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Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson
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Interview With Emma Wilson By Chris 23/1/06

Emma Wilson is a great aussie singer songwriter
She writes some great songs that are excellent.
So I figured she was worth promoting.
So read the interview with Emma Wilson and find out


1.How did you get into music?

My mum was a musician and singer releasing 5 albums so I
had it in my blood I think! I’ve always wanted to sing and

2.What were your major influences?

My influences have changed somewhat in the past few
years…Growing up I was influenced by an eclectic
assortment of artists – Amy Grant, Lauren Hill, Nirvana,
Alanis Morrisette

3.If you could have a three-band bill who would they

Powderfinger, Lauren Hill, oh I cant choose!!

4. What has been the highlight of your career so

Winning music oz award, having my original music released –
but to be honest probably finally figuring out this isn’t
my gift…

5. What is it like being an artist in

It’s tough…there’s not as much support as there
should be. Unfortunately in Australia we don’t have as much
spectrum when it comes to acceptance of different music

6. What inspires you when writing music?

My inspiration now comes from God but it hasn’t always been
like that, I write about what’s going down.. in my world
and other peoples.

7. What made you want to go out and play

I’m not sure I’ve never wanted to do anything else since I
can remember. It’s my passion

8. What are your thoughts on file sharing and the mp3

That’s a tough one because I love music and want people of
all sorts to be able to listen to and appreciate music but
the artist does need to get paid somehow and in Australia
especially there isn’t much income for artists. The bottom
line is your ripping them off income but some artists I
know don’t mind because they just want people to be able to
appreciate their music.

9. Who would most like to record a song with?

Oh my there’s so many!! I would say U2

10. Do you think the Internet is good for Helpings
artists get known?

Yes definitely

11. What bands/artists are you listening to

Lately? Mary J Blige, Switchfoot, Brooke Fraser

12. Who has helped you out the most?

My man upstairs

13. Have you got any releases in the line-up?


14. What has the response been like for your music on
the web?

Great people love it…the only problem is I started
putting my music on the web to early before I had really
developed, as an artist so there’s some dodgy stuff
floating around out there!! Delete it if you have it!

15. Any responses from record labels?

Yes but at this stage I’m really only wanting to sign a
deal if I can do something that’s real – real lyrics real
life. I don’t want to be shaking my butt on MTV or trying
to be sexy to sell a record – it’s just not me. I pushed in
that direction when I first started but I’ve turned down
offers because I don’t want to do that…. I’d rather
not be doing it then selling myself short.

16. Have you sent your stuff to radio?

Yes I’ve had some good responses

17. What are some of your favourite movies?

Ha Ha I love funny movies I have the weirdest sense of
humour, I love all the “scary movies” I love anchor man but
I also love yes…. wait for it…the
bodyguard…I’m sorry!!!

18. What have you seen recently you really

Movie wise? Hhmmmmm can’t say I’ve seen anything amazing
lately sorry

19. What is next for Emma Wilson?


Michelle Baena

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Interview With Michelle Baena

To find out more Michelle visit here

1. How has your life changed since doing Playboy?

Since posing for Playboy magazine. I have received many great modelling opportunities.

2. Was it fun doing the photo shoot?

I had a blast doing the shoot during the first day I was a little nervous but everyone is so nice and easy to work with. I quickly felt comfortable.

3. Why did you do it in the first place?

I decided to submit my photos to Playboy because it has been a dream of mine to pose since I was a teenage.

4. How did you react when you were chosen?

I was thrilled that I was going to be in the magazine it was such an honour.

5. How come you wanted to become a model?

As a teenager I loved seeing photos of Christy Brinkley it just seamed like so much fun to be in front of the camera and to travel to beautiful places to shoot.

6. What has the response been like?

The response has been very positive I have very supportive friends and family.

7. Do you enjoy modelling?

I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t. So yes!!

8. What are some of your favourite movies?

My favourite movies are American Pie 2, Night at the Roxbury and Footloose.

9. What movies that you have seen recently you have really enjoyed?

I saw the movie “The Man” on the airplane last week. I loved it I was laughing through the entire movie.

10. What are some of your favourite musical artists?

My favourites are AC/DC, Marilyn Manson and Tommy Lee.

