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I interview to Kieren From Buffseeds

Buffseds are one the great Indie UK Bands.
Talented muso’s and that’s why the interview.

Buffseeds Website

1.How did the band form?

We started after my cousin Joel and I had decided we were
gonna be the next Nirvana and set about trying to find our
own Dave Grohl. We came across Ella via a friend and
although she came from an entirely different musical
background ( more jazz/funk) we clicked as a unit and
called ourselves Buffseeds. Neil was a long time fan who i
just happened to kind of know so we invited him to audition
for us one night in a friends front lounge. That’s where it

2.What were your major influences?

Well we grew up through Grunge so Pearl Jam, Smashing
Pumpkins and Nirvana were our big musical influences but
also R.e.m and Radiohead. Joel and I also grew up with
parents who appreciated the finer sides of the 60/70’s like
Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Free etc… I guess some of it
rubbed off subconsciously.

3.If you could have a three band bill who would they

Dead or alive cause it would make a big difference to the
answers? Probably Neil Young to start with followed by Jeff
Buckley then headlined by The Doors cause I’d have loved to
have seen Jim do his stuff in real life.

4. Has radio in the uk been good at helping your band
get known?

Yeah. Radio one have been supportive for us. We had our
first ever demo played on Steve Lamacq and had our singles
played. It’s one of the best feeling in the world to hear
yourself on national radio thinking, there are millions of
people listening to this. Better than sex? No but

5. Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Hopefully reaping the rewards of a long and successful
career. If not that, then probably making shoes in a
factory dreaming of what could have been.

6. What has been your best gig you have played so

Glastonbury last year was wicked. It’s on the unspoken
checklist of things you have to do if you’re in a band.
That’s the biggest gig we’ve played. When we played New
York as well. It was one of those gigs where you get some
cuts and bruises and not everything goes to plan but you
emerge having won the fight and it’s nice to do that.

7. What the scene like where you live?

The Exeter scene is really good. We have quite an intense
hardcore/emo punk scene down here which we kind of don’t
fit in with but i think we get a nodding approval from
others for at least showing other bands you can be in Devon
and get a deal etc…We’re like a gentle uncle or
something. But not, cause that makes us sound creepy!

8. What are your thoughts on file sharing and the mp3

I have feet in both camps. I think it’s great for bands to
get exposure, and fantastic in a technological sense cause
we can just wing an mp3 demo down the phone line to our
manager and within minutes he can hear it and make comments
etc… so it’s revolutionised the music making progress.
But i also agree that labels (and especially little poorer
labels) can’t survive if everyone get’s stuff for free. The
real problem is that nobody saw it coming and there’s
little point policing something which has now become a
habit for millions.

9. Who would most like to record a song with?

Jennifer Lopez. Why? Do I have to even answer that!

10. Do you think the internet is good for helping bands
get known?

Yes. Our website’s done a lot of work for us and it’s a
brilliant way of bands to address fan’s directly. We’ve
developed some really good friendships off the back of our
website. Something it would be near impossible to do in any
other form.

Thanks for your time any last words

like if i was on death row or something? I’d probably say.
Thanks for everything. Followed by ‘Goodbye’. hows

Thanks to Paul Baylis From UXB Recordings for
The album The Picture Show is out now



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Interview With Mike From Magna-Fi

Las Vegas is the home of casinos and money.

But also the home of really good rock.

Magna-Fi are the kings of rock in Las Vegas. They deserve to be huge.

I have been wanting to interview these dudes for a while.

Mike was the lucky dude to get the parx-e treatment

Magna-Fi Website

1. How did the band form?

C.J. and I (Mike) started playing music together when we were little kids,
we hooked up with Charlie and Rob about 4 years ago in Vegas.

2. What were your major influences?

Sleep Deprivation, Thera Flu, Cheap Trick

3. If you could have a 3 band bill, who would they be?

Magna-Fi, Chomsky, and Failure

4. What music do you class yourselves?

We have no class, I mean, we’re class-less, I mean, you know what the f*ck
I’m trying to say, a loud aggressive rock band with cool melodies I

5. Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?

Happy or dead.

