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Kate Earl

Kate Earl

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Interview With Kate Earl By Chris 29/12/05

Kate Earl is a fantastic singer songwriter from the
Who brings so much to her music
She should be getting heaps of radio play but isn’t
Read this interview with Kate as she is excellent
Then check out her amazing music.

Kate Website

1.How did you get into music?

I got into music as kid playing piano by ear and singing in
church, then i got into the biz when i moved from Chugiak,
Alaska to Los Angeles, California

2.What were your major influences?

Bjork, Stevie wonder, Joni Mitchell

3.If you could have a three-band bill who would they

The 3 I just mentioned an I would come on stage and do
duets and covers with each of them or they would accompany
me on my songs and make them sound totally different…

4. How did you get signed to Record

I met Jordan Tappis the prez at a party and I sang for

5. Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Pressing vinyl and pointing at pyramids with a child in my
arms while riding a camel

6. Who would you most like to record a song


7. Has radio been playing your music much?

Some, but it’s not enough

8. What are your thoughts on file sharing and the mp3

Great from spreading the word, not so great if your
pressured to sell a million albums and you haven’t any
billboards or videos on MTV

9. Do you think MySpace is for good artists and

Kate earl 3’s MySpace thanks MySpace for the love

10. Do you think the Internet is good for helping
artists get known?

By all means yes

11. What bands/artists are you listening to

Mt. Egypt, Mason Jennings, Tristan Prettyman, Missy Elliot,
Louis XIV

12. Who has helped you out the most?

Hard to say, I’ve had a lot of help from a lot of people
but if i could redirect this question a bit I would say
Bjork has been an example to me because she’s never been
afraid to shake things up. I do not know her personally,
but the impact she’s made on my life is crazy.

13. Would you ever like to a soundtrack for a

Yes please, why do you know of one I could get involved

14. What has the response been like to the


15. Is your album released overseas yet?

Nothing official, it’s still an import

Thanks for your time any last words

Do things the things that scare you so you can get over
yourself. Is that good? I dunno, but I’m leaving it

Special thanks for Kate Earl for doing this interview.
Fate Is The Hunter Out Now

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