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Monthly Archives: January 2005


Chris From Digger Answers Parx-e Questions

1. how did digger form?

Digger formed in 1995 when a friend of mine named
Joel introduced me to Matt and Mike. We started the band because we all
shared a passion and love for music. Plus it gave us all something to do
besides work and college. We wrote some songs and a month later Phil (who
was on tour with a band called Weston) came home and joined Digger.

We got signed to Hopeless records less than one year later…

2. who were your major influnces?

The Pixies, Decendents, Superchunk, and the Replacements.

3. what has been your favourite gig you have played?

I think my favorite gig was in London, UK. The show was packed full of people and it was just a
really great time. Afterwards I met alot of people who are now my friends
and drank my first Snakebite.

A snakebite is a mixture of beer, cider, and
curan. The night got better as it went on. I’ve played so many shows over
the last 7 years it’s really hard to pick one out and say that was the very
best one.

4. if you could have a 3 band bill what would it be?

Nirvana, The Pixies,and the Wu Tang Clan.

5. who has been your favourite band to play with?

I would say Mustard Plug. They are the nicest, most professional, cool guys you’ll ever meet. I
have been on tour with them 3 seperate times and it’s always a great time.

6. when will see digger come to aussie?

That’s a good question. I always
wanted to come to Australia. I guess we would have to get a tour offer there
and go from there. I would definitely tour if someone made an offer. Just
send me a plane ticket and I’ll come do acoustic shows.

7. what is your beer of choice?

I love Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. But I’ll drink anything. I’m not very picky when it comes to alcoholic beverages.

8. what are you listening to at the moment?

Don’t laugh, but I bought all the 3rd eye blind records and I’ve been jamming to them for the past few
days. I have also been listening to the Rival Schools cd.

that for your time any last words. Check out our website
Someone please send me a plane ticket to Australia so I can meet Crocodile
Dundee. Live for today!

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Tom From Cassette Answers Parx-e Questions

1. how did the band form?

I played in a couple of bands with craig, and when HLAH broke up he was the drummer of choice.
We hooked up in Auckland, and whilst getting the material together dave fraser stayed at our flat for a while and one thing led to another..
Paul trigg is also someone i talked to about forming a band right from the start, but its only recently that hes been available to play with us.

2. what made you decide to move over to aussie?

Just decided that we wanted to “take on the world” , Aussies the first stop.
After playing music in NZ for about ten years , we were ready for a change of scene , ready for some different opportunities.

3. who are your major influnces?

Oh, all sorts. Neil Youngs pretty obvious, did that a long time ago Marvin gaye , like the new Beck album Voom and Dimmer have both been a great source of inspiration – have you checked out the D- super album.. Frank Black Nigel regan from HLAH also lots of influence.

4. what are you currently listening to ?

Wilco, Beck, and lots of dub reggae.

5. what band made you decide go out and play music?

Dire straits when i was about 11.

6. how did you get your ep released with Infidelity?
Played lots of gigs, worked hard on our music, other peoples efforts also play a part-management, the label..

thanks for your time any last words

thanks for your time any last words? Yeah, the ep is out on the 3rd of march, and we play the Tote next two tuesdays ($1.10 pots) oh and Revolver in Parahn on the 15th. Thanks for the blab.

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Mike From Maverick Answers Parx-e Questions

1. how did the band form?

the band formed as a 3 piece (Bryce, Mike, and Trevor)in August 2001.
It was just a fun project but we started writing really good songs.
So we started playing 2 months after forming.

2. what has been your favourite gig?

To date.. our first CD release show on december 7th 2002 was great!

3. what would you classified the band style as?

We like to call it aggressive indie/rock

4. who are your influnces?

At the Drive In, Thursday, Coheed and Cambria

5. who do you enjoy playing with?
We like playing w/ our friends in Paulson alot.. they are an amazing band!

Another really good band we play with alot is My Cousin Ray..

6. what it is your stereo at the moment?
The Pilfers…i’m a sucker for good ska music.