6. What has been your best gig you’ve played so far?

With Static X in Cleveland for the Gravity Games 2003

7. What made you want to go out and play music?

The songs I heard on the radio when I was 11 yrs old, the gigantic Rock
Posters my older brother had (Zeppelin, AC-DC)

8. What is your favorite type of beer?

We all drink Michelob Ultra, tastes like shit but good for the waistline.

9. Who would you most like to record a song with?

Dave Grohl definitely

10. Any chance of coming down to Australia to play?

I certainly hope so, all of the Australians we’ve met have been super cool!

Thanks for your time, any last words?

I made the web site myself, and everything you need to
know about us is right there….thanks for interview!

Jessie Poland (AKA Charlotte Sometimes)

Jessie Poland
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Interview With Jessie Poland By Chris

Now known as Charlotte Sometimes who doing big things. But read about her before she became who she is today

Her Website Website did you get into music?

Music was the only thing that calmed me down since I was a
baby. I was always singing and dancing, so I started taking
dancing classes and was involved with various plays.
Instead of paying attention in school, I would write poems
in class and turn them into songs. I started showing them
to my father, and he told me I needed music to put my
melodies to so… I started taking guitar lessons when I
was 14 and started writing songs with my guitar.

2.what were your major influnces?

This is such a hard question, because my influences change
all the time. I find new artists that I become so in love
with and some of my old favorites that don’t fit me
anymore. But, since I have to answer… I guess I would say
Lifehouse, Fiona Apple, Lisa Loeb, Tegan and Sara, Deathcab
for cutie, and Snow Patrol. There are so many more

3.if you could have a three band bill who would they

Hmmmm, what’s with all the tough questions? ha. All the
bands I’d pick would make me look so bad, but I’d pick them
anyway. I’d pick Snow Patrol, Tegan and Sara, and

4. what would we find on your stereo at

At this very moment I have The Cardigans “first band on the
moon” cd in my stereo.

5. where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Well, I can’t really be sure. I hope that I will be making
music as my full time job and out on my own supporting
myself. But maybe my life will take me down a different
path, I guess I will see when I get there.

6. what has been your best gig you have played so

I just recently played a show with the band The Format.
They are on atlantic records and I got the chance to open
up for them. I am a huge fan, so it was so much fun. I
broke a string during the show, but my other guitar player
just continued playing and I got to dance around, so it was
a great time. Oh and what makes it the best is that i got
to cover, “toxic” by Britney Spears… now come on, that
would make anyone have a good time, am I right?

7. what are you thoughts on shows like american

I am not a huge fan of American Idol. Personally I think
it’s such a waste of time. I wish the artists who won the
best of luck, but personally I wouldn’t want to be known as
the contest winner the rest of my life. I also don’t think
iit’s fair that some contest winner who can kind of sing
will get a record deal instead of some one who is actually
working really hard to get one and probably has more talent
then the contestants. My friend’s band is amazing, but they
probably won’t ever get the chance, because the music
industry is run by a bunch of business men, instead of
people who actually know anything about music.

8. what is one album we would find in your collection you wish you
didn’t buy?

hmm ha that’s top secret! ha jk. Um… well I secretely
enjoy all the music I buy, but I don’t tell people I listen
to it. Like I own pretty much all the backstreet boy cds,
Christina Aguleria cds, some Britney cds, O-Town, the Spice
Girls cds. Ha you name it, I probably have it. But keep it
on the down low

9. who would most like to record a song with?

It’s a tie between two bands, Lifehouse and Snow Patrol.
The lead singers of the bands just have the most beautiful
voices, so soothing.

10. what is the scene like where you live?

Well if you are talking about the scene as in music scene
over here then it’s very indie rock. It’s all about how emo
you are here ha. We have a lot of talented people in NJ,
but where I live it’s a little too much about how you dress
and how many shows you go to. But there’s still a place for
every type of music, and it’s like a little family when you
come to shows, most people know each other and it’s just
very comforting.

Thanks for your time any last words

Sorry if I offended anyone with my words about American
idol! Even I can’t say I never watched it, so if you’re
addicted, I understand hehe. Be well 🙂

Geoff Byrd

Geoff Byrd
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Interview With Geoff Byrd

A few words for you all. He is going to be huge.
His song are good which has captured a lot of fans and
industry people

Geoff Byrd Website did you get into music?

