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Aviva Farber
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Interview With Aviva By Chris

Aviva is one great actress in the making.
After stumbling across her IMDB page and
looking at her filmography.
I knew I had to help exposure this talent.
Plus she has the coolest taste in music and movies
She is one cool friendly person
So here is our interview with Aviva Farber.

The Recent Interview with her

1. What made you want to be an actress?

I grew up in a family that encouraged art in every shape,
way, and form. I always knew I was going to be an artist
and I love performing.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

My grandparents.

3. Would you go overseas for a role in a film?

Getting paid to act and travel overseas-are you kidding? I
would love to.

4. What was it like working on Down in the Valley (when
it’s going to be released)?

It was amazing working on “Down in the Valley”. Edward
Norton and Evan Rachel Wood are two of my favourite actors.
Half the time I couldn’t believe I was sitting right next
to them. They were both really cool. While we were filming
Ed stayed focused but once they got the shot we were all
joking around, telling stories, talking about music, etc.
David Jacobson is a great Writer/Director. This script is
so unique and unpredictable…I can’t wait to see it on the
big screen. According to IMDB it’s coming out Dec.

5. If you could work with any body who would it

There are so many, just to name a few…I would love to
work with Tim Burton, The Coen Brothers, Gus Van Sant, Wes
Anderson, Todd Solondz, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood,
Robert Redford, Brian Singer, Oliver Stone, Jean-Pierre

6. What have been some of your favourite roles to

In “Down in the Valley” I play Sherri- your typical
rebellious teenager. I’m always smoking a joint and saying
some wise-ass remark. But my favorite role to date is
Caroline in the dark comedy feature “Forgiving the
Franklins”. Caroline is a close-minded southern cheerleader
who has a problem with swearing, hates her family, and is
always having hilarious one sided conversations with God.
Needless to say, this was a bit more of a stretch for

7. What are some of your favourite movies?

I have an eclectic taste…Silence of the Lambs, The
Labyrinth, Milagro Beanfield War, Shawshank Redemption, To
Die For, Amelie, The Professional, Happiness, Raising
Arizona, Return of the Living Dead, any of Buster Keaton’s

8. What movies you have seen lately you have really

Being There. It’s an older movie but I just saw it- SO

9. Who have you enjoyed working with?

James Karen, Alba Francesca, Ruth Manning, Zelda
Rubenstein, Edward Norton, Evan Rachel Wood, David
Jacobson, Jay Floyd…everyone I’ve ever worked with

10. What kinda role would you most like to

I would love to play some kind of powerful magical being
e.g. Cate Blanchett in Lord of the Rings

11. What are your thoughts on studio remaking

Go ahead if you dare, it’s so rare they actually succeed in
making a better film. I think there are so many untold
stories out there. I’d much rather see an original over a

12. What is your favourite genre of movies?

I don’t have one.

13. Who have you enjoyed working with the

Edward Norton

14. What were some of your favourite TV shows growing

Honestly…Jem, Salute Your Shorts, Unsolved Mysteries,
Quantum Leap, Daria, SNL

15. What your view on realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Lame. Really lame.

16. What have you got lined up next?

I’m going to be on “Malcolm in the Middle” and I’m working
on writing/directing my own project. It’s sort of a really
twisted version of Alice in Wonderland.

17. What’s in your stereo at the moment?

Black Cat Music. They’re a kick-ass indie band from
Oakland. Check ’em out!

18. What are some of your favourite music

Black Cat Music, Pixies, Murder City Devils, The Atomiks,
Bjork, BHP, DJ Shadow, Ottis Redding, Zap Mama, Portishead,
Iggy Pop, Beck, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Jawbreaker, old
Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix,
Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Joni Mitchell………..

19. What do you enjoy doing when not acting?

Hearing live music, dancing, hiking, eating out (I love
food!), travel

20. When will we see Forgiving the Franklins come

This next year

Thanks for your time any last words

it’s really cool that you have this e-zine letting people
know about all that is not mainstream. I’d love to be on
your list. Thanks for the interview!

