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Ben From Kitsch Answers My Questions

1. How did kitsch form?

We formed in the fourth form at new plymouth boys high school.I had been playing a bit of music and was playing in a metal band so I new that it could be done.

I rallied up my friends Dan(who was playing bass at the time and Sam to sing)Sam took a lot of convincing!!
Also we had a guy called Simon Moa to play lead guitar and George(Hadyn Angelsy to play drums)

2. What has been your favourite gig or venue?

There has been quite a few!!

Opening for Offspring to about 5000+ people,lots of powerstation shows opening for internationals.

We had an awesome gig christmas eve at the mill in NP about 3 years ago with sommerset,it was packed and full off our friends

3. Who has been your influences?

NOFX,Bad Religion,Pennywise,all those sorts of bands,bands with open minds,lots of energy,humour and concern for the world

4. Will you ever go overseas to become bigger like blake,fur patrol and so on?

We will just see about that!!in other words yes,hopefully.

5. What have you been listening to lately?

New Bad Religion album,its awesome.I listen to a lot of different sorts of stuff too like classical guitar,a bit of electronica,hip hop.I really like Nick Cave

6. What kinda beer do you like to drink?

Macs Gold,Stella,Crown.I dont drink that much anymore

7. Will Kitsch be playing at the warped tour this year?

definately if it happens.Well It did not happen poor New Zealand

8. What are your favourite kiwi bands ?

Sommerset,Next In line,Foamy Ed,Concord Dawn.There are lots of great NZ bands.

thanks for your time any last words

Keep a look out for our next album,Its finished

and I assure you it wont dissapoint the kitsch fan!

Cheers Chris!!

Lucid 3

Derek From Lucid 3 Answers My Questions

1. how did lucid 3 form?

We’ve been together about 3 years. Marcus met Victoria at a party and than told me about her. We met and then decided to try a few things in the studio and it all worked real well. So we carried on.

2. what has been your favourite gig you have played at?

I think Rippon festival was real cool. Wanaka is true spectacular.

3. do you have day jobs?

Yep. We all work in various silly jobs. You have to become real big to live off your music especially in NZ.

4. what is your favourite song to play live?

Well for me its Moody Bruiser and Rock and Roll Thieves of the new album, for Victoria she loves to play Wheel also off the new album and marcus he loves the very new song called Jangle Change.

5. what has been the best band you have played with ?

I think for us the Rippon was great because of all the bands we played with. So many different great kiwi bands like Dimmer and Trinity Roots. On a personnal kinda gig like when we play the kings arms I think that The Mercenaries we really like.

6. what kinda music have you been listenting to lately?

Alsorts. I haven’t bought too much lately. Turin Brakes, Ben Harcourt. Marcus on the hand has just come back from Australia and he is into Art of Fighting. And Victoria bought Rain by Neil Finn.

7. what is happening next for lucid 3?

Well we are releasing the album end this month, Organising gigs and a possible tour.

8. will lucid 3 ever go overseas to play eg melbourne?

We are trying to especially Melbourne. There are more gigs there. We have a possibility to go to France mid this year which we are pursuing. Here’s hoping anyway.

9. when will the new album come out

Well we have a release gig on the 22nd of March so soon after that if all goes well

Tokyo Rose

Ryan From Tokyo Has A Chat With Me

Me: well the first questions is what made you deside to play punk and emo style music

Ryan: well after listening to pop punk bands like mxpx and no use for a name and the ataris

Me: ah i see

Ryan: i started listening to bands like the get up kids, lifetime, and jimmy eat world

Ryan: cause they were similar in style

Me: yeah i see

Ryan: and having a background in music

Ryan: it was natural that i would write songs and they’d be heavily influenced by such bands

Me: yeah most punk bands are like that

Ryan: that and a combination of not being too good at guitar or singing, led me to write punk and emo

Ryan: haha

Me: well yeah most punk bands can not play instraments but crappy sum 41 jumped on the bandwagon

