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Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai
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Interview With Nathalie Nahai By Chris 14/2/09

Nathalie Nahai is an amazing British Singer Songwriter who music I discovered online

Liked her tunes so an Interviewed was needed and good answers were given.

Nathalie Website

1. Are you happy how the album turned out?

Yes, it was my second project in the States and I was lucky enough to have some very talented musicians want to be part of it. Since I’d spent a lot of time in Atlanta Georgia, the album took on blues and country influences that I think enriched the whole sound.

2. What was the inspiration for the album?

The album name ‘Fortune Teller’ and the corresponding artwork are inspired by my fascination with Tarot. I learned to read cards when I was at University, and actually did it professionally for a couple of years. The image on the front represents ‘The World’ card, and the inside image is taken from ‘The Lovers’… I loved the idea of illustrating the album in a style that was almost lithographic, and that’s what I came up with!

3. What inspires the band when writing music?

With the exception of ‘La Boheme’ (written by Charles Aznavour) I’m the writer behind all the songs and arrangements. I like to draw inspiration from the stories of people that I meet, and every song has a face behind it. I have written a few taken from my own experiences, but these tend towards the melancholic!

4. What was it like to record the album in america?

It was good in that I was working out of a studio that I knew well (I recorded my first album there), and had several very talented musicians who offered to work on it for free… and the fact that the exchange rate at the time made everything half price for me was a neat bonus!

5. What do you think of major record labels and the new 360 deals?

Hmm, the 360 deals are still pretty controversial, but conventional major record labels can no longer function as they did in the pre-digital past. As an artist who designs all my merchandise myself, I think I’d find it quite galling to have to pay a percentage to a label on all merch and ticket sales, as that’s always been the area where the artist makes their money. But in the long term if music downloads become free (which is looking quite likely) labels will have to make money somewhere in order to invest in an artist. I suppose if it means that artists will receive more financial and promotional backing from their label then this could be a good thing, it just depends on how big a cut they’re taking.

6. How did the recording of the album go?

The recording itself stretched out over about 6 months, I was going to and fro between the UK and the States, and in order to keep the costs down we would record in night sessions at the studio, starting at 10 or 11 at night and finishing and 4 or 5 in the morning. It was pretty exhausting!

7. How did the collaborations with other blues artists help shape the album?

The collaboration came mainly in the arrangements of the songs, tracks like ‘Polly Ride On’, ‘Overboard’ and ‘Queen and Country’ were especially fun to record, as they lent themselves well to a bit of blues. I still wanted to maintain a folk element running through the record though, and I placed my french cover as track 5 so that the album would have a mid-point to it, like the old A/B sides on records.

8. Was the recording process to the new album different to the old one?

Yes, the new album followed a much less formal route, I knew everyone I was working with, I was comfortable in the studio and had a much better idea of how I wanted the album to sound as a whole before we started work. It was much easier than the first.

9. What do you hope the album will do for your music career?

I hope this album will showcase my musicianship as well as my writing, and of course land me a deal! Though because it’s not pop it will probably appeal more to a niche market, to those indie labels that are plugged into their artists and their audiences.

10. What has been the response like to the music you make?

The response has been good so far, the album has received some great press in publications like Uncut, Music Week, and Maverick, and I’ve had interest from managers and other musicians who’d like to collaborate. At shows it’s always the more intimate gigs that are the most spell-binding, the audiences who love to listen create this amazing space where there’s nothing else in the world but the music.

11. Who have your enjoyed playing with the most?

Jill Barber, this amazing Canadian musician with whom I shared a stage in London last summer.

12. How did you get into music?

It all started when my mum took me to my first violin lesson at the age of 3, very young I know, but we learned all our music by ear (the Suzuki method), and it set me in good stead when later I began teaching myself piano and guitar. It wasn’t until I got to university that I really began writing and exploring music at a more committed level.

