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Ella Freestone


Ella Freestone is 17 years old and with a lot of talent, thanks to my local street press, I discovered her music and really dug what I heard. she got so much talent for age and this will lead to a succesful career. Read on and discover what your missing out on.

1. Are you happy how things are gone for you so far with the music?

So far I’m really happy with how everything is panning out. I’m
pleased with what has been achieved on the first album and I’m excited
to have the time to gig around a lot more once I finish school. Once I
turn 18 I will also be able to play at so many more venues and will be
able to enter more songwriting competitions, open mic nights, etc.

2. Are you happy with the feedback from the album?

The feedback that I’ve had so far has been really positive which
has been such an encouragement. I think that the diversity of styles and
genres on the album has been something that people have appreciated and
I’m really glad that people are enjoying it. At the moment I’m trying
to gain more of a profile by performing at various venues so that more
people will be able to hear about my music.

3. What inspires you when writing music?

Everything. The people in my life, the place I live, the amazing
talent of other musicians and artists, the provoking words of writers
and poets, the experiences that I’ve had in my life up until now, my
hopes and dreams…The world is a place of such colour and I find that I
can use anything to draw inspiration upon. In terms of musical
inspiration there are so many artists who I love. In particular artists
such as Angus & Julia Stone, Bon Iver and the Black Rebel Motorcycle
Club have had a big impact on my songwriting.

4. How has itunes helped with the music?

iTunes is great because it enables people who aren’t able to get a
hold of a hard copy to then be able it to purchase it online. It’s also
just a quick and easy way for people to be able to purchase individual
songs that tickle their fancy rather than buying the whole album.

5. What’s been your favorite place to play so far?

Venues like The Metro are great because there is such a buzz that
comes with playing for a large crowd. But I also love playing in little
restaurants and cafes where there is an intimacy and warmth. Playing at
the Old Manly Boatshed would have to be one of my favourite venues, but
at the end I think it comes down to the audience that you’re playing
for, not the venue that you’re in.

6. Who has been the biggest help with your career so far?

Aside from my family, Erana Clark has been the person who has been
behind me from the very beginning. Erana (vocal director on Australian
Idol and X Factor, director of ‘Meshach Musik’) has helped incredibly in
developing me as a singer and songwriter and is the main reason that
this album came to be recorded. The album was all recorded and produced
at her studio ‘Meshach Musik’ and the time and effort that she has put
into bringing it to life is invaluable. As well as this, Erana’s
expertise in the music industry and the contacts that she has have been
extremely helpful in getting me to where I am now.

7. Any plans to play Melbourne?

I would love to play in Melbourne! My plan is to take the year off
next year to focus on music so hopefully I will be able to travel to
different locations and get my music known inter-state. Melbourne seems
like a great place for live music.

8. How have sites such as facebook,myspace & twitter with help getting your name out there?

The internet has been such a great tool in helping expand my fanbase and
getting my name out there. I don’t have a twitter as of yet but myspace
and facebook are the two ways in which I stay in touch with my ‘fans’
and let them know where I’m performing and what the latest news is. It’s
such a brilliant way to get people to your gigs and its so helpful to
be able to refer people to a page where they can stay in touch with
what’s going on. With such an internet orientated generation I think
that keeping up with trends such as facebook and myspace is really
important in maintaining a strong fan base.

9. What been the highlight so far?

I think that the first time I listened to the tracks after they
had been mixed and mastered has been the greatest highlight so far.
There are songs on the album that I wrote when I was fourteen and I
remember sitting on my bed in my school uniform, writing the lyrics on
scraps of paper, never dreaming that they would end up on a full length
LP with a full band behind me. That, alongside performing with a live
band at my album launch have been amazing experiences that I never
thought I would have.

10. What was the inspiration for the album?

The idea of recording an album started off as a very small thought
in the back of my mind. It was at a time where I was busking every
weekend in Manly Corso and people always asked me if there was an EP or
an album that they could purchase. In the beginning that was the thing
that made me want to record my songs. I met up with Erana Clark and at
first we just talked about recording a four-track EP. However as we
started the process of recording and producing it was like a runaway
train. It became clear that a full length LP would be the way to go and
the more we recorded the more I fell in love with the process. Really,
it was in the midst of the actual process of recording the album that I
realised that this is what I wanted to do with my life.

