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Beth King and the Hemingway Collective – Powerfully,
Silently (Independent)

I’d first heard of Beth King because of my volunteer work at
PBS fm, come up across the cd, well actually the artwork grabbed me in. Little
did I know that she had worked with Frank Pearce who in Khristian Mizzi band
who I’ve done stuff with then got played the album by Shelley Segall. So that
in mind, I tip my toe into the album for a full listen and what I get is an
album that is delightfully sweet touching in places and has lovely haunting
overtone over it.  It starts off with the
song Apples which is a beautiful song that has a lovely touch of the flute.
Beth voice is beautifully sweet and soft and accommodates the music well. Songs
like So I Crossed This River is a little folk ditty where Beth voice reminds me
of Loreena McKennitt and the Flute is used so well here to great affect,
alongside the keyboard & guitar. Dribbles is a great track and Beth voice
is really good here, She can sing and sing really well. Quagmire is one of the
tracks that use the Saxophone and it’s used really well and the backing vocals
work well with the track. Willow Away finishes off the album well, the guitar
playing is really good, the vocals are excellent; the flute is a real nice
touch as it is through out the album. This is a fine folk album, mainly because
it’s produced well and also because Beth is a really good singer and voice
suits the music and with the combination of her amazing backing band you get
album that perfect to listen to anytime. 
If you have something that is written and produced well, they will come
and add some solid artwork and good packing is a huge bonus. I say get this now
and support good local Aussie talent like Beth King and the Hemingway

Juke Kartel – Levolution (Carved Records/MGM)

Juke Kartel are back with their second album, now living in
LA they have produced one of the finest rock albums of the year.  These guys are Aussie and they have one
amazing front man Toby Rand. The album starts off with the energetic anthem
Anybody Out There that shows off the songwriting, vocals and musicianship.  Songs like Bullet Wearing Trademark Clothes
are just rock anthems waiting for radio play and this one does scream it and so
does Road Of Glass & Throw It Away, If Only is one of the big rock ballads
on the album, just as is one of my favorites On Fire where the songwriting
vocals and melodies and musicianship are just spot on. The Sign is just another
edgy melodic rock tune that has everything perfect in place, Toby vocals are
incredible. Soulshaper is probably the most laid back tune on the album and
Toby vocals alongside some acoustic guitar works with a bit of drum and bass to
the mix. December is just another good rock track and Toby vocals are solid
here. Find Out finishes off the album well and it’s a good solid way to
finishes off. I’m feeling like a lot of people are feeling that rock coming
back, people want good vocals, and good melodies and rhythms and want to rock
out. To me a lot of the stuff today isn’t delivering what I’m wanting and
feeling but boy did this album do this to me, It’s incredible one of the finest
modern rock albums I’ve heard in years. 
I’m hooked, a new fan and can’t wait to see them live again soon. Rock
is back and this is helping it.

Juke Kartel – Sandbelt Hotel Sunday 22nd August

When Juke Kartel online publicist contacted me about
reviewing the new album and a show I was all for it. I decided the Sunday show
at the Sandbelt, little did I know when deciding to go for that, was it going
to be a stripped back acoustic band show. Can I tell you it was one of the most
awe inspiring and one of the most enjoyable shows I have been to in ages. So I
arrive at the venue at a perfect time, grab a drink and sit down, the lady next
to me ask who playing, I tell her, she seems keen said she a local and just
rocked on up and paid the $25, I talk to the sound engineer tells me how long
working with the band and all. The show begins and the band has turned their
songs into something special and magical. The band is tight and they sound
amazing. Toby Rand voice just expands through
out the room. The little touches through the two sets when they had a guy come
and play didgeridoo on a few songs was really sweet and awesome. When Dale
played a couple of tracks singing was also good but one of those tracks was a
highlight when they got their lighting man to come up on stage and play
harmonica with him and do a blues track was way cool and the crowd loved it.  My highlights were Road of Glass, Save Me, and
Anybody Out There & On Fire.  You could
have had the full experience with dinner then the show and I swear their must
have been over 100 people in the room on a Sunday night and they were all
loving it. Oh having a MC at the start of the show was a great touch and worked
perfectly. The experience they have living in LA has helped the band and has
made them a lot tighter and a band that just deliver in performance and in vocal
talent. I had never really seen Juke Kartel live before, I had listen to the
album and liked it a lot but this performance just blew me away and I seriously
wish more bands would do the full acoustic band show thing. It’s incredible and
it works. I would rate this shows as one of my favorites of the year. I loved
every moment of it. I can’t wait to see these guys play the full band show I
know it will be incredible.