7. if you could be in a cartoon show what would it be?

Definitley South Park

8. what inspired you to play music

For me it was the band Nirvana, Bryce was always into Metallica.

Trevor’s inspirations come from jazz.. and Justin loves the hip-hop! so thats really it

thanks for your time any last words

yes… Friends don’t let friends become Scenesters.

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Jarrett From CopperPot Chats With Parx-e

Chris: hey it’s Chris here

copperpotrock: cool

copperpotrock: how are you?

Chris: good

copperpotrock: cool

Chris: so how the band going

copperpotrock: Things are going well. We are keeping really busy playing a lot of shows and recording new demos.

Chris: cool

Chris: what the scene like where you come from

copperpotrock: To tell you the truth I don’t really know of a scene…there’s this whole emo thing going on but we aren’t really emo. And then there’s this punk thing going on but we really aren’t that either. I guess we just fall in between. We play rock music.

Chris: ah cool

copperpotrock: I guess “the scene” was a lot stronger in Jersey a couple years ago…when bands like midtown, saves the day, thursday, cooter, etc were playing a lot of local shows.

Chris: ah cooter is not autopilot one is it

copperpotrock: To tell you the truth we never really tried to be in any scene or fit in…we just play for anyone who digs us.

copperpotrock: yeah..they are autopilot off now…on island records

Chris: nah that cool

Chris: yeah my friend who I know he runs a zine called pee he put them out a comp before they were on island

copperpotrock: cool deal…they are a really great band…I’m glad they got what they deserve.

Chris: they are not bad

Chris: so have you guys played with tokyo rose

copperpotrock: I believe we played a show or two with them. I haven’t seen them with their new lineup though.

Chris: i know one of them left as I chat to ryan on aol

Chris: where I come from which is new zealand have some pretty cool bands and where I live now which is melbourne has cool bands

copperpotrock: rock and roll..we hope to make it there sometime in the near future

Chris: yeah it will rock if yah do

Chris: um how did the band form

Chris: what has been your fav band to play with

Chris: what have you been listening to lately

copperpotrock: a little over a year ago the band “dharma boys” broke up and the bassist and drummer were stuck looking for a singer/songwriter/guitarist. I had been looking for a band for a while and they called and we clicked. I gave them the album I recorded on my own, “nothing lasts forever,” and with mike (guitarist) and we played the songs for the first time and knew it was magic.

Chris: who in the band has the worst taste in music

Chris: if you could be on any tv show what would it be

copperpotrock: we like playing shows with our friends the billionare boys club..they are a fun powerpop band from jersey

copperpotrock: antonio listens to some cheesy 80’s stuff but we all love it

Chris: what have you been listenting to lately

Chris: if you could have a three band bill who would the bands be you played with

copperpotrock: I wish they would bring back 120 minutes on mtv..I would have loved to be on that show.

Chris: sweet

Chris: what your beer of choice

copperpotrock: I really dig this new blindside record. I’m also into this band diffuser. They are from NYC…recorded a great record in 2000. NOt sure what they are up to now. I’m also digging the new ours record. Another great band from Jersey.

Chris: cool

copperpotrock: If Queen were still around I would love to play a show with them. And someone like Rufus Wainwright or Remy Zero.

copperpotrock: I don’t really care for beer. I’m more of a vodka guy. Vox is my fave.

Chris: nice I love vodka and those premixed chick drinks

copperpotrock: cool deal

Chris: well thanks for yah time dude it been sweet

copperpotrock: no prob man…thanks for digging us enough to do the interview

Chris: if yah online some time I can tell you some good bands to check out

copperpotrock: thanks

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The Fragments

Jeffery From The Fragments Answers My Questions

1. How did the fragments form?

I moved to Green Bay, WI. Usa in fall of ’99. I didn’t know anyone.
I saw a poster up for a show at Andy’s house and his email address was on it.
I emailed him basically, “I just moved here and I know no one.
Are you cool?” We hung out a few times.
He found out I played guitar and I found out he played bass.
He told me about his friend who was going to move in
with him who played drums, that was Eric. Neither Eric or Andy had jobs and
I didn’t have a work visa yet, so neither did I. It gave us a bunch of time
to get together and just write stuff. We started practicing for real in
January of 2000, and played our first show that following June. It has been
this line up since.