Thanks To Aviva Farber for doing the interview. She
rocks and will go far



Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch
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Interview With Clare Bowditch By Chris

Clare Bowditch is proberbly one of Australia best singer
songwriters right now.
When this interview was done she was independent, now she has a record deal and doing really well for herself.


1. How has the response been to the last

The response has been unexpected. There are so many great
Australian songwriters around at the moment – I didn’t
expect people to notice Autumn Bone. The fact that it’s
taken us seven times around Australia in the past twelve
months has been cool.

2. How did you go about making the album?

Marty Brown recorded the album in our project studio on
one-inch analogue tape. I wrote the songs, he produced and
engineered the thing. We asked guest musicians to play
along, and a few of them stayed. It took us six months or
more to do, mainly because I was very pregnant at the time
and a little slow off the mark most mornings. On top of
that, most of the songs were only half-finished, so I was
doing my best to stall proceedings as much as possible. We
funded the recording with a grant from Arts Victoria, and a
little help from Centrelink.

3. How is the recording process going for the new

Once again, we’re recording on analogue tape, but this time
the studio is a little less like a T.V. room and the songs
and the band are familiar and we’re all ready to go. The
work is a stylistic mish-mash based loosely on the theme of
grief. Some of it will be obscure and abstract; some of the
songs will just be some straight-out stories. Arts Victoria
is once again miraculously funding the recording, but this
time we expect it to take no longer than three

4. Has it been different since the last album?

Recording you mean? Yes, there’s been more forethought this
time, but it’s still like a mini-breakdown every time we do
it. I find it kind’ve hard being in a room trying to come
up with something brilliant on cue. It’s like going on a
Vispassana retreat for ten days and not being allowed to
leave. It’s hard being confronted with yourself like

5. Is it hard to be an independent artist in

To be honest, if I’d really understood in the beginning how
much work it would take to even begin to make a name for
myself as an independent artist; I probably would’ve
buckled in fear and signed the record contract when it was
offered. Not that that would’ve made things any easier – it
just holds to illusion of making things easier, and that
can be attractive sometimes. So yes, it is hard work being
an independent artist in Australia. But I imagine it’s also
hard work being a “signed” artist in Australia. Signed
artists are usually just as poor as us, they work just as
hard as us, and they’ve had to make incredible compromises
along the way. My compromises have only really been
financial or ego-based ones, things along the lines of “I
accept that I will probably rent for the rest of my life”,
or “I accept that it will still be forty years until I am
nominated for an ****Industry Award****”. Things I can live
with. And in exchange, I get to have a diverse and
self-directed career. I get to choose the topic and style
and length of my albums, and I get the freedom to develop
my music any, which way I please. I get to live like a
gypsy, and I get to live without the external pressure of
having to look or act or be a certain way. And I get to do
all of that, and be a mother as well – now that’s freaking’
cool. That’s what independence has given me. It’s not for
everyone, and one day, it may not be for me either. But
right now, while I’ve still got the energy, it’s

6. Having a distributor like MGM has that

We used to put CD’s into stores ourselves and then forget
about them. If it weren’t for our distributor we’d still be
doing that, and be in a spot of bother. Yes, they have
helped very much.

7. Who has helped you out the most?

Marty Brown has helped me out the most, no two ways about
it. He records and mixes my albums, and he keeps me feeling
loved up. Danny Rogers, my manager, has also helped
enormously, just by getting our music out into the broader
world. But to be honest, so many people have helped us out
in so many ways – it’s been incredibly heartening. I’m
talking about people from community radio and local
newspapers, people who funded our recordings and friends
who did our artwork and made our film clips and came to our
shows and got the ball rolling.

8. What has been your favourite gig you have

Supporting Cat Power at the Seymour Theatre in Sydney last
year. That was a watershed moment for me. The audience were
so incredible that night. My second favourite gig was
playing at St Jeromes in Melbourne.

