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Aleyce Simmonds Interview


Aleyce Simmonds is a up and coming singer songwriter who I reckon is gonna be one of the biggest country singer songwriters in this country. So read on why you should get a copy of Pieces Of Me for your cd collection.
The album is available in all good record stores, itunes, bigpond music etc.

1.    Are you happy with the response to the
album so far?

I’m blown away! Releasing music,
especially music that you’ve written yourself is very close to your heart so
when people actually like it, it’s such a relief!

What has been the inspiration for the

I drew inspiration
from pretty much every facet of my life. Family, love, friends, every day

3.     How did it feel to
win Telstra Road to Tamworth?

It was a life
changing experience. I was all set to study to be a music teacher at the Sydney
Conservatorium and ended up flying to Nashville Tennessee to record my first
single instead!

4.. How did the development deal with Sony BMG Music help with your career?

It gave me the
opportunity to develop my craft as a singer/songwriter and my own ‘style’.

I met lots of people
that still give me guidance today.

5.     What inspires you
when writing your songs?

A little bit of
everything. Imagination certainly plays a part also but mostly things that I
see, feel, do, hear about etc.

5.     How the internet
& social media played a part in getting your music out there?

It has certainly made it a lot easier
to interact with and share my music with people all over the world! It’s very
addictive too!

What have you learned from writing with
other people?

Writing with many
different writers has shown me many different approaches to songwriting, it has
been great because I’ve molded my approach now to include different things and
ways that I thought were effective.

7.     What do you hope the
album will do for your music career?

I hope that it will
lay a foundation for what I hope will be a successful career for me as a
recording artist.

8.     What advice can you
give to somebody wanting to make a music career?

Believe!!! It’s not
an easy career, it’s lots of hard work but the successes (even the tiny ones)
are soooooo amazing!!

9.     Who has been your
greatest help with your music so far?

My family, they never stop believing in
me. Also my Producer and Sony, the guidance that they gave me was priceless.

10.  What is next for
Aleyce Simmonds?

Touring this beautiful country, trying to make sure as many
people as possible hear my music!

Heidi Schwartz Interview

Heidi Schwartz is a very talented singer songwriter, who music I think is phenomenal and thought was worthy of publicity on Parx-e. so read on and find out why I think her music is amazing.

1. Are you happy with how things are going for your music

Hmmm. To be honest, that’s a twisted question for me. 
On one hand I think music & art should reflect the truth of wherever your
life path travels. So if I look at it that way I would say yes. But on the
other hand the life of the Indy artist isn’t the easiest.  There are times
I look at super successful acts that are not so talented and I think to myself
"What the F&%$?!?".  Then I go sit on a rock and

2. How will the recording process be different to your first release?

First & foremost I won’t take myself so seriously. I
suppose that’s the beauty of experience, it gives you the gift of faith &
that allows breathing room.  

3. What will be, has been the inspiration for the new release?

There’s a wide range of inspiration for the next project. I hesitate to say
this phrase ‘adult perceptive’ but that’s what comes to mind. My last record
had a strong youthful defiance. This is more of me sinking my teeth in my own

4. Who do you hope to work with on the new release?

I’m talking to a few different people for this project. I’m
going to pick peers that it just feels easy with, like butter…. ha ha.
Recording a music project with someone is kind of like a relationship. You
either feel it or you don’t, you get each other or you don’t. It’s the
chemistry mystery. 

5. What inspires you when writing your songs

Ideas are like air, they are floating all around us, we just
have to grab them & put them down. And in general I’m pretty emotional so
I’ve always got something that I need to process & work out of me. I over
think EVERYTHING.  But I’m inspired by other artists too. I’m also a
painter & I love to process concepts when I’m painting. Painting &
writing are, for me, fuel for each other.   

6. How has the Internet & social media played a part in getting your music
out there?

For an Indy artist like me it’s pretty much THE engine that drives vehicle. It
is THE connector!

7. Who have you enjoyed playing with the most?

I opened for an artist named Jeff Finlin. He is such a GREAT
lyricist. He had me hooked from the first song.

8. What do you hope the new album will do for your music career?

I hope that it provides a demand to make more projects. My
goal is simple. I just want to continue making music & hopefully have an
audience that gets enjoyment from it. I don’t have to be a superstar, I just
want to keep doing what I love! 

9. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career? 

Make music because you love to do it. Let it be natural and
grow organically. You can’t control how other people will perceive or if they
will receive what you do.

10. Who have you enjoyed listening to recently?

I’ve recently discovered a band called "As Tall As
Lions" and I’ve been listening to them on repeat… repeat. 

11. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?

