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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Brian Trenchard Smith

Dead End Drive In

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Interview with Brian Trenchard Smith about Dead End Drive In By Chris 17/8/08

Brian Trenchard Smith is one of the legendary directors to come out of the Australian Film Industry in the late 70’s and 80’s , his films have become cult classics and one of my favorite of his is Dead End Drive In

He has finally been recognized for his amazing talents thanks to the kick ass aussie doco you should all check out called Not Quite Hollywood

I had the amazing privledge to interview him about the film on the Phone. This being my first phone interview for the site, I was a little nervous and he gave some very good answers.

I have made them available to download and listen as a podcast. It has been split into two part as we chatted for a bit.

Brian’s Blog

Please note, the quality isn’t the best but you can most certainly hear the interview and please enjoy

Please contact me if you decide to use the interview somewhere as I took the time do the interview and would appreciate being credited.

Interview is in MP3 Format

Brian Trenchard Smith Interview Part 1 25MB

Brian Trenchard Smith Interview Part 2 15MB