9. How did you get into music in the first

I just always liked singing and making sense of things by
whacking them into song-formats. Listening to and writing
music just made me feel a lot better about being a
sensitive human.

10. What are your view on file sharing and the MP3

I don’t own an I-pod, so naturally, I think unauthorised
file sharing is fucked. Theft. Unfair. Disrespectful. When
I do eventually get an I-pod, however, I’ll think it’s
brilliant, incredible, amazing. Personally, I prefer to pay
for my music – it makes me feel good that I’m helping the
artist make his or her living.

11. Do you think the Internet has helped you in getting
your music out there?

Very much so.

12. What are your view on realty TV and more importantly
the talent shows like Idol?

Well, it seems to me that shows like Idol somehow encourage
contestants to minimise themselves for the sake of
popularity, and I’m not into that. Not at all. They
encourage mimicry, which is boring. They also seem to
encourage people to buy into that ridiculous exclusive myth
that “There can only be one winner”, and again, I’m not
into that. It’s bullshit. Such thoughts and fears are not
in the interests of inspiring or creating great or unique
music, and are instead in the interests of making great
fortunes, and not necessarily for the contestants
either… If this hippy Acapella girls-group win
X-Factor though, I’ll be willing to adjust my hypothesis.
And admittedly, I was addicted to series 2 of Big Brother,
but that could be because it came on during the week we
bought a TV, after having never had one before. And then we
bumped into Friesie at an airport, and Wesley in a hotel,
and Knowlsie on a plane, and Marty and I got all stupidly
star-struck, and it was funny.

13. If you could play on The Simpsons where would it

Anywhere Disco Stu is playing.

14. Have you much interest from overseas

A little. Still talking.

15. What are some of your favourite movies?

Anything DOGMA, Amelie, The Year My Voice Broke, Babette’s

16. What movies have you seen recently that you really

The Notebook, Bride and Prejudice, Eternal Sunshine of the
Spotless Mind.

Thanks To Clare for doing the interview. She is one
artist that will go far


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Interview With Andy Dwiggins From Greenwheel By

Greenwheel are a one really good rock band.
Their songs are solid and of course defently catchy and


1. How did the band form?

I met our lead guitar player, Marc, when I worked at a
music store. We exchanged phone numbers and he called me
back the next day! After jamming together for a few months
we decided to find some other friends to fill in some other
instruments. I had classes with Ryan and Brandon (singer
and bass, respectively) and they fit perfectly. Finding the
drums was a bit harder… We tried about four different
drummers before we found Doug, who isn’t our current
drummer anymore. We tracked him down at the food court in
the mall when he was on a lunch break from his Dairy Queen
job (restaurant). I think we kinda scared him, but he still
agreed to join. Since parting ways with Doug we’ve been
blessed with a great guy who also happens to be an amazing
songwriter and performer on drums. Drew joined the band
about 4 months ago, and we haven’t skipped a beat. (no pun

2. What bands were your influences when growing

Pearl Jam, STP, Tool, Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin, Nirvana,
Tonic, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fuel,
etc. etc. you get the idea. We were children of the
early/mid 90’s grunge explosion.

3. What has the response been like to the

We hear people tell us that they really enjoy the record,
but that we kick the crap out of it when we play live.
Playing live is our true passion, b/c we’re all such good
friends and we have so much fun onstage.

4. What bands have you enjoyed playing with the

Injected, Our Lady Peace, Leo, Default, Breaking Benjamin,
and Audiovent were all great bands that we really
enjoy/enjoyed being around on and offstage. When you’re on
tour and everyone involved is cool and friendly, it makes
it like a traveling fraternity or something. It was
out-of-control fun!!!!

5. What album is usually played on the tour

Never had a tour bus, but when we ride in the van it’s
anything goes. Whoever is driving gets control over the
music. I remember wearing out the Chili Pepper’s By The
Way, Modest Mouse’s Good News for People Who Love Bad News,
Interpol’s Antics, Creeper Lagoon’s Take Back the Stars and
Give Me Yesterday, and the Spinal Tap soundtrack.

