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Gillian Emmett

Gillian Emmett
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Interview With Gillian Emmett By Chris 29/6/07

Gillian Emmett is a sydney based actor who I found on myspace.
Liked what I read and saw and thought publicity was needed for her.
So read on and casting,directing people use her in your film.

Gillian MySpace Page

1.What made you want to be an actress?

Inside me is a 6-yr-old that never grew up. The adult in me also believes 100% in the power of film to hold a mirror up to society, challenge people’s beliefs and shift their consciousness. There is much good that can be done.

2.Who were your idols growing up?

Nicole Kidman. The Dalai Lama. My big sister.

3. Do you plan to make the move to America for your acting career?

Sure, I’d like to work in the US at some point, and in Europe. I hope to get some significant work behind me in Australia first. I think that’s important before moving into a bigger, more competitive market. Of course, Australia will always be home.

4. What has been your favorite role to play to date?

I recently did a short film called “Wake”. It followed a young woman as she struggled to deal with grief and buried her pain in drugs, alcohol and sex. I loved the emotional challenge of the role. In the dramatic climax I think I achieved a subtle visceral quality in my performance. My own struggle with grief in the past helped me explore the role and it was nice to turn that into something meaningful for others.

5. What do you think of the state of Australian film industry and what needs to be done?

I might be a bit controversial… but I think people should stop whinging and stop expecting things to be handed to them on a platter. High quality work will always attract attention and $$$. If work doesn’t attract those things, the reason, and the solution, is therefore clear. Continually develop your skills. Attend training. Review and reflect. Be an entrepreneur. Create. Contribute. Inspire. Serve a greater purpose. The work will come.

6. What are some of your favorite movies?

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Memento. Schindler’s List. Elektra. Con-air. X-men. The Legend of Bagger Vance.

7. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

A cool French film called “Priceless” with Audrey Tautou. Schindler’s list.

8. Who have you enjoyed working with?

I enjoy working with directors who take a collaborative approach with actors. It allows me to give a creative contribution rather than just be a puppet. I enjoy working with teams who are professional, and also enjoy a chat and a laugh during the down times.

9. Have you had any bad experiences as an actor yet?

Of course. On the personal side, it’s a big roller coaster of ups and downs. There are lots of rejections. On the professional side there have been times when I felt like a puppet on set and had no room for creative contribution. Not my thing at all.

10. Do you think tools like the IMDB & MySpace are good for your acting career?

Absolutely… after all you found me here!

11. Have you used the Internet to help with your acting career?

It’s one of my essential tools.

12. What have you got lined up next?

I’m currently waiting to hear back about a big audition. I can’t give details as I might not get it, but here’s hoping. I’m also currently studying screenwriting online with a US company and I’m doing an acting workshop in July with some US casting agents. I’ve got a couple of short film projects and a commercial coming up. I believe in on-going training and participation – it’s a way to continue to hone my skill and also a chance to reach an audience.

13. What’s in your stereo at the moment?

“Speaking American” by Bruce Shapiro. Pink. Missy Higgins. Ben Lee.

14. What are some of your favorite music artists/bands?

As above.

15. Did you learn a lot from acting school?

Yes. I studied the Meisner technique at the Actor’s Pulse in Sydney and it has given me a solid foundation upon which I eclectically draw from other tools and techniques as needed.

16. Who would you most like to work with?

The list is endless. Cate Blanchett. Hugh Jackman. Noni Hazelhurst. Matt Damon. Johnny Depp. Meryl Streep. Helen Mirren. Judy Dench. There’s a few for you.

Last words – I invite filmmakers and entrepreneurs to contact me to arrange an audition or meeting to see if there’s anyway I can contribute to your team. In addition to my acting skills, I am a big picture creative thinker and love to brainstorm and plan projects. I look forward to working with you soon.

Haydn Porter

Haydn Porter
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Interview With Haydn Porter By Chris 27/6/07

Haydn Porter is a model,student and mensa member.
She is also been in Playboy and also been a Coed Of The Week and a special edition issue.
She is one of the most beautiful women ever and deserves to be in Playboy as she has beauty and brains.

Haydn Website

1. Why did you decide to become a model?

I wouldn’t really consider myself a model, but a girl who’s done some modeling. I had done some small stuff in the past, but never anything too exciting. I always thought I could be good at it, but never really applied enough energy into pursuing it.

2. How did you get involved with Playboy?

It wasn’t so much of a decision, but more of chance! Playboy placed an ad in the school newspaper, and the auditions happened to fall on my 18th birthday. I figured I may as well give it a shot, and amazingly enough, I made it!

3. Has that opened doors for your modeling career?

Yes and no. I’m really too short to get into high-fashion modeling (and definitely runway), so there aren’t too many places I can go from here. I’d love to work with Playboy in the future, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I’m currently in a modeling contest, so should I be lucky enough to win that, I would get a contract with a good agency in LA, become the face of the new Smashbox Cosmetics campaign, and win some prizes. Ironically, the prizes include a bunch of makeup, but I really don’t know how to use it!!