Ryan: well actually, i’ve seen those kids live

Ryan: and they’re pretty good musicians

Ryan: but i’m not too fond of their music

Ryan:like they’ve got a good command of their skills

Ryan: even if they’re mainly skilled at playing power chords

Me: everyone says good charlotte are punk i don’t think they are

Ryan: good charlotte is manufactured pop music

Ryan: in my opinion

me: don’t say to one of my friends he loves them i think they are manfactured pop music as well

Ryan: they write songs with the intention of making them marketable to a mainstream public who has a short attention span for musical integrity and is overly interested in simplicity and cliche

Ryan: i feel the same way about sum 41, even though i think they’re much more talented musicians

Ryan: we’ve played with good charlotte

Ryan: and they are nothing but a bunch of showboats with guitars that are more consumed with their appearance than their art

Me: check out weston instead they are much better shame they broke up tho

Ryan: weston was amazing

Ryan: weston’s last album was magnificent

Ryan: most people shunned their last few albums

Me: yeah it was so is maintee i need to get there first album and ep’s and stuff

Ryan: but they really matured and their music developed into a much more meaningful kind of punk

Ryan: the older albums are more pop punk, more similar to your green days and offsprings

Me: yeah
Ryan: but my friends all prefer the old stuff to the new

Me: what has been your favourite band to play with

Ryan: hmmm

Me: good charlotte

Ryan: haha

Ryan: well in the local nj scene…our friends welcome home travis are incredible live

Ryan: they get soooo into the music and thus get the crowd going

Ryan: but in terms of more known bands,

Ryan: the stryder on equal vision records is my favorite band of which we’ve played with

Me: cool

Me: what has been your favourite gig you have played at

Ryan: hmmm fave gig

Ryan: ummm

Ryan: we played at the birch hill nite club recently
Me: was that good

Ryan: and the sound there is amazing and the kids are very responsive and the show promoters are the finest an most responsible organization

Me: what is happening next for tokyo rose

Ryan: well we just finished our new 4 song demo that we plan to shop to record companies

me: well best of luck

Ryan: in an attempt to get some financial and promotions assistance in putting out a new full length album by the end of the summer

Ryan: *promotional


Renee From Tadpole Has Answers My Questions

1. how did tadpole form?

Tadpole started off at the University of Auckland, I
joined the band because I knew someone who knew them,
and heard they were looking for a singer… We all
didn’t know each other before joining the band, but we
had friends in common. You just hear about bands
needing members through word of mouth basically. We
got our act together enough to write seven songs and
enter the Battle of the Bands. We came second that
year, but came first the year after, and it’s all
history from there.

2. what has been your favourite gig you have played at?

My favorite gig would have to be the big day out, just
because of the sheer size of the event. It’s the
biggest crowd we play to by far. Close runners up
however would be the first few dates on the
Buddhafinger tour, when I suddenly realised that not
only were the shows not going to flop, but that people
had actually bought our album and learnt the words to
the songs!

3. what job’s did you do before tadpole became huge
E.G Shortland Street?

Hummm yes, well. There were many. I did a bit of
acting stuff to pay my uni bills, and I worked at
Rainbows End as a clown. My favorite job was working
in a video library. Free movies and chocolate! Dino
was a landscape gardener before joining the band, but
had also worked as a dishwasher and cleaner. Chris has
always worked at KMart…

4. what is your favourite song to play live?
From an audience reaction point of view, Alright. That
song tends to get the biggest response, and we put it
at the end of the set to keep people waiting for it.
But actually I tend to like playing whatever song is
new at the time, and seeing how it goes down.

5. what has been the best band you have played with?
Ummm, tough question. We’ve played with a number of
really good internationals like Live and Sugar Ray,
and of course all the acts that have ever played at
the Big Day Out, but I’d have to say the best band
we’ve played with is SHihad, followed closely by the
Living End from Aussie. I also have a soft spot for
Regurgitator, because I think their songs are genius,
and their live show is made more interesting by having
screens and a vision mixer on the road.

6. what kinda music have you been listenting to

I get into quite a bit of different stuff. My current
favorite albums are Good by Goodshirt, and Red Light
Syndrome by Pluto. I’m also listening to Shirley
Bassey, Beautiful Garbage and revisiting the Beastie

7. what is happening next for tadpole?
First priority is finishing the second album. That
should be coming out July/August. Then we are turning
our attention overseas.