6. Any chance of coming down under to play?

We would LOVE to go down under to play and experience the
Australian scene. Don’t get me excited!!! It would be a
little while before we’d be available for something
overseas, since we’re getting our wheels turning in our
home markets again.

7. What is your view on file sharing and the mp3

It’s going to be the downfall of the record labels unless
they pull their heads out of their arses and find a way to
use it instead of fight it. I think it empowers new bands
to reach people on a global scale without major label help,
so I think it’s kick ass! It definitely thins the profits
of successful artists, which bums me out, but it’s a
double-edged sword. It’s global promotion for little to no
cost, but it’s also made it easy to steal music.

8. Any one you would really like to tour with?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audioslave, OLP (again),
Injected (again), and anyone else who will have us.

9. Have you had much response from overseas?

It always blows my mind to see questions and comments on
our website from people in France, the UK, Thailand, and
Australia. We haven’t gotten huge response, but it’s
definitely more than I expected as we were unknown before
we were signed. I’d have to give props to the internet and
cool people who take the time to listen.

10. Has the internet helped the band?

Yes. It enables us to reach fans across the globe with new
music and keep everyone informed who’s interested. I would
say our fanbase would be a lot smaller and way less
informed were it not for the internet.

11. What would we find on your stereo at the

Queens of the Stone Age: Lullabies to Paralyze, Interpol:
Antics, …and you will know us by the trail of dead:
worlds apart, and Silverchair: Diorama

12. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

It’s like cotton candy. You can eat a lot of it and do
nothing good for your body, but enjoy every minute of it. I
feel like a zombie when I start watching that stuff, so I
try and avoid it.

13. What movies have you enjoyed recently?

I heart huckabees (excellent), Big Fish, Anchorman (over
and over and over), The House of Sand and Fog, 13
conversations about one thing, and of course Napoleon

14. What are your favourite movies?

The Star Wars series has entertained me since childhood,
The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Magnolia, The Big Labowsky,
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Il Postino, and the Ninth

15. If Greenwheel were on The Simpsons where would they
be playing?

At Lisa’s graduation party, if they ever get out of

Thanks for your time any last words

Thank you to anyone in Australia who’s been awesome enough
to give us a chance. We hope to visit your country soon,
but from what I’ve heard we might just want to stay there
🙂 Thanks again.

Thanks To John Johans for setting up the interview and
Greenwheel for doing it.


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Interview With Alexander Lowry By Chris

Lowry Rocks. He plays Rock / Indie Rock / Folk Rock
His music is so good. After I heard his stuff on Soundclick
I was hooked
I had to interview him so I did.
He has a album coming out soon called Awful Joy.


1. Why did you decide to become a musician?

I wanted to get laid every night.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

My idols were Rick Ocasik from the Cars, Paul Simon, Spider
Man, The Incredible Hulk, David Hassellhoff when he was
Knight Rider, Luke Skywalker and Benny Hill.

3. Who were your influnces?

My influences were my father (who helped me to understand
guitar) and just about anything that piped out of the
radio. It’s impossible to ignore the early jazz people as
well as personalities like Jim Morrison and Paul Simon.
Other influences included pot, cocaine, mushrooms and
heroine. .. all of which can be found in traces within a
sample of my sideburn hair.

4. What has the responce been to the music on

Soundclick was a helpful, easy tool to let people here
demos of new material that I’ve been working on. It
required very little help to get the site up and functioned
very well in allowing other musicians in NYC to quickly
hear my material without my having togo to the trouble of
getting them a physical demo of the material. It’s no
substitute for a real functioning website (which I now
have:, but it is certainly a way for new
musicians to get their material out to a global audience,
especially in a music world ruled by a few thugs in NYC and
LA that have lockedup the possibility ofany new musical
creativity being releasedon the planet.

