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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Casey Watt

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Interview With Casey Watt By Chris 19/11/06

Casey Watt is a true blue aussie country singer

She put out Debut album Lead You Astray

which is full of good honest enjoyable country songs.

She comes from the state of Queensland

and we will be
hearing lot’s more of her

Casey Website

1. How did you get into music?

Music is in my family.  So when I was younger my dad
and his brother’s all played instruments and sang at all
the family do’s and I loved to be a part of that.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Kylie Minogue was a hero when I was a little girl, I was a
big neighbours fan you see.And my Dad of course !

3. Who were your influences?

I love what Keith Urban, Renee Geyer and Bonnie Raitt
do.  I have seen them all perform live and they’re
both wonderful live and recorded.  I’ve had a lot of
influences over the years from songwriters like Graeme
Conners and John Williamson through to country rock acts
like Shania Twain as well as others from different
genres.  I think it has been wonderful to be really
open minded with what I listen to, because good music is
good music.  I also think that the variety has helped
me develop my own character rather than imitating someone

4. Are you happy with the responses from the new

I’ve had a fantastic response from my album. 

5. What have responses been like to your music on the

Great !  I’ve had lots of people contact me through
myspace and my website.

6. Has the Internet helped with your music?

It is definitely a great way to get your name out

7. Do you think tools like MySpace are useful?

Myspace is wonderful for musicians.  It puts you in
contact with people from all over the world with similar
interests to you whether they be music fans or other

8. Who you would most like to tour with?

I would love to go on tour with someone like Troy
Cassar-Daley.  I think he’s a really talented guy and
it would be a great experience.

9. If you could work with any one who would it

It would be great to have the opportunity to work with
Bonnie Raitt or Renee Geyer and learn from such
unbelievably talented female artists.

10. Is it hard to get radio to play your

I think it helps getting a single onto a radio compilation
like Nfs.

11. Have you had much response from radio?

I’ve had a fantastic response from radio.  My first
single I Don’t Want To Work This Hard is currently number
20 on the Country Music Radio Charts in Australia.

12. Do you think Australia needs a dedicated country
radio station nation wide?

I think that 989fm is nation wide but the more exposure
throughout Australia the better I think.

13. What’s it like being a country singer/songwriter in

Great fun.  I love singing.

14. Have you had much response from labels since the
release of the new album?

I haven’t really been out looking.

15. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentleman

16. What are some of your favorite musical

I’ve named most of them above.

17. Any plans to tour the country?

Working on it.

18  Who have you has helped you out the

Lots of people.  Especially the radio stations, Nfs,
my family and friends and all of the people who love the
music that I play help by coming to the live shows and
requesting my songs.

19. What inspires you when writing music?

Usually an intense feeling.

20. How did the recording process go for the new

We band tracked at a studio in Nundah, Brisbane and then we
hired another studio on the southside to do a couple of
piano tracks and then recorded the rest at my producer
Brendan Radford’s home studio. 

Thanks again for your time any last words

Thanks for the opportunity to chat with you and if anyone
would like to get in contact with me or check out my album
Lead You Astray please log on to or

The Brightwings

The Brightwings
Pictures copyright respected owners

Interview With Dan Holden, singer/guitarist, The
Brightwings By Chris 15/11/06

After hearing and receiving their fantastic debut
release Stay.
I knew the band has a winner on their hands. Good honest
enjoyable songs.
When you hear their stuff you will know what I meant

The Brightwings

1. How did you get into music?

It was a combination of my parents and my friends. My dad
has a great record collection that I used to love to dig
through, and my mom sings and plays guitar.

  2. Who were your idols growing up?

Being from the Boston Area I was really into Aerosmith, but
I was obsessed with Huey Lewis and maybe Wayne

  3. Who were your influences?

  Our biggest influences are bands like The Eagles,
Tom Petty, Aerosmith, and a few 80’s bands that shall
remain nameless.

   4. What have responses been like to the

  “Stay” has gotten a good response, but it’s kind of
hard to gage when you release an album on your own. We just
tried to make the best album we could, and hopefully it
will open some doors for us.

   5. What inspired you when recording the

  We have always wanted to write an album that is
classic sounding and timeless, and I think all the old
albums we grew up listening to inspired us the most. People
have said the cover of the EP looks like “Hotel
California”, and I have to say I agree, but it was not

   6. Has the Internet helped with the bands

  The Internet has let a lot of people hear our music
that probably would not have heard it otherwise. It’s a
great way to get music out there.

   7. Do you think tools like MySpace are

  MySpace is great for bands and stalkers for the same

   8. Who would the band most like to tour

  We would love to open for a band like The Fray or
The Drive-by-truckers. Our goal is to play in front of as
many people as we can, and if they like bands similar
to us, it would be even better.

   9. If you could work with any one who would
it be?

  I am a huge Johnny Cash fan so I’m out of luck, but
next in line would be Tom Petty.

   10. Have you had much press about the

  We were doing a bunch of radio promotion the
first couple months, but mostly show promotion

   11. What inspires the band when writing

  I think we all get inspired by everyday life, but
mostly by love.

   12. What has been your favorite gig to

  We just opened for Nada Surf last week, which was
fun, but our old band went to China for a week. It was like
a dream…mostly from jet lag.

   13. Has the band had much support from

  We have been trying to push radio, but it is hard to
get on the air without a major label deal. Hopefully this
album will be heard by the right people that can get us on
the radio. That’s all you can hope for.

   14. What is on your stereo at the

  The Damnwells “Air Stereo”…buy

   15. What are some of your favorite musical

  Tom Petty, The Damnwells, Stephen Kellogg and the
sixers, Johnny Cash, Bob Schneider, Radiohead, Dr.
Dre…that enough?

   16. Have you had much response from

  We have had some label response here and there. I
think our band is still young, and will be heard.

   17 Why cover Please Come To Boston for the

  It was just a spur of the moment thing. We were done
recording one day and played it while the tape was still
rolling. We added the harmonies later, and it came out

   18. What has been the career highlight so

  We opened for Nine Days back when they had a huge
hit. That was the biggest show, but going to China was the