11. What would we find on your stereo at the moment?

Well you would find XM radio and my IPOD.

12. Is there anybody you really want to work with?

I would love to work with Jenny Mc Carthy or Brooke Burke hosting a show together.

13. What have you got lined up next to do?

I will be shooting my own 2007 Calendar soon. My Benchwarmer trading cards just came out. There are several projects in the works.

14. Why start the website up?

Website is a great place for fans and potential clients to see my work and keep updates on appearances and photos from my latest shoots.

15. What has the response been to it?

I get lots of great supportive fan mail. Thanks Guys!!!

Dream Catcha

Dream Catcha
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Interview With Harry From Dream Catcha By Chris

Dream Catcha is a great rock from Perth
A band who does the hard yards,tours in America self
These guys are going places and will go far.
So check out the interview and then check out the
Dream Catcha

1. How did the band form?

The band formed in 2002 out of the ashes of various bands
around Perth WA and then grew into a 5 piece when we added
keyboards in 2003. We’ve had the same line up now for over
2 years and it just keeps getting better 🙂

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Wow that’s a hard one as there are so many people. I think
to be honest Richard Branson is one of the coolest guys
around. I love the way he has made something from
absolutely nothing but a dream and a will to succeed and
he’s not an arsehole. I actually have an autographed copy
of his autobiography.

3. Who were your influences?

Def Pink Floyd, The Beatles and INXS for me, our guitarist
Flacky is a huge fan of the shredding guitar solos from
players likes Via and Satriani. Craig (keyboards) is a huge
Yes and Rush fan so there’s plenty of influence coming
through in his playing. Keys our Bass Player is into the
old heavy scene like Ossie Osborne and Led Zeppelin and
Corey our drummer is into just about anything with a good
solid aggressive beat. To be honest though, the main stream
writing approach is very much like “if it sounds good play
it”. There’s no definite “we have to or want to sound like
this” attitude.

4. What is like playing in America?

Cool! 🙂 There’s certainly a feeling of achievement knowing
you have made it across the water. Most bands from Perth
focus on Europe first but we decided the US was the way to
go for us. The crowds are very receptive to our music,
which makes it better, but overall it’s another gig just
playing somewhere different. We’ve noticed that the US has
a lot more shades of music than in Australia and it’s
harder to keep people’s attention for a long period of time
however “Nothing beats opening up a gig and having people
dance to your music, no matter where you play”. The US is
just bigger and has more stuff to see and do that’s all.
Australia is still our home and we love coming back to play
for the crowds here.

5. Is it hard to set-up a self-funded tour in

Exceptionally hard but it has gotten easier the more times
you do it. The first tour was a real eye opener and allowed
us to learn and grow thus allowing us to do more tours to
the USA in a more cost effective way. In addition, Austrade
has really helped us get a leg up in the US Market and
continues to support our touring schedules and ideas. It’s
a huge country with loads of competition by some very very
good bands. It’s probably easier for us now than when we
first begun coz we have made heaps of contacts and friends
over there. Having an awesome US Rep also helps a lot 🙂 it
takes the pressure of us trying to do it all by email and
phone calls.

6. Has the Internet helped with your music?

Yes Definitely. With the Internet virtually world wide now
it allows us to get our music out to people that would
never usually have the opportunity to listen to the band.
It also allows us to look into the digital download and
ring tone markets which leads to more open doors especially
in the Asian and US Markets.

7. What are your thoughts to filesharing and the MP3

You know, music is music and it’s worldwide. It’s been
around since someone worked out they could whistle. People
want to have the freedom to do with a cd or MP3 what they
want when they buy it. I think that fine. You can’t stop
all the people from sharing so why try? It’s like locks on
your car. They’re only there to keep the honest people out.
If some one wants it bad enough then they’ll find a way to
take it. And I say if you want our music that bad then so
be it. What does annoys me is when labels make a song and
dance about it, sue some small time individual and forget
about the big companies that are doing. Then they take the
money made from the lawsuit and don’t pass any on to the
artists. That shits me. Musicians are real working people
and I guess from that point of view, you don’t take
something from a super market shelf and say I’ll share this
with 10 friends and we won’t pay the store owner for it. We
have jobs to go to and rent to pay like the rest of the
world so we should get paid for creating our products and
selling them to the world. There seems to be this
perception that musicians are only filling in their time
until they hit the really big time or find a “real job”.
That’s just not the case.

