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Monthly Archives: November 2002


Jesse from Paulson answers my questions did the band form?

1.) We’ve all been kicking around in different bands together since high

In late 2001 it just happened that the project I (Jesse, guitar) was doing

with Alex (Bass) and Mike (Keyboards) broke up and Jeff came on as drummer.

After trying out a few singers we settled on Logan, whom Jeff, Alex and I

went to high school with.

2.what were your major influnces?

2.) I think it’s pretty diverse, which can be a source of tension. Bands

Milemarker, Ida, Sunny Day Estate, Peter Gabriel, At the Drive In. I hear

lot of Lake Trout and Smashing Pumpkins in the drumming and we pretty much

directly stole a lot of vocorder stuff from Trans Am.

3.if you could have a three band bill who would they be?

3.) I’ve always said a Paulson/Lake Trout/Rhapsody bill would be pretty


4. what music do you class yourselves as?

4.) We shy away from publicly classifying ourselves. It makes it easier for

to radically shift genres as trends wax and wane. I mean, what if we came

out as nu metal and then rockabilly got big? We’d buy Telecasters and roll

our jeans and people would say “Hey didn’t they use to dress in black and

wear face paint?” We keep it vague and mysterious so we can pretend to

always be on the cutting edge.

5. where do you think you will be in 10 years?

5.) Pittsburgh.

6. what has been your best gig you have played so far?

6.) We’ve had a number of memorable gigs. We once drove 9 hours to open for

Milemarker and it was worth every minute. Warped Tour 2002 was fun.

7. what made you want to go out and play music?

7.) I had all this extra money just lying around I wanted to get rid of and

seemed like a good way to dispose of it with zero chance of any return.

8. what your fav type of beer?

8.) The free kind.

9. who would most like to record a song with?

9.) You mean producing or artist-wise? I think a Paulson/Missy Elliot

collaboration would shift units. Producing wise I’d love to work with Nigel

Godrich (Radiohead) or better yet, Timbaland.

10. do you think you ever make it aussie to play?

10.) If you’d like to have us, our guarantee is $40,000.

We have a new record coming out July 15th in the states. If you Australians

would like to check it out you can purchase or possibly steal it on the

( We
actually get a lot of orders from

Indonesia and from what I gather those people don’t even speak English; so

it’s fair to say everything we do has universal appeal and you will not be



I should start out by saying that I’m Adam D’Zurilla and I sing for Salem
GVL, and

that some of my opinions and thoughts addressed here are not of the whole

band. How’s that for a public service announcment?!?!?! Anyway, here we

go… did the band form?

1.) Salem gvl formed in August of 2002 by the remaining members of As

Friends Rust, including new guitarist Jeremy Robertson. Our first official

tour as Salem was with Shelter, Keepsake, and Running from Dharma. In

December of 2002 we were joined by a new drummer named Dave Miller who

played in every band I was in since I was 12 years old,and he was formerly

drumming for Glasseater

2.what were your major influnces?

2.) Everyone in the band has such a wide variety of influences, but on a

broad perspective a lot of melodic rock like coldplay, further seems

forever, sparta, interpol, foo fighters, pedro the lion, hot water music,

glassjaw, elliot, these are some of the collective favorites in the band

right now, cd’s that I have heard most often in the van. Oh yeah, and

unfortunantly Tatu, Joe’s new jam. These aren’t really bands that we have

set out to emulate though, and we have tried to bring a fresh perspective

the rock world in our own way, and I hope we will be able to do that.

3.if you could have a three band bill who would they be?

3.) Personally, my 3 band bill would be as follows: The Foo Fighters, The

Smiths, Coldplay

4. what music do you class yourselves as?

4.) I am not sure if I can answer that effectively. Melodic rock, sometimes

aggressive, sometimes abiant, lyrically introspective and theraputic? I

would rather people listen to our music and make their own assumptions.

5. where do you think you will be in 10 years?

5.) In a van down by the river!!! Living off government cheese? I hope that

in 10 years we would have put out some good records and been on good tours,

and I hope that I can financially support myself. More importantly, I hope

that I am still enjoying playing music in 10 years, but I am sure I will.

Besides musically, I would like to have a nice house with some awesome kids,

my girlfriend Pam with a big rock on her finger and a smile, a garden with

koi pond, and a BBQ grill too. I have domesticated dreams, I just want to

grill hot dogs for the kids.

6. what has been your best gig you have played so far?

6.) As Salem, we had an awesome show at the House of Blues in Orlando while

on tour with Finch, From Autumn to Ashes, and Steel Train. Kids were so

into it and having fun, dancing, clapping along, just being silly, it was

much fun. We have a lot of good shows because we are always out to have

fun, but that I think everyone will agree that that was the most fun we have

had playing recently.

7. what made you want to go out and play music?

7.) My twin brother initially made me want to go out and play music. He’s

one of the most incredible musicians I know, and he wanted to start a band

when we were 12 or so, so I figured I would play bass because it only had

strings. He still inspires me to play music, and challenges my standards

what kind of musician I want to be. check out our old , kinda still around

band that he sang and played guitar in.

8. what your fav type of beer?

8.) Would I get punched for not saying Foster’s? Ok, that was cheesy. I

really like Irish beers, Guinness is great, Bass and Harp are good, and

Murphy’s Stout.

9. who would most like to record a song with?

9.) The Chris Martin of Coldplay, but doing something rocking, and Dave

Grohl on guitar and duel vocals, John Bonham on drums. That is so

unrealistic, but hey, if I could record with anyone….

10. do you think you ever make it aussie to play?

10.) When I was in As Friends Rust, it was talked about and I really really

want to go there, it would be such a new and different experience. I used

to surf quite a bit and I would love to check out the coasts there. The

sharks scare me though.

   My last words…… Thanks so much for the interview and
please go check

out and listen
to the song, “Smoke and Mirrors” . We

start recording soon so look out for the first Salem GvL relase shortly.

Australia rocks, INXS forever!

The Sly Caps

Justin from The Sly Caps answers my questions

Sly Caps

1. how did the band form?

We were all friends in a local theater group and justin, matt, and jon voinski(now singer for midd december) would jam all the time… and then we heard zach was a good drumemr so we all jammed and decided to keep jamming and then eventually we were officially a band…and then jonny mac came and played keys for us for a summer…and when jon voinski quit jonny mac took over on the bass…which is the current line up today..

2. what has been your favourite gig so far?

Its hard to pick a favorite gig because they are all fun and different. Personally my favorite was the one at the pontiac grille in Philly because i said how we doing philly over the mic and there was this like pause while the crowd tried to figure out what i said and who this philly person was… once they realized i ment them it was good from then on…haha

3. who has been your major influnce so far?
Well there really isnt one group or band that we can say is our major influence because we take influences from everywhere… if we were gonna be a generic copy of one band then what is the point of doing what were doing..

4. who has been the best band you have played with?

captain geech and the shrimp shack shooters

5. what is your beer of choice?

i’ll tell you when were 21

6. what are you listening to at the moment?

my dog barking… I was just in my car and the two cds i had in were Madness and the Hotknives

7. if you could play with any band what could it be?
oo thats a tough one…perhaps the red hot chilli peppers..

8. have you had more people intrested since the show on tv?
yeah definately…i mean people all around the world have heard our music now instead of just some of south jersey..

thanks for your time any last words

Check us out in concert so you can hear more then just the boring life..