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Monthly Archives: October 2005

The 101

The 101
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Interview With Jerry Sizzler from The 101 By Chris

The 101 are are a great rock band
Their music is awesome and they are worth having a listen
So here is the interview

The 101’s

1.How did the band form?

Towards the end of my stint in Antarctica I found myself
missing rock music a bit, so I decided to start a side
project that would be more or less a typical rock band.
Shortly after… Antarctica broke up and I started
devoting my time to this side project that is now called
The 101.

2.Who were your idols growing up?

Anyone who played music really.

3.Who were your influences?

I’m the type of person that’s influenced musically by
pretty much everything I see, if I like it or not, so the
easiest way to answer that would be to say every band or
musician that I’ve known of up to this point.

4.What has the response been to the album?

Pretty much the typical response, some people like it and
some people don’t. I’ve noticed the simplicity of Green
Street seems to confuse some people a bit. We’re obviously
not trying to invent anything new, we’re just trying to
play music we enjoy and have a good time doing it.

5.What was the recording process like?

Fast and cheap. The EP and Green Street are more or less
demos. We’re really looking forward to taking time on the
next LP and playing around with our sound a bit.

6. Has the Internet helped with your music?

Sure, it’s so much easier to get your music heard now then
when I was in Christie Front Drive.

7. What are your thoughts to file sharing and the mp3

I personally don’t care for the sound of MP3s, but if
someone is paying for them and or the band is offering them
for free I have no problem with it. I do fear file sharing
is going to be the downfall of independent labels one day.
Everyone likes to get something for free, but I don’t think
people think about what’s going to happen down the road,
but isn’t that the typical story of humanity?

8. Have you had much response from labels

Yea, we’ve released both the EP and LP on vinyl in Europe
on a German label called Riptide Recordings. In fact I
think the overseas response has been better all

9. What inspired you to the play the music you

I don’t think anything really inspires me; it’s just what I
seem to write naturally. I really try not to force

10. How did you guys get signed to Limekiln

A friend of ours was friends with one of the guys that ran
the label and introduced us. Limekiln is the type of label
that releases CDs for no other reason other than a love of
music. That’s all we really ask for.

11. What is it like being an artist in

I’m not sure it’s that different than being an artist
anywhere else. I think possibly the response to music from
the listener here is not as warm as it is in many parts of
Europe, but I have a feeling it’s more or less the same

12. What are your thoughts on realty tv talent shows eg
American Idol?

To tell you the truth I don’t think about it that much. I’m
not one of those people that hate it, but at the same time
it doesn’t really interest me either.

13. If you could have a dream gig line up who would they

I guess I would want to see bands or musicians that I never
had the chance to see. I picture a mini fest with: Hank
Williams, a jazz ensemble consisting of (Miles Davis, John
Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Thelonious Monk, Charles
Mingus, Jimmy Garrison and Art Blakey), The Beatles, The
Zombies, The Clash and The Misfits (circa 1981). That would
be a pretty damn good show.

14. Have you had much support from radio?

Nothing really worth mentioning. I know my last three bands
have had some college radio play, but I wouldn’t say that
I’ve necessarily taken over the airwaves.

15. If you could be on any tv show where would you


16. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Spoon – Girls Can Tell

17. What movies you have seen lately you have really

Born into Brothels

18. What are your favourite movies?

Citizen Kane, The Night Of The Comet, National Lampoons
Vacation, Fletch, The Royal Tenenbaums

19. Realty TV? Good Or Bad? Neither

20. Beer Of Choice?

Pilsener Urquell or Corona

Monty Lapica

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Interview With Monty Lapica By Chris 26/10/05

Monty Lapica is a young director who directed and
his first feature Self Medicated
A film which should defently put him on his way to a
fantastic career.
If the film comes near you check it out but do check out
the site to find out more

Self Medicated Film

1. How did you get into acting and directing?

I dropped out of business school and enrolled in film
school. But 99% percent of what I’ve learned about making
films was learned by watching movies, reading books, and
making films, certainly not in school. In fact, I learned
much more from making my first feature than I learned in 3
years of film school. I think most directors would

2. What was the inspiration behind Self

When I was in high school my mom had me kidnapped and sent
to an extreme reform school. I was furious at the lack of
rights I had as a minor so I vowed to one day make a film
based on the experience to hopefully draw some attention to
the issue and expose these corrupt “institutions.”

