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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Earlier in the year with the whole
rally & live music issue, I decided to do a documentary/short
film on live music and why people should come back. In the process of
making this documentary which may come out some stage, people are
going to shows, it’s just the type of shows they are going to like
the show I went saw last Friday being Rav Thomas playing the Gershwin
room at the espy, I was already going to see the amazing Jo Dawson
play but his publicist said come down and I’m glad I did because all
the music I saw I missed the first two act were incredible. I arrive
in time to see the band Jakk’s Azimuth play and boy they were good
doing funk, reggae, pop, soul kinda stuff with keyboards, saxophone,
bass, acoustic guitar and drums and they were sounding so good. The
first song was my pick out of them. Then Jo Dawson plays who I think
is part of the new breed of singer songwriters who are doing music
that is different for Melbourne, not doing the whole
folksy,jazzy,blues thing and her music just incredible. Her music is
rock/poppy edgy kinda music. She writes all her own tunes and the
band playing with her are her backing band when she plays live. She
is an energetic singer that some solid songs like Better Than That
and the song Bad Behavior. She mixes it up with both acoustic and
electric guitar and she does it so well. Tonight she was no
exception, she sounded goods, songs were nice & solid sounding.
She got the talent for a very successful career. Now Rav Thomas is
here to launch his single Like A Game Show Host to a sold out crowd
and there is a reason for that. His music is really good, good catchy
upbeat feel good reggae type music that leaves you with a smile on
your face and he been doing it a for a while and the song became
number 1 on the ARIA physical single charts. He is on fire tonight,
singing with such power & passion. You can feel the energy and
intensity coming off the stage into the audience and they are loving
it. The cover of Jealousy is really good and adds a unique spin to
the song. The single that he was launching tonight is nothing short
of amazing, he just knows how to perform as a performer. The room
has an incredible vibes, just so much happiness and feel good vibes.
You can’t just help it but get into the vibes. This was a great show
he a great performer and deserves the success he is getting. He got
great songs that really connect with people and also wanna make
people get up and dance too. Great night.

Artist To Watch Out For – Jo Dawson


  Photo by Lucia Ondrusova

Now I’m usually pretty nice to everything that get sent my way, I believe everybody has something to offer. But then their are times when I love something and I’m hooked for a while. I think they are brilliant gonna be huge. I think I have found somebody who captures all of that. Talent, driven, good catchy songs & the complete package. Jo Dawson is her name, I meet her thru a mutual friend and was blown away by what I heard, she is a rock/pop singer songwriter, writes and play pretty much rock/pop songs that are made for radio. She mixes it up with the use of acoustic and electric guitar she plays. She has a full band that she plays with and the band are perfect live. This girl is very different in Melbourne town. She ain’t a folk,jazz,blues or roots singer songwriter, she doing stuff that the crowds are loving. If I hadn’t done my best of 2010 she would be on it

This girl has got it, she gonna be very successful and have a great career. I’m hooked, I want more hehe and I’m a fan now


Blazin’ Entrails – Self Titled (Firestarter Distribution)

Now this is a fun release, Blazin’ Entrails play pychobilly/rockabilly music and they do it very well. This is their debut release and it’s a first class ep full of energy & fun. If you ever seen a band like this play you know how good they are live and I’m sure these guys are good as well. The EP is a first class production, it’s nice & solid sounding, just the right amount of polish and leaving a little bit rawness to it. It starts off with high power energetic rocking good time Ain’t Nothing For You Here to songs like Zombie Elvis Lives which another rocking number about a zombie Elvis and one of my highlights is Lick My Boots Featuring Tobi Lea Gogo on lead vocals about getting the man who double crossed her who about to die to lick her boots, it’s seriously a hoot of a track. `Their a 7 tracks in total and they are all really good, Caleb the front man and guitarist has a voice perfect for this. It also helps he is fantastic guitar player and fit alongside Lee the double bass player & Walt the percussionist. Also take note budding bands this is how you should do artwork. It really stood out. This grab my attention and I wasn’t disappointed. This is a fine release and deserves to be in your CD collection if your a fan of this style of music or not, another winner from Firestarter.