The Reefs EP Launch @ The Toff In Town 28/10/10

It’s a Thursday night and I’m off to The Toff see The Reefs launch their latest EP The Ghost and I arrive just in time to see the main support The Moxie warm up the crowd and boy do they sound a lot like The Temper Trap and just like The Temper Trap, they are tight musically, have some really great songs and yeah expect to hear a lot more of them. Now The Reefs come on stage and they are seriously a lot of fun live and not only that are fucking really good musically as well. The band know how to use their instruments and know how to craft a tune and be able to make the tune come across to the audience. I would describe their sound as surf rock mixed with hints of reggae, SKA and a dash of good old rock’n’roll. The band is like a party in your backyard and they are seriously incredibly tight.  For me it was light being taken on some epic journey being part of this huge jam session and being lost in the music. They have these songs that are just layered right, guitars and bass working perfectly with the drums and keys being used to suit the mix right. They have songs also that are like epic party jams that just wanna make you get down and dance the night away.  To finish off I’ve been coming across these great bands and great talents which are just doing something different and are bringing the crowds with them. The Reefs know how to put on a fine show and these guys delivered at The Toff.  Can’t wait to see them again soon 




 Picture copyright respected holders

Bonjah are one hottest hardwork bands on the Australian Music Scene, since coming from New Zealand a few years back, they had worked their way around Australia winning fans all over.

 It was a friday afternoon and I’m inside the legendary Hi-Fi Bar interviewing the boys about the new single, who they played with, their time in Japan & who they have seen recently that they really enjoyed.

 Click here to download and remember ask me if you wanna use it some where else.





The Melodics live @ The Corner Hotel
23rd Of October

It’s spring and the weather is all over
place, I’m still tired from my event last night. So I rock up to the
corner hotel half way between Jess Harlem set and she is doing a real good
job of warming up the crowd which there is a solid amount of and yes
they are a drinking crowd. I’ve never seen The Melodics play before
and I’m blown away by their unique sound which I would describe as
hip hop, 80’s new wave, reggae and a dash of indie rock. The band
starts off with a synthesizer and vocals and it’s a new song they hit
off with and crowd is really loving it. They played a mixture of
up beat numbers then songs that show off the bands song writing
talents and vocals. Some of the songs really reminded me of The
Temper Trap and yes they ain’t that kind of band. One of the real
highlights was when they had like a jam type session when the
saxophone starts playing solo for a bit then come in the drum and the
bass and it just sounds so cool. They even had super heroes up on
stage and bubbles being blown as well. The lead singer knew how to
get the crowd reacted to the music and had real stage presences.
Also a special word about the sound at the corner I reckon it’s the
best I’ve heard it period. This band has worked hard and this shows
why they are so good, why they have a crowd full of people up and
dancing because the music is good and if you do good music the people
will come and oh yes they did. I really liked what I heard and saw
it was something special and something done well.

Kate Earl – Self Titled (Universal Republic)

 I normally don’t review music that I buy because you know I review what I get sent to me but I’m a huge fan of Kate Earl, think she one of my fav mainstream singer songwriters and yes I’ve interviewed her twice and would love to again on here. It’s a poppy upbeat energetic pop album that mixes upbeat dance numbers with brilliant upbeat ballads.  My picks are Only In Dreams, Jump, All I Want & Impossible. It’s a lot different to the first album  which is fantastic which was going in the way of artists such as Cat Power meats Sade.  This one more soulful and energetic and alive and edgy.  If you want to hear a really good pop singer songwriter Kate Earl is your lady. I can’t wait to hear what she puts out next.


Ok I have put out a request for people top 10 album lists . I have a few will add more as I get them.

Yes some like me had a few more than 10 which were their favorites as well

 Nathan Bobik – Nacional

#9 –
#11 –
#13 – GARY

Daniel Boyle- Australian Footbag Champion/Plus he worked on some gigs including one my ones.

1. Machine Head- Burn My Eyes
Metallica- Master of Puppets
3. Hatebreed- Perseverance
Frenzal Rhomb- Meet The Family (w/bonus live Mongrel disc)
5. Radio
Birdman- Radios AppearSee More
6. Midnight Oil- Blue Sky Mining
Silverchair- Frogstomp
8. Killswitch Engage- Alive or Just Breathing
Soilwork- Natural Born Chaos
10. Brisk- Hell or High Water

 Chris Parke – That Me (Clear Springs Entertainment/Parx-e Web Zine)

1. Defently Maybe – Oasis
2. Denvar – Denvar
3. The Rescue – Codeseven
4. Secret Samachi – Live
5. Take Offs And Landings – Rilo Kiley
6. Burn Out The Stars – Magna Fi
7. Twin Cinema – The New Pornographers
8. Heartwood – Amanda Rogers
9.  Rusalka’s Umbrella – Jenny Dalton
10. The Upside Of Down – The Tories
11. The Californian – Sunday’s Best
12. City – Strapping Young Lad
13. A Man Is Not A Camel – Frenzal Rhomb

 Tim Burke – Hundred Fire Management

Metallica – Master Of Puppets
Iron Maiden – Live After Death
N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction
Vangelis – Blade Runner
SoundtrackSee More
Public Enemy – Apocolypse 91 – The Enemy
Strikes Black
Pearl Jam – Ten
Alice In Chains – Dirt
The Cure –
The Frames – Set List
…and any number of other alums in
for the tenth!! So many more albums…


OK I wanted to a blog to highlight bands who only ever released one album due to various reasons. these bands would of had some pr in the way of radio play or a bit of street press or they were on a major label. But the album they released is something really special and I think brilliant.