Who have been your major influences?

I am sure all three of us would answer this question completely
different. I like a lot of poppy stuff which Andy & Eric could care less
All three of us have favorites that the other probably hates.

The influences that we all share are probably reflected by the covers we play :
The Ramones, Husker Du, Naked Raygun, The Lemonheads, The Descendents and The
Replacements. We all seem to have a fond place in our hearts for early 80’s
punk and hardcore (even thou are music probably doesn’t show it). I think
since we all dig different bands that we don’t really wear our influences on
our sleeves. I could be wrong thou. I don’t know.

3. What has been your favourite gig you have played so far?

This really lame battle of the bands thing that we didn’t care if we
won or lost. we only played it cause it was at Andy’s former highschool. We
played about 3 songs through this shitty rental equipment that all the bands
had to share, regardless if you brought your own amps. It was really stupid
and after about three songs i just threw my guitar on the floor and Eric
walked off stage. Our friend Tabman told jokes for the remaining time we had
to “woo” the crowd. All in all it was fun just cause none of us really
wanted to win or anything, just wanted to play at a school. The best part
was we won second place because of some friends in the crowd (and we actually
made $50 for not even playing really). It was stupid, fuck battle’s of the
band’s they are silly.

4. If you could have a 3 band bill who would the bands be?

Waxwing, Bruce Springsteen circa ’74 and Billy Bragg circa ’88.

5. What are you listening to at the moment?

An amazing band from Canada, called “The Failure” I got it last
March and I listen to it at least once a week, and I rarely get a chance to
listen to music so that is pretty good in my house.

6. Will your solo album be released in aussie or will have to order it from
the usa?

Well, it will be released in stores in Canada, Usa and Holland. I
would like to dream it will be in Australia but I can’t guarantee that.
Worse comes to worse you can order it online @ Meter Records

7. If you could play on any cartoon show what would it be?

aqua teen hunger force. if you haven’t seen it go to athf

and/or adultswim it is genius.

8. What bands do you like playing with?

There are a ton of great bands around here;Yesterday’s Kids, Modern
Machines, Motorcycle prom dates, Glacier, The Apologetics, IfIHadAhifi.
There are too many to mention really. The scene is really tight knit. It is
pretty cool.

Thanks for your time any last words

I am not sure if the fragments cd is available in Australia

I know you can get it @ New Disorder

Their Website

El Domino

Caleb From El Domino Answers My Questions

1. how did the band form?

I had known the Tillmann brothers for over 15 years. It was just really
like a casual jamming type set up that we expanded into a live show.

2. what band made you want play punk after you heard them?

For me it was the freakin’ Misfits and NOFX for sure.

3. who has been influnce for you in your musical career?

Shoot, everyone from Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty to Rush to Pennywise. My CD
collection is a hodge-podge of crap, but I like it that way.

4. what bands are you listening to at the moment?

Tool, The Used, System of A Down. Weird huh?

5. what has been your favourite gig you have played so far?

Mike Metzger had a huge jumping festival in So Cal and asked us to play.
There were 12,000+ kids and we were one of 3 bands. It was, needless to
say, crazy ass fun.

6. is the band a full time job or do you have jobs to support it?

We all work to support the dream. It seems so hard to make it without

7. who is your fav band to play with?

The Voodoo Glow Skulls are fun and their crowd is rowdy. For me the shows
with them are always great.

8. when do you think you will come to aussie?

When I can afford to get over there. I hear your girls are soooo hot!

9. how did you get in contact with pee and then pee distrubuting your
releases in aussie?