5. What is it like playing live?

Playing live is the most fun you can have with your clothes

6. Has the Internet helped with your music?

I say let it happen. People will still buy albums that they
really want and listen to them all the way through.
Musicians make their money playing live these days anyway.
So the more people that hear their music, the more people
at their shows.

7. What is your view on file sharing and the MP3

I don’t know whether or not the internet has helped my
music, it hasn’t helped my pocketbook yet.

8. Have you had much responce from labels

My new record was just printed 3 weeks ago so there hasn’t
been much time for labels anywhere to hear it. This is just
my 3rd record and my first solo record, so the verdict is
still out on whether any one will actually enjoy it.

9. If you could work with any one who would it

Jon Brion

10. How did the recording process for the new album

The recording process was long and arduous. We spent hours
upon hours with the material trying to make something that
wasnot just full of good music, but was interesting to
listen to. Mostly, we drank heavily.

11. What are your thoughts on realty tv talent shows eg
American Idol?


12. So any chance of coming down under to

Certainly, I would dig Australia.I’m partial to outcast
countries. And I play a mean didjereedoo

13. If you could have a dream gig line up who would they

Dream Line-Up: Lowry, Ween, Medeski Martin Wood, Talking
Heads, Eddie Murphy (only doing one song-“my girl likes to
party all the time”)and Willie Nelson. . . Live in Las
Vegas with show girls, fireworks and white tigers running
all over the place.

14. Who has helped you out the most?

There hasn’t been much help along the way. The only thing
that keeps me on track is the fear that if I weren’t a
musician, I might be selling insurance or something.

15. If you could be on The Simpsons or Spongebob
Squarepants where would you be?

Definitely Spongebob. . .not even a doubt.

16. What is on your stereo at the moment?

Leo Kotke

17. What are some of your favourite musicial

That will forever be the most difficult question to answer,
so I’m going to skip it with the best of intentions.

18. What movies you have seen lately you have really

Last good movie was “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”
and Shawshank Rejection.

19 What are your favourite movies?

Don’t know favorite movie either, I guess I suck at picking

20. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

Reality TV is for people working in insurance.

Last words: Defend Brooklyn.

Thanks To Lowry for doing the interview and check out
his album when it comes out

Jessica McPherson

Jessica McPherson
Picture copyright respected holders.

Interview With Jessica McPherson By Chris


Jessica sent me a new image to go with the interview, Cheers Jessica

Jessica McPherson is a singer and a songwriter who is
going to be going far.
Her music is real and honest. I liked it the first time I
heard her stuff.
I had to interview her so I did.
Watch out for Jessica McPherson and I know she will go


1. Why did you decide to become a singer?

I had always loved singing from an early age and my music
teacher showed great interest in my talent. He supported me
throughout high school and encouraged me to take my singing
further. I took up the challenge of Tassie girl trying to
make it and moved to Sydney to be managed by MASQUE agency
and to attend the Australian Institute of Music.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

Jimmy Barnes, Wendy Matthews and John Farnham.

3. How did you get involved with Starburst

My manager entered me into the comp because she thought I
might have a chance at winning. Not so much for my
popularity in voting but by the judges top 5 choices.

4. How did you get involved with Masque?

My manager found me in Tasmania, were I grew up, singing at
a McDonalds National Conference. She urged me to move to
Sydney and become part of her talent school at the time
called The MASQUE National Institute of Performing

5. What is like playing live?

Playing live is a whole other experience. Playing in front
of 10, 000 people and looking at all of them looking at you
mouthing the words of your set is amazing.

6.Was it fun playing in the band and being the singer in
a band?

Both bands I’m in at the moment are fun to be apart of.
Venus is very energetic and entertaining whilst The Mo Fo’s
are Australian Institute of music musicians and I get a
real buzz from performing with such talented people who are
also my best friends. Being part of band relieves the
stress and you become supported by all other members and
pull together to create a unique live sound.

7.Have you had much response from the music on your
website and your music?