Julie Dickson Interview By Chris

Julie Dickson is an incredibly talented aussie female actor. I discovered her a few years back, really like what she is doing and decided she needs more PR. She got some incredible stuff happening and she a female actor on the rise so read one. 



1. How did it
feel to work on the film Just Like U?


Being cast as
the Lead Actress on "Just Like U" was an amazing experience, one I
will not forget any time soon. I was blessed with Mooloolaba on the Sunshine
Coast of QLD as my set for 4 weeks and was surrounded each day by a dedicated
cast and crew.

 My Co-Star Ty Belnap was quite the character and has achieved so much in
his life. He is a true inspiration to not only those who have Down Syndrome but
to anyone really. He taught me that anything is possible.

The role was challenging due to the context of the story and my character in
the film Britney had to deal with some very emotional scenes. Director Peter
Cannon was awesome to work with and from what I have heard the film is coming
together nicely and he is extremely happy with the performances.

2. What do you
hope it will do for your career?

Like any Actress my hope is for the film to do extremely well in Australia
and in the overseas market and for my career to follow on the same path. My
main goal is to entertain and to make the audience feel the same emotions my
character is feeling. If I can achieve this then I have succeeded and it will
only be a matter of time before this is noticed by others in the film industry.
From there with a bit of luck and persistence more opportunities will arise.

3. What
attracted you to the film?

Definitely the story. It has a great message and is based on true events. If it
doesn’t pull your heart strings then nothing will. The role itself was a
challenging one to say the least and it was exactly what I had been searching
for at the time. It was also a great excuse to make the move I had been
contemplating back to my home town of Brisbane.


4. What was the
inspiration for Road To Katherine?

"Road to Katherine" was the vision of a close friend of mine who had
suffered the loss of a brother due to suicide 20 years ago. When she approached
us (Scheffilm Productions) with the concept we couldn’t wait to make it happen.
I was thrilled she asked me to be the Host/Presenter of the Documentary.

5. Why did you
decide to make the documentary?

The actual story behind the documentary I am unable to give to much information
on but if you knew, it would bring you to tears. "Road to Katherine"
has been produced to promote awareness of depression and youth suicide which
sadly is affecting more and more families every day. I feel it is so important
to educate society on the topic so they understand not only how they can find
help but more importantly how they can help others in a dark place. "Road
to Katherine" is about saving lives.

6. What is it
different to anything else you have done?

"Road to Katherine" was different as I was on the road for 3 days
traveling with a small crew from Adelaide to Alice Springs. It was an eye opener to see the ordeals
small rural communities go through and the hardship they face with limited
government support. There are individuals and voluntary organisations who put
there hearts and souls into helping those in need and it is sad that they feel
they are on their own fighting a never ending battle.  This is one job
which made me realise how lucky I am and thankful to have the opportunities I

7. How has the
internet helped with your career?

Ahh the internet…. where would I be without it !!! Everyone is online these
days it is the perfect networking tool and allows me the ability to know what
productions are casting and what projects are in production. By being on the internet
I am exposing my skills and what I am doing on various projects to millions of

8. Do you think
it’s a valuable tool?

Absolutely!! From Facebook to Twitter to Google Ads… the internet is the most
valuable tool any actor or Entrepreneur could have !!

9. Why develop
your own website?

I believe having a website shows you are serious and professional in what you
are doing it also allows those who possibly aren’t on social networking sites
to still easily find you. I created my website on my own as well as my business
sites. I’m no "Web Designer" but it is something I enjoy doing and it
allows me to  have complete control without the overheads.

10. How is film
work different to tv work?

Both film and Television are 90% waiting around and 10% in front of the camera.
The only difference that I can tell so far from the work I have been involved
in is that Television is very "Controlled" where as Film I think you
have more of a creative license.

My first Television gig was Hosting the show "The Notice Board" on
C31 and it was the most stressful thing I have ever done !! I have been on a
stage performing in front of thousands of people, Acted in numerous films,
however Television was very challenging for the first few episodes. I think it
was the pressure knowing it was being recorded live.