Now I’m in the music industry, this webzine is my hobby, so it was fortune to receive tickets for James Reyne at Trak Lounge Live Music Bar in Toorak and boy as somebody who puts on shows and manages bands I would love to be able to put on a show here. Think the Hi Fi Bar but classier. Now when you walk in here you go down stairs and on your right their a place to grab drink then you can go down to the music area and you have the choice of wait for three bars to grab a drink from. So if you know what the Hi Fi Bar looks like then you can understand the sort a of layout the live music room is. The PA is fantastic, a nice big stage area. The supports Jo Dawson & Rav Thomas were great and James Reyne was on fire and you could tell he was having fun on stage and he played the hits. I liked this room and will happily come back here again to see live music. The team behind the venue have done a fantastic job and it needs to be seen and gone to. It was a fun night I had with my friends and will certainty be back again.

Jenny Dalton


 Jenny Dalton is one of my all time fav singer songwriters, who I first discovered 4 years ago and has been hooked ever since. She even featured on a compilation cd I put out to start my music industry career.  She busy working on a new album which sounds like it’s gonna be amazing. So read on why I think she fantastic


1. What will the new album be about?
The new album was inspired by
blood, roots, family trees and a mixture of folk wisdom, medicine &
art. I wrote many of the songs while I was interested in a return to
simplicity in my life. Kind of carving everything back down to the core
of what’s important in life – love and surviving.

2. What the inspiration behind
it ?

Enjoying the little things – a patch of frayed fabric, a found
seagull feather, a seedling that I planted. Small pleasures. I’m not
sure if that’s what will come through in the sound because I feel like
we’ve actually added complexity to the music as a band. But I can say
these things were on my mind all throughout their creation.

3. What will we see it come out?
It’s hard to say – we are still
in the process of tracking the album. Then mixing, mastering and
releasing are their own animals that take time in their own right.

4. What else have you been
up to music wise?

I’ve been laying pretty low actually. My interest
in simple pleasures and all things tactile have led me to putting all my
creative energy into artsy crafts and gardening.  My gardening endeavor
was a flop, but it was still fun sprouting seeds and digging in the

5. Why did you decide to have some of your music

I’ve always liked electronic music and wish I had the
knowledge to create it. But it’s also fun handing some music files over
to talented people to see what they come up with. I know other musicians
have differing feelings about this: but I really like seeing how
someone else can transform the songs. Let them get processed and
reworked by a different mind. It gives them a new life, some fancy new

6. How has social media helped with your career?
I’ve been able
to keep in touch with the people who like what I do very directly.
There’s no mysterious disconnect for better or worse.

7. What
has been the highlight so far?

I love it when I hear from people who
have found something soothing or healing within the music I’ve made. Or
when I hear from people who are inspired by what I do enough to go and
do something in their lives as well. I love to think the music brings
good into the world.

8.  Where has been the weirdest
place you’ve heard your music being played?

I don’t know if this is
the weirdest place, but it was strange when I went to a friend’s dinner
party, and one of my songs came on the radio. That always feels surreal.

9. How has your
songwriting changed since the first album?

I feel like it’s more
rhythmic, and I like to play around with creating new chords. The band
is also adding some hard, yet beautiful elements to the songs. It’s
sounding very post-punk to me. We’re having a lot of fun with it!

10. Have you found it
easier or harder to write songs these days?

In some ways it’s easier,
but I have to veer away from that because I don’t want to fall into
writing the same songs over and over again. I strive to make it a little
harder so that I can have something fresh for my ears.

11. How do you find your

It’s everywhere! I’m one who believes you have to spend
as much time being inspired as you do being creative. It doesn’t need to
take a lot of work or money to get inspired. Sure, traveling is great,
but so is a trip to the local library, a hike in the woods or a paddle
in a canoe.