 Here is a few think deserve a listen and if you can think of any you think are awesome comment away.




 The Crash Motive – Consequence (Wind Up Records/ Sony BMG Entertainment)

 The Crash Motive play pop rock music and they do it so well. The songs are well crafted and the songs are so well produced. It’s a classy album full of songs that really do grab you and make you sit up and take notice. They could of done heaps more and should off. This album could of been a hit here in Australia if it was released but sadly it wasn’t. Worth checking out.


 Cartman – Go (Embryo Records/MGM Distribution)

 Cartman were a perth based rock band and this album was a really good success when it came out. Radio play, Triple J lapped it up. So many good songs, that are easy to see why they had the radio play and the heaps of fans. If you can find it get it.

 Student Rick –  Soundtrack for a Generation (Victory Records)

 Student Rick played pop punk mixed with real emo pop music not the bullshit it is now.  This album is well produced, well written and the songs are fantastic.   Worth a listen and now reformed as Hello Vegas

 Yesterday’s Kids –  Can’t Hear Nothin’ (Lookout Records)

Yesterday’s Kids released an album that is good honest punk pop full of fun, just a lot fun and joy to listen to. The songs are well written, vocals good and it’s extremely catchy enough said.

 Cool For August – Grand World (Warner Brothers Records)

Cool For August released what I thought was a pretty good modern rock album that has some pretty amazing tunes on it. Some real anthems that have me singing away and just going wow. This album shouldn’t be too hard to find in second hand stores or even brand new on amazon. The last song I think is something really special.


 Denvar – Denvar (UM & AH Records/MGM Distribution)

 One of my all time favorite albums, Brisbane based indie pop/indie rock album that has so many good songs on it. They had quite a bit of triple j play and it took me a few months when I first moved here to find it. It’s probably a lot harder now. But it’s so worth having in your collection


Jaded – Where Angels Fly (Self Released/Sweat/Tempo International)

 Wasn’t gonna added this on the list as I didn’t know much about the band but the album had distribution and apparently they had radio play on Nova, Triple M and lot’s of it. The album is really good rock pop tunes with a hint of alt/gothic and the songs are well crafted, sung well and could of easily supported some of the big alt rock bands of the day. If you can find it and like this kinda of music your in for a treat. Standouts are Lullaby, Lost Lover, Highway & Rescue.




I’m a huge fan of Sophie‘s and have known her for a while now and she did an interview for the site here recently

she just dropped her new track Perfect  and it’s a cracker of a track and Sophie is in fine form.

 You can get it Itunes, Cdbaby & all other good online retailers, check it out

The Madness Method – Better Without You (Independent) 

Now this is a fun release, good solid catchy ska/rock/pop as they describe it. I get hints of The Louisville Sluggers, Save Ferris. It starts off with the rocking number Better Without which shows off Mandy Meadows solid voice which works well here. You Were Right has an awesome trumpet solo at the start of the song, and also really does highlight what a solid powerful voice Mandy Meadows does have. It’s more of rocking number with the guitar getting a good workout here. Flaming Absinthe is a rocking pop number that more rock pop than SKA and the use of horn through out the tracks works for it. Bitch reminds me so much of Save Ferris because of the way the song is sung and constructed. It finishes off with If I Were To Write A Love Song which is a rock SKA number with a little hint of reggae and works well. It’s well produced and well played. The Ep is a lot a fun, a good time to be had and it screams summer all over. I expected SKA fans and parties all over summer to be cranking this loud. Top Stuff 

Hey guys and girls

I got to interview John from Redink last week and it was a great interview. He talked about the new song, his loyalty to his fans and his growning fanbase in Russia of all places, how he and the band got started, an accoustic duo no less. What their plans are for next year. How they got involved with Australia’s biggest booking agency.

 The single launch for the song Catching A Killer is this friday at the legendary Hi-Fi Bar on swanson st. If you never seen them live, seriously folks, your missing out. They are a top notch band and worthy of your time. They are gonna be huge.

 The interview is for download here, sadly we recorded outside a cafe and well it didn’t come out flash but have a listen you can still hear it. 


Photo by Kane Hibberd.

Friday 22 October 2010 7:30 PM – 18+ $15 Hi-Fi Bar

Single available thru Shock Entertainment