11. do you have
any plans to work overseas?

I will be traveling to the USA
in October 2010 and again in February 2011 and will be  networking whist
there. After that I will see what happens.

12. What else do
you do outside acting and hosting?

I am a bit of an Entrepreneur.  I am the owner of "Socialite
Tans" based in Adelaide and partner in
"Scheffilm Productions" based in Adelaide
and Brisbane.
Through Scheffilm Productions I also manage with my partner Lucas the Brisbane
branch of "Picture Hire Australia" and am in the process of setting
up my new venture "Socialite Kids", a children’s’ entertainment

13. How do you
prepare for a role?

I spend a lot of time on my own reading the script and lines and understanding
who my character is and why they do certain things or act in a certain way. A
week out from shooting I "Am" my character and act as they would each
day right through until the shoot wraps. Acting is not about learning lines and
saying them, you need to believe in the character you are playing and no matter
who you are portraying you need to learn to "like" who they are.

14. How do you
remember lines? 


At school I was
a bit of a "Crammer" before exams….. learning lines is the same for
me. I work better under pressure. I just read them in small chunks over and
over again out load and then do it closing my eyes, then walking around, then
jumping on the spot. I feel this works well for me as you get to the point
where you aren’t just focusing on the lines as your attention is split between
your actions and what you are saying.


15. What have
you got lined up next?

I have been cast in another 3 Feature films at this stage here in Australia
which will keep me busy until Mid 2011 and am in the process of developing my
own television show, who knows where all that will lead… fingers are crossed.

16. what’s in
your stereo at the moment?

It is 1am and I am typing this in bed so nothing at the moment, however I am
loving Gaga these days.


The Olive Grove – Interview with Emily Wilder By Chris

 I discovered the Olive Grove on cdbaby one day, just searching and what I found was something incredible, real songs, honest songs from a girl with a really lovely sweet voice. Her tunes are beautiful and really touching. I was hooked and love what she does. So read on and go buy the album from cdbaby "Here’s A Letter"

1. Are you happy how things are gone for you so far with the music?
 Yes. Things are always moving forward, and no matter how small the
steps, I enjoy looking back throughout the years and seeing progress,
and achievements.  Since moving to Portland, OR I have been surrounded
by a community that not only loves each other genuinely, but is
incredibly talented as well. I think a good percentage of my joy comes
from seeing my friends create and accomplish things alongside me.


2. Are you happy with the feedback from the album?

happy. The title of this album was called "Here’s A Letter" because I
wrote it to my listeners. Like pages of a journal being sent overnight
mail, it’s like saying "Here’s my heart, do what you will with it’s
pinings." It’s terrifying, but the responses have been warm and

3. what inspires you
when writing music?

of course you have your traditional answers like heartbreak,
loneliness, etc. But my inspiration is in the tiniest and the hugest of
things. A lot of it is just taking time to be alone, in a crowd (if
that makes sense). I find myself feeling most creative when I’m around
people, but not obligated to have interaction with any of them. That
sounds odd, I bet. My faith in God catapults my creativity.

4. how has cdbaby & itunes helped with the music?

baby has been an incredible resource, and I would recommend them to
every independent artist with an album to sell. They do all of the
annoying dirty work that us artists are usually terrible at. By putting
them up on good ‘ol iTunes (as well as all the other big online music
stores), the music can go as far as i take it.

5. What it’s like to play all over America?

Well I
wish I knew. I’ve mostly stayed on the West Coast, but this winter I
hope to book some more shows in places like Chicago and Nashville. The
West Coast is always good to me. Every show is different. That’s what I
enjoy most about touring and playing unfamiliar venues. Mystery. 🙂

6. why start a new project/band?

The Olive Grove is
a great solo project. I shelled out all I had to make that album. All.
But with the growth of the community around me, I saw it was time to
collaborate ideas with a few special friends. Thus, we have formed
Great Wilderness, and after just 6 small shows in Portland, we’ve had
an incredible response. There comes a time when you know your ideas
would only be better if put through the press of another friend’s

Are you happy how people have responded to your music?

mother with 5 kids bought the album. They all sing along in the car
(fudging the lyrics, of course.) One of her sons is autistic. It calms
him down. Another couple recently lost their son, and bought the album.
His favorite place was the beach. The track "Simple" ("take me to the
ocean, where everything is simple") has been incredibly meaningful to
them. Stories like these are what make my efforts valuable.

