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Katie Michaelson

Katie Michaelson
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Interview With Katie Michaelson By Chris

Katie Michaelson is a
singer songwriter who writes & plays pop rock
Her music is very catchy but she also some one who is real
as she writes all her songs.
She even co produced her ep.
A artist who music is easily accesable and should be on
radio but sadly isn’t.
So here is my interview with this talented lady who will
defently go far.


1. How did you get into music?

I had a really musical upbringing and started singing when
I was really young, probably about 4 years old. I
haven’t stopped since then…..well maybe to
eat…he he….. I had older friends I knew that
played in bands and duos in venues, that sort of thing, and
so I thought “hey I could do that”. I was 15,
but that didn’t stop me. I picked up a guitar at 16
and have been writing songs from that point on. I love
playing my songs to people live it’s amazing

2. How did you become involved with Big World
Entertainment Group?

Big World have been developing me as an artist for a few
years now. I think a lot of people prefer to think that all
artists are overnight successes, but ……
stacks of work, meetings, moulding and song-writing goes on
before that. So far Steve from Big World has been helping
me develop my sound, put me into contact with producers, my
image etc. Although most artist would disagree and say
“I can handle my own career and I know what I
want” (me included at one stage hehe) …in
reality it is impossible to be clear and focused on all
aspects of your own career and know how to get from point A
to point B, when us artists really have our hearts stuck in
the music part. Covering ALL the other areas in this
business including getting the music OUT THERE is where Big
World have been amazing.

3. What were your influences growing up?

I was crazy about music anything, and just about
everything. My mum would always have music on really loud
in the house at most times and I’m not talking about
opera! She was blasting Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, The
Beatles etc ….you see! I didn’t love it all
but I did get right into The Beatles, Eurhythmics, Steve
Miller and more when I was about 5. Kids tend to learn
every word of every song, so I think those bands I digged
as a young girl had probably had the biggest pull on my
song-writing style today. As a teen full of angst at the
world (ha ha we all are at some point!), I dove straight
into Alanis, Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, Sheryl Crow and
Soundgarden. I used to sing as loud as I could for hours
each day. When I look back on it now, I must have drove the
neighbours nuts! Today I am still in awe of Sheryl Crow,
but also John Mayer, Michelle Branch, Gavin DeGraw and
Vanessa Carlton. I am never short of influences as there is
a lot of talent and great songs out there!

4. What has the response been like to the ep?

So far there have been a few great sponsors that are
backing me and my music. They are PPS hair ware for making
it impossible to have a bad hair day, Maton Guitars who I
Love so much, My favourite guitar I own was always my Maton
and now I have another which is from the PERFOMER series.
Awesome! I have also now become the face of Innoxa’s
YOUNG SOLUTION skincare range who are a great company who
make cruelty free products that are great for young skin.
So my face is out there as well as the music. So overall it
can be a way to the top when you wanna rock n roll. He he
that is funny.. but ACDC were right! Once you’re in,
you’re in, and I’m still just clearing my
throat so to speak.

5. what bands/artists have you enjoyed playing with the

I don’t really get the opportunity to play with many
artists at the moment. Most shows I play currently are solo
acoustic. I really look forward to it though.

6. Has the Internet helped you to get your music out

Absolutely! The internet is an amazing resource and tool
for artists. I have been featured on so many websites all
over the world. Firstly there is my website where people can hear my music,
read my news and see what I’ve been up to. I have
been featured on websites for Maton, Innoxa, MSN. I have
also found links to interviews with me on Michelle Branch
and Ashlee Simpson fansites. It’s really funny.

7. Has radio been playing your music?

When you’re an independent act it’s always a
lot harder to be taken seriously by the media etc. They
seem to think that if a major label hasn’t signed
it…then it’s not worth playing. This attitude
is so far from the truth, the reality is that a lot of the
major labels have been losing money by bad A&R
decisions and releasing too many manufactured artists that
don’t have anything to say…along with all the
current consolidation of market share and
downsizing…the only real labels spending time
developing great acts today are the independents.
We had a great response from MCM who make up a lot of the
syndicated countdowns around the country. We got
“SWIM (like a maniac) played as a hit pick and I got
to speak with Andrew G on Take 40 Australia Countdown and
also a great interview with Barry Bissel for his weekly
countdown show with “Swim (like a maniac)”.
Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get added to the
playlists of the big stations like 2DAY FM or FOX FM etc,
however I am about to release another single of the EP
called “Don’t Say Goodbye” so we will see
how that goes at radio. (fingers crossed).

8. What has been the highlight of your career so

I won an award last December. Yay! I won “Best Pop
Artist for 2004” at 2004 Musicoz awards. This was for
a song I wrote and co-produced. The awards ceremony was
held in Wollongong last December and was broadcast on WIN
network nationally. I also appeared on the Today show with
Richard Wilkins as a result. Very exciting however I am
leaving lots more room in my career for filling out Wembley
Stadium and touring with John Mayer and many Number 1 USA

9. What are your thoughts on talent realty tv shows eg
Australian Idol?

These shows are purely based on entertainment and TV
networks gaining profits. All the voting and SMS’s
really raises millions of dollars and none of this goes to
the artists. There are plenty of talented people out there
that are on these shows or wish to enter, but that’s
not all it takes to succeed in this business. In the days
of the Beatles it used to be all the songs that these guys
wrote and those songs were recorded in one or two takes and
the result is what was on the record! If people liked it,
they bought it and so the record did well. These days more
and more artists including IDOLS or people in TV shows are
releasing albums of songs they haven’t written and so
much studio glitter is put in there to disguise the fact
that all the artist has in terms of talent is a strong
media profile. I mean, that’s cool, but don’t
make out like that’s where all music comes from.
There are artists out there with real talent, great songs,
and a strong message that they just wanna get out there

10. What is your view on file sharing and the MP3

That’s cool. I think we are already there. If a
person really likes an artist and not just a song,
inevitably they go and buy a cd or buy the downloadable
version after all. File sharing is pretty much the only way
to hear the other 99% of songs radio and TV won’t
play. It allows people more of a choice of what they want
to hear and not just what is being thrown at you.