My website is getting a lot of hits partly because its
linked to a lot of music sites including the Australian
Institute of Music site. Having the website is a great way
of showing people who I am and what I sound and look like
without having to meet me or come to one of my gigs. My
music has been well accepted in the music industry,
especially by labels. People see it at relaxing and easy
listening like Norah and Delta.

8. Have you had much response from labels?

When I first moved to Sydney I had three contracts
presented to me that we chose not to sign. In 2004, SONY
STUDIOS allowed us to record a 19-track original CD at
their expense and we worked closely with them for that
year. Currently we have interest from 2 other labels which
one is international.

9. If you could work with anyone who would it

John Farnham if he’d do it or probably Jill Scott, an
American all-round funk singer who has an unbelievable

10. What is it like writing and composing your own

It’s exciting cause I have full creative control and it all
pays off when someone tells you they love it. I was always
too scared to show anyone my own work until people began
telling me they were good so I kept playing them. Writing
is my passion in music and I love sitting down and the
piano and coming up with some weird new chord progression
that I haven’t heard before. It’s the only thing in music
that I could do all day long.

11. Would you go overseas to further your

Yes, and I am probably going to.

12. What are your thoughts on reality TV

I think they all suck. The only program I have ever seen
where descent singers are actually recognised instead of
the want-a-be singers of our generation is American Idol.
They can at least sing. Australian idol is a joke. I
believe, the good singers of Australia wouldn’t even bother
auditioning because of their reputation and the crap
contract you end up with in the end. I would never do it.
The dominating labels needs to take a good look at who
they’re signing.

13. If you could have a dream gig line up who would they

Missy Higgins, Wendy Matthews, Faith Hill and John

14. Who has helped you out the most?

Depends. If your talking music industry and contracts, it
would have to be my manager but if we’re talking in
general, including moving to Sydney, inspiration and
support its my family and friends from Tassie, and the
talented group of musicians I have the privilege of knowing
in Sydney.

15. If you could be on the Simpson’s who would you

LISA!!! She plays the sax and she’s smart. And she’s got
cool hair.

16. What is on your stereo at the moment?

On the top is … dust. In it is Lionel Richie. He’s
cool. Love his funky old school ballads.

17. What are some of your favourite music

I love country artists. I admire Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and
Leanne Rhimes. I like old school funk like Stevie Wonder,
Tower of Power and Aretha Franklin. I like new style funk
like Jill Scott, Joss Stone, Dig and Erica Badu. Then I
like Missy Higgins and Jamie Cullam. Love anything with a
groove and I have pretty open-minded tastes.

18. What movies have you seen lately that you’ve

I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. Love em. I loved Sweet
Home Alabama. And I love the guy in it more. He is hot! I
like comedies too, they crack me up.

19. What are your favourite movies?

Love Sweet Home Alabama, Old School, Road Trip and

20. Reality TV good/bad?

Bad. Even though I like The Great Race. But big brother and
all that crap are bad. Boring and bad. Can’t think of many
things worse than watching other people’s boring

Thanks to Jessica for doing the interview. She will go
far,mark my words.

Brooke Annibale

Picture copyright respected holders.

Interview With Brooke Annibale By Chris

Brooke Annibale is a singer and a songwriter from
America who is going to be going far.
She is young and has even put out an Album which she has
self released.
She will be going far as her music is very good.
Watch out for Brooke Annibale and I know she will go


1. How did you get into music?

My family has always been involved in music. My grandfather
started a guitar store in his basement many years ago that
has since developed into a full Music & Sound store in
my hometown. Since I can remember I’ve been writing
lyrics and melodies but with nothing to back them up. So a
few years ago I decided that I would try out the guitar. I
fell in love with playing and writing music, so now here i

2. What were your influences growing up?

When I was little I liked listening to the Monkees &
the Beatles. I got into a lot of pop stuff and i really
liked Amy Grant. Now, I listen to a lot of everything so
its really hard to pick specific influences. I’m
influenced by everything i listen to, which is a lot of

3. What has the response been like to the

So far its been really positive! People are pretty
impressed when they hear the new recordings and are very

4. What bands/artists have you enjoyed playing with the

Most of the time i’m playing solo in a coffee house
somewhere but when i do play with other bands its really
fun. Probably my favorite band to play with is Kingsfoil.
The way i’d describe their music is “chill
acoustic.” Mostly because, and not in a cheesy way,
their music reminds me of a summer day.