3. Have you had much response from

We’re currently negotiating with a handful of distributors
for a North American release.

4. How did you get Greg Germann & Michael Bowen
involved with the film?

I was familiar with Michael Bowen from his work in Magnolia
and Jackie Brown and knew he would be perfect as “Dan
Jones.” My casting director, Lindsay Chag, recommended Greg
to me.

5. Was it hard to get your film up and

Tremendously hard. In certain ways, making an independent
film is akin to bashing your head into a wall repeatedly.
You can’t just throw money at problems that arise like a
bigger budget film; you have to find creative ways to solve
them. And you have to love every minute of it.

6. So you happy the way it turned out?

Absolutely. The final cut surpassed my highest
expectations. It’s amazing the intangibles that veteran
actors and a top notch DP are are able to bring to a
production to enhance the overall result. The whole is
greater than the sum of its parts.

7. Was it hard to get the finance for the

Yes, very. We raised the money through private investors.
And it didn’t help that I was a first-time director who was
intent on playing the lead role. But we were relentless in
our quest, that’s the only way we were able to make it
happen. You cannot take “no” for an answer.

8. Have you had much comment from people about the

We’ve been very lucky in the way that so far the audience
reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and we have been
invited to screen at a number of film festivals. It’s very
rewarding for everyone who worked so hard on the

9. Any response from overseas distributors?

We have yet to screen the film for any overseas
distributors, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

10. Is it hard to direct yourself and act at the same

The most difficult aspect is not being able to watch the
monitor during the take. You don’t know what you’re getting
exactly until you see it played back. And in independent
film, time to playback each take is a luxury that is just
not practical.

11. Is it hard making your first film?

It’s challenging in the way that you have to prove your
worth to the crew and cast early in the shoot so that they
will be behind you the rest of the way. A seasoned director
has a reputation that he or she carries to each film prior
to the first shot.

12. Who would you most like to work with?

Michael Mann. Benecio Del Toro. Denzel Washington. Ben

13. what are some of your favourite movies?

Raging Bull. Amores Perros. Casino. Gattaca. Heat. Boogie
Nights. The Insider.

14. What movies have you seen lately you really

The Constant Gardener. American Movie. Hustle &

15. What are some of your favourite musical

Radiohead. Pixies. Sparklehorse.

16. What would we find on your stereo at the

Bright Eyes. Joao Gilberto. Bob Marley. Album Leaf.

17. What are your thoughts on studio doing remakes of
old movies and what movie would you remake?

The Godfather. Just kidding! I’m not really a fan of

18. What are your thoughts on the realty tv

My ex-girlfriend became the star of a reality dating show
shortly after we broke up. That was one of the strangest
albeit thoroughly entertaining experiences watching that
show. Outside of that, I don’t find myself watching much

19. What is next in the pipeline for you?

It’s called “The Methodical.” I plan on shooting it next

Thanks for your time Monty

Thank you, Chris! Let’s stay in touch.

Cynthia Popper

Cynthia Popper
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Interview With Cynthia Popper By Chris 8/10/05

Cynthia Popper is one smart girl who has a english major
Who who has a segment on the TV show Rob Black & Your
She also happends to be in Playboy Pac10 Issue and also
will be a COED Of The Week
She is one smart female who has her head in her place
She is going places with her writing work and


1. How has your life changed since doing

Things have been a little crazy since the magazine hit
stands in terms of email and attention from the media, but
otherwise my life has more or less stayed the same. One
great thing that did come about was the top agency in San
Francisco, LOOK, signed me for their commercial print
modeling division—which is huge.

2. Why pose for in Playboy?

Ultimately, I did it because I’m really feeling good
about how I look right now. After I broke up with my
fiancé, my figure got really lean and tight. I know
I won’t look like this forever so I figured Playboy
was a way to “time capsule” my figure for when
I’m an old lady!