11. Any one you would really like to tour

John Mayer, Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Sheryl Crow,
Gavin DeGraw,…. Any of these guys would be awesome
to share the stage with. Great music, great people.

12. Have you had much response from overseas?

Yeah. I am talking with a management company based in New
York at the moment….. see what happens?

13. What would we find on your stereo at the

I am on and off with everything. I might have Keane and
Pink in my stereo one minute then The Beatles and Muse the
next. Depends on my moods I everyone.

14. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Good for entertainment like the osbournes,…. but bad
when it’s boring uneventful suburbanites like big

15. What movies have you enjoyed recently?


16. What are your favourite movies?

Any star wars, the matrix trilogy and Rushmore. Gotta love
Bill Murray.

17. Where would you like to be in 3 years?

Hopefully in USA with a massive Number album with a handful
of top 10 singles.

18. If you were on The Simpsons who would you

Lisa on most days but also Ralph on funny days “Miss
Hoover I ate my red crayon!”

Thanks for your time any last words

Thanks again, it’s great to be up on your site and remember
you can visit me at
for all music and news and online purchases of my EP.


Katie xxx

Thanks to Big World Entertainment & Katie for doing
the interview

Her ep Swim (Like a maniac) is out now so go buy

The Invisible

The Invisible
Picture copyright respected holders.

Interview With Tristan From The Invisible By Chris

The Invisible used to be known as Never On Sunday
They play alternative rock pop which really rocks.
The Invisible

1. How did the band form?

1) band formed back in 6th grade..We were all into the same
music and all lived in the same neighborhood in New York.
We played a school dances, battle of the bands etc..It was
a really fun time. The only rule was no band practice on
Sunday..hence our first band name Never On Sunday..We
played 6 nights a week through high school..It was
sick..really fun..

2. What were your influences growing up?

2) our influences were bands like U2, The Police, The
Clash, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Alarm, INXS, The
Beatles, The Fix etc..Keiths Big Brother James would turn
us on to the music ..we would follow him around as he was a
star guitar player of the day..

3. How did you get involved with Lewis

3) We hooked up with Lewis Martinee’ while doing a
soundtrack for a movie called Wannabe’s down in Miami..We
immediately clicked and composed some great songs
together..Lewis was know as a pop/dance producer and one of
the best ever…what was cool was that he was a rock guy at
heart..the the end result was our blend or alternative rock
with a pop sense..

4. Why the name change?

4) After years and years of sturggle..After over 1 million
mp3 downloads, acomplishment after acomplishment etc..We
could never get the attention of the major labels..We had a
few people that were into the band and wanted to sign
us..Andy Shane from Lava Records and Lee Dannay from
Columbia Records but with the way the record business went
the past few years it just never came to fruition. So we
just felt like we needed a change..We also felt like we
were Invisible hence the new name The Invisible. We also
figured moving forward the band wouldn’t have any musical
stereotype associated with it..the Invisible would be just
about the music and as we develope and grow..who know what
will come out..

5. How did you involved with Pyramid Records?

5) WE signed with Pyramid / Universal Records out of Miami.
Allen Jacobi is the President of the label and an old
school rock guy..It was a great match from the start. He
believed in what we were doing musically and listened to us
grow and develope over the years.. He’s all about the
music..It’s been a he let us share control
of the band and the bands plans, touring, music direction partners with the label..We have equal say in what
we do..It’s cool…

6. Any chance of coming down under to play?

6)our favorite place in the world is Western Australia
(Margarate River)..Love everywhere in Australia and also
enjoyed Auckland NZ…It’s Beautiful with great
people..Would love to get over there for an extensive tour
..Would be a dream come true..Some of us in the band are it’s double plus!

7. What is your view on file sharing and the MP3

7) We are all for file sharing / mp3 format
etc..Granted..We have never really made big dollars via
music sales so our point of view comes from the fact that
with file sharing and free downloads we were able to reach
out to Millions of people all over the world that wouldn’t
ever have had the chance to hear our music if it weren’t
for the mp3 format and file shareing etc..

8. Any one you would really like to tour with?

8) Dream tour would be with U2!

9. Have you had much responce from overseas?

9) We have had a great response from all parts of the
world..We get emails everyday from people in Australia, New
Zealand, Germany, UK, France, Spain , Brasil ….thanks to
Mp3 and the internet…It feels good when people from all
over the world relate and enjoy the music you

10. What would we find on your stereo at the

10) The Clash Box Set, some demos we are working on..

11. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

11) We rarely watch reality TV..or regular TV.. FAvorite
Channel is VH1 Classic “The Alternative” It’s kind of hard
to swallow tht the people on American Idol get so much
attention singing cover songs..The power of TV is
unreal…they are number one in like every sales
category..You gotta give it up to the creators….

12. What movies have you enjoyed recently?

12) We hve a couple of band we are always taking
them to see kids movies..We have seen them all from Harry
Potters to spy kids to Hillary Duff and Linday Lohan

13. What are your favourite movies?

13) Fav movies in the DVD our Thomas Crown Affiar, Notting
Hill, GodFathers

14. If The Invisible were on The Simpsons where would
you be playing?

14) Never really saw the simpsons? I know what it is but
never really got spongebob is another story
or my fav..Rocket Power…


Tristan & Orson on behalf of all the band The

Tristan, Orson, Keith , Dave