A friend band of ours called third try was first in contact with Pete.
From there Pete just liked our stuff and was so cool to us.

We are all grateful for Pee Records’ help.

10. last question if you could play on any cartoon show what would be and
where on the show would it be

The simpson’s. Every big band plays the Simpson’s. He he. We want to
play at the climax of the episode of course.

Their Website

Fallopian Tube

Wayne From Fallopian Tube Answers My Questions

1. how did you guys form?

1/ three of us were in a band for a little while and then stuart (who had been our friend for ages) joined on keyboards in march of 2001.
we’ve all been friends for a long time and the band was just something that formed out of our friendship. at first the band was just something to do, these days, we take it pretty seriously and put heaps of time into it.

2. what has been your favourite gig so far?

2/ it’s probably too hard to narrow down to one particuar show. there have been some fucking great shows, some because of the crowd we’ve played to and some (even to an empty venue) that have just felt unbeliveable.

3. who would you most like to play with ?

3/ in terms of australian bands we’d really like to do a show with melbourne’s the nation blue at some stage. we have had the fortune to play with sydney band grise who we all really like. but basically we just want to do shows with bands that are like minded.

4. who was a major influnce for the band?

4/ musically, we are influenced by bands that push the envelope a bit or have an edge. we are all fans of music from various genres and eras and i think that comes through in our music. we are also big fans of bands that really put on a show when they play live so i guess one band that has really influenced us in that area is at the drive-in.

5. when will see a next release from the band?

5/ we will be releasing a new 4 track ep in december of this year.
after that is released we will be touring our arses off throughout australia.

6. would you like to see the band as a full time thing?

6/ yeah we’d all love to do the band as a full time thing! i doubt that it will get to that stage but it would be nice….

7. when is the bands next gig?

7/ we have two shows coming up before we head in to record our new ep. we are playing at the bridge mall inn (ballarat-VIC)on thursday the 12th of september as well as the public office (west melbourne)
on friday the 27th of September.

i’d just like to let you know that we FINALLY! have a website up and running at

There Website

our ‘secrets of time travel ep’ can be purchased via e-mail for only $5. pick up a copy!!!!

thanks for this chris. again if there is anything more that you need, please let me know.



My Cousin Ray

My Cousin Ray Website

Mike From My Cousin Ray Answers My Questions

1. how did My Cousin Ray form?

My Cousin Ray is a band that formed around a year and a half ago, in
northern New Jeresey. It was just a group of tight friends who all
many forms of punk rock, and decided to bring there talents together
for fun
at first….originaly it was a four person band with our singer steve
guitar as well….after a about a year the band decieded it would be a
idea for steve to concentrate on his vocals(after they got more
serious), so
they started auditioning for guitarists, and Im who they ended up with

2. what has been your favourite band to watch?

Right now for me, it is any band that puts their heart in a live
performance and gives the kids something to remember.

3. who are your listening to at the moment?

Im always listening to the Dillinger Escape Plan, because they are
favorite band, and my bigest influence. Besides that its bands like,
the well, tacking back sunday, ensign, and I-Farm(but thats just
what cds I put in my car today, the list in endless)

4. what has been your favourite band to play with
While we have played with many cool bands, one that I make a point
drop what im doing whenver we play with them, and watch is Hidden in
View…..They are very talentated and fun to watch, but the most
band we have ever played with is punchline from pennsylvania.

5. how did september 11 affect the band?

While I wasnt in the band at the time, I was still close friends
with our
other guitarist Ryan. I think that particular event has just made us
look at international affiars more closely, and question what is
around us more.

6. when will the ep be released?

The EP will be dropped within a month, unfourtantley no one has
to put it out. So we will release it ourselves, and anyone who wants a
can email me at [email protected] and we will get it to them. But we
also been writing a whole new batch of much more melodic songs that
probobly be recorded as the follow up to “My Bitter Summer”(our
ep) not too long after, and we will do everything we can to release it
in due
time after “My Bitter Summer” we always want to be putting out new
stuff. its
our ambition to be a band who is giving our fans something new all the
not to ride out succes of any particular album.