I was a choir boy…loved harmonies and sang from 4th grade
all the way through college in a choir of some sort. From
there I started writing songs and I have always loved great
pop music. There is a place for everything and I understand
why people love punk or jazz…I just have a thing for
above all, a great melody, harmonies and clean, clear

2.what were your major influnces?

Prince, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Bee
Gees, ELO, Paul McCartney, Crowded House, Al Green, Mahalia
Jackson, Aaron Neville Smokey Robinson, U2 and Sheryl

3.if you could have a three band/singer songwriter bill
who would they be?
Elton John Elvis Costello Geoff

4. what music do you class yourselve as?

Pop baby, unapologetically!

5. where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Hopefully on perpetual tour and in the studio, seeing the
world with my best friends.

6. what has been your best gig you have played so

The Whiskey and the Roxy on Sunset and opening for Michael
Penn at Dante’s in Portland. We just landed a gig playing
with John Waite and the Gin Blossoms in December at the
House of Blues in Vegas. This will be the 7 year I believe
and every year they have between 1,200 and 1,500 in
attendance for this charity fund raiser! We will also be
playing the International Pop Overthrow festival in San
Fran in August, I really look forward to that.

7. how has the internet helped you as artist?

Oh my God, it’s our savior frankly. We went to #1 at and I have had calls from Usher’s producer
who has sold 15 million records and got the gig at the
House of Blues from that as well. When we played the
Whiskey in L.A. over 100 people showed up to see our band
alone. That was only the second time we played L.A. and
many of them were there because they found us through or! It’s amazing. I have sold
hundreds of CDs to perfect strangers through CDBaby and
it’s so cool to see where they are from. Some from
Switzerland, some from all corners of the U.S. and the U.K.
South America, etc. I love it.

8. what has the response been like since the release of
the album?

Overwhelming. I have people emailing me every day from all
over the world letting me know that the songs touch them
and have emotional impact. That is what it’s all about
after all. I don’t care about fame…I just want a career
in making people cry. Smile.

9. who would most like to record a song with?

Oh man…there are so many I would love to record with. But
because I love his music and his personality so much, I
would have to say Sir Elton John!

10. do you think the mp3 format is good for music or

I think it’s good for promotion. I think artists have to be
selective in terms of how many and which songs they allow
free access to but ultimately for the indie artist it’s a
great stepping stone! I dig the new sites that allow
digital downloads for a small fee, I think that’s the best
of both worlds. But exposure is the friend of all indie
musicians so once in a while, free can be a price that
leads to bigger and better things.

thanks for your time any last words

I believe that trying to be cool is the most uncool thing
you can do. From my observation, people are either switched
on or they are switched off. They protect so much that they
become uninteresting…or they risk it all simply to be
themselves and not care about what people think. I love
people that are characters. I love people that believe
strongly in something. I love great melodic classic songs
with people that can really sing. I don’t know if I am old
fashioned, out of touch or just have good taste…but I do
know that I am myself and damn the torpedos man. (Laughing
at myself) G

You rock Chris, thank you!

Melanie Kim

Melanie Kim

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Interview With Melanie Kim By Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for your interest in me and my career and Tech TV. Isn’t it
a great channel?
It’s the best gig I’ve ever had in my broadcasting career which has taken
me from Hollywood covering the stars,
to being a news anchor and reporting covering events like Pope’s visit to
flying with the Blue Angels.
Because technology touches pretty much everything in our lives now, the
stories I get to cover are interesting, entertaining
and as a reporter a lot more fun personally than some of the regular news
stories I’ve covered.

I got into this crazy biz as an intern for CNN in Los Angeles. It was one
of those stories
about hard work and good timing: I offered to do stories that other
reporters didn’t really want to do
so they all really liked having me around as an intern. And in turn when an
entry level position as
an production assistant opened up they all pushed for me to get it – and I

It’s an exciting job – I get access to do things (like pull 7gs in a Navy
fighter jet) and meet
people (like major newsmakers) that other people might not have the
opportunity to do. But it’s not all
glamour! It’s fast paced, stressful (because you’re always racing the clock
to get the story in on time)
and in spite of what a lot of viewers think I don’t get my hair and makeup
done every show – we do it
ourselves (although we do get pointers from experts.)
But the job is a great fit for me because I love, more like NEED, to be
constantly learning new things all
the time – otherwise I get bored. And boredom is the worst thing in my
book! As someone who has been something
of a technophobe I love that I am learning so much about technology and I’m
getting into all sorts of fun gadgets.
I may have been a cheerleader in high school, but I’ve become a
full-fledged geek! And that is cool.