8. how has sites such as facebook, myspace & twitter with help getting your name out there?

I suppose you’re being silly as an artist if you don’t have these
useful tools. They help me have an online presence and personality to
people I can’t run in to on the streets of Portland. They help people
get in touch with me after we met at a show. It’s about connecting with
real people (at least I try to keep it that way), and those networks
really help me do that!

9. what been the highlight so far?

My favorite part
about the album, was recording it. Such beautiful guest musicians
played on it! There was one day when I had some friends come into the
studio to do group vocals/stomping/clapping. It was a really fun time
and I can still pick out their individual voices. Interesting memories
were made during the expanse of time it took to finish that album. I
suffered through large chunks of it, due to some bad personal choices.
It comes out in the songs, but so does the story of forgiveness and
redemption. I don’t deserve to have an album out.

10. what was the inspiration for the album?

day, I was sitting on the edge of my bed, thinking about recording
again. I was staring at a stack of CD’s. One of the CD’s titles was
"Here’s A Letter". When I took a closer look, the title was nothing of
the sort. That was it, I was out of the starting gates, with no
knowledge of where this album would go besides the title. The rest
unfolded during the recording process. I literally wrote songs as we
recorded them. They were given to me. I sort of feel like an empty jar
being poured into and dumped out. I’m OK with that.

The Expendables – Movie Review

 No doubt you’ve heard of the movie and it’s line up of action heroes.  With that in mind, you’ll get this picture is quite simply a a lot of fun. It’s an action flick with heart. Stallone has done a great job of getting this cast together and he has made a film that fun to watch. The acting is fine for a movie like this but I do have to make a word about Eric Roberts, I really dug him in this, he at his slimy best, playing the rogue fbi agent.  The film is well it’s about a group of men to take out a rogue dictator and yes save a girl along the way. You will know about the cameo and it’s perfect for a film like this. As expected the shooting scenes are at it’s over the top best and it’s perfect for this. To put it simply a good film is a good film and this is one of them, why because for the next few hours you’ll be taken in a action packed wild ride which simply rocks.

 Nacional – Revolver 12/8/10

Firstly i know the band, have known them for a while and what they are doing is dirty electro pop. They have a full band with drums,guitars and bass plus a synthesizer thrown into the mix and it works well for them. Firstly they sounded tight like a band who has prepared a lot for each gig. They know how to move on stage and know how to get the audience involved with the music. Plus their was a sold crowd, yep that right people actually getting involved into the music.  HJ the front women knows how to sing and knows how to win the audience over and yes she did look hot.  If you are prepared as a band and practise once a week or how ever it takes to make the crowd come back for more do it, like these guys and girls did. Great band, great songs and a promising career as well.



These were the sites I used to find new and cool legal music before myspace & reverbnation 

Garageband – Very good site which hosts heaps of different styles of music. Has some big names support it. Need to sign up which is free and you can rate music.

Plus stream songs and download.

Iuma – Has been around for a while. Different syles of music. You can stream and download and give feedback no sign up needed.

Soundclick – Hosts different styles of music. Bands can pay to remove ads. Streaming is there and so is downloading.

MP3.COM.AU – Note not run by cnet. This is a mainly Australian,New Zealand based mp3 site. You can stream and download plus there is a chart system. Quite popular

Amp Cast – Don’t know much about this site. Does the usual stuff.

Purevolume – Specialty site dedicated to punk rock,hardcore,indie and emo stuff. Streaming is there. Bands can pay for more features.  

HXCMP3 – Dedicated to hardcore.streaming is there and so is downloading. Not a run by a major company if you like the site donate some money to help out 

Epitonic – A very good site for free music released by indie labels such as Matador. You probably find some artists you know there. 

Besonic – Not a band little site. has plenty of free legal music to offer.

Vitaminic – Offers MP3’s and streaming and also owns Iuma.

Peoplesound – Offers MP3’s and is owned by Vitaminic

Musicianmp3 – Another MP3 site where you can download music and talk about it also.

Music related sites

These are sites which can help you find new music.

BackStage Commerce – A Good Online CD Store to find bands. Soundclips,Info and more.