8. will tadpole ever go overseas to play eg

Yes, actually we played Melbourne Sydney Brisbane last
year with Killing Heidi, and we are definitely going
back this year to play some more gigs.

9. when will the new album come out

See above… all going to plan!


Dave From Brubeck Has Answers My Questions

1. how did you guys form?

well paul was keen on starting a band, and found
all the people thru various avenues, he met sarah while working in a record
shop, knew dave from school, asked johhny first drummer about it on the
street or something! umm our bios got it in more detail (

2. what influnced you to play punk?

hmm thats a hard one! listening to it i

3. what has been your favourite gig/venue?

best venue would be the valve in
welly, its really small, but really in your face at the same time, so its
basically a kickass venue to watch live music in.

4. what has been your favourite band to play with?

no “favourite band to
play with” i dont look at it in terms of favourites, but its always fun
playing gigs with a bunch of people who ya get on with pretty well.

6. what is happening next for Brubeck?

Brubeck plan on recording some demos and working on new material pretty

7. what do you think of kiwi bands moving over seas to get bigger i.e

brilliant! you cant wait for the overseas market to come looking for
you, in nz it just doesnt happen.

8. what your favourite beer to drink? macs gold

9. who has the worst taste in music in the band? i dunno, there no “worst
taste in music”, its all personal preferance.

10. what band have you been listening to lately? Radiohead

Muscle Car

Damian From Muscle Car Has A Chat With Me

when did you guys form?
December 1998. i used to play in a band with Shamus (drummer) and i met Paul at a gig called ROCK AGAINST WORK and we had a mutual interest in all things rock.

so we got together and i had started writing all these rock songs and it just sorta fell together. just had trouble finding a bass player.

What has been favourite gig and venue?
May this year. the place was chock full. people going nuts. singing along to our songs.

and we played with our fave Aussie bands The Giants Of Science, The Hymies, and Greensteam.

Although we played the Exeter Hotel here in Adelaide the other night and during Feel Her Breathe i accidently smacked a woman in the head with the guitar. that was pretty cool. she told me afterwards that she loved it.

who is your influnces?
Stuff from as early as Elvis, the Stones, Beatles, MC5, Stooges, New York Dolls, and all that cool stuff but the biggest influence on what we do is the 80’s glam rock hair band stuff like Motley Crue, Skid Row, Poison, Warrant, Tesla, Whitesnake, Faster Pussycat, Dogs D’Amour, Hanoi Rocks, etc. plus 90’s stuff like Backyard babies, The Wildhearts, Hellacopters, Silver Ginger 5. i think that covers it

what are you listening to at the moment?
right at this very point in time, i have the Royal Beat Conspiracy’s “Gala Galore” CD going…

just before i had Bon Jovi’s “Keep The Faith” and before that Marvelous 3’s “Ready Sex Go”. it’s been a great night so far 🙂

do you think that aussie does enought for australian music and does triple j help
Um… this is a tough question because for every plus, there’s a negative.

Like i don’t think enough is ever done for Australian music by the radios because radio is more often than not run on a pay to play basis which means that the indie bands hardly get the support they need.

Triple J could do more because they have the power to change things

and get more bands known but they mainly play major label indie stuff which still doesn’t give those younger bands who recorded a demo at bob’s garage

a outlet so they stick to small time community radio which still doesn’t have the coverage that Triple J does.

i think the Australian music show is a great idea but i think triple J could do a lot more to help push our bands but i understand that money talks so it’s gonna be a while yet… thank god for community radio though 🙂

If there was one band you could play with who would that be?
The Wildhearts or the Silver Ginger 5.Although Paul would wanna play with KISS

what go to you into music?

well my parents were right into rock n roll.

my mum is a huge Beatles fan, my dad was right into the Stones and AC/DC.

so i grew up hearing this cool guitar driven stuff and it just developed then i just discovered bands on my own like Motorhead and Poison and stuff in the mid 80’s…

Twisted Sister, Venom and Guns N Roses and stuff. I had always had a dream of playing drums cos i loved watching Animal in The Muppets. Then one day i just decided i wanted to play drums. my brother wanted to play guitar so we formed a crap band but that’s how it started. 7 years later i ditched the drums and played guitar

what your beer of choice?
hahaha, i don’t drink beer or any alcohol for that matter.

but i’d say Sparkling Ale cos when our bass player drinks it, he turns into a raving looney and drops his pants in public and starts screaming out “c’mon! let’s rock!”