This is strange, but probably my close friends. Because they
have been my grounding support. Having that makes ALL the difference in the

12. What is next for Heidi Schwartz?

Awe, the predictor question. That’s funny cause you never
can tell what is ahead, ‘especially’ on the artistic career path. I just ‘try’
to do what I do and then let it go.  The point is the work itself, I
believe it’s important to focus on the creative process and give it all you
got. Keep your head low & in the work, otherwise you’ll make yourself go
banana split!

Jimmy Gnecco Interview

Jimmy Gnecco who also is the band Ours released the great album The Heart last year which is a cracker of an album. I first heard about him due to a friend sending me his album and I was hooked. Really good songs and worthy of being in your cd collection.  I wanted to know a little bit more so I did.

1. Are you happy how people have received the heart?
I am. It seems like people who like my music are really loving the record.
2. How was the recording process different to be in a band when recording an album?
The Heart, I played everything, so if I had an idea I just went and did
it. This was a lot of fun for me. Lots of first takes for me on this
record as well.

3. What was the inspiration for the album?
All sorts of things. LIfe, death, unanswered questions, resolve, and mainly love.

4. How are things different now with the music since you started playing solo?
I purposely chose songs that I didn’t hear myself doing for Ours. These
songs for the most part are probably more straight ahead and simple,
but oddly enough I finally felt like a songwriter on this record.

5. What inspires you when writing your songs?

6. How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music out there?
I guess for me it’s a way to keep people informed on what’s happening. I
don’t really spend anytime on them though because I’m busy making
music. I believe that is the job of management and a record label, not
the songwriter or artist. That’s just my personal opinion.

7. Will you do some more shows with Plain Jane Automobile?
I hope so.

8. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career?
Make sure that you love what you do, and enjoy the journey.

9. Is it easier or harder playing solo compared to playing in a band?
Just different.

10. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far?
Impossible to say. So many people have supported me and shown me love over the years. I’m grateful for them all.

11. Have you had much feedback from people overseas about the album?
Here and there. There hasn’t been much of a campaign for the record yet. I’m hoping that will happen soon.

Thank you Chris.
Shannon Hurley Interview
 Shannon Hurley is a talented singer songwriter from America, who writes such good songs, that are a joy to the ears, She has a great sound and songs that are a joy to the ears. She has been praised by Rolling Stones and has played the Park Hyatt in Vietnam. Read about her new up coming album California which sure will be amazing and no doubt will be one of the best of the year.

1. Are you happy with how the new album has turned out?
am extremely happy with the way it turned out. The people I got to work
with on this album were my all-star team. Guy Erez (who produced
"Sunrise" and "Matter of Time" from my previous album "Ready to Wake
Up") was the one I had in mind all along to be on board this record, so
it’s nice that we got to do 4 new songs together. 
I have a sense of anticipation because almost nobody has heard these
songs yet. Only the players. I have kept the material top secret except
for a couple of tracks. The song "California" was written in 2008 and I
put a video out for that one. Earlier this year "Beg Steal
Borrow" was featured in the Emmy-nominated series "Venice".

2. How were things different recording wise compared to the last album? 
was very different because I produced seven out of the eleven songs, as
opposed to none on the last record.  The four songs that Guy produced
were at least partially recorded in my bedroom studio and then I would
take files to him and we would layer everything together. I love the
patchwork of taking things you like from a demo and shaping it until you
get what you want.
3. What has been the inspiration for the new album? 
2009 my bassist/husband Ben and I decided to pack up and move from Los
Angeles to Nashville, TN. He was growing tired of the city (especially
having worked for a record label for 2 years and  he has the
unbelievable stories to back it up). we both thought Nashville would be a
cool place to live. I wrote "California" as a love letter to the west
coast. It was then I knew I had intentions of writing a whole album on
the subject of my experience in Los Angeles. For the record, we moved
back to L.A. in 2010 🙂

4. How is being solo different to the other project you are involved in?
solo stuff is unfiltered. I am writing straight from the heart,
autobiographical lyrics. It’s usually a little more conventional- you
know, piano, vocals, electric + acoustic guitars, bass and drums.
& Poets is still me, but through a different lens. I think it might
be like acting..Although it’s still me- I am playing more to a certain
angle. It’s
more chill-pop with electronic beats and loops, and more focus on a
rolling bass groove.

