based production company and presto 🙂

4. What have you learned from managing events in overseas markets?

is very different to Australia in the way they operate .It took me a
while to get used to, but now i understand and enjoy the challenge.

5. How is this different for you then singing and performing?
have been performing on Stage singing and dancing since i was 13. At
the end of 2009 i decided i needed a big change and a break from
performing. I really love working on the other side especially in an
international market, it makes such a wonderful change to be working and
living in other countries outside of Australia.

6. Will hear some new music from you any time soon?

No i doubt it! i currently have my plate full.

7. What has been the highlight from the last few years?

Watching all my creative ideas come to life with an amazing cast in the production Oz
Erotica and meeting a very special love.

8. How did sabin and chapple productions come about?
Sabin and I have worked together for many years. I bought him over to
work on a project at a casino on Sentosa Island in Singapore. During
this particular job we decided to join forces and start our own
production compan.

9. What have you listened to recently you’ve really enjoyed?

I love Adele, her tone is wonderful.

10. What is next for Belinda Chapple?

more time in the US with the launch of Oz Erotica, i have another
exciting project that sits along side the show which I am unable to
expose at this stage 🙂 I will also be settling into my new home in
Singapore, home decorating with my wonderful man.