5. Has the internet help you get your music out

Most definitely. I mean I’m doing an interview with a
guy that lives in Australia. I think it might be

6. Have you had much response from labels since the
release of the album?

I haven’t sent the new album to any labels…yet. But
i plan to. I’m just looking for the right way to go
about it all.

7. Any chance of coming down under to play?

Haha, well i’d certainly love to! A world tour right
now though? Maybe if i get signed!

8. What is your view on file sharing and the mp3

I’m not to crazy about mp3s right now only because I
had to condense some of my songs from a 44 mb file into a
3mb file to post on the internet. Then the sound quality is
very poor compared to the tracks on the CD. People just
don’t get a real feel for what it actually sounds
like. As for file sharing, I only have a problem with it if
people stop buying the albums. As and independent musician,
it helps me get my music to more people. I think if they
are really fans then they will go out and support the

9. Any one you would really like to tour with?

John Mayer could be fun, cause i’m a big fan of his
music. it would also be cool to tour with people like
michelle branch or anna nalick cause they are both newer
female songwriters.

10. Have you had much response overseas?

I’ve sold a few cds to some people from Europe,
mostly England.

11. What would we find on your stereo at the

Well the iPod creates a variety so i’ve been
listening to some citizen cope, ben lee, dave matthews,
rachael yamagata & ray LaMontagne.

12. Realty TV? good or bad?

Good. I’m guilty of watching it every now and

13. What movies have you enjoyed recently?

just saw “the longest yard” &
“monster-in-law” at the drive in and they were
both pretty funny.

14. What are your favourite movies?

I’m not a fan of any kind of scary movie. Even if its
one of those, “its not that scary” kinda
movies, i’m not going to like it. I’m more of a
the romantic comedy / funny movie type. (I guess that makes
me a sucker for a chick flick as well.) So i like movies
like a walk to remember, save the last dance, miss
congeniality, that thing you do, & the

15. If you were on The Simpsons what would you be

haha sorry to say, i don’t watch the simpsons all
that often but possibly…singing on their radio??

Thanks to Brooke Annibale,She will go far mark my

Kate Voegele

Kate Voegele
Kate Voegele is a excellent talented singer songwriter too.
She will go far with her music and some one who is real.
So here is our interview with Kate Voegele

Plus a big thank you and shout out to Michael Farley for all his help

Interview With Kate Voegele By Chris

1. Why did you decide to become a singer/songwriter?

1.I kind of decided to become a singer songwriter by accident. I guess I never really thought, I’m gonna try and be famous someday..? I just picked up the guitar because it seemed like a fun thing to learn how to do and started writing songs just for fun. Soon enough, I had stuff recorded and people wanted to hear more, so I started thinking this was something I’d want to do for a career.

2. Who were your idols growing up?

2.My musical idols growing up were mainly artists my mom and dad listened to. I really liked James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon and Carole King. Their music is all so timeless and I think it’s really impacted the way I write my music.

3. What it like playing live?

3.Playing live is awesome. There’s this energy onstage that you just don?t find anywhere else. I love playing live because it?s so spontaneous and fun,communicating a message to the audience through music is such a blast.

4. Has the internet helped with your music?

4.The internet has definitely helped me with my career. People can download music on the internet and get information about shows, so it makes it so much easier to get your name out there. Stuff like MySpace has helped so much too- it?s just tons of kids my age talking to each other and checking out new music,so the internet has definitely played a huge role in furthering my career.

5. Have you had much responce from the music on your website and your music in general?

5.I’ve definitely had a lot of great positive response the music. I?m always getting emails from people asking to buy CD’s or get the song lyrics, and people are always asking when I’m playing next. It’s so cool to see so many people supporting your music when you’ve only been putting it out there for such a short amount of time.