Melanie Kim

As for your question about music and movies well I’m kinda predictable
I like pretty much all music – if it’s good! I like alternative, rock,
hip-hop, country (yes I love country music) world beat, Latin, jazz, and
classical depending on what mood/situation I’m in. Right now though my
favorite songs are Nickelback’s “Someday” and Massive Attack’s “Tear Drop”
and Usher’s “Yeah”. So as you can see I have very diverse musical tastes!

Movies.. I don’t like violence and horror so I steer away from that – I’m a
very empathetic person so I get
really upset with disturbing images, cruelty, etc. But I love movies that
are smart and make me LOL and cry!
Here are some of my favs: The Natural, Shakespeare in Love, Searching for
Bobby Fisher, Shawshank Redemption,
and Dumb and Dumber. My favorite movie stars are Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey!

Now on the subject of file-sharing. I’m all for it cuz I’m for the smart
guy! I do feel for the artists, but
if the record companies and the movie studios don’t like it then it’s up to
then to hire the MIT type/smart nerds to keep up with new technology and or
better try to see what might be coming.
I think file sharing has forced the big corporatios to offer some
alternatives that work for the artists and for the consumers (because they
don’t feel like they’re ripping off the artists they love anymore) like
itunes did. I love that kind of solution – one that everyone could live

In ten years I hope I’m producing my own entertaining tv shows where I call
all the shots! That way I can work when I want to, put some fun ideas I
have out there and work with all the fun, hardworking creative people I’ve
crossed paths with in my career!

Best of luck to you on the redesign of your website! And thanks for tuning
in to Tech Live!



Special thanks to Melanie Kim and Tech TV for hooking this up. You people rock


Interview With Spectre By Chris

Great american rock band

Spectre Website did the band form?

Chris and I were originally in a band called Animus. When
our bass player left the band, we took some time off to
work on other things. After several months we ended up
jamming with some guys who were trying to start a band.
They were horrible, but the guitar player was good. I asked
him if he would like to work on a project with Chris and
me, and he was all for it. We started playing with a bass
player I knew from the coffee shop I managed, and started
playing shows soon after.

2.what were your major influnces?

Everyone in the band has very different influences, but
since I write all the music, I’d say that our sound is
shaped more by mine. Some of which are: Smashing Pumpkins,
Radiohead, Tool, APC, U2, and recently Loudermilk

3.if you could have a three band bill who would they

Tool, Radiohead, and Prince

4. what music do you class yourselves as?

Alternative/Rock (there is no right way to answer that

5. where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Touring as a band. I, personally, would also love to be
heavily involved in producing at that point


6. what has been your best gig you have played so

Too many to choose from. DC stop of the Warped tour, Salt
Lake City with The Mooney Suzuki & Loudermilk, and
actually, we had one hell of a show last week at TT
Reynold’s in our hometown of Fairfax, VA.

7. what made you want to go out and play

I can’t say what made me want to play. I just loved making
music from a young age. Any instrument I could get my hands
on, and especially singing. As for what made me want to go
out and play: Billy Corgan. I wanted to do what he

8. what are your thoughts on file sharing and the mp3

It’s a great way for people around the world to hear your
music, but people have to be responsible about it. If you
are downloading our shit for free, please support us in
other ways. You can have the songs if you come out to the
shows and buy T-shirts, and bring your friends. If you just
use it to be lazy, then you are hurting the artists you are

9. who would most like to record a song with?

Prince. I would probably shit my pants in the studio
though. That guy is fucking incredible. He plays 27
instruments and has a 5 octave vocal range!!! He also
produces everything himself. Genius.

10. do you think the internet is good for helping bands
get known?

I’m talking to a guy in Australia from Washington, DC.
Yeah, I’d say it’s helping.

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