5. What inspires you when writing your songs?
just think about music. I think of songs by my favorite artists and I
try to find out what it is I like about those songs. Some days I have a
clear idea of a subject I want to write about but most days I stumble on
a chord progression or melody and that will dictate what the song is

6. How the internet & social media played a part in getting your music out there?
really all I have. I guess it’s the one thing I love to do, in terms of
promoting. Connecting with fans on twitter and facebook is really
enjoyable to me. It’s fun for me to design my own website and put my
music up for sale on cd baby. I love meta-tagging. Yes, I’m a
7. Where has been your favorite place to play so far?
favorite place is Taix Lounge (here in LA). It is a French restaurant
and all the people who listen are just so cool and they really give us
their ears when we play. I wish every place was like that!
8. What do you hope the new album will do for your music career?
want people to listen up when a song from the new album comes on. I
want people to say, "who is that?" I am hoping to become Mystery Girl.
It would be great to have some placements in some more tv shows and
movies. That is a goal I would love to see come true.
9. What advice can you give to somebody wanting to make a music career?
I would tell them to practice. "How
do you get to Carnegie Hall?" "Practice, practice, practice".
10. Who has been your greatest help with your music so far? 
far, it would be my husband Ben. He is so honest with me. Every song I
write, Ben hears it. He’s my sounding board for everything I do. 

11. What is next for Shannon Hurley?
probably shift back in to Lovers & Poets mode for the next album.
I’ve also got a few things coming out in the trance world coming out
this year, so you might be hearing more about that soon. One is a track
called "Sun Gone Down" by Protoculture that I am featured on. In other
words, lots of fun stuff!

Old School Interview – Colleen Marie


Interview With Colleen Marie By Chris

Colleen Marie is many things.
She has a degree in being a vet.
She is a playmate(August 2003) which means a model.
She also wants to host her own show.
She is certainly one of the nicest. So here is the


1. How has your life changed since doing

I have travelled all over the US, met tons of new people
and celebrities, and paid off some on my student

2. Is it fun posing for Playboy and doing the photo

Yes, it is fun shooting. I love working with photographers,
makeup artists, and everyone. Shooting is hard sometimes
b/c you are stuck in one pose for a while sometimes. The
best is seeing the final product after its all done.

3. Why did you decide to become a vet?

I love animals. I always wanted to be a vet since I was
little and I guess it never crossed my mind to do anything
else. 🙂

4. Was it a hard degree to study for?

Yes, definitely. It is four years undergrad and a four-year
program for the DVM. I spent many late nights doing all
nighters for tests. You can’t even learn everything you
need to know in those four years.

5. What are some your favourite TV shows going

Hmm. I don’t watch much TV but I love Nip Tuck, The Shield,
Cribs, Survivor, and Fear Factor

6. What’s your view on realty TV?

Obviously I like some of it. But it is way overdone now and
they should cut back on some of the shows they have.

7. What are some of your favourite movies?

Brave Heart, LOR I-III, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless
Mind, The Last Samurai, The Secretary

8. What movies that you have seen recently you have
really enjoyed?

Million Dollar Baby, Man on Fire, Finding Neverland

9. What are some of your favourite musical

Audioslave, DMB, The Elected, JayZ, LL cool J

10. What would we find on Colleen Marie stereo at the

Audioslave, Bob Marley, DMB, Anthony?

11. What is one thing you most like to do

I want to host my own TV show

12. What have you got lined up next to do?

Hopefully hosting my own show and being a successful model
in NYC



Interview 2

1. Why change the site?

My girlfriend Lindsey just started a new website design
company and offered to redo my old site. It was in
desperate need of an update so…

2. Are you happy how it has turned out?

It is amazing!!! It has way more features then the
last one and I can do a lot more.

3. Have you had many people sign up yet?

To be honest I have no idea, LOL. I know there are at least
15 maybe 20?? I can’t wait till I hit a 100!!

4. What has been the highlight of your career so

Definitely being a playmate was the at the top. They are a
great company to work for and the pics are always soooo
hot. 🙂

5. Have you much modelling since being a

I still model today. I moved to NYC after I became a
playmate and have been working here for the last 2

6. Who would you most like to model for?

Victoria’s Secret or SI

7. Is it hard to be a Vet and do Modelling as

It is but only with the scheduling. It is a very rigid
schedule to be a vet and an unexpected one being a model,
so I have to turn down a lot of modeling jobs. 🙁

8. What can people expect when becoming a member of your

Well there will be new pics every 2 weeks, nude and
non-nude. I will be doing chats and I have a forum and a
blog. There are lists of all my appearances so people can
hang out with me.

9. If you could star in any ones video clip who would it

hmmm music wise it would have to be DMB or Audioslave
video, if it were movies I would love to be in Braveheart
or LOR

  10. Which magazine would most like to be on the
cover for?

Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. 🙂

  11. Would you ever try your hand at

I have done some tv hosting and I really like that. I am
not sure if I could do the whole acting thing. Who

  12. How has your life changed since being a

I have travel led so much and met some many amazing people.
I have got to work with some great photographers and makeup

  13. What next for Colleen Marie?

I want to build up my website, maybe do a calendar or two,
get a job hosting a show on E!   Who knows!