6. Have you had much responce from labels?

6.I’ve had a lot of response from labels, I showcased for probably about 9 labels this year in New York and L.A. and it’s been a great experience. I think the industry is going through a tough time right now and getting signed is definitely not the easiest thing in the world. But I’ve gotten awesome feedback from the people I’ve been in front of and I plan to continue to get new music to labels in the coming year.

7. If you could work with any one who would it be?

7.If I could work with any one person to write a song with, I think I’d have to say I’d choose to write with Patty Griffin. She was probably my biggest inspiration and her songwriting is incredible- she speaks the listener and manages to combine really poetic lyrics with very strong melodies.

8. What’s it’s like writing your own music?

8.Writing my own music is really cool for me. It’s a great outlet and it allows me to get all my thoughts down without having to pour my guts out venting to somebody. It’s a really fun way for me to organize and sort out the way I’m feeling.

9. Where would you most like to play?

9.I would probably most like to play a huge concert in Central park. I think that would be really sweet because New York City is one of my absolute favorite places and Central Park would be such a cool place to play a concert.

10. What are your thoughts on realty tv talent shows eg american idol?

10.I think shows like American Idol are great for people who love to sing but don’t necessarily think that writing and playing their own music is their thing. I think for me, writing and playing my music is the best part of what I do ‘ so American Idol probably wouldn’t be right for me. But the show is great- I’m definitely addicted to it.

11. What would your dream line up be?

11.A dream gig line up would probably have to consist of Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams, and James Taylor. If I was opening a show with those three on the bill, that would be just ridiculous.

12. Who has helped you out the most?

12.My dad has definitely helped me out the most with this whole thing. He taught me to play and write and we still put down all my new songs together. Before I had management, he was getting in contact with everybody, distributing the music and booking gigs for me ‘ so he’s definitely been the biggest help in this whole thing.

13. If you could be on The Simpsons or Spongebob Squarepants where would you be?

13.If i could be on the Simpsons or Spongebob, I think I’d have to choose the Simpsons just because they’re sweet. No hard feelings, Sponge Bob.

14. What is on your stereo at the moment?

14.Right now I’m really into the new Rachael yamagata CD, the Ray laMontagne CD, and Ryan Adams and the Cardinals’ new CD.

15. What are some of your favourite musicial artists/bands?

15.Not even sure where to begin with this one haha’I love all kinds of music, everything from alternative to folk/country. I think some of my favorite bands would have to include Ben Folds, Phantom Planet, Ryan Adams, The Killers, the beatles, Guster, The Redwalls, Dave Matthews Band, OAR, Howie Day, John Mayer, Ray LaMontagne, Keane, Jeff Buckley, Matt Nathanson, Counting Crows, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Jamie Cullum, The Allman Brothers, Wheat, Snow Patrol, The Velvet Underground, The Coral, Postal Service, Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Dispatch, Teitur, Matt Wertz, Five for Fighting, Simon and Garfunkel, Rachael Yamagata, Elliot Smith, Patty Griffin, Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Radiohead, Endochine, the list goes on….

16. What movies you have seen lately you have really enjoyed?

16.I haven’t seen a lot of movies lately, but the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a great one and Star Wars III wasn’t bad either

17. What are your favourite movies?

17.Some of my all time favorites have to be That Thing You Do, Office Space, the Notebook, Garden State, and Napoleon Dynamite.

18. Realty TV? Good Or Bad?

18.Reality TV can be entertaining, but these days it’s a little overdone.

19. What next for Kate Voegele

19.Next steps for me include college at Miami University in Ohio, but also full pursuit of a career in music. I’m writing a lot in New York City and Nashville and plan to play out a ton this next year in Oxford and in Indianapolis, Chicago, and other nearby cities. I’m going to college to see how I like it, but if I get too busy with music, I’ll definitely be putting college on hold.

Thanks to Kate Voegele for doing the interview. She rocks and so does her music