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Belinda Kerr

Belinda Kerr
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Interview With Belinda Kerr By Chris 22/1/07

Belinda Kerr is a great Australian golfer.

She some one who gonna along way with the golfing

She is making a name for herself along the way.

So naturally an interview was a must.

Belinda Kerr Website

1.What inspired you to play golf?

I would have to say it was the fact that whatever my older brother did, I had to do also…no two questions about it. Unless it was something physically impossible for a girl to do, I would do it.

2.Who were your idols growing up?

Probably my brother and all his friends. haha. I didn’t really have anyone in particular I idolised so to speak. I was always one to jump on the bandwagon on whoever was famous at the time!

3.What has been the highlight of playing golf so far?

Golf has taken me to many different places around the world, therefore, I have been able to experience different cultures along the way, for which I am truly grateful.

4.Was that a good learning experience?

Every time I go away it is a good learning experience, be it good or bad. Its always nice to take things away from different situations, it helps you grow as a person.

5.What has been your favourite tournament to play?

I am going to say the Australian Ladies Masters here on the Gold Coast where I live. It was my first major tournament I played in when I first turned pro, so I have plenty of memories of it. It is always nice to be competing in an environment where you are surrounded with the support of your family and friends.

6.How do you prepare for a tournament or a round of golf?

I don’t like to complicate golf any more than what it already is, so for me, I just do a lot of fine tuning with my coach, David Nable, a few weeks in advance and just work on a lot of short game.

7.Had any bad experiences playing golf yet?

One that comes to mind is a run in with a rules official at my first US Open qualifier in Arizona…I ended up being right and she was wrong! Ha!

8.What do you do to unwind after a tournament or a round of golf?

If there is not a tournament the following week, I will give myself a few days off just to go to the beach, relax and unwind…

9.What do you like to do when your not playing golf?

I absolutely love the movies so if I am not on the golf course or in the gym, the movies is where you will find me.

10.What are some of your favourite musical artists?

Oh, don’t start on music! I love music! I love PINK! She is awesome! U2 is another favourite and Rob Thomas also.

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