4. What has been the highlight so far?

Definitely the highlight has been meeting Howard Stern! I’d wanted to meet him since I was a little girl, but I never dreamed it would actually come true! He was incredibly nice, and I’ll never forget it.

5. Why Start The Website Up?

I use it as a networking tool, as well as a fan site. Photographers and casting agents can contact me on there, so it’s been pretty useful.

6. How have your parents responded to you being in Playboy?

Haha, they weren’t exactly thrilled, but they’ve grown to accept it.

7. What has been feedback been like?

People really seem to like my work, so if they’re happy, I’m happy.

8. Have you had any bad feedback so from it?

But of course!! I live in the Bible Belt, so I’ve had a few negative reactions, but I don’t let them get me down. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however misinformed…

9. How did you become Mensa member?

I actually only joined as a sort of preemptive defense. I knew that I would get a lot of criticism for posing for Playboy, and I figured that it’s hard for someone to stereotype me as an air-headed bimbo if I’m in Mensa.

10. Has that been a great challenge to be part of their organization?

Not really, the main difficulty was waking up early enough to take the entrance exam! The test was challenging, but a lot of fun. Beyond that, I really haven’t participated very much, but if I find the time, I might head to a local meeting, or maybe the Annual Gathering.

11. What was it like going on the howard stern show?

It was absolutely amazing! I have been a fan for a long time, and have always dreamed of meeting Howard Stern. Everyone (with the exception of Baba Booey, who I think was thrown off by my age) was incredibly nice.

12. Was it better than you expected,What is he like?

Yes, it was so much more than I could have hoped for! I was a bit worried that he would be critical of my appearance, but he really was very friendly. He’s a very sweet, and genuine person, and I would go back in a heartbeat.

13. You like horror movies what are some of your favorite(horror fan here)?

Hmmm… I like so many different ones! Dario Argento is extremely talented, and I’m always amazed by his work. I’d say one of his movies would have to be my favorite.

14. Why do you like Brain Dead (Dead Alive for americans) what are your fav scenes?

Haha, because it is simply hilarious!! There are so many funny, yet gruesome aspects to that movie, how could it not be on my list of favorites? “Lionel, I’ve been savaged!”

15. Why also I Spit On Your Grave (Only Girl I have noticed who likes it)?

Interestingly enough, I never intended to watch this movie. From the back of the box, I’d thought it was some sort of sexy revenge story, but I was in for a surprise! Ultimately, despite some of the disturbing rape scenes, it really is an empowering movie. It shows a women reclaiming control of her life, and the perpetrators getting what they deserve.

16. What are some of your favorite musical artists/bands?

Hmm… I guess right now I’m really enjoying Goblin, Smashing Pumpkins, and the Pixies. I have a wide range of favorites, so this list really isn’t indicative of everything I listen to.

17. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

I really loved Grindhouse, and Hostel Part II was pretty enjoyable. One of the best things about seeing these movies is the crowd’s reaction. If someone walks out in disgust, that’s usually a sign of a good movie.

18. What is next for yourself?

You know, I really don’t have a clue! I’m just sort of going with the flow right now, waiting to see what happens next!

19. Would you ever like to host a show?

I think that it would be pretty interesting, but it really depends upon the type of show. I’d never really considered that before, but I’m sure it would be a lot of fun.

20. Would you like to get into acting?

Absolutely! I’ve always been extremely interesting in a career in acting, mainly because it is so much fun! I think assuming the role of different characters is really exhilarating, and is a welcome break from the banality of normal living!

James Merendino

James Merendino
Picture copyright respected holders.

Interview With James Merendino By Chris 11/6/07

James Merendino is a fantastic director.

Who directed the cult hit SlC Punk

So read the interview and find out more about this directing talent.

1. How did you get into directing?

The usual statement is, “I started making little movies when I was six, using my dad’s 8mm” But I actually started professionally when I was 20. I moved to Los Angeles and got a job through a Temp agency with a producer named Dan Melnick. After two years of shrill shrieking torture working for this man, I escaped by meeting a young woman who was producing no-budget horror pics.. I managed to convince her to let me direct a movie called ‘Witchcraft 4”. I was paid one thousand dollars and I had one day to prep and six days to shoot. Once I had made that very small and questionable movie, I was sort of in.

2. What have you up to directing lately?

Well, last year I made a movie in Argentina in Spanish called ‘Death Club”. I had gone down there to attend a film festival. Somehow I ended up meeting some great people there and “although I do not speak a word of Spanish,” found myself making a movie. The movie is a strange and dark Dogme 95 type thing and it is not finished yet.

3. Did you ever think that SLC Punk would be come a huge cult hit?

I didn’t know SLC Punk was a huge cult hit. I certainly didn’t think that it would. I was really just making a sort of personal movie that I was sure no-one but my mother would watch.

4. Were you happy how it was received and turned out?

I was very happy how the movie turned out. However, I am surprised sometimes about how the movie is interpreted by people. There tends to be an argument going around that the movie is not a true representation of ‘Punk Rock”. The fact is, I have no idea what a true representation of Punk rock would be. Also I find people really get caught up on the Anarchy Issue. They wonder if the movie really presents that ethos correctly. Well on all of these points I have to say that I was not intending to make a movie that would promote Anarchy nor was I trying to define an old youth rebellion. I was just making a movie about young people trying to work their way into the world.

