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Monthly Archives: August 2003

Third Time Lucky

Third Time Lucky

Their Home Page

Ben chats with me about the band and music in general

Parx-e: so i will begin now with the question how did the
band form?

thirdtimelucky: ok, Me,(ben) James and Matt went to school

thirdtimelucky: in year 10 we decided we wanted to start a
band but we didn’t have a bass player

thirdtimelucky: so they got Fritz, who they played tennis
with at the local club, to learn to play bass

thirdtimelucky: we asked him because we got along with him
pretty well

thirdtimelucky: he actually left the band for a bit, but he
kept learning, so enventually he came back

thirdtimelucky: and we been together ever since

Parx-e: that is pretty good

thirdtimelucky: we are like brothers, the 4 of us

Parx-e: been playing many gigs lately?

Parx-e: that is allways good

thirdtimelucky: umm, not for the last 2 weeks or so

thirdtimelucky: cause we all been busyer than normal

thirdtimelucky: but we got some good gigs coming up

thirdtimelucky: and we been writing some killer new songs in
the meantime

Parx-e: sweet i have to ask about the pic of the chick on
your site

thirdtimelucky: yeah, that’s the e.p. cover

thirdtimelucky: -playing tennis

Parx-e: ah was wondering about that

thirdtimelucky: but the e.p. is called greatest hits

thirdtimelucky: even tho it’s our first

Parx-e: good choice of a name

thirdtimelucky: heh heh

Parx-e: so what have you been listening to
thirdtimelucky: umm myself i’ve been listening to stuff like
the alkaline trio and saves the day

Parx-e: alkaline trio are good

thirdtimelucky: and the usual like sum 41 and all the old
favorites like bodyjar and RBF and NFAA

Parx-e: bodyjar and real big fish are great bands

thirdtimelucky: ok the next we are playing is called Charged
at cleveland community hall and i only know that the Headlining
band is No Prior Knowledge

Parx-e: so how can people get a hold of your ep

thirdtimelucky: Seeing us at gigs at the moment, at the
merch stand

Parx-e: ah sweet

Parx-e: what the scene like up in brisbane

thirdtimelucky: and on the 1t of nov, we are playing a small
festival at the Morayfield Soundshell – the lineup is yet to be

Parx-e: so you got plenty of gigs lined up then

thirdtimelucky: It’;s good, there are tons of great bands
and a fair few decent local venues

thirdtimelucky: yeah they sort of trickle in over time

Parx-e: what else is lined up for the band

thirdtimelucky: At the moment we are just trying to build up
a profile for the band…..

Parx-e: yeah

thirdtimelucky: and we would love to do another recording
but that is hard without alot of money…..

Parx-e: yeah money is always a plus

thirdtimelucky: but basically we are trying to get people to
notice us more

thirdtimelucky: by playing as many decent sized gigs as we

thirdtimelucky: we have seen other bands who are friends of
ours do really well for themselves, so we know we can do it

Parx-e: if yah push yourself you can do it

thirdtimelucky: yeah

We chat about and how it has helped them get expose and
emails from people in the usa.

Parx-e: any chance of coming down to melbourne

thirdtimelucky: ooooh, man i’d love to but unless some
decent band invites us to tour with them down there i don’t
really see it happenning very soon

Parx-e: yeah

thirdtimelucky: but that would be cool indeed

Parx-e: yes

thirdtimelucky: everything comes down to the cash

Parx-e: cos I don’t think I will be going to brisbane
anytime soon

thirdtimelucky: yeah

Parx-e: yeah cash we all need it

Parx-e: if you could have a 3 band bill who would be on that
list including yourselves

thirdtimelucky: hmmm.. you mean out of other local brissie

Parx-e: any bands

thirdtimelucky: Oh, um. hmmmm

thirdtimelucky: For me, it be New found Glory. Millencolin
and No Fun At All

thirdtimelucky: oh wait you said 3

thirdtimelucky: oops

Parx-e: that is three

thirdtimelucky: but including us is four

thirdtimelucky: anyway

Parx-e: so when did you get into punk

thirdtimelucky: i mean when your just jamming and it all
sounds really awesome nothing else matters for that short period of
time caus all your thinking of is what you wanna play next and how
you want it to sound

Parx-e: yeah

thirdtimelucky: i got into punk mainly when i met fritz,
because i didn’t actually listen to that much punk

thirdtimelucky: he introduced me to bands like millencolin
and bodyjar

thirdtimelucky: but i have always been really into all sorts
of music

thirdtimelucky: i mean even stuff you would never expect

Parx-e: yeah so what would be the most dodgiest cd we would
fine in your collection

thirdtimelucky: like dance cd’s and jazz stuff not that
there is ANYTHING wrong with jazz

Parx-e: yeah I don’t mind jazz

thirdtimelucky: the other guys in the band aren’t quite as
accepting as me of other types of music

Parx-e: thanks for yah time dude any last words

thirdtimelucky: um well just that i reckon there are so many
small local bands out there that i reckon deserve alot more

thirdtimelucky: and we need to all help each other out

Sea Of Green

Eric from Sea Of Green answers my questions


1.why did Sea Of Green split up?