CDBaby – The most used CD store site by indie artists. Very good with soundclips,info and rate the music.

Lobster Music – A Melbourne based site which is a place to list your band and so on.

Rate My Band UK – Rate people bands here.

Rate My Band – Rate people bands here.

Radio Warzee – A legal online alternative rock station gets music by labels before radio.

It tells you what last 20 songs were played. It’s very good.

Alternative Addiction – A good site to find out about alternative bands.

You listen songs by signed and unsigned bands. It’s a nice site for alternative music.

MusicianMp3 – MP3’s and information and more

Rate Sum Music – Get your music rated by people in the industry and music fans.




Brooke Everett

Photo By: Jonathan Nimerfroh
Photo by Jonathan Nimerfroh

Interview With Brooke Everett By Chris

Brooke Everett is one smart girl who featured in 2004
Playboy College Girls edition.
Plus to top that off she was March 2004 COED Of The
There is more to this girl then what is seen.She is very
smart. So read on people.


1. How has your life changed since doing

people ask me for interviews like this one. only a handful
of people have actually recognized me.

2. Did you ever imagine being in Playboy?

briefly, but i never thought it would actually happen. my
best friend abby convinced me to try out.

3. How did your parents respond to you being in

they are 100% supportive of everything that i do. they
thought it was really cool – Playboy is tasteful and
classy. my dad almost didn’t recognize me.

4. Would you ever do it again?

of course.

5. how hard are the two subjects you studied?

since i absolutely LOVED both of my majors they weren’t
particularly difficult because i enjoyed studying the
topics. i had been studying spanish for 10 years, and it
came pretty naturally to me. anthropology is so
fascinating…my best friend was an anthropology major,
too, and we always liked to come up with anthropological
explanation for human behaviors. for example, the
anthropological explanation for me appearing in Playboy was
that i was displaying the quality of my genes.

in terms of anthropology, my concentration was in cultural
anthropology, which involves studying contemporary groups
of people. within that subdiscipline, my passion is
food–"culinary anthropology"–because food and culture are
so intertwined. i conducted original fieldwork for 3 weeks
in oaxaca, mexico, for my honors thesis. my entire project,
including scads of photos, can be found on my website:

6. Do you enjoy travelling to new places for your

i adore everything about traveling and learning about other
cultures. my favorite aspects are the food, the music, the
people i meet along the way, and getting lost in a brand
new setting.

7. What is your view on high profile people using their
status to promote politics?

i have my views, but i don’t discuss politics as it’s a
rather touchy topic in the u.s. right now.

8. Has election fever hit where you live yet?

it hit many moons ago.

9. What’s your view on reality tv?

it was amusing at first, but it has become a bit excessive
and unoriginal. i must admit that i was truly entertained
by paris hilton & nicole ritchie on the simple life,

10. What are some of your favourite movies?

anything with johnny depp – especially cry baby –
labyrinth, dazed and confused, and wayne’s world.

11. What movies that you have seen recently you have
really enjoyed?

i like ridiculous comedies – i loved anchorman &
dodgeball, and i giggled throughout both of them. will
ferrell & vince vaughn are hilarious.

12. What are some of your favourite musical

i love to go see live concerts, and the disco biscuits
( are my favorites for that purpose.
they’re from philadelphia, and they’re brilliant
instrumentalists, but their music has an electronic,
trancey twist. also the rolling stones, alchemy, and the
roots ( i’m just starting to really get
into hip-hop.

13. What would we find on Brooke Everett stereo at the

the streets – a grand don’t come for free

miscellaneous female jazz vocalists like ella fitzgerald,
nina simone, billie holiday, and sarah vaughan

van morrison – moondance

duran duran – greatest

ted mccloskey – sixty cycle hum

14. What is one thing you most like to do

laying on a pristine, calcareous sand beach & reading a
book while drinking a dos equis amber lager & eating a
perfectly fresh ceviche with lots of cilantro.

15. What your favourite thing to do when your not

since i graduated last may, i’ve been able to take a little
break from studying. now i’m preparing to take the gre’s,
which are entrance exams for graduate schools. when i’m not
doing that, i enjoy cooking for my friends, reading,
partying with my girls, and dancing like a fool.

Thanks for your time any last words

"You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that is
where the fruit is."
–Will Rogers

Special thanks for Brooke for doing the interview you