13. What don’t you like about the music industry?

I think the fact that it is very skewed towards artists who can make a quick turn-over for labels and then be disposed of in a short space of time. There’s a lot less emphasis on the long-game, on investing in artists who make the kind of music that will grow and last. Everything revolves around money, and the days of artist development deals are over, and we’re all the poorer for it.


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Interview With Carly Kane from Stellate By Chris 14/2/09

Stellate is a great american band from Atlanta America and they are seriously good and have played with some of the biggest bands in America right now such as Paramore,Garbage,Panic At The Disco

They were worthy of publicity so read on.

Stellate Website

1. Are you happy how the EP turned out?

I’m thrilled with how the EP turned out. The studio is amazing, the producers are fantastic, and the songs really mean something to us. The way everything came together is just awesome. Can you tell I’m excited about it?!? The only thing that is a let down is the fact that we had to wait until later to do more songs. But that’s just something to look forward to.

2. What was the inspiration for the EP?

Well for us, each song has it’s own inspiration. When we chose to do those songs and looked back at how they fit together, I noticed something. Each song is inspired by a seriously strong emotion. When you fall in love, or have a crush, or when your heart gets broken for that first horrible time. Or even the experience of freedom; they’re all intense emotions. So we took the line “I get a rush,” and made it the title. It just made sense. It’s that feeling of being overcome by an emotion.

3. What inspires you when writing music?

Anything and everything. We get ideas from each other, from books we read, from things we experience in our own lives. Our friends and family have to watch out as well or we’ll write about them. ? If there’s something that sparks a thought, we grab it and run with it. If it doesn’t work, we trash it. If it works, we love it.

4. How has radio helped with your music?

Well, right now it looks like it will be getting us exposure in countries other than our own. Regional stations have also been big supporters of our career. Between airplay, festivals, and putting us on stage with national artists, they’ve backed us and believed in us. It’s been a great relationship.

5. How did the band form?

That’s always an interesting question for us because everyone has a unique story and we came from everywhere. I met David (guitars) in college and it turned out that we lived in the same neighborhood so we starting songwriting together. We met Adam (guitars) through MySpace. We met Jon (bass) through Craig’s List. We met our drummer through a friend of a friend after a very long and serious search for drummers. As you can tell, we’re definitely not one of those band where we all grew up together, we were all actively looking for someone to play with who had a similar vision for the music we wanted to make.

6. What has been the highlight of the band so far?

There are so many highlights in what we do it’s hard to choose. The Ireland tour was amazing. Warped Tour was awesome. And I’d say the most recent highlight was making this new EP. It was the perfect time to be doing these songs, in the right studio at the right time, it was like a dream…literally.

7. Why did you change names?

Well, in the US, there is a saxophone quartet that already holds the Trademark for Helios. We can’t legally use the name Helios in the music industry without infringing upon their rights of ownership, so we had to go out and get a new name. I kind of like the new one though 😉 I think we’re going to stick with it this time.

8. Has the internet been a great help with getting your music out there?

Absofreakinlutely! It’s been really great as a tool for getting our songs out there so that more people all over the world can hear the them, verses only the venues you play and the radio stations who are willing to play you. It’s almost been the downfall of the music industry, but at the same time, in doing that, it has forced the industry to go back to what it was about in the beginning; not money, but the music. It is a big part of the equation in getting exposure for us.

9. What is on the cards for the band in 2009?

We’re lining up our next tour dates and they’re going to be a little unconventional so we’re excited about that. Writing more songs, recording more songs. If we can line the details up, we’d love to introduce our live show to the Aussies 😉

10. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I haven’t really thought of anyone by name, but I really like working with great songwriters and I’m always up for anything. I feel like I still have a lot to learn from collaboration as well. So now that you bring it up, I think I’ll start a list…

11. What do you think of record labels and 360 deals?

Mmmm, that’s a tough subject for me. Record labels are struggling more and more yet they’re also taking more and more from the artist. Naturally that’s not going to sit well with me. There is somewhat of a good side to it though. If the label gets a percentage of multiple areas, then they want the artist to succeed in those areas, not just in record sales, so they’re likely to be more supportive of the artist in all of those areas. Can you tell I’m torn?