As the leader and founder of the band after we changed drummers I sort of
knew the end was near. I figured we would finish out our contract with The
Music Cartel, who we were in no way happy with at all, and see what would
happen. I think Chemical Vacation is a good CD but no where near as good as
Northern Lights, we were going backwards!

2.was it a good split up?

No, Travis the singer/guitar player had developed a very big alcohol and
drug problem which I was tired of dealing with, as well as the obvious
musical differences/problems, so when I broke the band up I know he was
confused a little bit haha did sea of green get signed to music cartel as they have some great
bands on the label?

My wife and I managed the band the band form day one and we just sent around
our demo back in 1999 and had two offers, The Music Cartel & Mans
Ruin…pretty sweet we thought hahaha

4. what is the new band like and what is the band name?

Well I’ve posted on the Sea Of Green website that this is a new band it’s
really just some friend jamming for now. I’m not sure if it will become a
band as my real aspiration right now is to take another stab at singing, be
the classic frontman. I did a side project last year called KYBOSH where I
just sang and it was a lot of fun and got some killer reviews.

5. what kinda music does the band play?

Whoever I end up playing with is not 100% right now but the music will be
HEAVY. Imagine a cross between Pantera, Motorhead and KYUSS.

6. what is the scene like where you are in Canada?

Pretty lame actually, there’s a very competative vibe in Toronto…no real
brotherhood or scene to quite honest.

7. what made you want to go out and play music?

That’s simple…KYUSS hahaha

8. if you could have 3 band bill who would the bands be?

QOTSA, KYUSS & UNIDA (I know it’s not possible OK hahaha)

9. who would most like to record a song with?

I would have to say Josh Homme

10. do you have any releases in the pipeline?

The band I end up on/starting will be recorded and released early next year!

Thanks for the interview 🙂



Chris from Greyfield answers my questions


1. how did the band form?

the band formed in november of 2001 we were all doing different stuff but knew each other and thought itd be kewl to start a side prject together…..well as the ‘side’ project progressed we quickly realzied it was better than anything else were doin so we quit our other bands recorded an ep and set out for the road!!and the rest is history:)

2. what were your major influnces?

we had so much influences ranging from saves the day to against all authority to blink 182 to acdc to the doors….haha

3. if you could have a three band bill who would they be?
greyfield!!,blink 182, and the doors!that would be

4. what music do you class yourselves as?
we class ourselves as pop-rock n roll band!

5. where do you think you will be in 10 years?
in yrs ill be old and that will suck but hopefully ill be touring non stop and just playing my old music to whomever wants to hear it!

6. what has been your best gig you have played so far?
i think our best gig to date was a show we played in milwaukee with Goldfinger and it was packed ot the bone. just thousands of kids goin nuts and it was awesome to be a part of it.

7. what made you want to go out and play music?
well my mom only let me listen to ‘christian’ music when i was younger and i just got obsessed with the guitar and it really inspired me to go in the other direction and rebel!ne of them, and some genuinely make me want to break my own “too cool for school” no-dancing rule at shows and tear up the floor with my fist in the air, there are always those who make me want to kill myself. Even so, I honestly enjoy playing with all of them. If there’s one thing I’d like to comment on, it’s gender in the music scene. Please, girls of the world, (Aussie girls!!! I’m talking to you!!!) please for the love of Jihad, start a fucking band! This doesn’t have to be a little boys club… You don’t have to settle for taking pictures at the shows when you can be playing the guitar! Trust me… It’s heaps funner!

8. what your fav type of beer?

im not a beer drinkin i might be a pussy and drink a ‘sky blue’ every once in a while but i know our guitarist matt loves corona!

9. who would most like to record a song with?

snoop dogg

9. any new releases in the pipeline?

well were hopefully recording some new songs here in the future but nothing is schedules yet!

everyone should come to fl and hang out with us!!because were always bored and neeed more friends!haha im j/k but you should really come over just make sure you call first!