5. What was it like working with Matthew Lillard & Michael A. Goorjian?

Mathew and Michael were without a doubt amazing to work with. To begin with the guys are really smart film makers and game for anything. They were also friends before we started shooting so it made things easier. They were also fun. I remember when Mathew got to town, we went to a mall to by some play station games. We then went back to the production house and played a Samurai game through most of the production on a huge screen. Mathew and Michael used to play chess between takes and they were both really good. I tried to play them, but was murdered every time. In the end, those guys made the movie a good movie in my opinion.

6. Have you had any bad experiences as a director?

I have had many bad experiences as a Director. But, as I get older I seem to have fewer bad experiences. I tend to allow anything that may be a problem roll off my back. I make movies because I enjoy it. So I try not to let anything get in the way of that enjoyment.

7. Is it hard to get finance for a film your trying to make?

The worst nightmare one can go through, besides perhaps having your fingernails ripped off, is raising money for a movie. I realize there is real suffering in this world, hunger, war, disease, unspeakable cruelty… then there is raising money for a movie.

8. What was it like making the film Trespassing?

Trespassing was a rather tough one for me. I had written a really scary script and got funded pretty quick. But, for some reason I was given only two weeks to prep rather then six weeks and then fourteen days to make the movie. I didn’t get what I needed as a result and the movie never came close to the script. I am not blaming anyone for this, but, I am disappointed in what I ended up with. I wanted to make a really irreverent and scary movie and I believe I failed. The actors were great, so it makes the failure worse for me. It is for this reason that I am making a new Horror film called “The Bitch”. I am going to get it right this time. The script is already much better then Trespassing was and I am dealing with very careful producers who understand that I need enough time to make the movie what it needs to be. Plus, I am much more prepared to tackle the genre.

9. Were you happy the way film was received and turned out?

Well, as I said I was not happy with the way the movie turned out, but I am surprised anybody liked it at all. I keep wanting to apologize for that one and promise that this new one will make up for it.

10. Is it hard to direct yourself and act at the same

I’ve never done it.

11. Was it hard making your first film?

Actually, it was easy and fun making my first movie. The budget was so small that there was very little pressure and nobody was expecting much. I had already made so many short movies that I found the whole thing to be sort of like, messing around with a bunch of film equipment and trying to get really cool shots.

12. Who would you most like to work with?

There are many people I would like to work with. I think the question is better asked, “who wouldn’t I want to work with?” But, if I had the chance, I would work with Peter Jackson, even as an assistant, just to see him in action.

13. Have you had any problems with any actors in your films?

I have never had a problem with an actor on a movie. I wish I could talk about a scandal, and I would. But, I tend to get on with actors and I can’t really think of any real difficulties. This is not to say that I do not have funny stories concerning actors I have worked with.

14. What movies have you seen lately you really

I have been watching a lot of horror… I really liked “The Descent”. It worked for me and the girls were bad ass. I haven’t seen anything new as I have been focused on raising money for my next movie.

15. Any advice to people wanting to make a career in directing?

Get professional help and if that doesn’t work and you still want to make movies. Commit completely to doing just that. Take a risk, have nothing to fall back on and put yourself in the situation that if you do not get your movie made you will go hungry and die.

16. Is there any thing that annoys you with Hollywood and the movie industry?

People tend to sometimes be disingenuous. The industry attracts many flakes and it is hard to weed through them. You also get judged pretty harshly. People want to see you fail. You have to ignore them and ignore all negativity.

17. Who would you most like to direct?

Cate Blanchett.

18. What are your thoughts on the realty tv format?

I do not watch it. I do not understand it. Are people’s lives so empty that hey can find pleasure in watching other people’s lives on the television? I imagine two old ladies in England closely observing their neighbors.

19. What is next in the pipeline for you?

As I said, I intend to make a horror movie this summer/fall. Or, for the southern hemisphere, Winter/Spring

20. Are you happy how things have gone so far for you?

I am happy to be making movies, yes. But I feel I’ve only started. I have made a lot of indie festival movies… but I started rather young. I feel most of my work has been practice or learning how to make movies. Not that I didn’t take the movies I have made in the past seriously… But, I feel I have been learning this whole time. It is hard to become a good director. You can’t really practice, like you could if you wanted to be a Guitar Player. You have to be good right out of the gate. I find that unrealistic. Who picks up a guitar and is amazing the moment they first touch the strings.

21. Do you as a director like much of the new films that studio system are putting out these days?

Actually, I do. I think the studios have gotten back to making really big spectacles. I think that is what they should be doing. There was a time in the 80’s where movies were not much different than TV. Save a few, “Raiders” for example. People really complained about this fact a lot back then. But with movies like Lord of the Rings, or the Pirates series, or 300… etc, these are big movies with very talented directors behind them. And I feel they are getting even better.

Thanks for your time any last words

Just thanks for the interview…