8. Have you had much response from labels?

Had a few bites but nothing we are happy to get involved
with just yet. We are happy doing what we are doing right
now but that’s not saying we don’t welcome label offers. We
certainly do! The band thinks that the full-length album is
going to be a big step in attracting these labels and
moving forward to the next level. We as a band just want to
make enough money to be able to keep writing and recording
and getting our music out there. If a label can help us do
that, then we’ll certainly get involved with them. Right
now we seem to be doing all right playing shows and selling
our music online through our website
(yes I know shameless plug) hahaha.

9. If you could work with any one who would it

I definatly want to work duets with Santana and Kylie
Minogue. That would be a highlight of my career.

10. Have you got any recordings in the

Yep sure have. We are currently in pre production for our
first full length LP. Hopefully this will be ready to go
mid 2006. It’s been a little stop start due to the amount
of gigs we have been playing lately but we are locked into
recording this summer and I think there will be some cool
stuff on this record for everyone.

11. Have you had much response from radio?

With the 4 song EP we put out in 2003/04 we have had great
response. More so overseas than in Australia but we are
very happy with the level of interest these songs brought
us. We’ve used this as a platform to tour the USA and the
Solomon Islands. It’s great to turn on a radio and hear our
music being played here in Perth. I still run around the
house turning on every radio when one of our tunes come

12. What are your thoughts on realty tv talent shows eg
Australian Idol?

Yeah… um.. hmmm what can I say without raving on and
sounding like a jealous dick.. I think there are some
genuine talented people that go on the show and I think
there are some people who have been exploited by the TV
coys and Labels over it. I think the target market for it
is teenage girls from 12 – 18 and they eat it up. I think
eventually people will get tired of being spoon-fed junk
food music and move on to something else. This is why bands
like Queen, Rolling Stones, Eagles, U2, Matchbox 20, Red
Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters all survive and kick ass.
They are consistent with their music and stay true to their
roots and fans. I want to be judged by my performances on
and off the stage, not by some people who are on an agenda
to make money for the labels at all costs including
screwing over the chosen artist with lousy label contracts
and their own integrity whilst they do it. Look out for a
song called Aint No Idol real soon.. That’ll give you a
good indication of what the band thinks about these types
of comps.

13. If you could have a dream gig line up who would they

Queen, Matchbox 20, INXS, Pink Floyd, U2, The Rolling
Stones, Jet and us (Dream Catcha) 🙂

14. Have you had much support from radio?

Not as much as we’d like but we also realise that we are
competing for commercial radio spots with major labels that
have heaps of money to spend on advertising and promo. If
you think Payola doesn’t exist then ask yourself how some
of the shit on radio gets there right now. Aust Idol is a
great example of shit music being advertised correctly to a
massive market and the radio and TV stations love it. They
make their cut out of it by advertising the series and
playing the winners music.

15. If you could be on The Simpsons or Spongebob
Squarepants where would you be?

def Simpson’s sharing donuts with Homer… hmmmm

16. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Doby Grey.. dude who sang the original version of Drift
Away, Head First (a local Perth band) and a cool band from
the USA called Yellow Delicious.

17. What are some of your favourite musicial

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Queen, Floyd, Bowie, Rush, Jet, The
Killers (great sound atm), Robbie Williams (what an
entertainer), Kylie hmmm Kylie 🙂 hehehehe

18. What movies you have seen lately you have really

The Island.. how freaky is that…clones and underground
labs… man that’s warped..

19. What are your favourite movies?

I own 2 movies, Gross Pointe Blank and Once were Soldiers.
Both great flicks.

20. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Bad… Except “The Great Race”. That’s cool…

21. Beer Of Choice?

Scotch on ice please.. hahaha Sol Brew is pretty good

Thanks for your time any last words.

Thanks heaps for the questions mate. Talk to us anytime and
we’ll make sure the album’s a cracker… Oh yeah and Hi

Hilary Kennedy

Hilary Kennedy
Picture copyright respected holders.