I think that cool i like people who do that

Damo what? not drink or drop their pants?

Damo yeah i have never drunk alcohol. just have no interest in it. i ain’t straight edge or anything. i just don’t like alcohol or drugs.
I hate drugs to the max

Damo so do i… but i am all for the legalisation of them

Damo goes on about a band which made him really want to do rock and roll

Actually i just also remembered the one band that really made me wanna rock out and play rock n roll… THE HARD-ONS! my all time favourite Aussie band.
When i first heard them in 1988 i was like FUCK YEAH!!!

and they were like the most amazing band i had ever heard in my life.

yeah they rock

indeed. a totally underrated Aussie band. they were doing the pop punk thing years before anyone else even dared to in Australia.

they were writing some of the best songs i had ever heard and being like in year 8 at school and loving a band called the Hard-Ons was a pretty full on thing to do

cos the first hassle you get is dumbass homophobes thinking you’re gay because you like a band called The Hard-Ons. Idiots!

are you a big fan of emo?
i don’t mind some of it. like i love Jawbreaker. Jets To Brazil are good, The Promise Ring i like.

Alkaline Trio are brilliant. shit, what other ones do i like? can’t even remember but they’re my faves.

weston are kinda emo

you think? i’d say they’re more of a rock band. especially their later albums.

they were in the pop punk thing for a while but i’d say they’re definitely a rock band

I also say that blueline medic are defently emo

yeah… that’s true

but caustic soda were heaps better

I like caustic soda but can not find any of there stuff

really? they must have sold out of all their CDs.

they were a great live band that i think their recordings never could live up to. like they were still great, especially that last 7″ they put on Crackle. that was amazing and the songs were just incredibly written. but live they were just a million times better

I could get it through shock

yeah, get it all. it’s cool. the 7″ is the best. grab that cos that’ll blow your mind
I will then

Any Last words

yeah, get a copy of our latest CD EP called “Sandra Sully” as it kicks ass. If you can’t find it in the shops, go here: Musclecar and that will help you get your hands on a copy no matter where in the world you are.
Thanks Chris for the interview and good luck with your webzine. \m/ Death to false metal \m/


Dave From Denvar Answers My Questions

1. how did the band form

1. The band formed because Jay and I bumped into each other 3
weeks running on the train and each time we said to each
other “yeah we should get a band together”.

Each time became more
awkward than the last until each of us came though on our promise.
We formed as 3 piece with me on drums and another guitarist – Paul.

This was the line up for the 1st 4 yrs then Paul moved to
Melbourne while we were recording the album.

Jay and I recruited
two old friends (Bryce and Dave) and I made the move off drums
back to guitar. This has been the line up for almost 2 yrs now.

2 what has the band been up to lately?

2. Lately we’ve been spending 2 or3 nights a week locked in a
smelly practice room together, writing songs for our forthcoming
album. We’ve only been playing the occasional show – I think our
last main one was with YOU AM I and THE STROKES. We also been
recording an ‘oz music cover for jjj that’s Regurgitators’ Blubber
Boy crossed with John Farnhams’ You’re The Voice – it’s a laugh.

3. who are your main influences?

3. My main influences come from embarrassing places in the 80’s,
but the cool ones I can tell you are …LIFE WITHOUT

4. what are your favourite artists and what are you listening to
at moment?

4. whoops. see Q3. The only other thing I could add is the Strokes
and my girlfriend plays Kasey Chambers a lot and I pretend not to
like it!

5. what are your favourite aussie artists?

6. what bands have looked out for you?

6. Definitely Cam from Pollen has been a great source of help and
support over the years. 78 saab, faker and ST JUDE who have now
split and reformed calling themselves HALFWAY.