The Reefs – The Ghost E.P. (Self Released)

Now this is a very cool release. The Reefs have been gigging around the scene for a while and they know how to perform. This ep highlights their skills and talents as a band. The music I would describe as surf rock, mixed with a dash of reggae and maybe even a little ska. It comes together nicely with 6 rocking tracks from the epic anthem which is the title track The Ghost to jam epic that is (Don’t Let It) Fall In Your Way. The tracks are nicely produced and mastered and the band are pros on their instruments. They know how to write and construct songs that have something to offer the listner. These guys hae a bright future ahead of them. This EP made wanna get out air guitar and rock out for a bit. Nice work.

Jade Feeney


Jade Feeney reads the weather for radio station
103.3 The Edge in Buffalo in America
She also models as well. I wanted to know more so I did.

1. How did you get into radio?

By chance really. I won the first “Hot Counter Help” Contest through the radio station. That led to some promotional work. Within a year later, I was an official member of the Edge team.

2. Do you enjoy reading the weather?

Sometimes. Sometimes in the winter I feel like the bearer of bad news. No one wants to hear Buffalo is going to get hit with another couple feet of snow. We are known for our snow storms here.

3. What is the highlight of working at 103.3 The Edge?

Other than meeting some really funny people, I would have to say the highlight is getting to go to concerts and getting backstage access.

4. If you could program the station, what songs would you play?

I’m partial to old school. So despite the fact the radio station is “New Rock”, I’d have a day where they played all songs from the early 90’s. Just to bring back memories.

5. What is next for Jade Feeney?

There’s alot of things I would love to do. I would LOVE to work with Playboy again. I found everyone I met during that experience to be extrememley friendly and helpful. My dream job is to be a Victoria’s Secret model, but seeing that I’m such a shorty I doubt they’ll be calling anytime soon. But as for now, it’s just back to the normal everyday grind. Nothing really has changed yet in my life.

6. What would you most like to do on the radio?

I really don’t know. But whatever it would be, it would have to be funny. I love to laugh, especially at myself.

7. Has working at the radio station changed since the Janet Jackson scandal?

No, not really. When you are on the air, there is a 7 second delay just in case something does happen like vulgarity. But if I showed my nipple at the station, no one listening to the radion would know anyways. Hmm, that will probably be on people’s minds now while they are listening, eh?

8. What was your favorite tv show growing up?

I had so many it’s hard to choose just one. It depends on how far back you go. There was “Facts of Life”, “Growing Pains”, “Saved by the Bell”, and “Full House”. I guess I watched alot of television.

9. What is your view on reality tv?

I like the concept of reality television because it gives hope to the everyday person that one day they could be on tv too. But, I also think some of the shows are just ridiculous and I can’t believe there are people who actually watch them. I don’t care how much money I was offered, NO WAY would I eat bugs or other disgusting things. Plus, how reality is it when you know producers stage things like conflicts to make the show more interesting?

10. What is your favorite movie?

It’s a really old one that I don’t think anyone else has ever seen except for me, “Girls Just want to Have Fun”. It’s starring really young Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, and Shannon Dougherty. It’s hilarious. If there’s ever a remake, I have to be in it!

11. What are some recent movies you have enjoyed?

The Grudge. It was so scary. Those images stayed with me for days.

12. Who are your favorite musical artists?

Easy. That would definately be Tori Amos.

13. What is on Jade’s stereo at the moment?

Tori Amos’s new CD “The Beekeeper”

14. Would you travel overseas?

Yes I would, but it would have to be a place where the people spoke English, as that is the only language I know.

15. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not working?

Eat food that’s really bad for me, yet, tastes great and sleep.

16. How did you get involved with Playboy?

The guys at my station told me Playboy was looking for Women in Radio. They told me I should go for it. I had wanted to be in Playboy since I was like 13 so it was really a dream come true.

17. What has the response been?

Well, I was a little disappointed to find they were not printing the editorial in the actual magazine. Not as many people are going to get to see it online because it’s a paid site. So, there really hsn’t been a response so far. But, I got to do this interview and that’s fun!