Interview With Hilary Kennedy By Chris 1/2/06

Hilary Kennedy is an up and coming actress
She will be some body to watch out for.
She was worth promoting.
So read the interview with Hilary Kennedy and find out


1. What made you want to be an actress?

I always felt like that is what God intended for me to do
with my life. My great-grandfather was a stunt man in
silent films, so it must run in my family, I guess!

2. Who were your idols growing up?

I idolized Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Miss America (whoever
it was at the time!), and Sandra Day O’Conner. Women in
politics were always inspiring.

3. Would you go overseas for a role in a film?

Absolutely! One of the great things about this job is the
travel and working with fascinating people. Australia is
definitely on my list of places I want to work next.

4. If you could work with any body who would it

Sean Connery-the original James Bond. He posesses such
mysterious qualities.

5. What are some of your favourite movies?

Life Is Beautiful, Pretty Woman, and Being Julia, any of
the James Bond movies, and Monty Python and the Holy

6. What movies you have seen lately you have really

I loved The Producers, as well as Crash. Not many movies
have the power to make their audience better people; I left
the theatre with more sympathy for people not like

7. Who have you enjoyed working with?

I worked with Kevin Frazier (formerly of Sportscenter) of
Entertainment Tonight and Uncle Kracker. We hosted the
largest private music event undertaken in the U.S. with
shows in 50 markets the same night. They were both
extremely talented and funny.

8. What kinda role would you most like to

I always gravitate towards the evil characters; the home
wreckers, the bad girls. I like to be the woman that
everyone loves to hate!

9. What are your thoughts on studio remaking

Hmmm….I haven’t given it much thought before now, but I
don’t think it’s a bad idea. Classic stories that are truly
great might be missed by this generation if studios didn’t
make it accessible to today’s audience.

10. What are your favourite genre of movies?

Action. I am a kickboxing fanatic, so I love to see the
awesome fight scenes and the wild explosions.

11. Who have you enjoyed working with the

My acting coach, Theresa Bell. She studied with the late
Roy London, who was the greatest acting coach of our time.
She is truly inspiring and pushes me to try new things,
cross the line.

12. What were some of your favourite tv shows growing

Ooooh…. soaps, definitely. That is what I would like to
do most-be on a daytime soap. I loved Days of Our Lives. I
also watched a lot of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Dukes of
Hazzard, Punky Brewster, and Dawson’s Creek.

13. What your view on realty tv?

I will tune in to it once in a while, but it isn’t
something that I would do personally. It can be a little
too cheesy for me!

14. What have you got lined up next?

I will be hosting a pilot for the TLC/Discovery Channel,
and I have a feature in FHM that will be out this spring. I
also have a film coming out in October of 2006 called “Evil
Behind You”, which is a thriller.

15. What’s in your stereo at the moment?

I have an iPod Nano that my Mom gave me that I take
everywhere. I’ve been jamming to Jamie Foxx, R. Kelly,
Kelly Clarkson, Billy Joel, and Mary J. Blige.

16. What are some of your favourite music

R. Kelly is an all-time favourite. I also love John Mayer,
Led Zepplin, Brian McKnight, and (not kidding) Barry
Manilow. He rocks!

17. What do you enjoy doing when not acting?

I love to go to Colorado and mountain climb or white water
raft. I take kick boxing regularly and attend church.

18. What is it like modelling?

You know, it’s very silly and fun. The hardest part is
trying not to eat tons of food the day of a shoot. You
always want to pig out most when you are about to be posing
in lingerie!

19. How did you get involved with Stuff & Maxim

They contacted me initially because of my job with the
Dallas Stars Hockey Team. They thought my job was a cool
one to feature, since I would get out on the ice in front
of 18,000 fans and commentate. Then FHM called, and it just
kept snowballing!

20. What has been the highlight of your career so

Doing all my own fight scenes and stunt work in “Evil
Behind You” was really cool. I felt like I was finally
utilizing more of my skills.

21. What is next for Hilary Kennedy?

I am trusting in God to take my career in the direction He
wants it to go….I hope to host another show or have a
contract role on a daytime soap. I want to be the bad