3. How did your parents respond to you being in

I didn’t tell anyone I posed until after I knew for
sure I was in the magazine. Once I got the call from
Playboy I made the calls. My mom was so cool about
it—she was like ‘right on—good for
you!’ but my Dad…He’s not too keen about
it just because he works in the tool industry and he knows
about nine million mechanics and technicians… who
all know he has a daughter that is a Berkeley student. So
he was as cool as he could be, I guess you could
say… but really, who can blame him? He’s my

4. Was it fun doing the photo shot?

I love photo shoots! Everything that goes into the finished
product is so interesting to me: the lighting, makeup
wardrobe. It’s so funny when you try un things you
think won’t look cute but then they photograph so
well… It took hours to get the lighting set up and
the makeup and hair done… Playboy is very impressive
in what they do to create the finished product… plus
their production crews are amazing.

5. How have people responded when you tell them your in

For the most part, very well. People seem to like the
pictures and overall I think the experience has been great.
There are some people from Cal who disagree with nude
modeling, as they think it’s demeaning on the whole.
Yes—I agree that there is exploitive modeling out
there that isn’t healthy for women. Playboy
doesn’t fit into that category in any way. You have
to work hard to get into the magazine—it’s a
pretty exclusive club. No one is forcing you to do

6. Have you learn’t a lot doing your degree?

Definitely. Earning my English degree has really changed
the way I think about the world. Believe it or not, English
is a pretty interdisciplinary subject— through
literature you learn about art, history, culture and the
human condition. I really learned how to read a book
properly and how to write well. It’s helped me
enormously in my career.

7. What did you want to get out of your

I hope to continue writing. I write for TV and also for a
web publishing company. I also do some editing and
proofreading on a freelance basis. I’d love to write
children’s books someday.

8. How did you get the job working on Rob Black &
Your Money and is it fun?

The show is amazing. Rob really gave me my big break on the
show. I worked as an intern for several months and just
kept accepting any work he threw my way. I was also a
columnist for The Daily Californian at the time. He read
some of my clips and offered me a job. Once I was writing
stories he thought I’d be good on camera
too—so, we produced a segment called Gadget Girl,
where I’d talk about hot consumer tech products. It
was a blast, but not really what I wanted to do. I love
doing “Women and Investing” because I feel like
I might actually be helping women connect with resources
they need to be successful with money.

9. What it is like working on television?

Television is tricky—especially live TV. Things go
wrong—bad things. Technical problems, bad video,
someone can say the f word… you have to be really
for anything! Our show is a call-in show too—so you
never know what the viewer is going to say! It’s
exciting, and it really keeps you on your toes!

10. Realty TV Good Or Bad?

I love The Girls Next Door and America’s Next Top
Model. Don’t tell anyone. I don’t watch a ton
of TV…and some reality just doesn’t need to be
broadcast, but yes… it’s a guilty pleasure of

11. What are some of your favourite movies?

My favorite film of all time is “Breakfast at
Tiffany’s”. When Audrey Hepburn sings Moon
River… what a scene. I love classic films.
“Some Like it Hot” is a good one too. As far as
modern films, I loved “Amelie” and
“Crouching Tiger”.

12. What movies that you have seen recently you have
really enjoyed?

I just saw “March of the Penguins” and
“The Motorcycle Diaries” Both were awesome! I
want to see “The Constant Gardner” next. I have
a cheesy side for sure—I loved “Team
America”. You can’t argue with puppet

13. What are some of your favourite musical

Best Bands: The Clash and the Foo Fighters. I like jazz
too. I also love cheesy 80’s music. Old Van Halen or
any bad hair band!

14. What would we find on Cynthia Popper stereo at the

Let me look. Right now it’s Billy Holiday, The New
York Dolls and the Soundtrack to “O’ Brother,
Where Art Thou”? What a crazy mix! I think my MP3
player has the new acoustic Alanis.

15. Would you ever like to travel overseas?

I love to travel. I’ve been to Europe, Asia and
Central America, and I want to go back to all three. Tokyo
is a cool city. I’d love to check out Australia and
Thailand too.

16. What are some your favourite tv shows going

Current shows? I hear Lost is amazing but I haven’t
watched it yet. I love Entourage and the aforementioned
reality shows. Oh! And I LOVE the Family Guy.

17. What kinda television show would you most like to

I’d love to write for an HBO series. It seems like
you get a great blend of film freedom with TV
sensibilities… very cool.

Thanks for your time any last words

No problem! Check out my site,, for new
updates from Playboy, the TV show and other modeling
endeavors! I’m slated to be Coed of the Week on in November so stay tuned!

Special thanks to Cynthia Popper for kindly doing this
interview.You rock Cynthia.