Last words?

To anyone out there who’s a critic- Be kind! One day the tables will be turned on you.

Thanks to Jade Feeney for doing the interview. She Rocks

Ella Freestone – Self Titled (Self Released)

You know 2010 has been a good year for music, lot’s of new and up and coming artists putting out some great releases then their is Ella Freestone. Only 17 years old and put out an album that puts a lot of musicians to shame. Why because she got talent and the songs and the charisma to go far. It starts off with Threading Beads a good pop rock anthem shows of her songwriter, vocals and lyrics. It’s also a song great for radio. Oxygen is another track suited for radio, it’s a sweet touching song with nice dashes of piano, solid vocals and good honest lyrics. Find My Feet Again is big bold pop anthem with solid musicianship, great use of piano and guitar. It’s got everything perfectly in place. Dove In A Cage is where Ella really shines, her vocals just really shine, the guitar and simple use of percussion really works. It’s a really sweet track. Lemon Tree is a nice song about the simpler times of being a kid and really not having a huge care in the world. The song works as it’s a little bit different to others has more of folk,country feel to it. Just Maybe has a nice feel good vibe to it, from the catchy melodies and vocals to the way the song is written and structured. You can help but tap and sing along. Painted Gold is another sweet ballad that’s well written and sung and performed. Illusion is another great track that is really well written and performed and I love the piano touches through out the track. The Sea is the last song written by Ella on the album and is another really great track that shows of her vocals and musicianship nicely. The album finishes off with a good version of the traditional song Motherless Child. In a world of sugary sweet manufactured pop artists it’s a great thing to find an artist such as Ella who writes her own music and writes songs that are light years ahead of anybody else. She is a real talent, a real discovery and an artist who won’t be hidden for much longer. Get this now people.

Samantha Darnell


Samantha Darnell is a new singer songwriter with a load of talent. She doing a pop music with edge and her stuff is catchy and knows how to write a solid tune. She got the talent to go far, so read on.

1. Are you happy how things are gone for you so far with the music?


Yes. The support from everyone has been amazing! I am very lucky to have such dedicated fans.

2. Are you happy with the feedback from the tunes on myspace?


I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback, so I couldn’t ask for much better. I just hope people continue to show the love and the response gets bigger and better with every song.

3. What inspires you when writing music?


Life. Every song is about personal experience. I write a lot about my struggles with love specifically, though. It’s an obsession of mine. Always has been. I think it’s because I’m a control freak and it’s something we cannot control. It’s the ultimate mystery, yet the ultimate understanding. It can construct or destroy. Tricky business, this thing called love. Fascinates me…

4. How has itunes helped with the music?


I am just now wrapping up my record (and verrrrrry excited for it, may I add :P), so I have yet to experience my songs being on iTunes, but I’ve heard wonderful things and will most definitely be making my EP available through it.

5. What’s been your favorite place to play so far?


I really love playing PA. Pennsylvania kids get so into the music. It’s also where my very first band was based, so it brings back good memories of my roots.

6. Who has been the biggest help with your career so far?


My parents have done more than words can say. They’ve been incredibly supportive of my singing ever since I was a young kid and never once questioned it as a career choice or tried to change my mind or pressure me into what society claims as the "safe" or "smart" path. They’ve driven me to endless talent shows, auditions, studio sessions and practices. They’ve invested their hard earned money when I needed help. Most of all, they’ve believed in me. They’re the best. As far as this particular project, my producers, Dan Book and Alexei Misoul, have taken me under their wing and have gone above and beyond their duty to help me succeed. I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done and the musical chemistry the three of us have is something rare and special. We make such an excellent team and I haven’t been more proud of a project in my entire life. Not only are they some of the most talented people I’ve ever met, but they are just genuine, honest, good hearted people and have become some of my best friends.

7. Any plans to release an album?


Yes! Early 2011! What better way to kick start the new year than with a brand new album?? Be sure to check for announcements with details and please get a copy when it’s released! Or 3. Or 10… ;).

