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Monthly Archives: March 2006

Dear Whoever

Interview With Jason From Dear Whoever By Chris

After revewing their ep Sound The Trumpet I knew they
were worth interviewing.
As I really dug their tunes and know they will go far with
So read on.

1. How did the band form?

Guitarist/Screamer Jason Garner started the band with
Singer Aiden Franklin, later they went through member
adjustments, and landed on the Quintet of Jason, Aiden, Sam
Snow on drums, Kenny Leake on bass, and Mark Woodbridge on
lead guitar/back up vocals.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Probably Billy Idol, Prince and Flava Flav for sure

3. Who were your influences?

The Bled, Norma Jean, Hopesfall

4. Who would you most like to a split cd with?

Probably underoath they are doing the best in the similar

5. How did you get signed to Broken Line

They contacted us and things led to other things.

6. Has the Internet helped with your music?

Yes without it touring would not be as good.

7. Do you think tools like MySpace are useful?

Totally. It has changed music in a good way. You can get
your music out to so many more people so much easier.

8. Have you had much response about the EP?

Yah, we’ve sold over 1500 so far and these next couple
tours will definitely help.

9. If you could work with any one who would it

Wiesner. He did Underoath’s and Lorene Drive’s last albums
and they turned out well.

10. Have you got any recordings in the

Yah, we have two demos already recorded that will probably
be on the full length album that we’re writing for at the
moment. We’ll probably also record a couple more here in
the next month or so.

11. Have you had much response from radio?

Not really. Haven’t had anything on the radio yet except
various colleges.

12. What inspired the artwork for the EP?

We liked what our graphic designer did and went with it.

13. What has been your favourite gig to date?

Favourite tour date would definitely be the show we played
in Victorville, CA last tour with Lorene Drive, Aphasia and
Days Like These. It was a sold out show and we got a good
response from the crowd.

14. Have you had much support from radio?

Aside from announcing local shows in the Portland area, we
have not stepped that bridge yet.

15. If you could be on The Simpsons or Spongebob
Squarepants where would you be?

Simpsons for sure. We all grew up watching that show.

16. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Still Remains

17. What are some of your favorite musical

Refused, Norma Jean, Hopesfall, Aphasia, Lorene Drive,
Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying, The Bled still remains,
chasing victory,underoath.

18. What movies you have seen lately you have really

Saw Failure to Launch last night and it was pretty funny,
but haven’t seen anything in that has broken the top ten
movie list in a while.

19 What are your favourite movies?

Casino, Goodfellas, Donny Brosco, you know the typical
mobster movies. Oh yah and the Notebook, that movie makes
me wanna fall in love.haha

20.Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

That’s a show to show basis. For example, Big Brother is no
good, but like The Flavor of Love, Flava Flav’s show is
pretty sweet.

21. Beer Of Choice?

Red Stripe

Thanks for your time… any last words?

Look out for our full length coming out fall of 06! See you
all on tour!

Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen
Picture copyright respected holders.

Interview With Laura Jansen By Chris 14/3/06

Laura Jansen is a fantastic singer songwriter who will
go so far.
Her music is fantastic,real and honest. I knew I had to
interview her
So read on.
Myspace Page

1.How did you get into music?

My momma always sang…not your typical lullabies
either! She would croon Queen, brazilian protest music and
everything in between….I started banging on the
piano as soon as I could walk but the song writing came
many many years later…I think the muse waited to hit
me until I had enough life experiences under my belt.

2.What were your major influences?

Life has always been my major influence! The sheer and
simple beauty of everyday people and things move me to no
end. But you mean musically…Joni Mitchell, Donny
Hathaway, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Rob Giles,
Feist….it goes on and on!!

3.If you could have a three-band bill who would they

This week? It would be Feist, Butterfly Boucher and the
Strokes…..yeah, that would be sweet!

4. What has the response been to your music?

Its been humbling! Myspace was a really great way to test
the waters and the waters have been friendly. I’ve met some
wonderful, like-minded people through my music and have
also gotten some incredible opporortunities. We recently
shot an episode for YMCTV (new music channel launching
later this year) and I am planning a tour to Europe.

<5>. Where do you think you will be in 10

In ten years time I hope to have a wonderful collection of
albums under my belt, a thriving creative career and a
better person than I am today.

6. Who would you most like to record a song

Jon Brion!

7. What made you want to go out and play

I really had no choice….no matter what other
passions I pursued I always came back to my
piano…….Touching on another human beings
feelings, putting them into words, connecting with
strangers through song…these are all gifts that I am
grateful for on a daily basis.

8. What are your thoughts on file sharing and the mp3

Well, it’s a Pandora’s box isn’t it? We can have our
personal beliefs on the matter but the cat is out of the
bag and it is our new reality. I think the Internet is
empowering for artists. IF we learn to use it properly, we
can engage the whole world….from our house!

9. Do you think MySpace is for good artists and

MySpace is incredible. It’s becoming a bit saturated with
musicians and I fear that regular people are getting tired
of the mass adding and won’t take the time to listen to the
songs. My philosophy is this: keep the relationship going,
write back and forth, connect with the people who have
honoured you with their add and don’t worry too much about
how many 1000’s of friends you can “get”.

10. Do you think the Internet is good for helping
artists get known?

Absolutely the best tool for liberating yourself from the
standard path….we now have most of the tools at our
fingertips to get our art out there.

11. What bands/artists are you listening to

Lately I’ve been listening to Jesca Hoop, Elizabeth Ziman,
Jessie Baylin, Rob Giles, Reeve Carney, David Mead and
Matthew Ryan.

12. Who has helped you out the most?

My partner in crime, Rob Giles. He gave me the permission
any artist needs to think outside of the box, regardless of
the box others will put us in. Self-doubt goes hand in hand
with creativity for me so to have a sounding board that
pushes you instead of placating you is a gift! Plus, have
you HEARD the production of these songs? He took it to the
next level!

13. If you could be on The Simpsons where would you be

Where or who? I of course would be Lisa…the musical,
political nerd.

14. What has the response been like for your music on
the web?


15. Any responses from record labels?

We are hoping to sign a deal this year…

16. Have you got any releases lined up?

Yes! My first EP, “the trauma EP” is slated for release in
a few weeks…. date TBA.