7. is the band a full time job?

The bands main goal is to make music a full time job. we dont care
if we
were rich, but we want it to be our lives. we want to be able to get
music to as many people as posible. However we truly have more fun
live than doing anything. So if that could be a full time ocupation
even if
we had to live by very modist means, we would jump at the chance.

8. do you get any emails from fans overseas like myself?

No, we really dont. We have recieved a few emails from a fan in
who liked what they heard on This is very new to us, but
one of our most proudest moments so far. We work very hard here in the
states just to be known by very few people, so when we hear of someone
another country so far away that has apreciated us, we feel that all
the work
we have done is paying off. it is very satisfying.

9. if you were to play on the simpsons where would you play?

This is a dream question of mine to answer since it is my favorite if we were to play on the simpsons I think playing a show at
would be my proudest moment

Thanks For Your Time Any Last Words

Thank you so much for showing interest in us. We would love to
come out
there and tour your country, and hangout with you all. Unfourtantely
only way that will happen is if you the music lovers of austrailia show
support. So go to download our stuff, and if you like what you
spread the word, and hopefully well see you all soon.
Thanks Again Mike

Student Rick

Adam From Student Answers My Questions

1. how did student rick form?

Brett, and Me met in High School and get together with a few guys that we knew and formed S*R,
things didnt work out with them and we met up with Jason, and Zach.
Jason didnt work out so we are having a fill in play right now with us until we find someone.

2. what has been your favourite gig?

Probably our CD release show in our home town South Bend, because there were so many kids there supporting us. It was just a good vibe.

3. who are your influnces ?

My influneces change a lot, but right now they are Beatles, Queen, Quicksand.

4. what up and coming bands should people look out for?
The Reunion Show

5. what was your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?

G.I Joe of course!

6. if you were cartoon character who would it be?

My girlfriend always says Spider-Man because I am always climbing walls and scaling things really fast like.

7. what are your favourite bands to play with?

Reunion Show, Taking Back Sunday, Benjamins (RIP)

8. what is your beer of choice if you drink?

Corona, or black and tan (Guiness, and Bass)

9. do you know much about new zealand and it music that we have?

Not really. I would like to know though? Send me music from there…I am sure it Rocks!

10. when will the next album be released?

Well we have discussed putting it out next Spring,
but saying and doing are two very different things in the entertainment business. Thanks!

Midtown did midtown form?

We’ve been playing shows when we were in different
bands during high school and weren’t happy with the
bands we were in at the time so when we all went to
college we got together and just starting writing
music together and then practicing all the time at a
local rehersal space or in the basement of the dorms.

2.who has been your favourite band to play with?

Oh man, so many, I love playing with The Movielife,
Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, NFG, Blink, Hot Rod
Circuit, River City High, Dashboard. I love those
bands. has september 11 affected the band?

It was so crazy, we were doing pre-production in L.A.
at the time and were just totally in shock of
everything. We were even like, “L.A. is next, we
should go camp out in the desert for a few days.” We
didn’t do that and weren’t really serious about it but
it just really makes you think about everyday life and
how we have to appreciate everyday.

4.what has been your favourite gig?

I don’t have one show that I specifically like more
than others but whenever there are tons of kids
singing along, that always makes it memorable for me.

5.when will your new album be released in australia?

Hopefully Around April/May.

6.are you looking forward to play with Jimmy Eat World?

They’re so great, we just did some shows with them in
the U.S. and now we’re going to the U.K. to do some
shows. We’re just lucky that not only do we get to
play the shows with them, but we get to watch them
every night. did the split ep with millencolin come about ?

Burning Heart set it up and we had met Millencolin at
Warped Tour in 2000 so they were happy to do it.

I actually think we may have a 4 way split coming out
in Australia soon with some other bands, I believe
one of them is Blue Line Medic, I don’t have any info
but hopefully I’ll find it out soon. THat band is