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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Radio Star – A Common Tale – Single

Now this is a pretty catchy rocking tune, from the minute it started playing I was hooked. It grabbed me, it’s a nice bouncy rocking pop tune. Call it what you want but these boys have delivered a tip top song that I could see the kids dancing and singing away to.  Very impressed, nicely produced, sung and performed. Top Stuff.  No doubt this will be the next big radio hit.

Starting Sunday – Self Titled (BNM Records)

This is a nice EP, What these guys do they do it well. They have crafted and written a pretty good, rocking EP, with solid vocals and melodies, good lyrics and great musicianship. The band has spent the time writing and crafting such good tunes which are evident in the tracks This Low, Crawling & These Guys, which is my pick off the EP.  It reminds a little bit of Further Earth, a great Perth band. These guys have been doing it for a while and this is a good EP to get you introduced into the band. It’s a little punky, a little rocky and a little poppy, they could your new favorite band. Enjoyed.

Tiffany Toth

Tiffany Toth is a model who been in PB and a bunch of shows, magazines. This is her life, her career and she doing good out of it. This interview was done when she first started out. Now she doing real good and also is a makeup artist as well.


1. how has your life changed since doing

1) My life has pretty much stayed the same except for the
fact that a lot of people have seen me naked.

2. Why pose for in PB?

2) PB is just so classy and the girls are

3. Is it fun doing the photo shoots?

3) Of course they’re fun. You get to be pampered all

4. How have people responded when you tell them your in PB?

4) I didn’t tell anyone. People just started finding out on
their own. There’s a positive and negative side to

5. Why get into Modelling?

5) Its fun. What’s more fun than getting dressed up,
pampered and get paid for it.

6. Any one you most like to work with?

6) Hmm I’ll have to think of that one..

7. How have your parents responded to you being in

7) They are very supportive of anything I do.

8. If you could be in any music video who would it

8) Maybe a killers or greenday music video (so I could meet
the lead singers)

9. What were some of your favourite shows growing

9) Saved By The Bell, The Simpsons

10. Realty TV Good Or Bad?

10) I like reality TV. (Laguna Beach!)

11. What are some of your favourite movies?

11) 50 First Dates, Sixteen Candles, pretty much any cheesy
80’s chick flicks

12. What movies that you have seen recently you have

12) Haven’t been to the movies recently

13. What is next for Tiffany Toth?

13) Hopefully to continue modelling for PB

Bright Knights – The Ocean And The Night (Self Released)

At times I can have cd’s sitting for a while because the real world takes it tole. But like Sons Of Rico amazing debut album Reactions come another winning debut album for an indie rock/alt rock Aussie band doing something really well done and just screams you need this. From the opening note on the starting track Post Modern Lines you are hearing something well thought out and really well performed. The vocals and the lyrics really stand out. This Love has hints of The Temper Trap and shows of the musicianship of the band, solid vocals and lyrics and captures the songwriting as well. Claude Monet would be one of my picks off the album because of the way the song structured, the way it is sung, the lyrics and of coarse how it is performed. It’s quite a catchy track and I could easily see Triple J playing it. Bright Lights also screams radio play, it’s a catchy track with good lyrics, guitar riffs and licks and solid vocals. It’s one of those songs, that crowds would go nuts for. With Ocean Eyes, I love the use of organ/keyboard. It adds something else to track and makes it one of the highlights off the album. The vocals and lyrics as well as the musicianships are fine. Cold Faces is another pick off the album, it’s well written and well played. Explosions and Gun is a ballad style track with the use of piano at the start of the track and use of backing vocals sung by Elle Skies who also feature on Claude Monet & Explosions are a really nice touch. Black Cars is another energetic track full of great vocals and melodies. It’s a bit more rocker than most of the track but it works and adds to the album. Fighter is another pick off the album, another pick for radio play, it’s energetic, fast paced and really enjoyable to listen to and the vocals truly shine here. Lovers is another track that is energetic reminds me a bit of The Temper Trap, it’s got some great guitar playing and solid vocals. It finishes off with Oh Brother a good way to finish off the album, it’s nicely written, sung and well played and captures the bands sound and style nicely. The production of this album is first class, the band has spent the time and money making something worth while and you the listeners are rewarde

Simone And Girlfunkle – Self Titled (Self Released)

Now here a lovely a release by a band who have two lovely female singers sing so sweetly it’s infectious. The songs are beautifully written, every melody and note just work so perfectly together. It’s really well done folk music that has been done right that makes you stand up and take notice. It’s more so notable in the opening track Sailing. Songs like Passive are like haunting journeys. The use of the violin is a lovely touch throughout the ep. The vocals by Bridget and Gabrielle are fantastic, they are such good singers and the songs are written so good, that the vocals just fall into place easily and suit the music to a tea. Chilly Cold is a lovely upbeat song, that really catchy and makes you buzz and feel the groove of the tune. Casanova let’s the vocals shine and they truly stand out. Has a bit of a Spanish feel. Probably my pick off the ep. Moleta is another good track. Good use of drums and it just really really works. The remix of Passive is fine and finishes off the ep well. This is a good solid release for a Australia act. the songs are solid, the vocals are amazing and the band is perfectly suited to the music. If you love folk music and you love it done right. Get this, you will not be disappointed.

Julie Dickson


Julie Dickson is a multi talented person runs her own business, acts and produces film/documentaries.

We been a fan for a while.  She been these films which you’ll get to see soon  “The Counterpart” & “Just Like U”

 She got plenty of stuff in the pipeline. You will no doubt see and her name. She worth checking out and putting in your film or tv project. 

 Check out more of her here.





Electric & Eclectic – Rarities Volume One (Popboomerang Records)

Compilation CD’s are a great way to discover acts you’ve never heard of before and then go and discover the rest of their music. My favorite compilation CD is from a British record label featuring punk pop & ska bands and does it right. This rarities CD by Popboomerang falls into that category. If you never heard of Popboomerang before and wanna know what the specialize in. The pop part should give it away. It has a variety of stuff on then from 60’s britpop styling’s of Adrian Whitehead to the new breed of modern power pop/punk music from Celadore. Bands like The Bon Scotts who do really catchy enjoyable folk music, Danna & The Changes who are power pop meets a dash of rock’n’roll. But my picks off the cd are The Bon Scotts, Celadore, D Rogers, Skipping Girl Vinegar, Adrian Whitehead, Danna & The Changes, Bryan Estepa. But seriously folks if you love good pop music there is something for everyone here. So go and get this people and check out some good enjoyable Aussie pop music then go and buy their albums.