The Rocket Summer

Bryce From The Rocket Summer Answers My Questions

1.what got you into music?
Ever since i can remember I have always loved it. When I was a little kid
apparantly i would sing at the top of my lungs everywhere.

2.who have been your influences?
Beatles, Beach Boys, Radiohead, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, U2, Weezer, the
list goes on and on of bands that you are probably surprised to hear.

3.What are you listening to at the moment?
Beatles-1 so many good hits its unreal
Beach Boys- Pet Sounds
and basically Ive been recording so much that I havent really been
listening to a lot of other music.

4.what bands have helped you along the way and look out for you? a lot of
bands have helped me out, or maybe specific people in bands really help me
out. Saves the Day, Anna Waronker, apparently Michelle Branch has been
sporting a Rocket Summer t-shirt on tour haha.

5.what has been your favourite gig and venue? actually before i started
The Rocket Summer i was in a pop punk band and our last show was at a
clubhouse and in one room 250 people were packed in,jumping up and down,
singing along and having a good time.

6.if you could have 3 bands play at a gig with you who would it be?

Hmmmm, I really dont know.

7.Who would you most like to do a song with? Im currently getting to
co-write a song with Anna Waronker former leader of That Dog, so I’m
excited about that.

8. what is your favourite alcohol beverage that if you drink? I don’t
drink, but IBC root beer isn’t bad.

9. what are you words of wisdom about the MP3 format? Hmmm, Learn about
first of all I guess. I dont know enough about it to answer this

10. what kiwi bands are artists do you know? Hmm I dont believe I know
anything about it, you tell me, any good stuff that I should know about?


Fredrick From Starmarket Answers My Questions

1)how did you guys form?

F: Me and Patrik met in our hometown Piteå 1994 and decided to start a band.

2)what has been your favourite gig and venue?
Hard to tell, I always like to go to new countries, like Spain and canada. Sweden is pretty boring. I always enjoy to play, I usually don’t care if it’s 5 or 1000 people in the crowd, as long as you get some reaction.

3)who have been main influnces?
F; Whe we started out we listened to bands like Superchunk , Afghan Whigs and Dinosaur Jr, so thats the foundation even if we don’t listen to such music anymore.

4)what are your favourite artists?

F: Bruce Springsteen

5)what are you listening to at the moment?

F: I listen a lot to classical music and movie sountracks like Ennio Morricone, pretty tired of rock for the moment.

6)which bands have looked out for you?
F: Don’t really understand the question, sorry:-)

7)what is the question you hate being asked the most?
F: None, I love to talk about myself;-)

8)what is your beer of choice?

F: Becks

9)what is your spirit of choice?
F: Gin and tonic

The Greeting Method

Alex From The Greeting Method Answers My Questions

when did the band form?
The band formed out of the breakup (well, the drummer left) of our old band
‘mr mermaid’. That was sometime in 1999 if i remember correctly.

what has been favourite gig and venue?
Well, we haven’t played any due to the fact we have no drummer! We demo all
our stuff with a drum sequencer and have been solidly searching for a
replacement but to no avail! We’ve had plenty of applications but noone
seems to “fit the shoes” as it were. If any drummers are out there and
interested, please contact us!

who are your influnces?
Well, let’s see, here’s a very very VERY condensed list:
Foo Fighters, Lit, Veruca Salt, Ween, The Beatles, Incubus, Deftones, Motor

what are you listenting to at the moment?
That’s would have to be Incubus’s new one (morning view) and Lit’s new cd

do you think that aussie does enought for australian music and does triple j help
Yeah, Triple J certainly helps, but I think more could be done to push
australian acts.

if you could play with one band who would it be?
I couldn’t decide. Too many!

what got you into music?
Honestly I can’t remember!

what your beer of choice?
Either Guiness or Kilkenny or any other good Irish beer.

are you a big fan of emo?
Well, emo a strange word to use if you’re classifying you’re music since if
you ask me all music has to do with emotion. It’s like asking if i’m a fan
of music! So yeah I guess I am.

any last words

we need a drummer.