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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Jacob Tierney

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Interview With Jacob Tierney By Chris

Jacob Tierney is actor/director with talent.
He wrote and directed the brilliant film Twist.

He is a talent which is going to go far.

Interview With Jacob Tierney By Chris

1. How did you get into acting and directing?

I started acting when I was 6 (a yoghurt commercial was my
first job) and things just kind of steam rolled from there.
Directing only really started occuring to me after I had
written my first script – which was Twist,

2. What was the inspiration behind Twist?

I got the idea for the film while watching a production of
the musical in London. The idea for the film was to take a
bunch of iconic characters and situations and refocus them
on implied cyclical nature of violence and abuse already
present in the original book, “Oliver Twist”.

3. Has your film been sold overseas for release in the

We got very lucky and have distribution deals in Canada,
the US, France and England – hopefully with others to

4. How did you get Nick Stahl involved with the

Nick is actually one of my closest friends and I wrote the
part for him. Thankfully, he’s such a good guy that roping
him into doing the movie after finishing T3 was easy as

5. Was it hard to get your film up and

Yes. Very.

6. How did you get your film in the melbourne film

I’m not sure, to be honest. I gather one of the programmers
must has seen the film at another festival and wanted it to
be included in Melbourne’s line-up. Regardless, I’m very
grateful that the film was asked to participate.

7. When the movie gets released on dvd will there be
commentary and heaps of extras?

When you make a movie for the tiny amount of money we made
Twist for, heaps of extras are not exactly an option. There
will be a making-of movie (I think) and a commentary (for
sure – Nick and I have already done it).

8. Have you had much comment from people about the

The movie seems to affect people quite strongly one way or
the other. They either are very moved by it or are
absolutely livid with it.

9. How did you get involved with the film Poor White

I took a meeting with Michael Addis (the film’s
writer/director), read for him and got the gig.

10. Was it fun playing a character like Lennie

Yes, it was. I hadn’t made a comedy in a while and I had a
terrific time doing that film.

11. Was the film fun to work on?

It was a super-hot summer in Southern Illinois and we were
in a pretty small town with not a lot to do – so, needless
to say, it was like being at camp and was very fun.

12. Who would you most like to work with?

As an actor: Ken Loach, as a director: Aaron

13. What are some of your favourite movies?

Land and Freedom (Loach), Eternity and a Day, In the Mood
For Love, Rebecca.

14. What movies have you seen lately you really

Irreversible, Morvern Caller, The Piano Teacher.

15. What are some of your favourite musical

Wilco, Johnny Cash, PJ Harvey, Leonard Cohen.

16. What would we find on Jacob Tierney stereo at the

Wilco’s “A Ghost is Born”, The Constantines’ “Shine A
Light” (the Constantines are a brilliant Canadian band that
should be sought out).

17. What are your thoughts on studio doing remakes of
old movies?

What would you remake?

My only thought is that they should do them well. The only
movie I would probably be too tempted not to remake would
be Sydney Pollack’s “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” – but
then I would have to answer the question why would I want
to remake a film that I think is perfect?

18. What are your thoughts on the realty tv

I love it. Actors can learn a lot from people.

19. What is next in the pipeline for you?

Hopefully I’ll start shooting my next film this fall.

Thanks for your time Jacob any last words?

Thanks again for your support man – good luck with the

Special thanks for Gary Goddard Agency for hooking this up
and of course Jacob for doing it

Claire Chitham

Claire Chitham
Pictures Copyright Respected Holders

Interview With Claire Chitham By Chris

Claire Chitham is one of my favourite New Zealand

She plays Waverly on Shortland Street.

1. How did you get into acting?

When I was 8 years old i started drama classes at the
Dolphin Theater in Onehunga, I continued doing those for 8
years…we’d do a big production at the end of every year
that was often a musical too.

2. How did you get on to the show shortland

I got an agent at the age of 12 and I got quite a lot of tv
work over the next few years, then I auditioned for the
part of Waverley in 1994 and was successful in getting

3. What has been your favourite storyline on show since
you have been on it?

Probably when Waverley and Fergus went skiing on Mt Ruapehu
and it turned out that Waverley couldn’t ski and she
discovered her sister was having an affair…..Because we
got to leave the studio and shoot up on the mountain for
about 3 days.

It was so much fun to be working with the crew somewhere so
beautiful, we had so much was like going away on a
school camp and being paid for it!

4. Who is your favourite cast member to work with past
and present?

Past- would be Angela Bloomfield because she’s one of my
best friends and when you know someone well its easier to
bounce off each other and play within the scenes.

Present-would be Karl Burnett because we’ve worked together
for so long now that its always easy and fun.

5. What would we find in your stereo at the

SJD-Southern Lights, Grand National-Kicking the National
Habit, Outkast-The Love below/Speaakerboxx

6. Who are your favourite music artists?

OutKast, NERD, Justin Timberlake, Tribe Called Quest, The
Strokes, Grand National, Janes Addiction

Claire Chitham

7. If you could remake any movie what would it


8. Who are your favourite actors?

Sean Penn, Will Farell, Catherine O’Hara, Jack Nicholson,
Uma Thurman

9. What is your favourite music movie eg spinal

A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman

10. Who would you most like to work with?

I’d love to do a movie with Christopher Guest (the guy who
wrote/directed Best in Show,A Mighty Wind, Waiting for
Guffman) or Baz Lurhman (Moulin Rouge, Romeo &

11. Where do you think you will be in ten

I have no idea and i don’t want to…i think its much more
interesting to live in the present.

12. What movies have you seen recently that you have

Farenheit 9/11, Spellbound, Mystic River, Kill Bill 1 &

13. What are some of your favourite movies?

Life is Beautiful, Sexy Beast, I am Sam, Jay & Silent
Bob Strike Back, Usual Suspects

Special thanks to Kathryn Rawlings and of course Claire
Chitham for this interview.