12. Do you think that sites like Perez Hilton who plug music are a good or a bad thing for the music industry?

Well, I actually didn’t realize that he plugs music on his site. But I’m not sure that I see a bad side to it. He has a ton of visitors to his site and if he puts new music up there from new artists and currently hot artists, it’s only more exposure for the artists right? Getting your art our there to new fans is always a good thing. If there’s a bad side, I haven’t heard about it yet.

13. Are you happy for the new found recognition as Atlanta’s hottest rocker?

Ha ha ha, I totally didn’t think you’d ask a question about that. I am very flattered and honored because people had to vote for a winner. And the chicks involved were all attractive chicks. Looks aren’t really my thing, music is, so I was shocked when I won! We were flooded with emails and website messages of support. People were stopping me on the street saying that they saw the TV ad and voted for me. I was shocked! But what I loved more is that people were also talking about the music and how much they loved our stuff. And that really means something to me

Ari Tinnen

Ari Tinnen

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Interview With Ari Tinnen By Chris 5/2/09

Ari Tinnen is an american female actor/actress who I saw in the movie The Mailman

Liked her performance so I thought an interview was needed on here with her, so read on

She answered my questions so here they are for you to read then go check out her EP. It totally rocks

Ari Website

1. What has been your favorite role to date?

I loved All Good Things, a great short film i was in and was in the Tribecca Film Festival.

2. What do you do to prepare for a role?

It really depends on the role; I have a great time preparing for all of them. In Asylum I loved learning stage combat, and in All Good Things i really enjoyed having to lose it a little and be vulnerable. Also I have had a lot of fun working with the Groundlings as far as any comedic roles that come my way!

3. Any techniques to remember lines?

I am a lucky girl when it comes to that! It is not a problem to memorize, but to me and i think to most actors the main idea is to listen.

4. What do you think of the paparazzi and the celebrity bloggers and the tabloids?

In a way it is definitely part of the job, however you always have to protect your privacy whether you are an actor, an athlete, a lawyer or anything, Sometimes it is to be expected and sometimes it goes too far, it is a fine line anyone in the public eye has to walk.

5. What do you think the actors strike that may happen will do your career and the industry and general?

There are always strikes, you just have to keep working and paying attention to this business sometimes it is tough, strike or no strike. You just have to keep your head on your shoulders.

6. Are you happy how things have turned out for your career so far?

So far I am happy, but i am always looking forward to more.

7. How did you get into acting?

I have been interested since i was a child and i have always been in plays, so i took it to the next level and moved here to L.A the first chance i got.

8. Have you had any bad experiences as an actor so far?

Again, i have been extremely lucky with my life here so far, but i have come across the occasional perv here and there yes.

9. What don’t you like about Hollywood?

i suppose the traffic aside from that i am a pretty big fan.

10. What do you think Obama will do for your country?

I can only have hope and faith that he does what is in the best interest of our country, and does everything he can to bring the world together. I always feel like the world anthem should be Imagine by John Lennon. you never know it could happen.

11. Who have you enjoyed working with the most?

I have most loved working with Cameron Crowe, Garry Marshall, and Levi Holiman they are the most incredible directors.

12. What is on your stereo at the moment?

The Beatles white album and Donovan live at the troubadour

13. What are some of your favorite musical artists/bands?

I have been very lucky to see so many great shows, that is such a hard Q! the rolling stones, paul mccartney, willlie nelson,

14. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

i just saw Heart of Stone at the SlamDance festival and i loved that, its a great documentery.

15. What are your favorite movies?

Well, I will give you a couple comedies first, Trading Places and Something About Mary off the top of my head and then as far as drama i have to go with Awakinings and American Beauty.

16. What is next for you?

I have been working on a film in New Orleans by a great friend of mine that i can’t wait to get started on. So I will let you know just check my website at for details.

17. Who would you most like to work with?

Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, and Cameron Crowe just to name a few!