8. How has sites such as facebook,myspace & twitter with help getting your name out there?


I have yet to even play my first show with this project, so I’ve been 100% relying on internet social networking to promote my music and to get heard and it’s been fabulous! We have such an advantage this day and age that we can do the things we do and reach the people we reach through our computers. As a matter of fact, today a band from Brazil was telling their fans to check me out. And a couple days before, a college from the UK was telling all their students to check me out. And now here you are from Australia interviewing me! And I’m all the way in my teeny, tiny town of Street, Maryland in my pajamas haha. Baffles me. What I love most is that I’m able to talk to everyone. I talk to my fans every single day. The internet makes that possible. I’m extremely grateful!

9. What been the highlight so far?


When I first started the solo project, I didn’t really know the exact direction I wanted to go in. It was still very up-in-the-air and I was writing a little bit of everything and seeing what worked best. Then, I wrote ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’. That was the start of it all. We knew we had hit a unique niche and then the rest of the album came pouring out. It felt so different, yet so right for me. That was the highlight…finding myself as a solo artist.

10. What have you listen to recently u’ve really enjoyed?

Hmmm, well, I’m very into singer/songwriter stuff. Anything that tugs at my heart strings, ya’ know? I like stuff that stirs the emotion or takes me on mind trips. I’ve been listening to a lot of David Gray lately. Check him out.



Francesca De Valence Interview

 Francesca De Valence is one of the most incredibly talented Aussie singer songwriters I have heard in a long long time. She got great songs, great voice and a first class ep as well. She gonna be huge. Watch this space and read the interview.

1. Are you happy how things are
gone for you so far with the music?

Hmmm, yes and no. I’m happy with what
I’ve done so far, but I’m always looking ahead at what’s next and
wanting more. Yes, I’m one of those people.

2. Are you happy with the feedback
from the ep?

Again yes and no. Thrilled that my
single "Something New" was played on Rage for 3 months, and
was an Australian Songwriting Contest Finalist and a Q Song finalist,
but again wanting more…. I am pretty hard to please.

3. What inspires you when writing

Life and how I experience it – which is
usually pretty analytically and emotionally. I also find inspiration
from gallery exhibitions, a concert, a great meal, listening to a
great song (and wishing I wrote it), experiencing or watching a
joyous moment, seeing someone else making the most of their life.

4. How has itunes helped with the

It’s made the world a much smaller and
more accessible place – instead of my fans in Germany buying a
physical copy of my CD, they can just download it on itunes.

5. What’s been your favorite place
to play so far?

I just played the Toowoomba Flower Food
and Wine Festival Concert (supporting the Hoodoo Gurus) to a crowd of
10,000 with my band – that might be the best place so far! The crowd
was awesome and my band too!

6. Who has been the biggest help
with your career so far?

I’m struggling to answer this one. I’ve
had the loving support of family, friends, and a partner. But
probably I’m the one who’s helped my career the most as I’ve created
and driven it! (if I do say so myself!)

7. how did it feel to the win a
songwriting award?

Umm… der, pretty good.

8. How has sites such as
facebook,myspace & twitter with help getting your name out there?

It’s a necessary evil. Sure it’s helped
– I have LOTS of ‘friends’ but really so do they. And how important
am I to them? Well the ones I don’t know anyway… somewhere along
the line it became about the number of people you’re friends with and
not really how many ‘real’ fans you have.

Ok for those die-hard fans, it’s great.
They can keep a closer eye on what you’re doing. But if I had a
choice, I’d rather not social-media at all!

9. What been the highlight so far?

Of my day?…eating Tim tams. Oh you
mean my career. There is no real highlight. On a steady and slow
climb up there is lots of nice scenery but I’m not at the top yet.
I’ll let you know my highlight once I get there. But then again, I’ll
probably want more… (ha ha)

10. What was the inspiration for
the ep?

Life, the start of a new relationship,
how I experience myself in the world, wanting more.